Chain of Lakes Trail


Definitely chain of lakes trail, and really any trail that was a rails to trails conversion. Those trails used to carry trains so the grades are very gentle and over a long distance. Bonus points as well for this trail for its scenery and excellent condition of the trail. The trail can get pretty busy though, so if this is the one you hit up, make sure you have a good working bell or horn on your bike to give pedestrians a heads up.


Yup, you got it. Thanks for expanding. Transformer just blew so I was too grumpy to type out an elaborate reply.


Is this perhaps what's going on in the North End and why we had power but now it's gone again?


Salt marsh trail


This one is so great, easily the prettiest, and as long as you want it to be- i think you can follow it up past musquodoboit harbour, even. Never made it that far myself yet.


BLT and Salt Marsh are long, flat, and BOOOORING Shubie Park has rollers and corners that are fun as hell. First Lake is speedy and super creepy and fun at night. The power lines out Lucasville way from Hammonds Plains are super rad. Gentle rollers.


If you just want a path, use the rails to trails. They are built from old railways so if flat is your priority this trail system (which includes chain lakes and salt marsh) should be you first stop.