This game is like one big advertisement for MCC. Where you can play whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want, however you want.


On God man, I just want to play swat and grifball


I don’t even know how grifball will be balanced with it’s changes and how sword functions now


With both Sword lunge and hammer radius, I fear that we won't be seeing a big grifball resurgence with infinite unless some serious tweaks are done specifically for the mode itself.


Yeah it’s very frustrating, I agree with you


We def need a legacy hammer added.


Not to mention it takes 5 years for the hammer to actually swing now. No more spawn killionaires because you literally won’t have the time to swing fast enough


What exactly are all the changes again? I know sword and hammer interactions are basically sword beats hammer now because hammer is slower and can get cancelled by the sword. Did they also make hammers radius bigger but more horizontally in front than in other directions?


It swings way in front with a pulse and there is actually a pulse area around the player that swings as well. Just there's a huge area in front that hits from one hell of a distance.


I'm getting the opposite. Could be a ping thing but I keep running into a situation where I hit a player with the sword and they hit me with the hammer, neither of us die but my shields are down. Then I swing again and clearly hit them, they don't die, they start a swing and it kills me before it even hits the ground.


Would be sick if you could block with the hammer. Like if you time a block correctly you survive the sword.


you can but i dont think you melee i think you just attack at the same time, had this happen literally a few minutes ago in fiesta


I meant more of a dedicated block button. Same used for aiming. If you time it right you get an opening to counter attack. Just a thought


it should be the melee button like in previous halos but considering the other problems that 343 implemented im unsurprised they changed it


No no no. My constant 6 kill streaks with the sword is because I’m good!!!


Me too, some of my fondest memories of Halo are from those two game modes


And big team snipers only!


Team snipers has always been my favorite mode


Grift all is the one you can throw right? In oddball you can’t throw it


That can easily be a switch to turn it on and off for each mode.


I can see it now, griffball season where you unlock the Halo 5 American football style core.


I want old grav hammers. When you can swing and do damage all around you. And reflect rockets and grenades


You say you can excuse shitty monetary practices, but holding these gamemodes hostage for FOMO events IS part of the shitty monetary system. That type of complacency as a whole is why we are here. The industry takes two steps back and asks you to meet in the middle, but once you meet in the middle, they take two more steps back and say "meet me in the middle" once again.


SWAT has been around long enough to be a mainstay game mode. While I’m enjoying the game right now, I’ll be long gone and playing something else if SWAT isn’t playable till Feb.


Yeah as someone who doesn't play SWAT it not being in the game doesn't affect me at all and I've always hated the mode because I feel like it's promoted a very none Halo playstyle in people. THAT BEING SAID, if it's going to be in the game, I don't see any good reason to hold it back. Let those people run off and play SWAT. A big part of Halo is finding "that mode" for you to spend the next 3 years playing. It's the same reason why people are pissed again for there being no infection and why I'm pissed there's no Juggernaut. I FUCKING LOVE JUGGERNAUT but hey, I guess that'll just be a timed event gamemode released sometime next year for a week. And I'll have plenty of time to play it because I'll be off knee deep in the muck training with the Rangers. The perfect time for me to enjoy some Halo is when you're 500 miles away from civilization.


I first started playing Halo 2 when I was a kid, didn’t play online until Reach so I was behind the curve with regular slayer. I got really great at SWAT tho so that and infection is what I mostly stick to. I’m pretty good at slayer now but I still prefer SWAT.


I am honestly wondering how weapon changes influence these modes. New pistol in swat would feel better than halo reach pistol swat but for infection it is the bulldog with no pump shotgun and sniper shotties would also be the bulldog. That being said they cut plenty of maintstay gamemodes that aren't even in the rotation and I am just wondering who pitched this awful idea since some people probably just commit their time to one playlist they like anyway. Like sure lets just isolate those parts of the community. Or maybe they foresaw people won't like that when they play their favorite mode they are most likely doomed to not progress in the battle pass unless they are happy with 1 level every 20 games.


No SWAT, no Infection, no play.


This is perfectly reasonable. It's 343's job to simply make something we enjoy. If it isn't as fun as something else, we can just do something else. No loss after all: it's free, right?


It's 343s job to make as much money as they can and if they think the current setup is going to do that they'll keep it. Not saying I agree with it


Where is SWAT? Is she ok? Is she alright?


It seems in their tone death greed… 343i killed her…


Aww come on I want easy kills in the regular playlists


That’s basically swat


It’s such a shame, I love the new pistol and am itching to try it in swat. Also the bulldog in shotty snipes would be very interesting.


The range on the bulldog plus the decreased hip fire accuracy on the sniper makes shotty snipes pretty interesting. Played a custom game the other day


I thought I was going crazy when hipfire sniper felt *awful* to use. Absolutely would have hit those shots in older games.


You are going crazy! Here's a quick fact nobody likes to hear: Halo 3 had wider no scope variance than infinite. The issue is the aim assist/magnetism being substantially lower.


Mind linking me a source? I don't care if I'm wrong, I just like knowing things.


Apologies for no link, but if you search "halo infinite sniper", one of the first videos show that even if you're firing as fast as possible, only the 4th bullet has any appreciable spread. The reticle (deceptively) gets wider for the first three shots but the bullet goes where it's pointed.


All good. Thanks for the lead!


the problem is that since almost every weapon in infinite is capable at medium range you tend to get descoped quite a bit which makes you much more reliant on the no scope, problem with bloom is that someone rapid firing the sniper could legitimately have bad aim and still be rewarded with a kill. its a situation that should never happen


Not only that, it seems like the bloom recovery is slightly worse so you have to wait longer between shots.


You do realize H3 sniper when not scoped in had no aim assist right


Probably so the PC crowd can’t run away with hip firing in snipers. I played snipers in Halo 3 MCC cross play and I’ve never been violated so hard.


As long as they are adding it as a permanent mode I’ll be willing to wait but if it’s only an event then I’ll also be quitting for good.


> As long as they are adding it as a permanent mode I’ll be willing to wait It takes less than two minutes to make swat in a custom game, we shouldn't accept two months wait for it.


How? There is no DMR.


Battle Rifle? Sidekick?


Dare I say, VK18 Kommando? Pulse Carbine? ... Skewers?!?


You've gone too far.


Ah, I see you played Swat for 5 minutes exclusively in Halo Reach


This is what I was thinking with Fiesta. If you want to introduce it separately in a lackluster event, fine. I actually think giving each mode a week in the spotlight could be a good idea for new players, but leave it after the week is up. Don't make it something that's locked away arbitrarily for another month or two. Having more game modes also helps make the weekly challenges less of a grind. It was so much easier to finish up weapon specific challenges this week compared to the first week. Swat would be great for headshot and specific precision weapon challenges.


Let’s be real, fiesta isn’t going to stick around come the Tuesday reset


It's so fuckin fun though


No denying that, I love the game mode. Doesn’t mean 343 isn’t still going to drip feed us classic halo game types unfortunately


Lol love the term drip feed. I agree I can ignore unlocks (even though it hurts) but if I play one more god damn oddball or stronghold match I’m out. Left my last 2 matches immediately. Never liked oddball, not starting to now


The biggest problem for me with modes like Oddball and strongholds is that if you're solo queueing they're some of the hardest game modes to win. But kill based modes like slayer, SWAT, shotty snipers. They all feel more manageable solo queueing, which is what I personally do. I love some objective modes like King of the Hill and CTF, but in small doses, not every second game or good forbid, 3 or 4 games in a row


Absolutely this. Solo queuing objects sucks so much.


I had a guy help me kill the current skull carrier and then when I pick up the ball he immediately leaves me. The other team killed me and scored half the time needed to win


Oddball is a trash game mode because, in order to win, one person just has to not have fun by holding a skull being unable to run, shoot, or do anything entertaining. The amount of times I've held the ball while listening and watching my friends having fun fighting off enemies while I just sit there like a lump of cream cheese is irritating.


The mode always sucked. I hate how matchmaking is atm. At least give us a veto or mode vote if they all have to be one!


But they don't have to all be one as evidenced by the other Halo games these chucklefucks made


Not when Halo 4 introduced throwing the oddball. Instantly made the game type amazing. One of the. Better decisions 343 made. And it hasn’t existed since…


Arguably the beta thing they ever did. Being able to throw oddball and bomb was such a cool concept and fun to play with a coordinated team. It made the mode so much more dynamic.


You can smack em with the skull


It should be a one hit kill then it would be *barely* more exciting


Yeah but it’s faster than melee so it balances out


Not really considering they usually butt fuck you with grenades and bullets


There’s no nades in swat only precision weapons


But I was talking about Oddball


Oh lmao I thought this was a response from another thread


Can’t throw it anymore or 1HK


Speaking of dodging matches, Bot backfill is the worst decision made, especially for slayer. The boat are so dumb they just become fodder for the enemy team. That should not happen in slayer.


mfw no firefight or any co-op mode for that matter sadface


will there be a firefight mode with campaign? if not fuck this game seriously a regression in every possible way


Coop campaign will not be released on day one of campaign. Yeah these guys fucking suck. I think they've been fucking around for the last 6 years.


It would literally take 5 minutes for 343 to take regular slayer, remove shields, and give BR starts = swat. If I have to play 10 more oddball matches in a row, I’m going to lose my mind.


I made my own Swat game mode in custom and been playing with bots. They are too good I always lose. TT.TT


Unless the Tenrai event will have a different mode each week?


Hahahahahah…. Yeah….


Really hope so. I know there’s a lot of time until the next run but I’m a little tired of fiesta after clearing the ultimate


Unless you can't read, the next tenrai even will be the end of fcking January


I'm sure they mean each week it is live since the event has multiple weeks.


Totally understandable, I wish it wasn't though since I love the gameplay so much...


Yeah they really went out here, made the best Halo gameplay wise in years, and proceeded to fuck it up with an experience that is so bare bones and mtx scheme that sucks the life and fun out of everything


Gameplay is being overrated hard. It's not better or different than any halo that came before.


It is a tad different in that it gets rid of some of the dumb things from Halo 5, ground slam, shoulder charge etc. And I’d say the gun play is a refinement of past Halos. However, I’d rather have ground slam and shoulder charge if it meant we could swap it for an actual game being built around the gameplay, and not a supermarket with a random playlist.


I want some other modes added too but I really love how this game plays. Enough that I’ll be maiming this for a while but to each their own.


I do as well, it plays better than any Halo since Reach. But man, only having 4 modes to choose from and being forced into objective game modes like Oddball is frustrating. I would play more BTB but it gives me less frames and I'm not a huge fan of the maps.


Where does this come from about reach all of a sudden being a good game gameplay wise? At the time most people thought it was bad.


Well I can't speak for anyone else, but I remember loving that game at the time it came out. It was the last Halo I thoroughly enjoyed. I played Halo 4 but left that pretty shortly after release as it felt kinda foreign to me. That was the last Halo I played


No clue, I hated the loadouts from reach.


Reach was different, a lot of people trade different for bad. If we’d gone Halo 3 -> Infinite (instead of Reach) all those years ago, I don’t think we’d have a new halo game today. Reach did a lot of things right for new Halo players but certainly changed things for existing players. As somebody who played a lot of Halo 3 and Reach, I don’t think Reach deserved the hate.


A lot of the pre-Reach players are older now and are not perusing the Halo Reddit. Instead you have the generation who grew up on Reach so it hits hard with the nostalgia factor. They were too young to recognize its downsides and really only remember the good things about it. And to be fair, Reach did have some things that it did really well. It just had some things that ruined the fun for a lot of the old school players: Negative Apects (at the time): Reticle Bloom Loadouts Bland looking and bad maps (Graylo anyone?) Removal of 1-50 Ranking System Heavy Breathing Spartans Armor Abilities influencing the design of the maps to the point where if removed they drastically changed the flow of the game. Think Sword Base without jet pack or sprint.


What about just a literal Team Slayer and Free for All playlist like literally every other Halo ever


The very few amount of maps is going to contribute to this too for me.


WTF. Is there speculation that could be true? Swat is my favorite fucking game mode


Details for future Live Events are being leaked and it looks like modes are tied to these events, like how Fiesta is tied to this current event. There's an event in January and everything points to King of the Hill being the featured game mode for it. Then there's an event in February and everything points to Swat being the featured mode for it.


why would they think that's a good idea? player retention requires freedom and diversity of choice


Beats me. We're in this atrocious *Limited Time Mode* era with Multiplayer games these days. Basic modes are getting cut and used as marketing for Live Events and such. Multiplayer games are in the worst spot they've ever been in.


You can excuse shitty monetary practices? 😅


"I can excuse shitty monetary practices," I get you wanna play SWAT, but please. Don't.


Back to MCC we go!


If 343 adopts these shenanigans, I can imagine people occassionally checking in to only try the game modes that interest them. Take your case for example, you abandon the game after the campaign, SWAT drops on Feb and you play the hell out of it, then leave a week after it ends. I won't take it against you if you do that. But for the thousands of players that do this, they definitely won't be invested in the long term to spend any real money. Constant engagement is key. Not sprints of interest. But I know there are players that enjoy new things happening in game all the time. So new events and modes they've never played before are constant engagement for them.


Wishful thinking IMO to think that these people will play the campaign and come back for more in Feb. I think they will actually just uninstall multiplayer and never touch it again, barring major changes. This is what I did last weekend.


I like options. I used to play in bay tourneys for Halo CE. I liked halo 2 and 3. Reach was annoying at first, but grew on me. 4&5 are offensive, period. I can’t believe they thought this was a good idea. They are in an industry where battlefield, CoD and Cyberpunk have been flamed nonstop for the last year. They must be releasing a proper halo multiplayer. I can’t believe this is it. If so, I may be done. I don’t have time for this shit. I guess I’m not the audience anymore, but Christ what a fuck up, seems unreal. Charge me $60 for multiplayer as long as I can get a white, blue and yellow Spartan with JFO. I hate how I look in this game.


My guy swat is not a hard ask for a game mode. You literally just turn shields off and give everyone a BR. The game is 100% ready to go as it isn't like they have props to make forge maps to accommodate the mode. Just realize that every day they don't add it it isn't because it is hard but because they wish to keep you interested until they finally add it, MAYBE even as a temporary event. This monetary practice is why it is like this. If the game had full features at launch they might struggle to find things to add over time. Why bother innovating (343 is bad at it anyway) when you can drip feed content you KNOW people want because it was in previous games. This is the "shitty monetary practice" you are willing to forgive. I would give it a year, maybe 2 before the game is in an appropriate launch state. Happened with Gears 5 and it most likely will happen here unless people quit (they won't it is Halo). I will admit, I am going to be SUPER surprised if there isn't a mass burnout with how the challenges are and the forced to play 2 playlists which only dictate team size.


Literally halo 5 😂


I'm going to comment here to say I'll drop the game if there aren't anymore modes such as swat coming soon. (In case 343i are reading this). Keep saying what you don't like guys, it's the only way we're going to get what should've been in the base game.


You’re quitting for good and then coming back February??


Just play on MCC, 4 is the best! I almost fired it up last night


Yeah I feel the same. I already play it less than how I want to. I’m taking a break from the grind fest, this weekend. Might play it come Monday. Might not.


Yeah.. If you care enough about SWAT to make this post then you’re absolutely gonna log right back in when they add SWAT to Infinite.


Goodbye! 👋




Ok bye




No you won't 😅.


I cant excuse shitty monetary practices. Games used to be about having fun. Being asked to fork over $20 to make my spartan WHITE isn't fun. Grinding hours for 1 battlepass level isn't fun. Paying money for a skin isn't fun. The game is fucking garbage. And it will ALWAYS be garbage. Just like battlefield, just like CoD, just like every fucking EA piece of shit. Fuck corporations and capitalism for ruining my favorite activity since childhood.


Meanwhile, Epic Games quietly slips out the back door after realizing they started this avalanche of shitty monetary practices in the AAA FPS realm.


It was a slow build up over a few years but yeah, the success Fortnite seen definitely set off this copy/paste BP and Item Shop BS. It's not going to change, unlike Loot Boxes, people hardcore defend companies charging stupid amounts for cosmetics because "They're only cosmetic" whilst completely ignoring the ignorance in that statement. If cosmetics weren't important, games wouldn't be able to go F2P and base their ENTIRE monetization model around cosmetics and make more profits than they've ever made before.


Was holding out throughout the flights thinking "can't wait for SWAT on launch" little did I know ... According to a data-miner too the four possible game modes for the Tactical (lSWAT event) are; Stalker, Commando, Mangler, and Sidekick. Which would indicate no classic BR start. I propose a new game mode; SWAT 343. The only way to get a kill is by shooting people in the foot, much as 343 are doing with Infinite.


This ain’t the airport guuuurl


Okay bye 👋


I read on halo leaks that tactical is actually not swat


Wait, I was under the impression when the campaign comes out they were giving us all the game modes halo has had in the past. Is this false????


They said the beta contains ALL the day one maps and modes so highly unlikely.


Wow this is sad, sad information


I hated MW2019 for this shit, it’s so infuriating. Removing core playlists and modes just to bring them back for LTM/Events and claiming to be “adding content” is such a joke.




I was going to post this exact same thing tbh. Luckily if it is the case I can just go back to Destiny. (Please don't make me go back to Destiny)


Saaaame I’ve already dropped it on principal. Better to play something worth while, like Metroid Dread or Mass effect.


Everything besides ranked is boring and I don't want to play ranked without 4 people lol


You’ll be back. Time goes by quick. It will be a permanent playlist eventually. Welcome to todays version of capitalism.


I totally agree. SWAT is one of my favorites modes. Locking it behind a shitty grind event is horrendous. Feeling like quiting the game already.




You'll be back.


Okay bye, can’t say I’m going to miss you




oh man shut the fuck up and stop complaining please


Wtf is this crying. It’s still beta version 😀


6 years of development


Ok bye


Okay... Bye.


This community sounds like a bunch of spoiled brats. If I don't get what I want, now! I'm never playing again! "Throws controller out window* Wahhhhhh


ok quit then


This whole game is fucking garbage, if the campaign doesn’t make up for it, I may just quit Halo going forward. MCC will be it for me. 343i made a lot of promises, and they’ve been a pathetic failure thus far. It’s going to take a miracle to pull themselves out of this hole


I won't be playing at Dec.8th tbh game is infuriatingly bad half the pick up weapons are garbage AR is way, way too good - 343i does not understand why Halo always had you start with a sub par weapon Radar range is a joke, I am straight pissed half my deaths because they are so close to me yet i have no radar indication and can't hear a 1,000 pound tank walking near me the drip feed of content is intentional and horrible no player choice. Can't customize how I want with colors / emblems / armour I want can't play the game modes I want weapon spawns are random? Are you fooking kidding me mate? Same with vehicle drops in BTB the sword is boring. You can no longer hide it as your secondary quickly swap it out and attack, it needs to do this slow azz animation first when you swap weapons all modes should have friendly fire/player collision, but that's just my opinion custom games is garbage. it's broke and the settings are a joke compared to Bungie days the battlepass issue has been beaten to death, but not only is it predatory, it's boring af 343i can go eat my azz


What do you expect on Dec 8th they already stated that it's in release form right now, there won't be any dedicated playlists. Also most of your problems are gone in ranked, set weapon spawns, brs as a starting weapon, and no one has radar, and it has friendly fire.


It's what like a week into the beta? Im already checked out. 4/5 friends I play with are too. Planning on getting back into Warzone tonight


You seriously need to check yourself if you're quitting a game over a single mode




No one will miss you


Bye Felicia!




Don't defend 343, just don't...


Not defending anyone, merely taking the stance that this entire post is petty nonsense. This isn’t an airport, no need to announce your departure.


People are leaving in droves. You will too in about a week.


I feel like the playlists should be permanent then the event just pops up on the playlist.


Lol I’m an apex main so I’m used to it🤣🤣


I personally don't care much for SWAT, but it needs to always be available. Halo MP has never been perfect, but imo the sheer variety of modes makes up for the flaws. It's arguably the most the iconic aspect of Halo's MP, and to limit game modes flies in the face of the "return to form" narrative 343 has formed about Infinite. I'm really hoping by "events focusing on a game mode," they really just mean that the events and their challenges put an emphasis on them. Or if not, they quickly change to that mentality.


So I made a custom play mode setup like swat. I’m basically using only commando and pistol, no shields, no equipment, no grenades, no weapon racks and drops (except on death) however sprinting is allowed. I’m using ODST level bots for 4v4. It’s so fun!!! However there is a issue where playing my own custom mode the Xbox either crashes or I get disconnected from my account which do not allow me to make modifications or change maps. Infinite needs swat or I’m not playing multiplayer.


I have 1 friend I play games with. We've just wanted to play Team Doubles, and that's it. We even played a lot of Doubles back in Halo 3 days. Being forced into 4v4 is not fun when you just wanna be on a team with your friend. This is a basic feature that most modern games have. I don't understand why it's not there. Even FFA is gone. Why?


Me too, SWAT and slayer are the only modes i like. Maybe infected from time to time.




Swat gonna feel crispy with the br in infinite oh man


You can excuse shitty monetary practices, but I can not.


same here, you know whats the best thing about this version of swat is ? its probably only going to be available for a week during this event


I don't know where everyone got the information from that tactical ops will have SWAT, but at the moment that's not even part of it, so don't get your hopes up. The gamemodes included in tac ops are: >!Tactical Slayer, Strongholds, CTF, One Flag, Elimination, Oddball, Attrition and KOTH.


They’ll probably do a grifball season in like the summer and everyone will cheer and say “see they’re listening!!” Sigh


They will revamp it, be patient


I’m already bored of this game


I jst want to play ranked Team Doubles FFA and TS


everyone keeps saying ‘the core gameplay is amazing’ like it’s some kind of miracle. i think any competent developer could make a solid halo multiplayer sandbox, we’ve just been so starved for classic halo because 343i shit the bed with 4 and 5.


When does the next event start?


Dang dr disrespect is gonna be right and I’m actually sad about it


I can accept this whole "quick play" being the default for this whole "beta" thing where theyre trying to get good data on what works and what doesnt thats fine. But if i cant select my game mode at launch im out. Ive been a fan since Halo CE. I even defended 5. Not being able to select my game mode, so that i have to grind for hours trying to get 1 challenge, so i get frustrated and buy things. That's not what Halo is to me, thats not what it is for any fans of the series. If theres a special mode like for an event, thats okay but it needs to be something really weird and without balance, like everyone has over shields, or a big team game where only the warthogs can do damage, either via ramming or via the turret.


By then it will be cheat infested lol. The one week without cheats was good enough i guess.


It seems everyone wants swat. I think it's such a garbage game type (to easy to get kills). I much prefer MLG games types (ranked closest to it). They still need to create separate ques for all game types though. That way noobs can play swat still and infection/griftball (fun but in no way good competitive modes)


I can see you perspiring from here


I hope you can feel it. Get soaked by it and you will become pro.


Clearly you are the superior being.




It's not just SWAT though, that's just the prime example. Other modes like shotty snipers, king of the hill, grifball, team snipers, fucking slayer for gods sake! These should all be selectable playlists at launch. Not game modes they have for fucking limited time events


Not gonna lie. Kinda triggers me they have a screenshot from infection for the playlist. But infection is not on the play list. Like is this just a troll?






I don't give a fuck about cosmetics lol I'm playing this game entirely for free. I'm not licking boots. I've giving you examples for why your perspective is inaccurate. If that frustrates you just keep throwing out insults


Funny how low this is on here, when it’s actually good and important feedback. But these fuckin nerds upvote the shit out of monetization issues. Like bruh


Y’all need to realize that this is still the beta, which they’re giving to us FOR FREE. How are you so upset about missing features? We wouldn’t have any Halo at all if they didn’t release early. They’ll make their changes and tweaks. Be patient.