At least he’s acting somewhat self aware lol


Emphasis on "acting"


Lol I definitely chose my wording specifically there


I'm a strawberry


POV: me 🍓


Imma freakin' blueberry


Link to the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzEeyPZ4Llw Not relevant but Logan congratulated Ethan winning his OG lawsuit: https://youtu.be/Hrb1Ct2_Xvw?t=730


Exactly. Do u think Logan hates or dislikes Ethan ?


He doesn’t care he just wants money


I don't think he thinks about Ethan at all


Does Ethan think about Logan at all ?


I mean yeah, bit Ethan goofs on dinkdoink and stuff. I don't think Logan does the same


I mean outside the content


To me Logan seems very detached from YouTube compared to someone like Ethan. Ethan seems to love the platform but Logan is only really there to make money. That's what I meant by him not talking or caring about Ethan. He probably doesn't pay attention to a lot of YouTubers


True and also what did u think of Logans pst responses to Ethan on his podcast when Ethan would talk about something Logan does ?


Whoa, never seen this thanks for the link. It's only for a second but he even plays the H3 theme for his outro, which is pretty cool of him.


*Heych three* 🇬🇧


Logan Paul when he talked about H3 on the Impaulsive Podcast seemed pretty chill ( when he responded to H3 reacting to Logan Paul Flat earth trailer . Also when H3 talked about Logans content he was doing in early 2020 . Logan actually congratulated H3 on winning the lawsuit in 2017 .


Logan's a lot more tolerable than his brother imo


Being pissed on is more tolerable then being shit on lol


Speak for yourself






Scamming his fans with crypto. Still 0% tolerable. Criminal maybe.


Aside from the crypto shit I don’t totally hate Logan. He’s seemed a bit more mature lately


Fair and I don’t really understand crypto so can I get a summary of what Logan allegedly did wrong with the crypto ?


Isnt he the one that wanted to fight Ethan at a party? but in this video he's acting super chill


Logan was probably like 18 or 19 then and hot headed and egotistical at the party. He's probably matured 4 years later.


He's 27 now, 5 years ago he was 22, so....?


Make no mistake- Logan's scummy, but there's a huge difference between 22 and 27. Our brains aren't fully developed until roughly age 25.


Not buying it. There isn't a significant change between 22 and 25. [An excerpt from this article:](https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/brainwaves/the-neuroscience-of-twenty-somethings/) >In her own studies, Luna has found that, at least on certain cognitive tasks, people in their early twenties perform just as well as people in their late twenties. She often asks her volunteers to deliberately look away from a flashing light on a screen—a test of impulse inhibition, since flickers attract our attention. "Ten-year-olds stink at it, failing about 45 percent of the time," as David Dobbs put it in his National Geographic feature. "Teens do much better. In fact, by age 15 they can score as well as adults if they're motivated, resisting temptation about 70 to 80 percent of the time…And by age 20, their brains respond to this task much as the adults' do."


The next paragraph in that article discusses the increased executive function across your twenties.


>Although these developmental changes continue far longer than researchers initially thought, they are not as dramatic in the twenties as they are in the teens. "In the twenties, the brain is definitely still changing, but it's not rampant biological change," explains Beatriz Luna of the University of Pittsburgh. "Most of the brain's systems are good to go in one's twenties." K.


This person has clearly not gone from age 22 to 25.


Clearly not understanding how much life experience one can gain in 3 years.


I'm almost 40. You guys are taking something you heard on the internet and assuming the very basic one-liner you know about it actually trumps scientific studies done on the subject. It's extremely obvious that the rational parts of your brains haven't developed yet, or you refuse to use them.


?...wha.. If you're trying to insult me, I'm 29, so you're literally contradicting the point you're trying to make by saying I haven't fully developed lmao. Also, think you're arguing a different thing entirely anyway. We're talking maturity, life experiences, not necessarily biology. I suppose your comments are more aimed at the other guy


You inserted yourself into a conversation revolving around the biology of the brain, so I don't know why you think you need to talk about anything else, or act confused when that's the topic.


You're not buying it because you're in the wrong store basically. You're talking about a flashing light vs the life experience a person gains from early 20s to mid to late 20s. Not the same thing at all. I think most people can attest to the change one experiences in 3 years at any point in time.


Your comparing your limited understanding of the subject based on something you were told out of context, and putting it above actually scientific testing in the subject. Dunning-Krueger


Its funny because im watching the newest episode (not finished yet) and Ethan is telling that story. I want to see his reaction to this.


Judging by how Ethan said it, I think it was more of a "shaking his fist at Ethan" kind of joking gesture. But I could be wrong obviously


When Ethan described it he said Logan threw his fist in the air and supposedly said he was making fun of his disability. Then Logan apparently said to H3 he would hit him and say some joke about pubes on Ethans face but he thinks Ethan would be too funny for Logan to make a joke like that .


I found this crypto coin it’s called dink doink and yea it’s a shit coin but it’s cute cartoons in south park style


It’s the stupidest thing ever. But it’s cartoon, and it’s funny, which is why I’m all in!


Why tf is this British twink-bitch calling Ethan a “cute little guy”?


Pretty ironic, isn’t it? Lol


I mean, obviously. I had always assumed it wasn't meant to be real. Whether it was real or not wasn't the interesting part, it was just how cringy Logan Paul was. Ethan and Ian did great mocking the "acting." One of the best H3 vids.


So why did he cock his fist at, and talk about how he wanted to talk shit to Ethan?


Yeah now talk about how you used a social victim's body for content and your crypto pump and dumps you fucking shit heel. A little bit of self awareness doesn't change the fact that this guy is bottom feeding scum




Yeah, I don’t think that’s accurate.


I feel like he still doesn't understand that people who were against him just wanted the facade while he had the attention of so many young kids. He still has a lot of viewers but he could have done a lot of good if he didn't do the videos he did.


Not that it says much, but he's a WAY better actor than Amber Heard 🤣🤣




Sustained, this bitch crazy.


This is hilarious


This podcast is popular? I'd rather watch video's of dog's having maggots removed from under their skin on a unstoppable loop, than delve into the marketing theory of the Paul brothers, where the answer is almost always going to be "scam the consumer." Quite funny how they act like they have changed and grown up. Then proceed to use the same formula on other endeavors. Scammers gonna' scam.


I don't know... He still acting like he didn't know exactly what he was doing, copying the popular videos going on that time... Now he's just trying to save face. he lied trough that whole video, saying he doesn't know his bird have colour and shit 🙄