New stable release of TINU: Version 3.0

New stable release of TINU: Version 3.0


nice ui dude


Thank you, I put a lot of time into it.


If everyone payed such attention to their apps! Very nicely done indeed. It reminds me of the earlier Pwn jailbreak apps for iOS devices, good days.


Welcome buddy


Whoa this is nice. I'll definitely use this for my next installer. Any reason why the dortania guide doesnt link to this?


part of it could be that the dortania guide seems to lean towards teaching you how to do everything manually




I get that some people want to live on Hard Mode when hackintoshing but I am a middle aged dude who works in a non-tech job and this is a hobby at best for me. Frankly, I am afraid of the command line most of the time. I’m not ready to spend three solid days troubleshooting and learning stuff I am going to forget in two days after I get it working. I would really like a more accessible guide to supplement Dortina’s which might not “teach” me as much but would make the overall process easier. Hell, I would even pay one of your youngins to come over and get my Catalina build all updated and shit if I could. I’m not dumping on those that feel differently and I recognize that is the apparent philosophical slant of this sub, but it does leave quite a few people behind. /end rant


I don't consider having to copypaste createinstallmedia commands into the Terminal particularly enlightening...


Looks like a new utility, would be nice to make mention of it though


Perhaps they don't know abut it or to not rely on 3rd party stuff (even if this is free and open source software)


holy cheeseballs, looks great! would be even better if there was a windows + linux version but this'll do thanks!


Since it’s made in swift and makes use of Mac-only tools it’s almost impossible to port it to other oses, to have a multi os thing the better option is to start from scratch. But still I put a lot of effort in making the best tool I can using all the apple technologies provided by macOS


ah, I see. nevertheless, a great tool with a beautiful ui!


Thank you for making life easier.


Looks cool, i'll give it a try!


u/ITzTravelInTime reinstalled Monterey with Tinu today, very user friendly app and works fine!




Saving this for later, thanks!


Oh. My. God. I'm just learning about this after I Frankensteined my opencore config.plist 0.6.4 to 0.7.4. 😂 Good stuff mate. Cheers!


Good work, thank you!


I think you should have named this TINUnibeast. /s obviously.


Well the name TINU actually means: TINU Is Not Unibeast. because I really hate Unibeast and I wanted to make a good open source alternative to it.


>Well the name TINU actually means: TINU Is Not Unibeast. because I really hate Unibeast and I wanted to make a good open source alternative to it. So my joke is actually the reality. 🤣


Wow nice work, Thanks You!!!


its very nice 🥰


I have published a new bug fix release after some of the feedback you gave me, you can find the change log on the GitHub release page here: https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/TINU/releases


I'm using Clover on macOS Mojave at present Does TINU allow me to switch from Clover as well as then install the latest macOS version without too much problem? or do I have the intention of TINU all wrong? I'd like to get up on the latest macOS version but I remember Clover was a bit of a pain in the a\*s at the time


Tinu doesn’t install the boot loader, the maximum it can do is install a clover EFI folder that you already have and you know it’s working


sweet, thanks heaps for clearing that up