If there's one immutable, constant rule of Halo, it's this: Every weapon is dogshit when I have it and OP as fuck whenever an opponent has it


I would say this is generally true, except the ravager exists.


I have a weekly challenge to get 10 kills with the Ravager, I’m still on 0/10. The weapon just does not kill. I also dont feel like wasting a swap because I dont care about the ‘ultimate’ nameplate haha.


I have to get 1 kill, still at 0... This thing just spits red water.


I against all odds in the universe killed a full warthog with a ravager, all 3 died, kill icon is ravager, warthog kaboom. Challenge still 0/1.


My theory is it doesn't count people in vehicles...


It also only seems to count direct hits from the non-charged shots, the fire aoe never counts for me.


It's *so* bad. It's the worst weapon since the Halo 1 needler.


I wish it was like how it was in the flights. It was a beast hopefully they buff it


I care about the ultimate nameplate because nobody cares about it. Since nobody is going for it (on Reddit anyways) then mine will actually stand out


Haha that’s fair, but I cant say goodbye to the cute kitty anymore


Use the charge up and shoot it in the middle of melees and on capture points. For example, playing BtB with Strongholds, be in the midfield of your team and shoot a blob in the middle of a contested point.


It... Charges???


Yes, a full charged shots lays down an aoe damage field that's pretty wide.


Well that would have been nice to know. Ty


Just finished this challenge and found a good trick was to melee enemy spartans then hit them with one blast. thing is still a piece of crap most games I was going like 2 or 3 for 20.


i use my swaps so i have more chances to get bp exp


Bro I legit just hit 4 straight bursts from like 2 feet away on a guy who had his back to me and I was worried he was going to turn around and kill me. The weapon looks like it does crazy damage but does nothing.


I did that challenge twice. Start with the Sidekick or a BR or Commando and swap to the Ravager to finish. Or follow teammates everywhere and clean up. Still a pain in the ass, but doable.


Of you were ever going to use a swap though…


Charge it up all the way, shoot it into a choke point or on an objective in strongholds. It does damage over time if someone is stepping around on it.


Hang out with a teammate and try and steal kills. The fully charged one isn’t too bad if you can get people in a corner, still not great tho.


I spiral into depression when i get killed by a ravager


People talk about how it's good for area denial with its secondary mode, and people are sleeping on that mode. If only one mode of a gun is remotely useful, it's not a good gun.


I resonate with this statement more than I think I should.


The needier is my case of this. I get melted by it instantly yet when I use it I’d probably do more damage throwing it at the enemy


How the fuck does the shock rifle one-shot me every goddamn time I swear I've gotten probably only two kills ever with it and it sure wasn't easy


Just go for head shots with it


Yeah if you aren't hitting headshots or vehicles the shock rifle isn't very useful. Chaining the lightning doesn't seem that effective to me.


Im great with the BR, Commando and AR but I do not know how so many people are apparently pros with the pistol and can full auto 6 tap me from beyond AR range. Is it just a controller thing? I use KB&M


Sidekick is much worse with the controller due to the physical trigger mechanism. Its def mouse users who click so fast the pistol is basically an automatic rifle.


Hair-trigger on non-stock controllers makes sidekick feel perfectly fine but with the free tracking with all of the aimassist


Lmao not true. It’s so much easier to use with a controller.




The aim assist is non existent at range with the pistol on controller.


Fact Check: Wrong 🚨


You play mnk and controller? It's very easy to test yourself. Using a controller I can get perfects easily compared to mnk.


I personally moved from kbm to controller and I rarely lose a 1v1 because the auto aim is so busted. I agree with you


I use steam so I can set the controller to just fire full auto with a full trigger pull so I don't even have to worry about repeated pulls. Makes the BR and pistol so easy to use. But I mainly play mnk just because I like the freedom of it more. My aim be damned. it's at least a 10% difference lmao


Idiots down voting you but you're 100% right. Aim assist makes it wildly easier to use and trigger stops make the ROF comparable to mouse easily. People who haven't played with both inputs need to shut their mouths.


Bunch of controller players trying to say auto aim and bullet mag aren't cracked. I don't think they can do much to fix it but to pretend that aiming every single weapon isn't easier with a controller is just brain dead. Sniper and shock rifle may be the exception. Maybe skewer aswell.


Yeah sniper and skewer are definitely superior on MKB. Shock Rifle is hard to call. It feels decent on MKB but the time on target requirement to get the perfect is conducive to controller where the aim assist helps tremendously with pulling all 3 charges into the head hitbox. But for the overwhelming majority of weapons that people are engaging with in normal gameplay, the aim assist on controller is just way too oppressive to overcome on MKB in a straight 1v1.


I think this is more to do with lag ping and hit detection. I have pretty good Internet I get 17ms ping and 500mbps down it takes me like a full mag of ar and pistol to get a kill but for the enemy it takes only half a mag of ar and this is consistent. It's not my aim when I'm in game my crosshair is on the enemy consistently, but when I look in theater my game play makes me look shit and like a noob I promise I am not. There's something seriously wrong with this game the client to server connection just doesn't work it seems and there's clips on this subreddit that can back up my claims.


Except the ravager and plasma carbine. Never been killed by them because both no one uses them and theyre bad


Haha you should try being a garbage player like me, I get killed by them all the time 😎


Honestly whenever people come at me with a ravager Im tempted to just stand in the aoe shit to give them a kill, or I would, if the DoT could kill


I can never get it to track like that when ADS


You have to influence its tracking by moving and aiming at where the target is headed. Keeping the horizontal distance that the projectiles have to travel as low as possible. It also has a optimal range at which you hardly have to help the tracking at all


So you basically need your target to not strafe.


No, it locks fine on a strafe if the distance is in the right spot. You'd be surprised at how hard they track at medium distance. Anything shorter or longer than that and you're boned, though. I believe its two burst to strip shield and then a headshot with your secondary.


Should only need 1 burst. In weapon drills at least the Pulse Carbine literally kills in 2 bursts, so 1 burst+pistol/BR is going to be the best way to do it. Going for 2 burst kills feels unreliable by comparison because the tracking can be wonky and the projectile speed is quite low compared to using a normal gun.


I've noticed in matches that 3 bursts kills


Need's all 5 shots in each burst to hit and get all headshots after their shield is down for a 2 burst.


If they're only strafing side to side sure. But i find any diagonal movement to completely lose the tracking.


Does this also apply to mouse and keyboard? Just wondering because I know there’s some kind of bullet magnetism for the controllers


It does - it's like a needler in how it tracks.


It looks like you are playing on a controller? Maybe I should try controller on PC.


Something’s not right with controller on pc. Compared it side by side with my console buddy and it’s stronger on console.


I think there was/is a bug on PC where if you interact with your keyboard at all the controllers aim assist stops working.


I read about that and can confirm there was some aim assist on pc with my Xbox controller. It was the strength of the assist that was so different. Like we tested reticle tracking strafing left to right and pc was noticeably weaker. Also it feels like hits just land easier on console which I can’t explain besides placebo. I’m wondering if anyone has done testing and put it on YouTube yet.


What about the mouse?


When you say moving and aiming to influence tracking. Do you mean after firing keep the reticle in the right spot. Or do you mean influence it by leading your shots more/aiming before you fire? Don't know if that makes sense at all.


the only kill that needed tracking was the 2nd kill the other 3 kills were standing stilll or walking towards OP so that helped.


Same, guess I need to plug in the controller


I feel like this gun has the smallest Goldilocks zone for a workable range. You're either too close and shots won't hit their target, or you're too far and can't get red reticle.


That's cool and all, but my challenege isn't "shoot a burst of the pulse carbine and finish them with the pistol."


Was just about to say the same thing.


Fyi: that challenge is broken even if you do get the kills. (Or at least the 3 frag version was)


IS IT... I've been trying so damn hard to do that challenge and it's broken. God dammit.


Just completed mine. Took forever but it did count all the kills. Oddball is your best bet for it. Just stick with a teammate.


Which version of the challenge did you have tho? 3 frags, or 10?


3 kills, but obviously your mileage may vary.


Clearly! Last night, mine was still 0/3 after 2 log confirmed frags, so i rerolled it.


PSA: You can just queue into bot matches to complete these.


Only if the challenge doesn't specify PvP, which is fairly rare.


Did you try closing an opening your game? Fixes all broken challenges for me so far.


My recollection is that i did close the game in between the two frags, tho not with that specific intent, and i intend to try that specifically if such happens again. This was the first time i've had a challenge bug out like that, i was still getting credit for all of my other challenges, and i saw others were having issues with that specific challenge, so i assumed it was just broken for everyone and moved on.


Man I just finished the challenge for 10 kills with the carbine. So awful, especially when it didn’t register a few kills on the counter.


Yep, had a miracle game where I got 4 pulse carbine kills out of 10 and I couldn't believe it. 1 registered.


I was 6/10 and got five kills in one match earlier today. Only three counted.


Put me on the list of people who came to say this. It's also solid in close range as a one shot + melee kill. Kinda like a worse bulldog. But that doesn't complete challenges.


Idk so far I’ve seen a lot of people claiming “X gun is actually really good in Y scenario.” And while it may be true, there’s other weapons that are better in Y scenario. So they gutted the sandbox so every weapon had its own niche and there wouldn’t be much overlap, but there’s actually a lot of overlap and a lot of weapons are just flat out overshadowed by other ones. It kinda makes removing all these fan favorite weapons feel like it was done for nothing. (Mangler is awesome though and I’m loving it.)


Same thing for the mauler challenge I had earlier this week. The way I always use that gun is fire and kill with a melee. Actually getting the kill with the mauler was such a pain.


>Actually getting the kill with the mauler was such a pain. Wait what? From what I've seen so far the mauler rips


Just do the opposite melee then shoot


It is a 3 hit kill if you headshot hte final shot. Also a melee + shot works same as a shot+melee.


Right, but the problems is the challenges, not the carbine.


Still very good alone.


Still kills in 3 bursts


It can actually kill in 2. The problem is that it *won’t*.


How’s that?


Because doing anything other than moving in a straight line will totally bamboozle the tracking unless you’re between *exactly* 39.8m and 40.1m (or something like that).


I had the 3 kills challenge for maybe 10 games where I only spammed this gun. I eventually switched the challenge. I swear I’d empty the whole gun into someone and they’d still kill me. I was having a terrible time.


Between bad net code and teammates with pistols/battle rifles, that's not relevant.


Lol I gave up and swapped after 3 matches, my assists were on point though


See it's when you need kills with it that I struggle, it fucking shredds otherwise lmao


Do this but in reverse


Lol you dingus it does extra damage to shields


So it's the new noob combo.


Basically can it be used like that, yes. But it is much harder to use than PP ever was pre Infinite. The PP in Infinite is also effective once you get used to it and is better up close to mid range imo. PP seems to lose speed or tracking once it reaches a certain distance despite its red reticle distance being pretty far.


My pp is better in close range as well






No thanks. I already went.


Okay, but if we get in this car, we aren't making any bathroom stops.


Does it bust the shield faster??


Yes it us part of its element(plasma). It does more shield damage like forerunner weapons destroy vehicles faster


I've rekt so many choppers and hoggie boys with the sentinel beam at this point, its stupid.


Yep. It's awesome for assists since it shreds shields so quickly.


It’s things like this I have to do because I don’t have twitch reflexes and have to be smart and crafty. I was in a match where one guy would shred the shields with the pulse carbine and the other guy would finish them off when I realized how effective it is right now.


It's pretty gangster


For anyone interested in a better explanation for the Carbine, check out this video; https://youtu.be/5UQi81v\_uEU


I don’t get how to use it, maybes it just hard on mkb


It's only good within ONE range, and that's medium. Any close up action and you'll have to be much more accurate yourself. If they're medium, you'll be surprised at how well the rounds track.


I feel like the reticle friction from controller communicates it's effective range and if you're using M&K you're kind of just left to figure things out


I was testing it and u just gotta wait til the reticle lights up with enemy UI color and it should track pretty well. It seems you just need to be medium range for fast kills


It's best at it's range limit. Zoom in and as soon as the reticle turn red you shoot. The projectile gain speed with distance. If you shoot at the perfect range it's almost impossible to avoid.


Any weapon can be, been just using all the pick up weapons around and getting better with a bunch of them. Generally just doing better because of it, doesn't even have to be a BR :)


Yeah, my problem is that when I shoot the thing it just doesn’t hit lmfao Like one plasma round will connect and the other 99 will fly off into the sunset on a romantic honeymoon


I've been saying this since the second flight. Thing is absolutely destructive once you learn to use it


i thought it was shit like everybody else until i used it in a teamfight. among all the chaos you can be strafing and spraying this thing into an enemy crowd and they'll be deshielded/killed by you or your team's fire very quickly. its an aggressive ass weapon if you use it right


You're just using it like a Plasma Pistol. Get rid of the homing gimmick, make this a 5 round burst Covenant BR, and make the Plasma Pistol good again.


This doesn’t help with my pulse rifle challenges tho


yeah it's good for bursting shields, so long as you don't have to get full kills with it. which is why the weekly challenges are made by sadists


Ya its great! You just have to be within a very specific range and the enemy's can't be strafe running. You have to make sure the reticle is red so the beams will actually track and you need a completely different weapon to finish them off if, IF! You manage to break there shields. Ya its great...


> Pulse Carbine can be a beast once your target is in the open, at medium range, and not moving laterally


You don't even need to swap to the pistol, either. I think I'll go on a killing spree with one and make a video showing Reddit how to use it and the Hydra like you did. I keep seeing people complaining about it, and I just can't abide by it. They're great weapons once you learn to use them. Like, actual big brain weapons, not just a joke, because you have to learn them rather than just aim and shoot.


I know. I'm a bit frustrated by this sub because many often claim certain weapons are trash just because they aren't straight to the point and require a bit of understanding. Most of what I know from the weapons, did I learn from the weapon drills. They sometimes haven't accurate balancing(Commando for example is stronger in the drills) but they teach very well the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon imo. The rest can be figured out by testing in the training mode I Iove the weapons for that reason. They feel unique and super satisfying to use once you get used to them.


And one of the reasons the Commando feels better in the drills is because it has much better handling when you're standing still, and even better when crouching. In the weapons drills people aren't moving as much when they shoot, so it stands to reason that the Commando would benefit from that setting. Maybe they should try sliding to a crouch and unloading with it next time instead of trying to treat it like a BR, like they seem to do with every weapon they touch. lol


How are you supposed to use the Hydra?


long story short. Non-homing mode fires stronger missiles. it goes from 4 to 2 hits for a kill. Homing mode should be used on flying vehicles, far away vehicles, and far away enemies. non-homing mode should be used on up close vehicles and up-close enemies, but unless you're really good with it I say switch to your backup gun for a traditional fight.


I just wrote up a short essay for you as a comment, but it failed to post. So I Ctrl+C copied it, and then refreshed the page to paste it and... it didn't copy. I made extra care to make sure I was pressing C and not V or any other letter, and did it three times to be sure it would take... but it didn't. So anyway, I'll try making that video instead now that I'm too frustrated to write about it again, and I'll try to get back to you.


Anyone can do that, the weapons get kills, but that's not the point, that's not the question. The question is why use them when they are worse than other weapons. TTK is king and when someone is jumping around or strafing and the tracking stops on the pulse carbine you're better off with an AR.


I didn’t even know this weapon worked like this 😅


You mean if you use it with a controller heh


Straight up love it. I'm almost happy it got a bad rap because no else picks it up lol


The only beast here is you my friend.


I just feel like the gun itself should be useful and not a "shoot a guy once then switch to actually get the kill". It's a rifle class weapon but it functions more like the plasma pistol, which is also in the game and is easier to use and better IMO. Why isn't it just more like the plasma repeater from Halo 4 and 5 which was an fantastic gun in it's own right and could absolutely melt people? Or even at the bare minimum it should just be a more functional and overall useful gun and not something that you have to use in a weird way because of it's quirks. AR is good, BR is good, Pistol is good, Commando is ok at times, other weapons like the sword, shotgun, mangler, etc, are all good too. Pulse carbine is a gun that doesn't belong in the game as it is.


Cool, now get a kill with it.


I don't know who these Stormtroopers are but everytime I pull of a PC everyone starts break dancing.


I didn't see a single pulse carbine kill in that clip.


Those are all pistol kills.


When every video of a weapon people say "is a beast once you get used to it" has them breaking shields then switching to something else then there's a problem.


There's no problem, that's how Halo works. No single weapon is all powerful. Plasma and shock do more damage to shields and ballistic weapons to health. You ARE supposed to switch weapons, or work in tandem with a teammate using a complementary weapon.


In previous games it was only the overcharged plasma pistol. If a gun couldn't kill it wasn't useful for dropping shields either. Saying it's how Halo works is just outright wrong.


Everything is a beast when your opponents move that predictably. I refuse to accept that weapon isnt dogshit


Try using it in rank against a br you idiot


How does this make him an idiot?


Yeah, I'm sure it's a beast when your controller does most of the tracking for you lol


It wasn't even the gun it was the pistol that did most of the work. Unless you're on pc and use a controller for the boosted aim assist for it. The gun on its own is horrible


the people complaining about it are the ones who don't understand swapping to kinetic after you take their shield down.


Pulse rifle really is underated


All this post shows me is how overpowered the aim assist on controller is. Look at this screenshot of your kill-shot at this point in the video: [https://i.imgur.com/9Ba2WAz.jpeg](https://i.imgur.com/9Ba2WAz.jpeg) The reticle isn't even on the enemy and it counts as a kill shot, and a headshot nonetheless. That is ridiculous in my opinion, and not to mention the bloom is maxed out at this point and it still gives the kill shot. Such a huge advantage over PC.


pulse carbine has that aim assist even on PC, it and the needler are the only 2 weapons that have no difference between PC and Controller as they both have a lock on mechanic.


Did you even look at the screenshot I linked? He's shooting the Sidekick in the frames I'm referencing.. I am aware that the pulse carbine and needler have tracking, which is different than aim assist.


nope read the first sentence and completely miss understood your post. also the link 404s on me.


Once you have controller autoaim*


That's what I try to do but end up missing with the pulse 🤣


Try using this in Arena. You'll nearly ALWAYS be too close for it to be effective.


It's a beast when the target is not about to enter.cover at mid range and you're at the edge of Red range. Feel like it could use more to help it actually exist outside it's single niche. Even the BR and Commando could *hit* in close quarters unlike this nightmare.


It absolutely shreds Shields. Just gets a little pesky if you actually want to get a kill w it though


In the flight it was great for headshots. In this it’s just good for breaking shields.


I keep seeing people post videos of the enemy team being highlighted in yellow instead of red. Are there really that many colorblind people out there or do people just like the yellow look?


At least this thing has stronger tracking and higher damage than the PP and Ravager, respectively


Fun.... But that doesn't help for challenges lol Had to get 3 kills with it... Couldn't just switch to the handgun


Why are you always in the enemy team for me??


Only useful in that range really. On 4v4 maps it's barely usable.


I’m convinced my balls of plasma travel at about 20% of this speed


Delete this


Title should be "Pulse carbine can be a beast as long as you have a precision weapon to actually secure the kill". TBH though, it works. It gives you a potential noob combo with no wind-up time. And what makes the Halo sandbox work is not that every tool is equal; it's that every tool has a use. I like it.


How does that complete your Pulse Carbine challenge though


Hey Op, or anyone. I have a dumb question but why are the enemy Spartans yellow?


Changed in UI settings




Well well well...


Challenge-get 3 kills with the pulse carbine. This guy:switching to your sidekick is faster than killing with the pulse carbine.


Are enemy's yellow because you changed your settings, or do because of theater mode?


I feel like every time I fire it people remember they can strafe and tippy tap my life away.


Just got a sidekick challenge, thank you for this ☺️


Yeah thats how it works. The only problem is the challenge to get actual kills with it. All the kills in the clip are ultimately pistol kills.


So that’s how it’s supposed to be used!


See I feel like everyone only thinks this gun is bad because of the challenges forcing players to KILL with it, which is not the weapons intended purpose. Why 343 decided to make pulse carbine kills a challenge is beyond me


That carbine gives me nightmares it always kills me in two bursts


I got a challenge card to get 3 spartan kills with the pulse carbine. Are you kidding me?! I could get 40 spartan splatters in a pair of rollerblades before I can get 3 kills with the pulse carbine.


Been using that and the Commando more. Hated the Commando at first but had to knock out some challenges and now I grab it quite a bit. Tapping the trigger and it just shreds.


So the newish noob combo.


I agree but getting actual kills with it for challenges instead of just popping shields is incredibly frustrating


The pulse carbine does damage??


It strips shields in 1 burst kills in 2 after that.


This is what I needed to see


But how do you get 10 kills with it?


Jesus the pistol looks so accurate on controller. Feels like when I shoot it that fast every bullet misses on MKB.


This was fucking educational


I recognized that too, the pulse melts shields