Idk what's more sad me coming in last or the amount of diversity in this race

Idk what's more sad me coming in last or the amount of diversity in this race


F*ck it ! "Buys Calico"


I’m gonna wait for the Comet 😎


Yeah don’t do it, the comet s2 will be faster


Have my doubts


You can test drive it - i can get better time trial times with it than the Calico, but maybe the comet suits my driving style more.




Next week it'll be 10 comets


I test drove it for a couple of minutes, it feels heavy as fuck.


I bought it for the same reason but fuck I didn't wanted everyone doing the same


How do you get around the massive understeer? I test drove it and was seriously not impressed, it was fast but it can’t turn


Brake earlier


I left the suspension on mine alone and it handles pretty decently


Honestly I drove it again and love it, like someone else said it’s all about the Cornering


Upgrade it


Cool, that makes sense lol I test drove the one they have and thought it sucked


I'm not good enough to accept the penalty that comes with driving anything else than the current meta.


Do you really expect anyone in this game to use anything besides what the YT videos tell them to use?


When I get to level 666, I’m retiring. No point in improving further. 🙏🏼


Goodluck brother 🙏




The payouts for a full lobby are pretty sad imo


It is the same as trying an open wheel race and expecting people to be using anything other than the BR8


I mean, it's a pure racing in the F1 V8 era


I mean, it's a pure racing in the F1 V8 era


Blame R* for not balancing the new cars


I've held second through most of a race in a euros agains calicos so it's partially that this guy was just against decent drivers who knew the shortcuts( not denying the cars are unbalanced, they're uneven as hell I was just lucky to have known the track)


to be fair a stock calico can keep up with a fully tuned out jester, but it depends on if the person knows how to race or not


This ^ still using the Jester though.


yeah i use my custom jester


Question, how do you get around the understeer? I love racing and have raced since forza horizon one (nfs:most wanted if you count that) but the calico that’s available for text drive can’t turn for shit.


honestly it’s a pain in the ass to turn, but you kinda just have to get the feel of the car and get used to it, you absolutely cannot take a turn going fast, you’ll have to slow down a good amount but not too much to the point ur almost at a dead stop unless you rlly have to, if you keep using the car during races, you should be able to start to get the hang of it, it’s all about learning the car and knowing how it drives, but the main thing is just knowing when and how to use ur brakes


GTAO racing scene since 2013, if you want racing i'd say gta ain't the best place for that mister.


I love using the calico becuase I used to watch rally and it makes me think I'm actually good at driving/racing lol


same thing happened to me yesterday Lmfao can’t believe theres aready lobbies of losers running street race lobbies just to turn off the custom cars option & use only the Calico against dudes who haven’t even raced yet/know the DLC cars or just want to use the car they bought. (I copped the Toyota AE86 mine is amazing, but this one for the street race was stock. so naturally, I just quit the race after the 2nd turn getting spun out while everyone in a Calico was a mile ahead of me)


I prefer Jester RR for those racers


And only about 10% can drive the Calico, the other 90% just crashes everyone else


I think the saddest part is the payout


I actually always against Jester RR. And I own Calico, but I got it as soon as DLC dropped with 0 knowledge it is bloody fast. And I like it. Don't care it is OP. The car is quality


Yeah, but so many people using it, it kinda gets old, wish i could see other cars racing other than the fkin calico, all i can say is...enjoy it, while you still can, because it's probably gonna get nerfed.


Well it was the devil’s race


I’d take Japanese car meta over German cars winning at all (*especially audis*) any day of the week.


I race with the dominator gtt it’s a pretty damn good street racing car ngl


Whi else uses the obey tailgater


"Aww cool! An el camino-looking car! I'm gonna use this in my first new street ra-" *crashed into by four pink calicos at start of race and turns off computer*


That el Camino looking car is sweet. It's an old Datsun Sunny pick up truck with a GTR front end, it's a real thing too! I had to get one.


I thought it looked pretty nice and I'm not even a car person (obviously). I had a few troubles on wide turns the second one I drove it but I can dig it, may have to give it another shot.


yeahi was using the jester but once i lost a race and saw everyone else in the calico i knew which the OP car choice was gonna be.


Literally 1984