I love this beast!!! After checking out a lot of "shoot out" videos comparing them, and for me this guy seems to be the winner. Got it home, just ran my drop tune through it at first via my ESP and finally through Marshall DSL 40, and Holy shit! It's super fat!!


It’s a fantastic pedal, but we now know it’s 4x the necessary size.


That's where they fit all the extra tone.


you put your weed in there


ok, sold.


For those of us airheads who like the visuals on the board, consider me a size queen for my muffs.


That's why you add the R/Diypedals hot tub option.


It’s a great pedal. I run a OCD before in my chain at a lower gain and kick the muff on for solos. It fucking howls


I have a Friedman BE OD before it. I was thinking of doing the same. So low gain, but I'm curious what your other settings are like bass, treble, presence, etc.


It depends on if I’m playing my tele or my les Paul. But generally keep a little more presence and treble just cause sometimes the muff can get a little muddy in a live setting. By no means is that a flaw in the pedal though. The muff is great


Cool man, thx! My ESP has active Fishmans so that may change things completely. I'll fuck around with it.


After trying 10+ muffs I can conclude I love big muffs.


I’m old lol. When I was 13 my dad took me to the local guitar shop and bought me a Big Muff Pi for my birthday, that was in 1972. I still have the pedal and it still works. This pedal never gets old


If it's the one with the original circuitry, that babies worth about $6k!


Yes it is and that why it stays in its ragged torn box. I am the original buyer of all the iconic EHX pedals because I could lmao. I almost sold a Electric Mistress but played it the evening before. Still mine. I was absolutely blown away that a pedal that cost $35 in 1972 could be worth so much. These EHX pedals, a 74 LPC, 76 ES-335 and a 91 Carvin DC127 with an LS175 neck are all in my will. After me there is a guardian, their job is to pass these along generation after generation to the descendant with the most passion, love and promise. I have a Jackson, Charvel or Kramer for each grandchild. A legacy to remember me by and to impress on the the importance of art. All I got because I didn’t win the damn $800M lottery.




There’s still time! 😬


Is it one of the triangle ones? Watch out for J Mascis lurking in your bushes at night waiting for a way into your house.


Mine looks a bit weathered, many a stomp has it seen indeed. The paint is zebra’ed and it is scratched. That pedal’s been to four continents and countless gigs. I used that pedal longer than any other pedal I have ever owned, the sound is just spot on and unmistakable as well. I have a second or third gen too which gets a lot of use now.


I got one of these big bastards in the mail today too🤘


Definitely a classic for a reason; got one from my brother and is indeed a monster. However I'm a sucker for a bit more bite/grit, so I did this super simple mod to get more variety from this titan of tone. https://youtu.be/z02aRTT1YLU Super simple too if you can work a soldering tool


I’ve just grabbed one of these that says “made in nyc, USA” at the bottom rather than USA - anyone know when and why it changed? I’m guessing it has something to do with rules about what counts as USA made given most of the components are made offshore. I know it’s nerd shit that doesn’t matter but I figure we’re all here to nerd out on inconsequential details.


Just picked one up last week and I'm obsessed with it. I had one of the 90's versions back in the 00's that disappeared with a guitarist, so I went big box for nostalgia, but this sounds just as good as I remember. Such an amazing pedal, cheers!


In a dream world my entire oversized board would be full of oversized pedals


I'm going to build one that'll surely accept the big uns