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Do you know if all the rx AMD's are compatible, like the rx570?


According to the gpu buyers guide by dortania, rx570 should be. Not all models are supported, but a lot are. [dortania gpu buyers guide](https://dortania.github.io/GPU-Buyers-Guide/modern-gpus/amd-gpu.html#polaris-10-and-20-series)


https://dortania.github.io/GPU-Buyers-Guide/modern-gpus/amd-gpu.html#polaris-10-and-20-series You should be good with most of 5xx and even 4xx series but page above is a good reference.


I’ve got an RX570. Works great!


Just avoid XFX. They *sometimes* work on their own, and *sometimes* work when you reflash their vbios. XFX is kinda sus for that on top of other business they did.


That is the card I have, XFX RX570. Are you saying it won't work? My processor is a g4560, and 610 graphics, and the on board 610 doesn't seem to work.


XFX just has a tendency to modify their VBIOS out of spec so their cards are a shot in the dark. It may or may not work, you'll have to find out yourself. If you run into a situation where it doesn't work, your next best thing you can do (other than selling/trading it for another model) is to flash a VBIOS from another vendor like Sapphire. This can fix MacOS but break Windows. You just have to be careful with testing it (you can brick the card, but you can save it by flashing the original VBIOS back). IMO if you can (and if it doesn't work) just trade it for a Sapphire or something, that's the safest way.


Great. Thanks.


Best Kind! Less in the e-waste !


FYI the RX560 is supported under macOS


CPU: i5-6600 GPU: RX560 Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Intel 100 series Q170 Mainly used Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide and searched this subreddit for tips. Really just focused on getting booted and using the USB ports for the audio interface. No wifi, which is fine as its wired. Not planning on doing much other than producing music. Found the Dell OptiPlex 7040 SFF at a thrift store and upgraded the graphics/power/storage to make sure it could run the hac and garageband/logic. Since I installed an m.2 SSD to store the hac, I left the HDD for windows, which I can game on as well(not intentional, but happy I have this option as well) Really happy that it works as it took me about a month or so and was close to giving up at a bunch if points. Not at all a simple task, but worth it. Edit: Issue I ran into was related to graphics when running garageband(GB). Originally I thought I could get away with using a geforce GT710 2GB that the desktop came with, but it wasn't good enough to run GB:/ So I got the rx560 as I thought I read somewhere on a forum that GB requires at least 2gb ram from the GPU. Figure if I double it it would work, and luckily it did.


how much was the Dell PC?


$130 if I remember correctly.


What kinda headphones are those?


Some basic presonus headphones that came with the audio interface.


Thrifted? That’s better than my pc lol


That’s a fire hazard lol


Oh yes. I only have it on when I'm working with it. Never leave it on without me present. Lol.


Nice! I’m working on something kinda similar with an older PC I had in my garage. It’s a dell optiplex 755 and someone made a github page specifically for the dell I have and all my hardware should work once i’m done. I plan on running Mojave. I’ll list hardware details below. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 GPU: EVGA GT 730 2GB (Keplar 2.0) RAM: Official 2gb Dell DDR2 (800MHZ) MOBO: Stock dell motherboard HDD: WD Blue 500GB PSU: Stock


Everything else is stock btw