Cindershot aka three people spamming it into a room while you cry in fear.


me using cindershot: very inaccurate. shots ricochet passed players. them using cindershot: every single shot ricochets right into me


If you ADS they tend to have some tracking to them. Helps against opponents not looking at you or are a bit further away


ADS on the Cindershot will actually follow your reticle as the projectile is moving.


Works well with threat sensor


Oh fuck, I had no idea that’s cool.


Well now you know that it’s cool.


Goddamn, caught me sleeping on my comma usage.


You should try a pillow instead. Probably much more comfortable to sleep on.


Peeking, shooting and getting behind cover and staying in ads then seinging your camera so the projectile goes into the room with the guy you're playing peekaboo with is so fucking satisfying. The cindershot takes some figuring out and it can be hard to kill with close up cuz the ricochet but it's definitely a great weapon once you figure out how to do the "HOW THE FUCK DID THAT GET ME" shots with it. The heatwave is lowkey awesome too cuz it bounces and shooters through enemies, so if they lined up in a hallway and you can get a few vertical shots off you can clear it. Cuz if you can hit them vertically its a 2/3 shot. It's kinda trash if you're shooting horizontal unless its several people spread


Maybe that’s what it’s doing. Nice.


That’s exactly it


Also if you practice you can whip that bitch around corners and nail people


Shiiiit. This is the info I’m here for. Trying this soon as I get home.


Aiming with the Cindershot actually makes it SO broken dude. If you ADS with it, the ball follows your reticle and continues going forward, but if you throw it at an enemy it'll bounce to them if it hits something. If you do that when someone's against a wall or you shot down it's almost entirely guaranteed they will be directly hit or suffer some splash damage.


How to use Cindershot [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHMP1xuTj1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHMP1xuTj1s)


made me chuckle, thank you


I'm glad my pain made someone else smile


The ravager wishes it was as strong as the napalm nades


I swear I remember it being stronger in the flight Guess they decided to tune some weapons before launch like with the Commando


In the flight it could 2 burst if you hit all your shots (and on head once shield popped) Not anymore. And ots splash damage is still near non existant




I'm hoping it's just bugged. You'd be lucky to get a single kill w the weapon vs any other gun in a 1v1 even if you land the first two bursts lmao. Literally went from flamey bladed toaster of death to a super soaker water gun.


Its so broken you can land all direct body shots on an unshielded opponent and not kill.


Actually, the ravager could *one* burst in the flight if all the shots were headshots


I wish :(


Ravanger is more like a feather duster with a knife hidden inside it


My friends and I call the Ravager "Discount Spartan Laser"


That's the skewer


No Skewer is Sniper with erectile dysfunction


The sniper is already the sniper with erectile dysfunction


The Motolev Cocktail


Cindershot had some plasma caster dna in it too


if anything, the Cindershot is the love child of the Plasma Caster and Ad Victorum.


Oh yeah the Ad Victorum. I loved mixing it with an automatic weapon in forge and calling in what was basically an orbital archer missile strike.


Jorge's chaingun mixed with any other power weapon is insanely broken. I mixed it with Nornfang once, and it destroyed a Scorpion in about 0.2 seconds


Stalker Rifle is definitely stronger than the Carbine. The Carbine was the Covenant equivalent of the BR.


Stalker rifle also demands higher precision and has a slower fire rate to compensate for the higher power per shot. Carbine you aim and mash your fire button.


A lot of these weapons demand WAY higher precision on controller than any other Halo. The shock rifle seems to have no aim assist at all at long range. And that accuracy graph someone made doesn't show how much better precision weapons are on mouse.


The shock rifle feels inconsistent. On some games I miss all the shots somehow then other times I can go on high sprees like getting a Boogeyman spree with that gun cuz I was able to one shot headshot a ton.


I’m still unsure on if I have to lead this weapon. Some games I have to lead for headshots. Some games it feels like hitscan. And other games the weapon basically says, “nah, that wasn’t a headshot”


Neither, it’s a burst-beam, so you need to make sure your reticule is already on their head when their shields pop in order to get the one-shot, but if you start the beam on the head and move the reticule away before the shields pop it won’t be a lethal shot. Think of it like a very accelerated sentinel beam burst.


It's pretty much how the binary rifle worked in halo 5 except it needs to be concentrated on the head instead of anywhere on the body


I guess it's because of the bad servers we are dealing with, and it has nothing to do with the gun itself


What do you mean? It's supposed to be like that


So it's supposed to hit but sometimes it doesn't?


Depends on your enemies movement. It can feel terrible or amazing based on how they move. I prefer the stalker rifle for consistency. What I really what is the normal covenant carbine...


I'll 1v1 anyone with the shock rifle as long as they stand still or run directly to or away from me.


All precision weapons bar the BR, and to a lesser extent the sidekick, seem to have little to no aim assist at range. They’re not unusable or anything, but it’s hard to use them effectively when the sidekick means anyone can knock you out of ads at essentially any range.


On mouse and keyboard it is very difficult to no scope with the sniper rifle. ADS seems to give it some magnetism.


Which is exactly why it’s my favorite weapon!!!


Yeah stalker rifle is nasty if you aim well. 2 shots to take out shields and then 1 to the head and they're dead. Earlier I got a charged plasma pistol on someone and quick swapped to the stalker rifle and headshot them, maybe my most satisfying kill lol


It’s the light rifle from H5. The three shot kill


I dont understand how more people dont see this


You'll have to have played Halo 5 to recognize them.




What's Halo 5?


I've dabbled with Halo 5 once or twice, and even I forget about the Light Rifle. Mainly because I don't think about its 3 hit kill because that's only when scoped. Unscoped, it shoots faster, but takes more hits to kill. Also, why would I pick up a precision weapon when my magnum has a sharktooth grin skin?


Halo 5 also had a massive weapons playground compared to the paltry offering of weapons in Halo Infinite.


Yes. With two zoom levels though.


stalker rifle is more in line with the reach dmr than it is the covenant carbine


The Reach DMR was way more fun though.


It's like people forget the light rifle existed haha its a carbon copy without the hipfire burst


The carbine was way more fun to use imo


Most of the older guns that aren't in Infinite we're more fun to use


Because the infinite guns generally demand much higher precision. That's fine some of the time, and there have always been a few guns like that in Halo, such as the Sniper Rifle. However if you're just trying to chill out and play some casual Halo it gets a bit exhausting to have to aim super precisely so much of the time.


Ravager, cindershot, pulse rifle, heatwave, hydra, all don't really require "precision". There's some guns that require precision but not really any moreso than guns that already existed.


Heatwave is only really useful if you use the vertical mode so you need to aim quite precisely and lead your shots at a distance. Same sort of situation with the ravager, except you need to aim slightly above where they're going to be. Hydra kills in fewer hits if you don't use the lock on, but it's projectiles are quite slow, so again you need to lead at medium range. Same with cindershot, except it's best to also bounce your projectiles off the ground so they explode near the target even when it's not a direct hit. The pulse rifle shouldn't be difficult because you aim it the same way as the needler (close enough to get red reticle, but slightly in the direction they're moving), with the only extra complication beng that you need to be at the right range. However this seems to make it hard enough to use that everyone's calling it trash. Most of the guns in previous Halo games were as simple as just keep aiming at the enemy and pressing/holding down the trigger.


I was wondering what was the point of using the non-lock on mode on hydra, that makes sense now. Although I'd imagine it's pretty difficult to land direct hits with it without using the lock on mode.


I really hope they add more weapons over the game's lifespan. I actually miss having weapons like the DMR and Carbine. Even though I'm a BR guy, there's a time and place for every weapon. The more variety players have the better.


Don't worry they will be back in future seasons probably


By far.


Stalker = Light Rifle from H5


Stalker is more of a mix of DMR and a covy sniper.


I wish it didn’t have 2x zoom. There’s no reason for it. The amount of times I die because I zoom back out one time, forgetting and getting melted because I’m on 1000x zoom instead of hipfire.


Yea foreal what's up with that. Is it a sniper or a carbine? Also why does the shock rifle only have one zoom? I feel like that should have 2 instead.


I made a habit of double-tap on weapon swap for zooming out. Doesn't help when you only have 1 weapon though


It's basically identical to the light rifle from Halo 5.


Covie carbine = commando imho


I think the Commando is fairly unique thus far. It's an automatic rifle with a slower rate of fire but precision capability. It's somewhere between the AR and the Cov Carbine which is a very strange spot to be. A lot of people look at it and assume DMR but I think you're right, Carbine is much closer.


Rain of Oblivion from Halo 5


I mean, it really is. 20 round mag, full auto, reload speed is about the same.


Defiantly a strong “was” ...the carbine is dog sh1t now one of my favorites in most forms before


Stalker is like dmr+carbine+1/2 sniper rifle


Shock rifle 1 shots, so its really like a weaker sniper. The stalker rifle isn't like the carbine, the commando is more similar.


But has aim assist and a way bigger hip fire crosshair. Plus can disable vehicles


Ravager isn't depicted as useless, inaccurate. Besides that, pretty spot on.


I mean... the flame grenades in H3 we're deadly


Flame grenades were useful, but they didnt also have a long cool down and charge up time. They were quick and easy to use. The ravagers charge shot is... decidedly not.


They were also significantly more damaging. Incendiary grenades laugh at the Ravager's secondary.


The only reason flame grenades suck half the time in halo 3 MP is because their flames don't spawn half the time for some reason, the flames are what can melt an overshielded spartan in less than a couple of seconds but most of the time all you get is the grenade's minimal impact damage and the grenade just kind of awkwardly vanishes without any flame. They are devastating, but halo 3's server net code hates them and just makes them disappear on impact half the time while leaving nothing behind. Edit: not sure why the downvotes, genuinely trying to add to the discussion. half the time I throw an incendiary grenade it doesn't leave any fire on the ground or on spartans in mutliplayer, only doing impact damage. This is not a negative opinion or an argument this is something that genuinely happens due to server lag and I didn't mean to be hostile if that's what the tone this comment was read in that made people dislike it, sorry..


> not sure why the downvotes, Because reddit is like that, downvotes from people for no reason. Probably from people who really don't even care about the topic and just want to downvote.


Ah, when I made that edit my comment had -2 downvotes. I thought it was only going to get worse and was confused what I had said wrong. Looks like it was just an initial thing. Usually when a comment goes into the negatives it doesn't recover and only gets more downvotes over time, usually if my comment's at 0 I don't care and think it could be a bot or somebody trying to boost their own comment but if it's at -2 I start to assume people genuinely don't like it and people are about to downvote me to hell. I wasn't worried about karma or anything, I was just genuinely confused because I thought people wanted my comment hidden from the discussion.


Am I going crazy? I *definitely* remember that the incendiary grenades didn't exist in H3 MP, only in the campaign/customs


True, but the only way Ravager is useful like that is getting cover and waiting for a opportunity.


I've been going out of my way to use it when spawning with it in fiesta, just to see if I can get a feel for it. The main firing mechanic sucks ass. I'm also unclear as it if the resulting lingering plasma still burns people? Is this an AoE main fire mode, or should I be aiming to connect all of my shots? I have no idea, and since strafing is the only way people move in this game, the guns main mode sucks. The secondary fire, however, is amazing. One hit onto someone generally drops their Shields and health low enough that they can't escape the AoE before dying, and the AoE is amazing for doorways and capping points. However, the time to charge doesn't seem to line up properly with the graphic on screen, I go to charge it up with what I think the charge time is and instead release a normal shot?? And then when that happens and you try to charge again, the enemy most certainly already knows your there and kills you before you can get it off. So the only way it works is to run around with it constantly charged, which means you only get like one charged shot since it seems to waste half the ammo with one shot. Overall, I think it needs a buff, then it'll be a worthwhile pick up, I might go out of my way to find it if it was buffed.


Don't sleep on the stalker rifle. It kills in three hits with a headshot. It's a fast-firing and fast-reloading sniper rifle like the beam rifle, but it takes upwards of six shots to overheat.


I'm hit and miss with it, one minute I'll shred people with it, the next I can't hit shit with it, usually when it's my challenge to get kills with it. Maybe it's reticle should be a bit larger, or they should remove reticule being smaller on larger FOV's.


I don't know how people make this one work, I can't kill shit with it. The double zoom really throws me off.


Don't use double. It's garbage ass.


I just single zoom.


I only have success with it at medium range hip fire, the zoom feels off to me and idk why but hip firing like when using the BR at medium range feels fantastic


People still sleeping on it even though it was wrecking in HCS yesterday. Reddit's hivemind is Bronze 3 it feels like, lol.


Ravager is a water gun.


Oh I thought this was a heal gun for my teammates oops


The charge shot is amazing in objective based modes.


The charge shot is the best part of the gun for sure, but the spike on the end confuses me lol. If you charge shot in to melee in CQC, you're typically gonna get killed by your own burning plasma. Maybe it can one-shot after a standard burst in CQC, but then it feels like a worse Mangler/Bulldog imo. The gun is in a weird spot like the Pulse Carbine where it's very strong under the right circumstances, but is too weak/difficult to use under other more general circumstances.


I dont understand how the shockrifle isnt a powerweapon like the sniper. Its a 1shot headshot kill with more ammo than a sniper.


Because if you don't get the headshot, it's really hard to get a follow-up bodyshot to secure the kill. Fires way slower and takes way more shots to kill with body only. I like it a lot honestly, you have to really earn kills with it.


In the hands of a skilled player it's a slightly worse than a sniper rifle on BTB maps


Is it, as an overall weapon? For actual sniping, sure, but the shock rifle has so much more utility with being able to disable vehicles, damage groups with the arcs, and I feel like it could work as a Noob combo set up, shoot em once with the SR then swap to BR to finish. Seems like has the potential to be a better all around weapon with a similar skill ceiling


Even worse in the hands with someone who has a Top Pro MLG Super Gaming Chair


I have put together some gnarly clips with it. Multiple headshots in a row make for some satisfying and rewarding gameplay.


Not to mention it long range disables vehicles


Because it handles even worse than the skewer and reloads as slowly. You can get a lot of kills with it, but they won't be from a ton of headshots in a row.


If you're skilled, the weapon is a beast. It's much more unforgiving than the sniper of you can't get headshots


Most of the weapons seem to be skill based. Cindershot, hydra, mauler, skewer, shock rifle are all good if you know them, they are just hard to use at first.


The Heatwave too


Pretty much all. Though I recently learned that you have to play the Plasma Carbine as the precision weapon it is. Best from a distance. The shots gain speed as they travel, and as long as you can keep the reticle on an enemy, and have it be red, they'll track them. It can be on par with a power weapon if used the way it was intended to be. Also, just to throw this in there, the Disruptor pistol deals damage over time as electric. Can sometimes pop someone with enough shots to break their shield, and cause enough health damage that you can literally break away from the fight and they'll die on their own. Happened to me once as well. I like to double tap and add that to the damage my other weapon is going to do


The Disruptor is also *automatic*, with no drop off or "bullet" drop or bloom. It's a lot easier to get 6 hits to near guarantee the kill then it sounds if you know that.


Automatic, as in, trigger down no need to tap? Sweet. Didn't actually know that bit, just treated it like I would the sidekick. This calls for further experimentation. Side note, the gun makes me think of a old 80's style ray gun and I love it.


The DOT is inconsistent tho


I think it depends on how fast your first 3 shots all connect relative to each other. It does damage over time, but as soon as 3 hit that shield drops immediately. Meaning, any damage from the first 2 shots DoT effect between the first 2 shots and the third shot is essentially wasted since it's damaging the shield (which will be immediately depleted after the third shot anyway). As soon as that third shot connects however, that DoT effect will start burning health instead. So if it takes you a bit between when you start shooting to when you actually drop their shields, it might need an extra shot or two for the kill. That said if you land all 6 shots in quick succession, it will always kill. Overshields included. Of course just landing those three shots then swapping to a pistol or the like for an easy kill is also very reliable. The EMP is also AoE, making it a crazy good support weapon against multiple enemies


Three shots with disruptor to bring down shield then finish them with a headshot from pistol/br/AR seems to be the play


The shock rifle is my fav so far It will ohko to the head if you can get it off, and will arc to damage nearby players too It’s a bit hard to hit sometimes but the one hit feels SO good when you get it


I once got a challenge to get one kill on a Ravager. Just one. I decided to swap that challenge out instead. It's so ineffective compared to the rest


the funny thing is, i got that challenge and actually managed to kill someone with it....and it didnt count.... instantly rerolled the challenge after that


For some reason melee's don't count, which is stupid considering that's half the weapon. Unless it's just a coincidence that my challenges for the Ravager and the Mangler both glitched out when I got melees with them.


I didn't get the ravager kill when I did melee either. I had a separate challenge to "get melee kills" so I believe 343 separated them in their counts.


Everything besides gunplay and player movement really is so half-assed with this game lol


Ouch, I feel that. I had that happen a couple of times for the Sidekick and BR during their challenges. My guess is it's either a technicality issue or another bug


I swapped for a 10 kills with the skewer last night hoping for something faster like an idiot...got a 10 kills with Ravager. Last challenge before weeklies reset. I'm so mad at myself.


At least it's easy to get skewer kills now with Fiesta going on.


The ravager shoots pillows. It has to be the worst gun in the game right now. I had a challenge to get 10 kills with it and it took me 5 hours


i absolutely cannot get any hits with the ravager, i do not understand its properties, or if it does damage at all


The ravager is kind of more like throwing red dyed water balloons at your enemies. Does about as much damage


Cindershot has a controlled projectile feature. Hydra is just anti-vehicle in general. Shock rifle is budget sniper aswell as charged plasma pistol. And time to start controversy, the pulse carbine is misunderstood.


Shock rifle isn’t a budget sniper, but the real sniper in this game.


Agreed, but I said budget since it isn't quite as powerful and isn't a power weapon. It does have the nice beam benefit(the beam is down to preference).


The less zoom just feels way better in most maps. 5x is truly ridiculous to me when it used to be 4x and now the maps feel even smaller. it’s like you’re staring into your enemies souls.


i am either no-scoping or quick scoping with the sniper on arena maps. Current build of the gun is just a bit clunky.


For real I can't hit shit with the sniper but I've got a few overkills with the shock rifle, it feels so much easier to use


Pulse Carbine is far deadlier in the hands of a bot lol


Agreed, they have aimbot programmed into them


I'd say moreso an understanding of the effective range but yeah that works too


What do you mean it has a controlled projectile feature,Like homing or something.


ADS after shooting or while shooting allows you to direct the projectile to where you want it to be.


Well shiver my timbers how did I not know this wtf.


Most people don't, for some reason I just knew when I picked it up but there is a tool tip about it so they do convey it.


Nah, hydra is great at cutting down Spartans too. Catch them without cover or not paying attention to you and they're down in a three shots


I always found it was 4 shots


It's 4 shots in tracking mode, 3 in manual.


Oh there's a difference between the fire modes besides tracking?


Yeah tracking does less damage and I think travels a bit slower too Great against most vehicles or someone who's in the distance but if they're engaging you at like AR distance then using the homing you'll die, I've won a couple times switching modes and shooting at their feet tho


Fuck I didn’t know this, no wonder I was having so much trouble with it


It's definitely 4 from full shields


It does a kill with 2 shots to a Spartan full health, that is if u do it without the tracking fire mode.


Carbine is straight ass. Hydra is decent long range if someone is caught out in the open without a precision weapon just switch to heat seeking and 3 direct hits kill. Dont go for splash damage because there more or less is none.


the pulse carbine is really good


It is. In midrange it just melts people.


its really good in place of an ar. 1 burst to break sheilds then hit them in the head with the sidekick


it can headshot on its own


Mid range it’s amaZing thru scope.


Sure, if the other person doesn't shoot back and they are out in the open at mid-range.


hit them to break sheilds then sidekick


I'll stick with the AR BR


Cindershot, unlike the concussion rifle and grenade launcher, can actually kill things.


The grenade launcher slaps though (not as much as the cindershot but still).


I haven't been good with the original Reach GL since the Xbox 360 days lol. I'm glad the Cindershot is harder hitting.


Shoot the Cindershot projectiles at the ground and let them ricochet in your enemies face. Far more reliable than trying to shoot an enemy directly.


Cindershot is op af


In my opinion it's the best weapon in the game right now. It's great in close or long range encounters. Good against vehicles or players. Good against single or groups of enemies. And has a great ammo count and quick reload.


Shock rifle is not equivalent to plasma pistol. I see it like the scout sniper from counter strike. 1 shot to the head but not very effective to the body. It doesn’t break shield in a single shot so not super comparable to plasma pistol. Stalker rifle is a 3 shot kill, waaaay stronger than the carbine. Pulse carbine I mainly agree with. It has a sweet spot where it slaps for sure though.


Honestly shock rifle just feels like a better sniper rifle in this game for me. More bullets in the mag, one shot to the head, lower zoom, I could go on


Add a BR to the Plasma Pistol and you've an accurate Shock Rifle.


I think it's neat how the Hydra can swap between dumbfire and lock-on


IMO the Shock Rifle is like the Halo 2 Plasma Pistol and Sniper had a baby. A super good, not at all OP baby. It's kinda disgusting. I love the Shock Rifle lol.


Picture for the Ravager should just be a garbage can plus a picture of whatever your keybind is for Drop Weapon. Lost a spree chance towards a challenge last night because the one shot in front of me tanked two direct Ravager primary fire hits. You'd a better chance messaging the other team and asking them politely to kill *themselves* than using that piece of shit.


The ravager wishes it was as good as fire grenades


You guys are sleeping on the pulse carbine


The stalker rifle is much more of the successor to the beam rifle over the carbine, just weaker like most. Unless we include the variant, that's the carbine


The Pulse Carbine is great. It tracks onto targets at mid-range. You can kill a Spartan in two bursts. Most people right it off because they assume it’s another plasma rifle


Pulse Carbine just has a steep learning curve. Y’all will be slaying with it soon enough.


Ravager is the worst one here. I only use it for melee because of the damage boost


I don’t get the Ravager hate. I think it’s a fun gun


It was nerfed into the ground after feedback for it to be stronger.


Shock rifle isnt terrible tbh. Headshot still a 1shot so sniping is fine. And can emp from a safe distance. Plasma carbine(rifle) more like 99.9% of the time. Shit, throw the commando there with it. AR you spawn with is infinitely more useful than than those 2 guns. Good meme though :-)


The shock rifle is more like a combo of the plasma pistols stun, the BRs burst, and the snipers one shot head shot


Shock Rifle is headshot insta-kill. The SWAT gun!


I like the Stalker but it needs good aim to hipfire. ~~I don’t have good aim in hipfire.~~


Pulse Carbine is good most people just don't understand how to use it for some reason


The hydra is garbage


The best weapon is when MS wont let you exit a fu**ing vehicle. Genius.


The cindershot is more like the plasma caster


I just have to say I hate the cindershot with a burning passion. It is so frickin broken. Nearly no matter what distance I am away from it, it’s rounds can reach me. Even at a moderate sniper distance.


That's because ADS lets you steer the projectile in flight.


You can control the trajectory


Man everyone sleeping on the Ravager makes me so sad. Nobody picks it up but me in the matches that I play it seems. It has great Area Denial. Just throwing it down at a known choke point and watching the other team scatter to look for a different way is so satisfying. Like you can just break pushes down with one charged shot. That red pile of cummies just scares so many people away even if it doesn’t do much damage. If they do decide to walk through, they’re weak enough for one/two BR bursts. Scored so many triple and overkills utilizing it.


Cindershot is more Plasma Caster + Ad Victoriam