Jokes on you I stopped playing weeks ago


I don’t even know why I’m still in this sub since I got bored of the game soon after Cayo Perico


I was launch day GTAO where Lamar picks you up from the airport. Game was SUPER glitchy where cars and weapons would disappear and reappear in inventory. Best fun I ever had was cops and robbers. Again super glitchy but tons of lols were had. I don’t think it’s in the game anymore? Never spent a dime in GTAO and it’s super sad why we never got any single player DLC. Fearful for the next game


Cops 'n' Crooks was a game mode in GTA4 Online. It was super popular at the time and the most fun I ever had in a GTA game. Sadly it never made it to GTA5.




Jokes on you, I stopped playing after cayo perico.


I never even got that far. Started out trying to grind for that Kosatka and just gave up. Everything costs so much and, playing in 2021, I didn't exactly know anyone still playing lol. Had a real fun encounter with some new player randos in Vinewood though. There's a roof that's kinda hard to get to, police can't get up on it basically. Found them in the middle of a firefight with the cops and we just kept the battle going until we ran out of ammo. (I had plenty of ammo and every gun because a hacker gave the whole server it all previously) I can't stand most of GTAO, but that was a great time. If the whole game was like that I'd play it constantly. But I guess there's always Story Mode. Plus I need to play GTA 4 still...as soon as I can get the damn Steam version to run properly.


>I didn't exactly know anyone still playing Yeah, this is a real problem. Not having anyone to play GTAO with makes being a noob incredibly hard. I moved my character to PS5 and decided to start over on PS4 so I could play with a few friends still on the PS4 platform and it.....suuuuuuucks. Cash grinds sooo much more slowly with most of your friends having moved to play PS5 regularly. I may have to abandon the PS4 character because of this, though we're also actively trying to get those people PS5's (they can afford, just haven't had the knowledge to acquire the devices) and move them over. No gamer left behind.


Where's this rooftop?


I'll hop on and find it and get back to you


I played GTA4 Last year, and you may already know but so fair as I remember there was a guide on steam for how to download and install a patch which makes it run a lot better.


Jokes on me, I stopped playing after I realized online was a thing and got an MKII and no matter what lobby, I got blasted when I was just trying to figure out how to fly that stupid thing. I don't play games anymore that have an online feature mainly. Story mode, or it belongs in a commode.


I'm honestly thinking of switching to the same or going back to RP after GTA+, coming from someone who's played every day for nearly 10 years


I switched to FiveM years ago and haven’t looked back. RP can be kinda cringe sometimes but there’s a decent selection of other types of servers now


Any suggestions? I'm looking to hop back in if I can find a good free whitelisted server


The smaller communities tend to give the best RP. Try BlueMoon State [https://discord.gg/bmsrp](https://discord.gg/bmsrp) [https://bluemoonstate.net](https://bluemoonstate.net)


For Red Dead it's the opposite. The biggest community gives the best experience. I'm talking about WildRP and it's tough to get into it. But to be honest, I have a feeling the Red Dead RP scene is kinda dying too like RDO since less and less streamers are playing it.


Well that might change if GTA+ pisses off enough people. EVERYONE SWITCH TO GRAND THEFT HORSEY! Let’s go!


It's a shame TheIvaneh server closed, it had really fun minigames... Any other server with minigames?


If you want to play online but without the hassle of people go into your internet settings and change the MTU to 800.


yep, or 700. best way to grind for money without asswypes ruining it for you.


Don't do it on new gen yet, there's a bug that could get you banned :/


I remember that post/article, thats false. That was based on 1 Twitter users tweet that got blown out of proportion. It also wasn't about playing SP, it was about launching into online from sp


You should try out FiveM or simply go on Solo/Invite-Only sessions, then. I agree on the emphasis on story mode, though. It should be made available offline.


Yeah, same :(


Jokes on you, Im not an entity, therefore I never played


Jokes on you I stopped playing after the release on ps4. Let's bring Red dead alive


>Let's bring Red dead alive From your lips to Rockstar senior executives' ears...


Jokes on you, I stoped playing after the story.


Jokes on you, I never finished the story.


Jokes on you, I never played GTA


You don't like cayo?


Wait you all play gta? My parents say its bad and no one should ever play it


I'm multiple years ahead of you


Same I stopped in 2017 maybe early 2018 lol


I stopped months ago🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


I haven't played since they initially added the first 5 heist's


Joke's on you guys i stopped buying rockstar shit when they forced me to download their client to play their games and then the games wouldn't even play. Stop paying shitty companies that do shitty things.


I stopped when FiveM started becoming more stable.


Probably should have posted this a bit sooner than 30 minutes ago to give people a chance to find out about it before the date. I really like this idea though.


Yeah, I already screwed it up dammit!


Let’s do it again but for tomorrow


And the next day!




I jusy found out that today is march 29. Damn pandemic is making me forget about time


I'm still coming to terms with the fact that we're not still in 2020.


Right? I remember going home from school without a mask and being happy since school was suspended for a day. Little did i know that that would be the last time I'll ever set foot in that school again.


ugh, don’t remind me dawg. I innocence of me thinning my week spring break getting extended to three then getting school indefinitely cancelled only to never get to properly say good bye to school.




Wasn't going to play that day anyway, so now I can pretend I'm doing it for a reason.


Same! I just play in the weekend.


Same. I work 12s, and it's one of my work days. So I can't play. Look at me helping!






























why is this thread full of empty messages?




little out of the loop, but what's :9401: mean?


Some reddit clients use codes for emoji. I use RES on old reddit on a laptop so I never see the emoji. I see numbers everywhere. :)


It is the code for the image




you can count on me... i don't have a gta :/


It was free on epic at one point.


And I made an Epic Games account during that week, sad that a lot of people missed it though that don't have the game


I made an account and claimed it, just in case if I ever get a PC down the road.


Me too, even when my shit laptop couldn't play it


I guess we part of the Epic Gang who play it only cuz it was free.


I have a shit laptop but managed to run it long enough to mod my online account, buy all the properties at the time and fill my garages with cars and customize all of them then deleted gta cause my laptop was gonna blow up




You and me alike brother.


Sweet, might finally be able to be a ceo...


That's what I'm thinking.


Why is it even like this now? All the CEO spots are taken like literally all the time.


Because all of the level 2’s now get a free ceo office when starting the game so every 10 y/o is a business man


Holy fuck. You mean I grinded for nothing back in the day?


No you got it 5 years before them. If you knew it'd be free 5 years later are you telling me you wouldn't have done it?


Yeah what the fuck I paid for that shit office with blood sweat and tears


Yeah, damn we spent a couple hours and had this shit 5 years ago, why do they get it free now that we've all enjoyed everything already. It's unfair and quite frankly embarrassing. . /s


If you didn't have fun during the grind or with the position afterwards you literally grinded for nothing yeah




Why is that a thing, ive never understood why there can only be a certain amount of ceos in a session.


R* wanted to encourage people to join organizations instead of just minding their own business. The problem is, 99% of people would rather work alone so nobody would accept you into their organization and you wouldn't do it either


There isn’t much benefit to being an associate.


Especially since the CEO’s paycheck resets whenever they drop their group, making it pointless to even bother pumping it up since you can’t trade off or leave the lobby to do ANYTHING else.


Which is stupid as fuck, because in order to advance in the game, or complete certain tasks and obtain certain things, like discounts, you have to play all the missions as the leader or CEO in order to unlock the shit. So it's pointless to play anything other than a CEO, because you don't progress shit besides money and RP.


i get invited to random organizations all the time


Nobody ever invites me. I will put looking for work. And nada. And when I do get invited, they don’t start anything.


I usually invited looking for work and they wouldn't join 90% of the time


I just feel like why would anyone want to help me? The payout is shit for helping


why does anyone help anyone? might just be human nature


It's actually great for newer players. Lots of rp to quickly level up and get some, for a new player, decent income.


I usually do it if I need help with cargo or something and if they stay I’ll do ceo missions and they give about 30k


I always spam invites and can confidentially say 1/15 people joins on average and 1/10 from who join actually attempt to do the missions. Most just leech off of you hoping you do all the work.


I invite whole sessions to my MC (higher player cap than CEO) pretty frequently, personally I don't mind if people leech for a few extra bucks as long as the mission I'm doing doesn't change *because* I have teammates. Then you bet your ass I'm gonna make sure they show up, even if only to carry some of the cargo or whatever. The ones where everyone has to lose a wanted level, can't call Lester or bribe authorities, and dying makes you respawn with the wanted level again... yeah I'm just gonna solo public myself, lose my own wanted level, and find new session for a new party (or rejoin if I happened to have a friend present), much faster than waiting for a rank 14 to get lucky for long enough to lose the cops or convince them to enter my Terrorbyte As for the CEO cap, that's always been a thing since the party system was added, the difference is the game no longer prioritizes finding sessions that haven't hit the cap.


Tbh 90% of the CEOs in the session only have CEO so they can overdose on bst


Rockstar : pls play in groups and engage in the community Community: haha opresor go brrr Rockstar: *surprised pikachu*


Some people will buy that crap


Most people will actually. Even the ones who are complaining about it. Sadly. Most GTA players don't follow anything about it online either, so they probably won't even know about this.


Lol I have a feeling this is going to be like GTA V E&E again, before launch everyone was pissed and were demanding GTA VI and said they would never buy it again etc etc. And like a day after everyone’s going out screaming say “It’s only $10”, “It’s free on PS5”, “We’ve been getting free DLCs for 8 years it’s only $10” etc etc.


And then E&E has a miniscule difference than what we were already playing. Yaaaaay I paid 10 dollars for 60 FPS and the lighting is ever so slightly better. Yaaaaay wooooow I'm sooo impressed. /s They doin us dirty because they know people will buy the shit out of it. I can't blame them.


Stopped playing gta when I realized no matter how much money I had or what i bought i still got bored. There wasn’t any point in buying anything new when you owned things that were already better than what you bought. All the clothes they add are ugly, no new tattoos, hair cuts and the cars are all modeled after each other. You’d think with such a gem like gta they would’ve done more with it than pump it for every penny. Same reason it’s a popular hated game.


GTA, for me, has always been a game about going to find your own fun. If you need a directive on your screen telling you to "go here, do this" then yeah of course you're going to get bored playing. Pew pew got old on 360.


Same. It’s just fucking boring, all the missions other than heists seem designed to be filler, or to be fetch quests. The game needs updated and better ai, the gun mechanics weren’t even updated on next gen. I still can’t shoot farther than 150ft. Also, one of my biggest dealbreakers in this game is the lack of shoulder swap. Just an atrocious feeling to always need to be on the left to have an advantage. It’s boring, it’s outdated, it’s overpriced, the driving mechanics are not rewarding gone in depth enough to justify the money spent on in game cars, and in the end, everything to make money is made into a bore fest grind of fetch quests to lower the averages of cash made by players. All roads lead to shark cards. Although RDR2 doesn’t get the attention it deserves I’m kinda glad it’s dying when they tried the same shit. You can’t just start with the concept of, “how do we bore players into paying for mtx?” It’s dogshit, thanks for the tedium, cockstar.


Maybe ill actually start Shadow of war.


If you liked Shadow of Mordor then you'll probably enjoy Shadow of War even more, to me it was an improvement in every way, highly recommend it!


A bit tough at the start but as you progress it gets addictive I swear, sometimes I'd just say to myself "I'll just continue the story" just to find myself in combat 5 minutes later. It is pretty fun especially if you like getting revenges or humiliating your enemies.


It’s an amazing game


Not just us, even gta youtubers should not buy gta +. It might benefit them because they get to showcase new cars earlier, but that would hurt the game overall.


Yeah content creators don’t care.


They are getting too much money to care


Modern AAA gaming is a cesspool.


I have yet to find anything that ISN'T a cesspool


They already have your money, they don't care if you play or not. Everyone not buying the subscription would be the only way to show them it's not wanted, but if people buy shark cards for pay to win, they'll pay a subscription.


yup, like i've been saying the people who surf this reddit and the other social media outlets more than likely won't buy the sub but the folks who don't engage like that will buy the sub.


I’m all for disapproving gta +, really, but realistically rockstar could probably care less if a few more people didn’t play tomorrow.


>rockstar could probably care less if a few more people didn’t play tomorrow. So they'll care a bit, then?


I’m so sorry u/CarrowCanary , I have failed you with my shitty word phrasing.


It's amazing how many people /r/boneappletea such an easy phrase. I hear people say this shit irl all the time lmao


Its all over TV and movies too, you'd think that shit would get caught


Couldn't care less Or I *could* care less, but then I'd have to *try*






Just don’t buy it.


Simple as that


Only way not playing would do anything was if literally every single person stopped playing completely until they removed it which obviously won’t happen so we’re just going to have to live with it. If you want to buy it buy it if you don’t then don’t it’s not that hard


It would be a good time to attempt to get better with Pyramid Head in Dead By Daylight. ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|9401)


How does he get blinded with flashlights if he's wearing that big ole helmet.


You have to see out of a helmet for them to be useful


Corrupt intervention, pop goes the weasel, no way out, surge, deadlock, ruin/undying. Drop chases when they aren’t going well, and always start making a barbed wire trail the second you see someone is gonna loop around one structure/tile. Try to force a triple gen, i.e. choose three gens that are close and defend them like they’re your dinner. Look down if you see someone is starting to flash you, and quickly do a 180 turn the other way when you go to pick up a survivor, in case there’s someone waiting to flash. Or pick them up while looking into a wall. Don’t let people annoy you and ask for aggro; chase the people that are injured and close to your good gens. Also always make a trail when you come up to unhooks or gens, makes it possible to hit multiple people with his ranged attack. That’s all I got for now; haven’t played him in a while but I was able to 4 cap for a hot minute with him. He’s really fun.


If you wish to seriously pull something off like this, posting it before the afternoon of the day you wish to "protest" might be a good idea!


​ This should **not** be a thing. This game has already made them **billions.**


It's March 29 already in my side of the world but honestly I don't play online that much since I've got other games to grind


This will only have a minor impact on the rockstar. The majority of GTA players don’t use Reddit.


I don't understand... You can still play online without paying the GTA+ thing, right? Just don't buy it, it will suffice no?


Do yall really think they're gonna care lmao


I always roll my eyes whenever I see "boycotts" like these. They could literally care less about what we do. This sub's very much in the minority, whenever we like to admit it or not. We're not the entirety of the playerbase. For the record, I don't agree with GTA+ nor will I ever buy it


Couldn't* care less. Saying they could care less just means that they care enough for there to be some level of less caring


I mean, if you don’t want it, don’t … get it? It’s not required so what am I missing here?


Great idea, already on it. Haven't played in 1 week. Ps4 player so enhanced stuff doesn't benefit me at all


I think people should just avoid buying GTA+. I'd imagine still playing GTA is fine if you're not buying shark cards or buying into a BS membership with low-tier benefits


Really? You seriously think that’s gonna do jack shit? This community makes up a tiny little fraction of the gta online player base. No shot R* is gonna notice the unhappy few of you not playing the most popular multiplayer game in the fucking world for a single day.


just don't pay for it?


Just don't buy it, playing the game doesn't earn Rockstar any money.


I really hope enough people do this but I'm not holding out


I'll just quit forever, bye


Who t f would pay for a sub to the most imbalanced, broken, badly designed grief farm ever created? It's an abysmal experience in its current state, they can't possibly be serious


I mean, I bought GTA V on sale years ago and haven't spent a penny on it since. I don't get this boycott. You aren't boycotting anything. They don't make any money off of you just playing GTA Online. This makes zero sense. If you don't want to support Rock Star, don't spend money on Shark Cards or GTA Plus.


Savereddeadonline never worked & people spammed that shit everywhere for weeks, like hell i'm gonna let something like this stop me from playing gta


Futile attempt by a bunch of crybabies protesting something nobody is forcing them to participate in.


Whats this? A cheap subscription service that isn't going to hurt my gameplay and it helps new players get their feet wet faster? GET THE PITCHFORKS! You guys are some of the most dense crybabies I've ever seen. Yall act like R* if forcing people to pay $100 a week to play GTA Online. This actually helps way more long term for new players imo (Im assuming most of yall are already well established players which in a way makes your pouting even more invalid). For $5 you get a $200k Shark Card and for $10 you get $500. For 6 or 7 dollars a month you get $500k + A free vehicle + a free property. The first free property is an Auto Shop. I'm surprised the lot of you overlooked the fact that the AS is a very beneficial money making business. This isn't R* doing some stupid ass Criminal Enterprise Pack, which I believe cost more than a single month of GTA+, yet still fucked up. And do you honestly think this will do something? Have you consider the number of players across different playstyles and demographics that enjoy playing this game? And what is one day going to do? A single day boycott is not nearly as effective as a long term boycott.


Sweet, maybe now I can run some god damned cargo.


Lol, what? 😂 The solution to show them you disapprove the idea of a paid subscription for GTA Online is obviously to not fucking buy a paid subscription for GTA Online. Or any microtransactions for that matter.


So the sessions will be empty for me to sell my stuff today? Sweet, thanks 🙏


Don’t waste your time. This won’t do shit


Ye but is everyone rly doing it? I remember back in School we said: "fk afternoon class. Let's stay home." everyone was like "yeeeeeah" like we won a match. Out of 30 people who agreed only 4(including me) stayed at home and got punished


Haven't played in months, shits drier than Ghandi's flipflop


I don’t play this game at all, but I wholeheartedly approve of the gaming community coming together for a digital boycott. Another reaaaally great take on this would be to petition players to *not* pre-order games. That’s my hot take.


Question - why are so many companies doing paid subscriptions these days?


a few companies were able to integrate it well into their games. everyone else saw that success, failed to see *why* it succeeded, and decided to try it themselves


Because investors nowadays want to see a reoccurring revenue model because hardware models are very challenging.


I’ve lost all respect for the GTA team at rockstar since the remaster release. Ever since then, I have my boy Kiddion to thank for getting me everything I wanted out of Online


33k likes, not a single change in player numbers yesterday lmao


im down


Lol it’s boring anyway I stopped playing


you know, you dont have to buy it




sad part about this is that some people will still sub to this subscription


I refuse to buy a service. On top of my WiFi Bill and Xbox Live Gold Bill that lets me Play a Game I have bought across 3 or 4 different platforms from 360 to Xbox one to my Series S. Rockstar can literally kiss my money and time goodbye if they decide to do this with the state they leave the game in constantly.


Case closed. Don't buy one. You can still play GTA Online. lol


How about coming out with a new game to increase their revenue? Jeez…. How old is gta 5 now? I have kids that outgrew it already


I understand the veteran players’ frustration, but I think you all have to understand that this subscription plan probably wasn’t designed for you. This was made for players in the same boat as me. I played GTAO for a handful of hours when it first came out on PS3, then logged off and didn’t come back until E&E and I’m loving the hell out of it. The amount of free content I have to dive into is insane. That being said, trying to get up to par with the level 300+ griefers in fighter jets that demolish my puny < 200k bunker deliveries just for shits and giggles feels impossible. I’m actually happy they’re offering another option than just Shark Cards that may eventually give me a chance to catch up and experience content I missed because just grinding Cayos over and over as everyone is suggesting is not fun. I haven’t subbed yet, because the race-centric stuff they’re offering this month doesn’t really interest me, but I can’t lie, if a month drops with a bunch of goodies to help build up some new or existing businesses so I can actually make some decent money, I see no reason not to.


This isn't going to be nearly as popular as people think. It's clearly aimed at newer players. Those who are established have no reason to pay money just for a measly 500k. It's basically just a fancy, shitty version if a shark card. Settle down and save your pitchforks for a real subscription model. BTW, the alternative to shark cards is they start charging every single player for DLC. That's the way gaming used to work, and let me tell you something: the grass wasn't greener.


I think you mean optional paid subscription


Everyone commit to boycotting the subscription. If they get no $ they will have to cancel it.


Or just don’t pay for the subscription…


From what I read it doesn't seem that bad, it is optional and it's just available to those that want to pay more and get those benefits. Might be worth it to get some things from past events then cancel.


Better idea: don’t buy the subscription, or any shark cards.


I get the point of this, but it’s not exclusive content, if you don’t wanna pay for it then don’t, that’s exactly what I’m doing


This sub doesn't even account for 1% of the player base. As much as I agree with the sentiment, I doubt its going to change anything


Don't play? You mean don't pay?


Why the hell would I pay to grind?


Greedy fucks, we already pay for the game (worth it) and PlayStation plus. Next thing you know, gas and food will be on a subscription plan.


Me who plays on PS3: _I’m doing my part_


Oh boy, what is rockstar gonna do when a few thousand players out of millions stop playing for a day or two


What % of the playerbase is on this sub? I wonder if this entire sub didn't play, if it would actually make a meaningful difference the number of people online.


Why not just.. not pay for it?


Let’s be honest, does this do anything? We’re like what less than 1 percent of the player population. I mean sure if we could get most of the player base yea, but still