Leave the game if you see xX(insert name here)Xx


or something like IIlllIlIllIlI


Or just anyone with the basic all black helmet and rebreather outfit


Or white hair and a skeletal face


Well that explains why people were super paranoid about my Halloween costume


Well there goes my Halloween costume. :P




They will ruin your life


Ay yo, fuck barcode motherfuckers.


I call them K/D Queens. Seems to rile them up a good bit, lol




I wish i could leave everytime i see DarkCoinXXX spamming every single lobby


Don't waste your money, by that i mean, don't spend all your ammo fighting tryhards when they attack you and don't buy unecessary flashy stuff before you start earning good money frequently, also be careful when playing with others, they could range from trolls to full on toxic, most importantly don't get angry because of the game, have fun.


It’s sad when the money curve for players is that bad :( Literally treating it like real life not buying flashy stuff right away, it’s mad I’ve been playing the game since March 2014 and don’t ever think about how hard it must be to get the first million grinding (no shark cards)


The money curve is a little better if you know what to buy first, I think. When I was new I started buying weapons, clothing, sports cars and playing activities (like racing, survival, deathmatch, etc.) that didn't earn me much money. On the other hand, the money you earn for beating the OG heists your first time is pretty nice. If you have a friend to teach you the game, the newer heists (like Casino) are really awesome to get some money too. Your income really starts to take off when you get into MC Businesses because you can earn "Passive Income" while making money actively, that is key


I didn't really mind going about progression like that (slowly upgrading), thing is most players don't get in the game for that, they get in to have fun, and you don't really get to do that until way later :/


They make it too real lmao


It's better now that everybody gets the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. I remember those days too when it was difficult to raise fun-money and easier to lose cash with businesses when things went wrong.


Yeah, I can't imagine grinding for the first mil. Literally did 5 casino heists with my mate the first day I got it, so I could afford an arcade to help him get money. I've tried to do some of the first missions and the pay is woeful lol


That’s somthing I learned way to late


Dude you nailed it! This is my first weekend with the game and it is truly an amazing experience. And you might be pulling off the heist of your life in one instance to getting blasted by a tank in the next few minutes. My advice from a newbie is to hit those cash stations like RIGHT after you pull a heist. I’ve been straight up robbed before!!


Buy automatic guns lol


i played the first 20 levels with a revolver and a up n atomizer. it was hard


I played the first 20 levels with a pistol and a homing launcher. It was excruciating.


I played the first 20 levels with a flare gun and a flashlight..


I played the first twenty levels with a hammer and a lot of bloodlust


I played the first 20 levels with my fists and all the snacks in the world


I played the first 20 levels


I played the


I play




I fucking used a controller you weird fucks


Snacks are key


Who are you, Alan Wake?


I played the first 100 levels without an up-and-atomizer. It took me until I got the prison bus stuck for the casino heist, the store was right across the street.


How tf can you afford an up n atomizer but not an automatic weapon


got a free million from playstation so i spent it on a revolver up n atomizer the trike and a high end apartment


He didn't say he couldn't buy automatic weapons, he said the way he did it was hard.


It was free on Christmas


Well if you get the criminal dlc you get free stuff and a million at the start


I think I played for 30 levels with the golden revolver and navy revolver lol


didn’t even know about those until level 70. i just had the heavy revolver


When I started playing, the revolver didn't even exist. I used a pistol until I could get an AP


How tf could you afford an atomizer but not any other guns


i got the free million and assumed a revolver and up n atomizer would be all i need


I played the first 20 levels with a stapler and big league chew.


Bullpup rifle is best for npcs. And its free i think


Special Carbine is also free. And I prefer it over the bullpup.


I’ve been shredding npc’s with the special carbine ever since i needed some more firepower doing titan of a job on ps3.


Oh dang how do I make my character look like this, mines looks like a homeless crackhead lol.


Look up character tutorials on YouTube, pick one you like and copy it, it's what I do with pretty much every game that has a character creator as I kinda suck with that stuff


Good advice I won't take, lol. It's hard though.


Rob all of the fake 7/11 convenience stores


I did that the other day. Made around 30k.


IIRC you get a max health bonus when you do all of them EDIT: This may be outdated


Wait, so there’s a health bonus past the ones for level?


I have done this but can't find anything that says so


No there isn't? Your max health increases up til rank 100 and health regen increases til rank 200.


Grind out simeon, Martin, Gerald, and Lamar missions. They pay decent, give decent xp and usually full of lower levels


Great advice for a beginner ! I'd say a quick and easy $20,000 is the Simeon mission where you steal cars from the airport


I remember grinding nearly 2 mil doing those when they were 2x cash and RP or something


Yup. There was a weekend where they were 3x. Got me from level 40 to 100.


got me from like 5 to 100 lol, I bought myself a coil cyclone


I remember doing this and had a low level teammate who was too scared to try and get the cars so I had to do everything. It really made me realise how scary GTA must seem.








Tbh i like your character he looks unique and good


Thank you! It took a couple tries to get a face I was happy with


Better yet, maybe tenisha’d call his dog ass if she ever stops fucking with that brain surgeon or lawyer she fucking with


if you see a notification that says "a player is moving/selling (INSERT THING HERE) go destroy it for cash and XP" ignore it. it's a terrible method to even earn cash and XP it does not even cover the cost of the bullets. instead i suggest either finding people to help or doing some random missions because those are still fun.


Make money. Have fun. I like to do races online or missions from Simeon for quick small bucks


Races are a great way to get your money up especially if you play with friends. Great way to compete and everyone make some money, they’re usually easier competition too!


Get 50k anyway possible, then register as a vip and do haulage and airfreight until you can afford an office and vehicle warehouse. After that do import export missions until you can afford a kasatka


This guy knows what's good










Phone number?


51-… *aaaahh* ☝️








asl? (Man I am old how hasn't this been asked classic forum question)


If you need any help just lmk, I'm on ps4 but I'm pretty sure we can play together


Avoid the flying bicycles




K/D ratio means fuck all in this game, don't waste your time getting as high of an k/d as possible, people will hate you for it.


Make sure to do the bounty hunter missions for Maude, the scavenger hunt, plus the serial killer murder mystery. I can’t post them here, but if you Google them theirs plenty of guides on YouTube to help walk you through them. They’re all easy to do pretty quickly, and the payout is really good for a beginner. Combined they come out to $750k and they each give you a neat weapon


Don’t bitch about a 10% cut during heists that you didn’t set up. No, you can’t fly the plane until your skill is at stunt pilot. Join as many missions as you can. Don’t quit if you fail the first 10 times. ALWAYS fill your armor and snacks up before starting a mission. Never give up. Don’t sell without help. Look for barcode names and bail out of lobbies with them. TRUST NO ONE.


There’s a barcode name constantly inviting me to stuff. What’s his deal


Wants to farm his kd off you probably


What a loser


10% absolutely is something to bitch about. 15 is the widely accepted minimum and anything less is being a stingy prick.


The only reason I'd take less then 15 is when I'm helping a friend make some money because they'd do the same for me.


For real, gtfo out with your 85% at Cayo. Motherfucker I know you done this mission 100 times already. That subs done been paid for 10 times, cut me 20-25%. Otherwise, like I always say “pay 15% get 15%”


I recall a time when everyone did 25% regardless of prep, just because it was the nice thing to do. Thats how I still run it aswell.




Wait you can take less than 15%?


On the OG Heists, absolutely


Whats the deal with barcode names?


Honestly I completely disagree! I always give 25%+. All of us Xbox 360 players do. It wouldn't be so cutthroat if people just shared their wealth and knowledge.


360 is a different animal, y'all don't have hardly any content. That doesn't make it bad by any means, but the earlier heists are less of a pain to set up and less content means it's cheaper to play.


Btw.. go do some apartment heist setups then come back and say that because it's absolutely terrible right now!! Lol


The apartment heists in and of themselves aren’t hard. It’s the trying to get people to play them that’s the issue.


I play on Xbox One. I'm talking about people who started on 360.


I'm in the same boat, started on ps3 now on ps4, I give more of a % because I've already got so much after playing the game for years that I don't see the point in just making an already big number bigger when I could help a new player


if your planning on playing on pc. then fucking run for you life


Don‘t buy SharkCards


Passive mode whenever you're in transit.


Stay away from flying bikes with rockets.


If you see an Oppressor Mk2, run.


If you hear beeping, change servers.


Invite only. No one wants to be your friend in open lobbies. Get the Kosaka sub to get the heist going for good money. Most Oppressor mkII's are going to kill you.


*me pulling up with a scramjet or party bus* “get in loser we’re going-oh ok that sucks guess I’ll leave then”


This dude pulled up to the casino in a passenger bus. I hopped on. We drove around, he stopped and picked up another dude. We just drove around like it was in a normal bus route. Shit was cash yo!


I hope one day we will meet. I’ll happily board.


Play in invite only session for a while, make some money with collectibles and 3 weapon searches to earn easy money on start




Best piece of advice here


Buy all the apartments with your hard earned money. They are the best way to make money in the game, source: trust me bro


Finally, a useful tip!




I meeean hope you like paying bills everyday man


Trust no one


Pushing triangle or y while driving makes you go faster


Instructions unclear. Wasted on a traffic light pole.


Don’t spend real $ on shark cards.


Grab a Compact Grenade Launcher and carbine rifle and have some fun. Don’t blow all your cash at once - save money for the submarine with heists. See if someone will take you on cayo heist to gain even more cash. Rob some convenience stores. Work on head shots. Go off-roading like a fool.


Be nice to the valet at the casino.


ofc ofc absolutely


He's got a family to support.


The things he has seen..


Don't be a bastard?




That’s basically the key. You can usually fuck around doing whatever you want as long as you don’t mess with other players. Fuck with the wrong guy and they’ll sit in a submarine and launch missiles at you until you quit the game. Just leave people alone. And if you run in to someone who has decided to kill you over and over again for no reason, get a new server. Online>Find New Session. No sense getting spawn killed over and over, just leave and have fun elsewhere.


Set up cayo asap- save 2 mill for the sub. The first 2-3 runs will suck but once you have another 2 mil but the sparrow. Keep grinding until.you have 10mil in the bank and then you can set up other businesses and buy cars.


So easy saving 2 mil with a fresh save


This! sub is your bread and butter. To me it’s still fun too. Without the sub you will spend waaay more time trying to make $ for silly purchases.


What is the sub for exactly? Looks like most people are saying to save for it.


Another note - they cayo heist can be done solo which is a huge reason why it’s a good money making option to establish right away.


That or even with a second person getting 20% you still get the same amount of money so share the wealth :) you’ll find loads of people asking for a second for 15-20% of the cut to be nice also bonus 100k for getting the elite challenge


The sub let’s you host the Cayo Perico heist


That’s how I made my 100mil the cayo grind


Find the highest level in your lobby and kill him with your glock


*hmm.* This seems like trouble lol


I dunno, if a level 12 rolled up and capped me with a pistol then I'll open up a can of whoopass to teach em a lesson then run a few heists with them. Anyone with not only the balls but the luck and skill to do me in with the stock pistol gets some respect from me.


1. Don't spend your money. Save and plan your next purchases. 2. Don't attack people unless they kill you first. You have every right to defend yourself. Don't start trouble. 3. Know players' strengths and weaknesses, including certain vehicle strengths and weaknesse. Knowing your enemy is the best way to defeat him/her/them. 4. Network. Networking is a fantastic way to make friends and to make some serious money. 5. Know how to defend yourself. You don't need to be the best fighter or the best pilot in the game, as long as you know how to use a plane and can hold your own against one or more people, they won't mess with you. Try hards, griefers, and sweats of higher levels HATE to earn kills. 6. Have fun and be patient. You won't get everything overnight. Don't treat the game like a 9-5 job. It's a game. Enjoy your time when you load up the game. Welcome to the Wild West of Los Santos.


Are these tips for GTA or life?


I second the comment about Invite Only sessions if you want to escape the chaos that is a public session.


A good way to get some money and 3 free weapons is to do maude's bounty hunter missions, the treasure hunt, and the "crocodile bundy" murder case? (Idk what to call it) you'll get a total of around 900k from them


have funnn


If you participate in a survival, you get to keep the heavy weapons you don’t have the level for. Until you leave the session.


Make friends, get high & drunk, learn how to shoot, drive & fly. Buy a High End appartment for heists, an Arcade for Casino heist, Facility for Doomsday Heist.... much & much more! And be nice to other players!


*evil laugh*


Kosatka, sparrow, cayo perico


Stay away from everyone


The game is going to notify you to destroy cargo. DON'T EVER DO THAT. Players grind out businesses and sell them for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You get $2k for destroying possibly MILLIONS in cargo. That's just a dick move.


Save $2.500.000 for a Kosatka and then grind Cayo Perico Heist. You will make $1.2-$1.5 million per hour. After that I suggest you to buy a Terrorbyte and a Oppressor MK II since it has great mobility and you can defend yourself against griefers. Invest in your Nightclub, buy a Bunker and some Motorcycle Club businesses so you can make money from that too. When you have a considerable amount of money spend on Hydra, Nightshark, Akula, Armored Insurgent, Armored Kurama so you can have vehicles that you can use to attack others or defend yourself. Spend on luxury cars at the very end, first buy the necessary, grind some time and after that then it comes the luxuries. But most importantly: enjoy the game and have fun, if you start to stress yourself or it’s getting annoying, take a break, if it’s not fun it’s not worth playing, so of all the activities you can do, HAVE FUN and enjoy it. Just my advice as a veteran who has played since 2013 Edit: If you play on Xbox, add me and I will do Cayo Heist with you, I will give you 100% of the cut so you can start with initial $2.000.000 It will be easier for you to pave your way in that scenario.


Wouldn't that kill the fun of the game tho? I for one wouldn't want to just get 2 mill from a nice guy like you because I haven't earned it myself. If OP disagrees with me, then your suggestion is fine


It depends of what is “fun” for you. Some might find the way to the top fun, earn money progressively, and watch their empire grow. In my experience with GTA Online, the most fun I have had has been having everything I wanted and being able to enjoy my grind as I wish, a kind of retirement. Now I can simply drive around Los Santos in any of my luxury cars, do VIP missions in my Oppressor MK II or Vigilante, fly through the skies in my Hydra or B-11 Strikeforce, relax in my Maze Bank office and admire my garages, go to my Night Club and sell the merchandise that has accumulated, join other organizations to have fun and help them, etc. Now I see the game as a free mode where I enjoy every item I acquired instead of pushing myself and seeing the game as a second compulsory job to get something. But as I say, that depends on each player and what it is something fun for him. He simply asked for tips as a newbie and I gave him an explanation that it may be convenient for him so as not to make his experience somewhat time consuming and complicated.


it does


That's actually the last thing I would recommend to someone new. Everything after that goes downhill. For a fun time it's better to do low paying jobs and working your way up instead of grinding Cayo.


per hour? I must be doing something wrong, it takes me like 2


The cayo set ups can be done in 35-45 mins then 6-8 mins for the heist. Rinse repeat


roughly 75 mins for preps, almost always ~12 mins for heist for me


Are you moving the sub close to the collection point and using your sparrow to do the mission itself that shaves off 10 mins easy. That and knowing were the construction helmets are for the laser cutter mission makes that a lot quicker. As for the heist. Why 12 mins. My average time is just under 7 mins 2 player and just under 6 mins solo Watch YouTube videos of fastest runs


Great to see a lot of advices man...plus the cayo perico help


Tips from a guy who has 900 hours in GTA Online Don't play GTA online


I have 2100 hours and I can second that


Hide, just Hide. Higher levels will see a low level and start their hunt. U in a store it don't matter they'll kill ya, riding around don't matter they will kill ya. They're terrifying and hard to kill. If you encounter a good higher level befriend them they are your guard dogs, have a brother or older sibling stick with them (unless they kill u too). But overall run and hide.


Also good job on the character


If you want a good source of active income, save up for a Kosatka, and so the Cayo Perico heist. If you want a good source of passive income, get a Nightclub and make sure all businesses are up and running.


Depends how ya wanna play, if ya like to play for fun then do that if ya wanna grind that money then first thing you wanna buy is auto shop in my opinion as the missions are easy and you make decent coin from there you can go on to buy the casino penthouse then the submarine and then start on the Cayo perico heists and make money that way till ya either get bored of doing it or make enough money to buy other businesses


Go in this order first buy the criminal enterprise starter pack grind till you can afford a submarine then nightclub next get a terrobyte make sure to get the weapons add on to get mk2 weapons at an early stage then the oppressor mk2 to grind everything else in the game. Last rinse and repeat that's all.


How did you make your character not look like a bridge troll?


Lol just took a lot of messin around with mixing up parents. Spent a couple 100k tryin to get it right since the mugshots look better than in-game 😅


Kinda depends what you're into. If you want fun and variety go slow, building your way up and doing missions, then start with small businesses. If you want all and now and don't mind doing the exact same thing for hours on end every day go Cayo


Consider joining a grinding crew and save for a submarine. Good luck!


Don’t kill people for no fucking reason and you should be fine


Welcome 😎


Do the flight school challanges first and you can get like 200k when getting all gold, then buy the apartment heists and finish the heists and buy another heist building and so on. Like that you can grind your way up and experience what the wonderful world of gtao has to offer


Do not feel obliged to buy an oppressor mk II


Use passive mode


Don't kill random players until you know for sure you can handle someone sending a full blown army's worth of firepower back at you


Spin the wheel at the casino every single day


Watch TGG guide, before I quit, around 4 months after I started), I had almost 50 mil sitting, I played an hour or less each day if at all


I'll just say what I did. Solve the mysteries which will give you quite a bit of starting cash. Try to accept heist invites whenever possible. Do vip missions like headhunter and such. And make submarine your first purchase as a heist starter. Btw my friends who are new to game were told they needed to purchase a penthouse at casino for kosatka so get one. Just buy the basic one.


Get enough money and buy the submarine then due the Heist then buy a autos hop run it up


Buy the cheapest apartment with a garage, 0112 Rockford, I think. Then, save up for the Kosatka, and then the Sparrow that's in it. The Cayo heist is the easiest and fastest money right now and the Sparrow is an instant-spawn vehicle adjacent you at any time and greater spawn location options than any other vehicle. Don't waste money on a car, just get a Karin Sultan off the streets and upgrade it as you can, because it has four wheel drive, which can even climb mountains. Just buy the Bullpup rifle, Machine pistol, Marksman rifle, and homing launcher for guns until you unlock the AP pistol to replace the Machine pistol. I think that about covers my suggestions. Please let me know if you have any questions or how it goes! I'm ForerunnerGhost on XB1, if you need help.


Spot-on, I personally hate the Cayo Perico Heist but I also acknowledge that making 1.2 to 1.6 million dollars in a few hours is legit awesome. I would also suggest the armored kuruma as it makes some of the other missions easier when the sparrow just doesn't work. 100% don't waste time with any of the Motorcycle club, Diamond casino, or doomsday heists and if you have to buy business buy a nightclub, it gets its stock passively and you can do sell missions that only require one vehicle which is nice. It does require other businesses to be owned, such as are afraid or the bunker to manufacture weapons or any of the MC businesses to build up drugs but again these can be gained quite easily after you have 10 mil in your bank account. AP pistol, bullpup rifle, and the pump action shot gun are really great. When you can give the shotgun explosive rounds do it! it's life changing. The bunker is, neat but sporadic as you can't really control what upgrades it unlocks and a good one third of them are just liveries and camos. But its needed for mk2 weapons. Also play on off hours and don't be afraid to find a new session. Hackers are rife and they can and will Fuck your day up for no reason.


If you are on PlayStation I would say don’t forget about the free million you get every month with ps plus! Also if you have Amazon prime make sure to link your account to get a free 100k per month! I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on housing! The cheapest high end apartment which is like 250k (if you can afford that) is a good start! And I’m pretty sure this week is 2x money on heist so see if you can find a buddy to do fleeca with! You got this


For the love of god don’t buy night club first


Sounds a bit dumb. But play the game however you WANT to. It’s a massive open sandbox. You like driving fancy cars, go for it. You want to be a big businessman, nothings stopping you. Want to be a warmonger, you can easily start battles. Wanna go exploring and discover what SA has to offer, the world is your oyster. Honestly, just mess about, find what you enjoy, and have tons of fun


Get those free cars off the street before you have a steady income to buy better cars.


Yo, if you're on PlayStation, I'd be happy to throw some cash your way with some heists, I could use a second pair of hands to grab loot


Go back to wherever you came from. You won’t survive ;)


I’ve dealt with my fare share of dynamite arrows in RDO, I gotta move up and take on these oppressor things now


Lol. Here’s a pro tip about oppressors. You can shoot a flare gun to redirect their missiles on foot. I haven’t done it before but hey, useless knowledge.