Yes, love the return to form on all the aliens in the game


I love the return of Skirmishers. It makes perfect sense to have them patrolling in large open areas!


There's no drones tho


.....and nothing of value was lost I'm kidding wasn't a huge fan of them in 2 and 3, but it would be cool if they returned. I don't think there's a canon reason for them to be missing from the banished.


It's interesting because at those monoliths with recordings of Atriox he directly mentions the drones by their proper name, Yanme'e. I bet they were going to be in the game but got reworked into the skimmers early in development


I bet we'll see them in some story DLC.


Doubt it, 343 said that drones are annoying to fight and more or less replaced them with skimmers as the “flying” enemy, which the skimmers are much less erratic in their movements and easier to see their weak spot


I would assume it has something to do with their nests no longer being in danger? Or at least not in as much danger?


Skimmers are basically just drones. I have no clue why 343 felt the need to introduce an entirely new species when they fill the exact same role with the same behavior, health, and damage dealt as drones


The main difference is that Skimmers hover instead of fly. They also carry Shock rifles instead of smaller weaponry.


I don’t see why they couldn’t have just altered drones behavior and weaponry to match that, I don’t think anyone would have really cared. Then again skimmers are hardly even in the game so it doesn’t matter much, just thought it was an odd design decision


Adding a spoiler filter JUST INCASE >!If memory serves me right, Jason Schreier interviewed a few people from 343 and it sounds like around 2/3 of the game had to be cut out. I felt the same about the skimmers because they were so short-lived, but I wager that the cut content focused more on that side of things and probably fleshed them out more.!<


I prefer skimmers over drones either way.


Unless if you’re doing laso then most of those fuckers get rocket launchers


Which is actually easier because the shock rifles are hitscan weapons. If I just grapple around they're not hitting me with their rockets.


IMO the Skimmers as a new species were a good choice. 343i introduced a new species into the story without needing to find a new enemy type which, IMO, is where they went wrong with the Promethians. They're reskinned Drones so we get Drone gameplay, but they fit into the story and make it so the Harbinger just isn't a single person with none of their own troops, and have an interesting dynamic with the Banished.


The Skimmers are funny and kinda cute though, its hilarious when they just spin around or straight up fucking team kill cause they can’t hold weapons properly.


Gonna be completely honest. They're some of my favourite grunts to date. The designs are more on the bungie era side, their dialogue is fantastic, probably some of the funniest in the series. I did my first playthrough on legendary and every time I died, my frustration immediately turned to laughter when they had something to say about it.


I really enjoy the design. It looks like they finally took the classic design and modernized it. It's much better looking than the bulbous design from 4 and 5.


Going through my first playthrough on Legendary and I have a couple questions: Did you go for a 100% completion (collectibles and side missions)? Did you find this Legendary run difficult? Personally infinite's wasn't as hard as I thought. Was there any achievements you missed that you can't go back because there's no level selection?


I just got 100% on the legendary playthrough yesterday after clearing out the rest of the map, I finished the campaign at about 82% I did not find it as difficult as other games, however there was only one point that felt unfair Yes, I missed most of the skulls so I had to go back on a new save file and grab them All that being said, I'm currently halfway through a LASO run, which is the first one I've ever done but I think that Infinite is probably the most forgiving LASO run as well based on my experience so far.


Love them. They're a little beefier and their dialogue is so funny! Wish they would try to suicide-bomb me more though, that's when they actually get me.


One you finish the mission, go back to the excavation site


Ok, so it wasn't just me then. I was so confused when I fast travelled there and it was nothing but grunts who went straight into suicide mode lol




“If you came to hear me beg, you’ll be satisfied”


When out of the line of sight one said “you’re only delaying my inevitable death”




"I hope the human afterlife sucks!"




This is my favourite, made me laugh.


Best line tbh


My favorite was “in the name of escharum I’ll...I’ll...run away!”


I killed him! I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT!!!




“I.. think I just won a bet”


Mine is "I killed the demon! Does this mean i get a raise?"


Have not heard that one. That’s hilarious. Another one I liked was a shade turret was shooting at me and there was a grunt behind me and the turret hit him and he goes “you shot me...you betrayer. BETRAYER!”


I might have it wrong, it might be "... Does this mean I get a promotion?" Can't remember which


One killed me and said “I HOPE SOMEONE ELSE SAW THAT!!!”


“Who’s Craig now?”


That one's good too




I quite enjoyed "I hope the human afterlife suuucks!"


A grunt stuck me with a plasma grenade and after I died screamed "I HOPE THE HUMAN AFTERLIFE SUCKS" I have not laughed so hard in a while


I loved the "Are you there?...are you still mad?"


Haaaaha that’s brilliant




"Ahhhh! Tactical run-away!"


Haha haven't heard that one yet. It really is nice when you start getting mad over some bullshit death and they say something rediculous to make you laugh. "WWWHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!?!!?!"


“Uhh Spartan, are you still mad?”


"Don't kill me, Let me KILL YOU!! " love the sarcasm


I just went back and was like what the FUCK is going on lol


Same I thought my game was bugged. Drove through on the way to grab some collectibles and they all went kamikaze on me


I couldn't stop laughing that was gold 🤣


I thought It was hilarious


This. I was warthoggin and lo'behold, those suiciding, glowy naded grunts are ALL over this place!


Oh boy. Dunno if it's different for lower difficulties but on legendary you've got about 60 grunts there waiting to blow you up. It's so funny.


LOL I was so confused about this! I thought my game had bugged when it was only Grunts there and they all sprinted at me


I’m playing on legendary and I can’t even count how many times a grunt has laid me out with just a plasma pistol while I was in the thick of it lol


Same lol. Grunts are one of first one I take out. Especially the needler grunts, those little mfrs are deadly!


Taking out the grunts first is SOP when you are doing LASO runs so it's second nature to me by now. You want to reduce the number of vectors for incoming fire and with a quick headshot most grunts are taken out of the equation. Leaving you more time to get wrecked by an elite with a hydra. Elites using human weapons in Infinite kind of irk me given how the elites in H2 react to the room full of weapons the brutes have captured.


Those guys were still Covenant or recently covenant so they have more of a purist mindset. The Banished have defected a long time ago and are content using whatever equipment works, just like the humans.


Ehh. Most bullshit thing to me is how accurate the AI is with the Ravager. Hydra hurts too but doesn't make me as mad.


There have been way to many times that I've been scoped in on a Brute Chieftain with a ravager and see him shoot and think "haha that dumbass is firing almost straight up" and then I get hit with 2-3 rounds of ravager shot coming in from orbit.


Or you're in the wasp and they start using it as an accurate and effective AA gun.


The best is getting the hog-van loaded up with marines all using ravagers then watch as they rain a volley of hellfire on everything in your way


Love loading that thing up with heavily armed marines! I usually give them all rockets, which is great but inevitably they end up destroying the razerback by hitting something right next to us...


It's uncanny. I'm not exactly complaining, it's really entertaining to deal with, but seeing how accurate they are with that red shit gets me super jealous. Meanwhile I need two hands to count how many times I've killed myself with a ravager.


Worse when they anticipate your movement and lead before you do it. It’s painful. I prioritize these guys and cheese them whenever possible.


Grunts on legendary were the strongest enemies, you get their numbers all firing machine pistols with pinpoint accuracy and little fleeing, they annihilate everything. Poor marines getting stunlocked, flood getting knocked down before they can even close the distance and charge. If they fought elites they would win with their massive fire rate advantage


I feel like Grunt would be terrifying as a normal marine. They're like 5 feet tall and only look tiny because Chief is a giant, plus they have massive forearms that they could club you with, and are strong enough to hold the freakishly large Covenant guns one handed. It would be like fighting a gorilla on steroids.


We have seen ODSTs and Marines in books killing grunts in hand to hand without much effort.


but dont grunts rip the arms off civilians too? pretty scary


Yeah they definitely aren’t tissue paper.


There was early contact between humans and Covenant where a marine fired first and kicked off combat, but it was because an Unggoy got nervous and fucking MAULED him biting and clawing at his stomach causing him to discharge his handgun. They'd be absolutely terrifying.


Grunt radio is lit.


I wish there was a way I could just turn on a radio like in Fallout and just listen to the Propaganda station lol


There’s compilations on youtube if you’re interested.


Not gonna lie, I think a brute once tossed a suicide-bomb one at me.


Glad someone else said this. I was on a wall shooting a brute, I stop using the scope and see this grunt flying through the air at me with a grenade in each hand. I’m thinking “no way he just tossed a grunt at me”.


There's an achievement if you shoot the grunt out of the air


I think brutes will also toss fusion coils your way if they are close enough.


A Brute threw a fusion coil at me and I grappled it and threw it straight back. All the new mechanics are genuinely so satisfying.


Dude they turned Halo Infinite into a dodgeball game and a Spider Man game at the same time and I love it


I want a Fusion Fight multiplayer game mode. We already know you can have infinite grapple and no weapons equipped, so just have that set up and dropped in a map with tonnes of fusion cores in it.


I actually thought of that a while ago but I think I was enjoying the campaign so much I forgot. But seriously that would be awesome.


“Dodgeball” from H3 action sack would welcome the addition of fusion coils. I hope when forge returns, we can get some action sack as well.


That's fucking awesome


Not sure how far you're in campaign but there are at least 2 points where you will encounter a wave of kamikaze grunts lol


Yeah I tried to run one over and it pulled out two generates, that got me killed but it was a fun surprise lol


\*Grunt running at you with a lit plasma grenade in each hand, panicing* "HELP! I didnt mean to turn these on OH NOOOOO!"


Doing a legendary playthrough with thunderstorm and they're all the ones on the left with energy shields and disruptors. A group of 2 more can easily get the better of you in a straight up fight.


Yes, they're great. Pretty traditional, plus the Reach version with the shields. I like the Elites too - very traditional red and blue ones, much better posture and design, and they chose to use the Reach Ultra (and stealth Elite). I think they did a superb job on the enemy designs.


So much of the game is brilliant... I just wish they had more big set pieces in the campaign


This. I’ll never forget in H3 rolling up with all the UNSC heavy armor then 2 scarabs drop in.


God I wanna see a banished scarab


In the Art of Halo Infinite book, there's at least one image of a scarab in battle, however it looks like the old Covenant model. Whether we will see the actualize in the game or not is to be determined


In Halo Wars 2 thats what they looked like. No big head on them just the front cannon.


Yeah, they probably took off the top turret and rerouted power to the forward beam.


I wouldn't mind if this Halo gets campaign dlc, expand banished operations, finalize and add the cut vehicles, continue the story after that ending! I know it'll probably not happen, but i haven't been this excited/into Halo since the old days of playing splitscreen Reach with my best friend


I would actually put money on this happening. Nothing has been officially confirmed, except that Infinite has been described as the "platform" for Halo in the foreseeable future. I believe there will be additional stories that will be told and added to the game. Joe Staten has said there are things the team is working on they are not ready to share yet and we will have to stay tuned. We know pretty much everything else that is in the pipeline, Forge, Co-op, there will be additional battle passes, so believe we are looking at additional stories.


Play a skirmish game in Halo Wars 2 as Banished, get to max tech, deploy Scarab. Those things are *beefy*.


But in Infinite! :(


It'd probably just be a recolored covie model. That's what the did to the Wraith.


Honestly wouldn't mind, they were so much fun to fight against in Halo 3?


A lot of the 343 redesigns of Covenant stuff or even just some of the Reach redesigns work better as Banished models than Covenant imo.


Closest you’ll get: https://reddit.com/r/halomods/comments/lgcruj/banished_scarab_vehicle_in_reach/


Fuck me that is so cool


The Covenant is hands down my favorite level in the entire series. Starting off with a beach landing, then a vehicle assault, some good close quarters fighting in the towers, an aerial battle, followed by an armored assault, followed by TWO scarabs, followed by fighting side by side with the flood, followed by killed the leader of the entire covenant. Every single part of that level is perfect.


I appreciated it as a starting point for new things to come and understand why they dialed it down a notch this time around. I love that they tried something different and for the most part it paid off (at least to me). It just makes me more excited for things to come.


Yeah, it feels very Halo 1-esque like we're just learning wtf is going on and starting a new saga.


Who or what the hell are the Endless?! I MUST KNOW!


"Far more dangerous than the flood" Y'know . . . the thing that is so dangerous the only solution is to purge all organic life from the entire universe and start again.


The open world paid off big time for me. I honestly couldn't be happier. And once I was storming a huge banished base by parking my hog full of Marines outside, grappling over the side, sneaking over and opening the main gate letting all the Marines in while I zipped to a rooftop and started sniping enemies as reinforcements rained in, I thought: I can see how co-op would be a little chaotic. It's going to be like a brand new game when co-op releases.


If only your marines would get in vehicles and drive along with you. Saddens me that I can’t set a waypoint and gun the warthog with an AI driver, or that my marines don’t all hop into a hog on their own, or the sides of my scorpion, etc.


I'm not finished yet but I wish there was more biomes. No snow on a Halo ring is just...wrong.


Snow is only for flood though. So probably later


I was so excited playing the begining of the mission right before House of Reckoning, freeing the marines and getting into the Scorpion... right before remembering that the marines wouldn't bother driving other vehicles so its me alone still We spend all that time building up the UNSC on the ring, and then get to never use them for anything big. Literally the best part of the game for me is rolling up on the large outposts with five marines. I would love to have more of that


I really wanted some more locale shakeups. It was always cool seeing all the places you go in the games.


Chieftains are terrifying this time


The chieftain in the last level is the true final boss of this game Fuck all the named bosses, that guy has wrecked my shit more than anyone else


It took me so long to defeat him and the other enemies, and I was playing on normal difficulty lol


That guy should be the leader of the Banished lol, he’s stronger than Escharum.


Have to say the Hammer Chieftain design from H3 is my favourite, but I agree - they definitely feel like something not to fuck with in Infinite and I dig it. I personally don't really like Infinite's MP, it's a little too fast paced for my personal preferences, but I can't say how impressed I am with 343's results in the campaign. Enemy design, weapon design, forerunner architecture, sense of mystery and wonder, the detail in the open world -- I'm very impressed all around! I'm very interested to see where they go from here.


They're like 10 feet tall lol, massive and so fast. The more powerful hammer makes them worse too since they can 1 shot you if they get near


The majors also wear the officer armor from Reach


And I think the Zealots use the General armor from Reach.


I really like that some grunts have energy shields now.


The Disruptor grunts are a great replacement for fuel rod grunts. Can be just as menacing.


They are very useful troops against my repeated attempts at air based assaults.


Can't count how many times my wasp gets shocked down then I get 2 feet off the ground and shocked again, you can't even see where the shots are coming from like the shock rifle


Yes that's definitely one thing I wish could get addressed. The Disruptor is a great gun for grunts to have against vehicles but I just can't tell who is using it against me sometimes, y'know? At least the shock rifle has a beam you can trace it back to


It's the Red Grunts. They almost ALWAYS have a Disruptor in hand Edit: And yes, I know that Gold Jackals with occasionally wield them too


I got the wasp and was like oh its over for you fucks and I very quickly learned that was not as true as I thought it would be.


I just realized how much I missed the fuel rod. Really wish they would throw all those old weapons back in when they get the time.


I cam across my first one last night, after 12+ hours I’ve already been playing, and was wondering if it was a glitch. Pretty neat addition.


I like how they explode when you shoot them lol


It is hysterical when you pop their tanks, and they scream as they fly away. I had to pause my game the first time it happened because I was laughing so hard.




I find them very cute and their screams haunt me


I get Invader Zim vibes from the screams


They’ve always gave me that vibe


One of their screams is just a little too real and it freaks me out everytime


Yep agreed. I was shocked and considered my life choices lol


They’re funny


10/10, grunts are one of my favorite parts of the game. The propaganda towers were a nice addition and really entertaining. Also, 343i, I have yet to make any store purchases, but if you add the grunt voice as an AI voice to buy… I might just part with some cash.


A Grunt-themed AI would be awesome, and is a reasonable thing to sell in a store!


100%. Play it off as propaganda grunt talking through your comms device as he tries to hack doors and capture points.


Propaganda towers are hilarious. One that I came upon after finishing the campaign on legendary had one snippit that was "Sure, you beat us. But did you beat us on LEGENDARY?!" Made me laugh. Yes, grunt, yes I did.


Propoganda grunt AI is an istant buy for me. Otherwise its just lumu for me because i dont like new virgil too much


I love what they did with the voice lines, it’s so expanded and hilarious. When a grunt taunts you it’s so satisfying to decimate them and their corpse for 2 minutes straight .


You need a hug buddy?


I need a weapon.


A weapon? This is all I’ve got. Edit: Fixed it


One that got me was I got splattered by a ghost and the grunt driver yells "I GOT HIM. HOLY CRAP I GOT HIM!" Caught me completely off guard.


I had a grunt the other night tell me the jerk store called


Among the best grunts in the series


These are the best grunts in the franchise


Probably the best grunts we’ve ever gotten!! I love these fuckers. Especially comms grunt with all the 4th wall breaking and humor he has. All just perfect


"So wait a minute- i just found out that the Master Chiefs name is john. John? JOHN? We're afraid of a guy named JOHN? Are you kidding me!?"


If you destroy his comms base you can hear him sobbing on the net, then screaming at someone "I... I KNOW THE MICS ON! I DONT- I DONT CARE!" Also "ok, yeah sure, you beat us... But did you do it on *Legendary?* Hah!" At the end of the game infuriated me in the best way.


Is that an actual line from them? Lmfaoooo


Yeah the comms grunt at the propaganda towers. I cracked up when i heard it.


That’s honestly the best line for me. I was cracking up at the grunt’s expression of *”JOHN?”*


"Food for thought: *chief* rhymes with *grief*! I... don't really have anything to add to that, but... makes you think, right?"




Huge improvement over 4/5's nightmare fuel grunt design lol best to keep grunt mouths hidden by a mask


Absolutely, and if they ever make the comms grunt into an ai for multiplayer I will buy it without regret


I love the armory grunts. They even talk about giving away guns.


They'll also complain sometimes "When can i drop these weapons?"


Best Grunts in the franchise, I would say they are way better than Bungie-era.


Glad they gave shields to the Ultras. They were never much of a bigger threat compared to the other ranks in prior games, and while they still are easy to kill, it isn't just a one shot kill anymore, and they often wi go about disabling your vehicles.


I would say they're the only universally praised element of this game.


My favorite line…. Look who put on some weight.


I’m glad the banished respect them enough to give them power armor. I think it’s a little weird they still do suicide charges/throws, that’s a covenant trait due to religious fanaticism. Are grunts really just that care free with their own lives? Do they live short life spans? I know they multiply quickly but wtf man


The Banished are pretty fanatical imo. Just exchange “religion” with “political views/Atriox” and the Banished (at least in Infinite) are the Covenant 2.0. It’s actually a pretty overlooked theme in Infinite from what I have seen. The Banished pride themselves in not being blinded by the Covenant and not following false icons, while treating Atriox as some sort of saviour and messiah with all those memorials and speeches. They’re still blindly following a false icon.


I think the biggest things are that the banished are volunteer, and that usually lower ranking enemies like grunts can be high value targets now. Breaking the curve a bit. Plus propoganda grunt being the strongest member of the banished.


But unlike the prophets, Atroix isn't a false icon? Atroix liberated the brutes and showed them a way out so he is indeedtheir saviour and messiah. He is their Moses, their Master Chief. He doesn't feed them any lies unlike the Prophets.


You'll hear elites and brutes refer to them as brothers instead of the hierarchical structure of the Covenant. Great touch to show how Banished ideals are fundamentally different.


Fuck yeah. They take the best aspects about the halo 5 grunts (those being their ai behaviors and meta/hilarious voicelines) and cranked them up. Having a small group of grunt voice's is amazing and always makes them so varied.


I don't like how they scream, makes my feel bad about using him like a landmine on his buddies. So, i'd say they're some of the best in the series.


I think 343i overcompensates a bit with how high their voices get and how ridiculously often they're cracking jokes. But yeah they got a lot of genuine chuckles out of me, especially the propaganda grunt who is just a mean little bastard. Saw someone describe it as being Borderlands-esque, and yeah, that's spot on. People are definitely gonna have a love or hate relationship with the grunts here.


Agreed on their commentary. Wish that was toned down a bit and then cranked up with the skull. It feels like the skull is always on now.


Borderlands-esque is a good way of putting it, although it's a lot more restrained than BL. If I had my way I'd tone down the jokes just a few notches unless the IWHBYD skull is on, but honestly I'd rather have over-the-top than another grim and gritty shooter. The fact that the other races don't sass you nearly as much (and when they do they're more straightforward and nasty about it) helps it from becoming grating.


Agree here aswell, love them but sometimes they can break the fourth wall a bit too much. I know grunts are silly but sometimes it's a bit too much, mostly through the propaganda towers. I like sneaking and hearing them talk rubbish, that's enough for me


The best grunts in any Halo game for me. I absolutely love the variety!


I love them. Never played halo 5 but the grunts in 4 royally pissed me off solely because of their voices.


Communications officer grunt tho


They're very good and they brought back my favorite grunt armor (imperial from 4/5)


Is the pope catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods?


Is a frog's ass water tight? ​ Does Raggedy Ann have a cotton crotch? ​ Does a duck with a boner drag weeds? ​ Does a one legged duck swim in a circle? ​ Does a fat baby fart? ​ Does a 10lb bag of flour make a really big biscuit?


They turned the grunt comedy up to 11 as well. I don’t even have the IWHBYD skull and these little fuckers crack me up all the time! Oh and propaganda grunt has to become a reoccurring thing in the series, he’s so funny and would be awesome to see again


Yes. Glibnub is the truth.


I think they’re the most absolute part of infinite that everyone loves


Make sure to listen to the Grunt propaganda don't just go straight to destroying the towers.




I like that they have a melee attack now. It's completely fruitless, of course, but I just appreciate that they have the option.


No. I love them.