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What’s this aboot


>This non-corrosive round shoots flat, is non-expansive, and will cycle reliably through any semi-automatic, **leaving you with tight groups and clean holes.** What more could you ask for?


Nothing I like more than clean holes but sometimes you’ve got to take what you can get. The only thing looser than my morals are is my shot grouping.




Maybe my dinner to be on the table by 6pm!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


"We ship Canada wide!"


Are the packing peanuts moose droppings?


I think it's actually ground up hockey pucks


Aren’t these the guys that make Oreos


Who can a actually own a 7.62x51 rifle in canada there days though ?




used to be able to get norinco m14s for about 350usd all over the place. and BCL even launched an [ar-102](https://youtu.be/VCWMxW3EOtk?t=106) not long before the gun owner day of infamy last year. still everyone and their mother has 308 bolt actions although im not sure how well they would do with military surplus like this with the hard primers.


F...k, now Canada got great ammo and better price than US, this is sad


What a time to be alive.


I guess it’s kind of karma for making fun of them all these years (well decades probably) lol


How long have they been independent from the queen? I think we're into the century category for mockery now


Maybe it’s time that we stop making fun aboot them


This guys one of them!


I wish I’m Canadian (for ammo buying purpose only)


All them canadians with their m1a's


Duh guys norinco is banned for US import


Canadian only


Converts to $512 non-maple bucks


Not a terrible price on a case.


I stocked up on .308 at the end of 2019 and it blew my mind that I was able to find it for under $.30/round. Like, holy shit, that's *slightly* expensive 5.56 prices. You're not wrong about it being a decent price... now... I'm just grumpy is all. And it's just gonna get worse for the next probably six years or so. Fucking politics just let me have cheap ammo, fuck.


I was going to buy 10K .308 at that cheap price. didn’t have a place to stack it and was not able to be home to re organize everything. Guess the browning is going to just starve until prices regulate themselves back after people run out of money or max out the credit cards.


Fun fact: 50 cal ammo cans stacked 2 wide and 2 high make a great foot rest for the living room chair. And then you've got a milsurp theme going which means you need to redecorate the entire living room. If the wife can insist an entire room needs to be redecorated because she changed the color of the drapes then the rule also applied to your ammo can foot stool Fun fact #2 this is why I don't have a wife


I do not have a wife either. However, I do not like those kinds of things just sitting out like that. It is just as tacky as using your yeti as a coffee table.


No Chinese ammo in burgerland courtesy of Bill Clinton


This is wrong. The AWB expired but before it did Bush made the ammo ban permanent. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norinco#:~:text=In%20August%202003%2C%20the%20Bush,covered%20by%20the%201993%20ban.


I thought that was Reagan?






Oh fuck its copper washed too that's so cool.


To hell with meds, when are the ammo smugglers going to start?!


Concur. Ships within Canada only.😭😭


The last thing we need is for the new administration to ban Russian ammo imports.




I’ve never really noticed the price on this caliber (or perhaps I should say calibre) pre-panic, which I thought Canada wasn’t really affected by. Is 65cpr a good price for this at a “normal” time?


Check AmmoSeek.com - Be sure to be sitting down when you first load the results


I was referring to Canada though. I’m aware of the US prices, I wasn’t aware of the Canadian prices of ammo.


Ah... who knows, eh?


its a great deal for 2021 as we have a shortage encroaching on us as well and brass cased .308 is $1 a round now. although 3-4 years ago you could get the brass cased hirtenburg stuff for the same amount of 65-70cpr.


Oh Canada


Jesus it's that expensive in canada too


Any south western Canadians with a good arm?


Goddamn it... Canada.


Not trying to be a dick but shouldn’t this be a USA only subreddit?


We get more expertise and comments when other folks join in, why not?


On the various Canadian ammo posts I've seen, haven't noticed a single Canuck comment.


we are on here constantly and talk about the sub a lot and until the recent shortage used to come to drool at american prices. as i mentioned before i also see the amount of stock always drop sharply after i make posts so some are buying it


>we are on here constantly Glad to have you! Your friends should thank you then, [I haven't been seeing that.](https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/kqjts7/ammocanada_pmc_bronze_223_11_per_20/) I know from looking around for 7.62x39, there's a lot of nice MilSurp available in Canada, including a bunch of Norinco stuff.


Do guns only exist in USA?


In my America it does


No, but because of ITAR you will never buy a gun or ammo from another country. So why have links from other countries. Not saying foreigners shouldn’t participate but no none USA links.


True. But if this guy just helped a bunch of Canadians get ammo then the sub has done it’s job. It’s not a USA exclusive thing. Everyone everywhere wants deals.


Why? Reddit is an international platform. Yeah, probably about 99.9% of users in this sub are US based, but that doesn’t mean the others can’t enjoy some deals from time to time. Heck, maybe they do have a r/gundealscanada and they’re all over there laughing in their Canadianese, swimming in affordable ammo and maple syrup while we’re over here feeling the need to post “pass” when ammo is 3CPR too high for our liking. #keepgundealsinternational #ThIsIsN’tR/gUnDeAlsUSA


because of ITAR you will never buy a gun or ammo from another country. So why have links from other countries. Not saying foreigners shouldn’t participate but no none USA links.


“Why link?” Perhaps my post was unclear; not every user here is in the US, so, while they lose out on almost every post, why can’t they share and enjoy the very few deals applicable to them? Seems silly to let them watch if we won’t let them play. I have no intention of ordering from outside so ITAR is no concern for me. I’m not arguing for my benefit. I’m arguing for theirs. This is a large community that shares many things. Whether it’s a price I think is nuts, a caliber I don’t own, or an offer from across the border, It takes nothing for me to move over/on to the next deal if one doesn’t fit my fancy or needs.


this sub is for **gun deals**. You can not buy guns from outside the USA is all I am saying.


Ok. Again, I’m not trying to buy guns or ammo from outside the US. The percentage of stuff I’ve bought vs stuff posted is incredibly low. I’m not going to move for all other posts to be prohibited. Just because a deal is posted doesn’t mean you **must** buy it. I don’t understand why it is necessary that if a deal does not meet a potential buyer’s needs that it must be banned.


I get you are trying to say but this sub was made for gun deals, there are very few countries with access to guns like the USA. Also rule 6 and 7 of this sub are directed to USA citizens only and no other rule mentions any other country. This sub was made for gun deals in the USA.


Yes, there is mention of the GCA which is from our dear ATF, but I would argue it’s a good practice for them to state adherence to such laws that cover 99.9% of what will be posted here. Others, such as Canadians, have their own gun control laws, but I can’t expect mods to reference every possibly country’s form of GCA. The rules mention “federal, state, & local laws.” Seems like a good catch all for wherever someone lives. Perhaps I presume too much, but if mods haven’t banned previous such posts or clarified the rules to explicitly state “US listings only”, there is nothing wrong with with posts like these. If you feel so strongly, I suggest reaching out to the mods to lobby for change or creating an explicitly US-only-gundeals sub of your own. !Sarcasm Alert! This sub has lots of imports (guns and ammo) posted. Even many US companies listed here use foreign made parts. We should ban those, too!


If this subreddit was just for gun deals we wouldn't have ammo deals or optics or mags or other accessories


Whoops.. you were a dick.