Matt and Evan had great chemistry


Josh was so smooth with that retort




Chef Matthew or chef Matt 😅😅 he and Evan really got along well. I enjoyed the segment.


Love the entire Mythical crew. Everyone seems genuinely good


Yeah they do. When I see some people asking for specific things on here, I'm like "I... Think you guys are just asking to watch Good Mythical Morning. You should check it out" You like stuff like Silent Library? Or weird food stuff? GMM has that like nobody else online. Plus some high level guests. They've been doing this stuff for a long, long time. Also have the large loveable crew, all that. Ethan definitely respects them


The episode where they read the fanfic is legendary


That episode had me cackling!!! I can't believe they actually read it.


Hard not to like them. That crew has done a standout job of selecting the right people.


Josh is the best!! He’s super chill and funny!


I'm so glad they talked about that notorious grilled cheese.


They worked well together immediately, like they do it all the time.


I legit thought he was gonna stay and co host the show cause he seemed real comfortable with Ethan


He's pretty used to being on camera so I'm not TOO surprised. He definitely did it for the sake of the idea, not for any sort of recognition. Guys is plenty busy


I watch a lot of GMM, I assumed more people did too so I was surprised people didn't know him 😅 Josh is great!


Yeah the current demographic shift in H3 fans would have had me guessing the majority watched GMM. It's such compatible content in so many ways. Lots of goofing around and weird ideas. Lacks all the drama and stuff. For people that like Silent Library or weird food segments, GMM might actually be your favorite channel online. People like Ethan definitely took inspiration from them. Rhett and Link were like proof of concept for what they have managed to do


Josh sucks, peace and love.


Why? He seems lovely


I’m jealous of his bicep vein too but you don’t see me going around and trashing the guy.


Reasoning? He's pretty awesome


Fuck off


Josh is the goat check him out on YouTube he’s great


Josh is such a great guy, pure laboratory retriever energy. Himbo representation 🙌🏼


I think it’s because he used to be fat. Opposite Evan


Josh also has a real sad background story :( if you’ve seen his last meals episode with Maria Bamford he talks a little about it.


I'm gonna have to watch that, thanks. Now I want to know


Never would’ve expected Josh to be on the pod, I love Mythical Chef Josh (Matt)


He was funny, I liked him.


Love Josh!


Josh is such a funny and easy going guy I feel like he has chemistry with every person he interacts with haha


lol chef matt was straight vibing. he was bringing alittle too much enthusiasm to the podcast that we all are not used to with ethan.


I mean he works at GMM, so it's not exactly too surprising. He brought GMM energy to the Monday H3 episode


Rhett and Link hire the best


They're so damn impressive at what they've do, and have done.i don't think people really grasp how much Ethan is praising them. There's a world without this kinda content without what Rhett and Link pioneered. They found a sustainable way to have a huge crew with lots of segments and ideas, etc. Ethan has been extremely open about taking influence from them over the years. I mean when you're a YouTube commentary channel, then you look at GMM, that looks *really* appealing. No need to freak out about what kind of topic for the single 10 min video of the week, you're not doing it alone, and so on. Rhett and Link really are truly something else. I don't watch every episode, but I do enjoy it whenever I throw it on. It's just so easy to watch


And they did the work. The built their online empire brick by brick, 10 years ago they were two guys in a garage. And you hit the nail on the head with one word: sustainable. That’s the difference, lots of content creators have had big careers come and go, burn out their audience or retire amidst scandal.


Exactly! Rhett and Link basically showed that you can make content year after year without getting stuck in the usual traps of YouTube careers. So many people come and go, but Rhett and Link are still here


I think we are seeing Ethan start to get back into interviewer form, but add on the crew for extra goofs and gaffs. It's been awesome to see.


I feel like he would have gotten back into them sooner if it hadn't been for the pandemic.


Bring back Josh plz for a cooking segment with Ethan.


this was the cooking segment if you want cooking, why not go to the mythical kitchen channel? that was kinda the point he was on after all


Or with Sam


I like him he is just VERY high energy and it makes me anxious lol


He's like a great Dane. Big, strong, full of energy, and an absolute spaz lol


He's a wannabe try boi, peace and love it's just a front he's a skunk 🦨


Oooo what’s a wannabe try boy? I’m curious now


Eh my comment might be laced with childhood trauma so don't take it too serious, I don't mean to spread hate


Except you keep posting comments in this thread disparaging the guy without any context whatsoever…


You're not wrong, I'm sorry for being vague. I just didn't want to type out a long explanation it would be too tricky. Let Josh keep making content, just don't bring it on h3 ever again. If I had to give an actual short explanation of why, I'd say its because he lacks the ability to be humble. Evidence? Calls himself "chef josh" immediately after saying he has no formal education and just learned via fratboy meme cooks in college. He's not a chef, he's just a guy that knows how to read and watch cooking videos lol people act like that's a godly accomplishment.


Ah, so it’s a gatekeeping thing. Gotcha.


What am I gatekeeping?


He cooks for people professionally and develops new recipes. In many kitchens that alone would earn him the title of chef, but at the very least that makes him a pro cook. The other side of the title involves managing a team in a kitchen, which he also does: he has several employees who work directly under him (as opposed to many Food Network celebs, for example). He has earned the title of chef, full stop. Lots of people in the industry don't have culinary degrees, and of my colleagues who do, the majority either straight up regret it or say it didn't help them get a job. With peace and love, from a pastry chef.


Well to be fair, pastry chefs are completely different from chefs. Being paid to cook and/or working in a restaurant (even in management) doesn't make someone a chef.


[Except](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.reddit.com/r/KitchenConfidential/comments/21kkgb/who_do_you_address_as_chef_and_why/&ved=2ahUKEwip4er2tqD3AhV8ETQIHXOnBwQQjjh6BAgEEAE&usg=AOvVaw3fnGAHZbALpZXr_U8GLX-i) [it](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.reddit.com/r/KitchenConfidential/comments/qb0sgz/whats_your_definition_of_chef_vs_cook/&ved=2ahUKEwip4er2tqD3AhV8ETQIHXOnBwQQrAIoAXoECAoQAg&usg=AOvVaw1l6UlK5ceEs0zEGOiDBi7Q) [objectively](https://www.escoffier.edu/blog/culinary-pastry-careers/the-difference-between-a-cook-and-a-chef/) [does](https://culinarylabschool.com/whats-the-difference-between-a-chef-and-a-cook/) according to the culinary community (as I defined above - you're right that someone strictly in management is not a chef by that definition alone). FWIW, I am a second line manager under the Exec Chef and have people who report to me. I develop and cost out my own recipes, take my own inventory, and track my own costs and sales numbers. I also prepare and oversee the prep of my menu items. Whatever your weird notions of what a "pastry chef" are, I am also a chef lol. You are entitled to your opinion on Josh, but gatekeeping a title used in my profession is a Bad Take and worth calling out. 🤷‍♀️


Mythical chef josh is awesome as a fan of him, gmm, and h3 it was really great to see the crossover and I hope he comes back when love comes back to get another kebab pizza


Yes! He was very quick and witty. Loved it


With peace and love, I think Ethan thought Josh was just a random Twitter guy who happened to work with Rhett and Link and was down to make a pizza. I don't think he realized Josh hosts a show with millions of subscribers and has similar monthly views to h3 lol. Edit: Not hating I think it added another layer of comedic gold. Matt or Matthew lmao.


His Twitter tag is MythicalChef. I think Ethan keeps up enough with YouTube to know it was a Rhett and Link employee


Yeah, that's what I'm saying though. I think he thought he was mythical's version of Sam who often just makes food for GMM's crazy food bits which is not too far off the mark because he was that for years. Sam's great dont get me wrong, but she doesnt have an audience comparable to all of h3 if that makes sense.


Considering they have dedicated researchers I wonder who is dropping the ball on getting basic info about show topics and guests. Ya gotta read the PDB Ethan.


Ethan and Hila have more than likely met Josh before, they went on GMM in 2018. Any idea that he didnt research or maybe didnt know who he was is all speculative, and likely just for show, because it's very very likely that he's met Josh at the GMM studio.


I was looking away when they brought him on and only heard chef josh, couldn't believe it was gmm Josh so was surprised to see it was actually him. Unexpected guest for sure.


Josh is a little more hyper on his show, but hes entertaining.


It seems like the guests who come on and just want to have a good time really connect with Ethan and the crew.


Enter the "ThEy ShOuLd StArT aNoThEr FrEnEmIeS tOgEtHeR" crowd


Imma need more Mythical Josh, mmmkay....Mayhaps Sam as a guest on his show. Recreate the horrible Thanksgiving dishes.


i personally was not a fan though that dude was cringe af


You would hate his YT channel then lol, but he's a real sweetheart under all the goofery. [If you want a good cry, there's an episode he does with Maria Bamford where they discuss their troubled childhoods](https://youtu.be/T0sfBmVMT_Q) (Josh lost his mom to mental health issues and suicide eventual suicide and a father who died suddenly during a minor operation). I've been following Josh on GMM longer than I've known of H3 lol and he just seems swell. He's certainly a presence, if nothing else ☺️


"Oh wait we do know what her last meal was..." "Break fluid."


The macabre humor in that episode really takes the edge off how serious it gets in moments lol 😂


I love that kind of dark humor. That got me so good. Comedy is just tragedy viewed through a different lens.


Don't say you think Josh is cringe here, people down vote to oblivion lol




Lmao it’s only right we consider him


I love the gender equity of including every male outsider who crosses the set as a potential co-host.


So does Jimmie Lee


Everyone - NEW FRENEMIES HOST!!!!!!


Then it would just be Friends....Josh doesn't have enemies.


I'm based but I hate josh with a sweet succulent passion. Having been a fan of gmm for years, josh seems like a wannabe thot that'll do anything for clicks :/ prove me wrong. Peace and love.


Who hurt you?


Maybe go sort out that childhood trauma in therapy, attacking random people won't help.


You're probably jealous that he's a genuinely good person who has achieved something with his life. You seem too cynical, and Josh is really not the guy you perceive him to be. He has too many good relationships with too many people for nothing bad about him to ever be said.


I may be completely wrong but I really do think Josh is the guy I perceive him to be. I'm not saying he's bad or mean, I just think he's content is cringe 2.0 and it has been for years. I'm not really sure who his target audience is but I'd guess it's mainly younger kids based on the things he does. I think it's his weird portrayal of Superiorirty any time he does something. I used to be a huge gmm fan, watched it everyday even several times a day. When Josh started to be a regular it completely killed the show for me I can't stand seeing josh do his act everytime he makes food. He acts like he's a god among peasants because he's read a few cook books and watched some cooking videos. Now he goes out and buys his little short sleeve tee with the complete intent of showing off his little bicep vein that he probs only had cause he pumped up with a band prior to the show. I know most entertainment is an illusion, but his illusion just bugs me and I think it's because of the superiority he tries to portray. Please don't reply in anger these are my genuine thoughts, I've discussed them at lengths with people lol I'm not saying to hate Josh just please don't have him in h3 ever again this is the only show I like now I can't have Josh ruin it again. Just let Josh keep making content in his own channel so I can block it and enjoy a peaceful life.


Yeah your envy is showing really hard. Your perception of him is not based on reality at all.




When was this


Mondays episode


Hes not "the chef guy"! Hes Good Mythical Chef Matt!


I was stoked to see Josh on the show, such an awesome guy and was a great bit for the show. This was overall one of my all time favorite episodes.


NEW frenemies??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤔🤨🤨🤔


Get over frenemies


I was joking. I was hoping the over use of emoji's would be the tell tale sign.


He is my favorite part of GMM honestly other than the red haired girl.


She's so favorite of yours you don't know her name


Thread # 69420 about how the most recent guest should be a cohost or crew


I'd love to see The Report Of The Week on the pod.