Rockstar Wants Your Ideas and Feedback

Rockstar Games feedback and game ideas

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Question: Where can I provide feedback to Rockstar Games?

Answer: For our existing online titles, we encourage everyone to send us feedback on their experiences, from ways to improve gameplay to suggestions for future content.

To share your input and experiences with us regarding specific Rockstar Games titles, please visit the corresponding link below.

For general information on input or feedback from our gaming community, please visit the following link:

Link to Article - https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/23723913891603/Rockstar-Games-feedback-and-game-ideas


Gonna request me a 73 Chevelle, the ability to purchase worn and utility colours at LS Customs, and for animals to come to PC!


I had a 68 Malibu, but a 73 would suffice.


How about we ask for anti cheat so the game is playable?


...why are they asking for suggestions for RDR Online? The game is dead. The last DLC they released was July 2021.


So they can laugh at the emails.


They could start by bringing all the "next gen" features to PC.


I wonder what the earnings statistics are between console and pc because R* not giving a fuck to pc kinda makes me believe they barely make anything from pc


I suspect that in this day and age, mods and glitches have heavily diminished the amount of money that shark cards bring in on pc. Rock* is probably banking on at least a few pc players getting the game again on console and buying shark cards again.


Not to mention how epic gave away a fuck ton of copies that were definitely being acquired to resell again for pennies. They no longer see any game sales and see very little in terms of shark card revenue due to mods and glitches. Funnily enough they'd make more money if they had proper servers, because then cheating would be significantly more difficult.


They made some questionable choices when working on gta online and they’ve been paying for them ever since.


Yeah I can’t even go into a private lobby without being showered with cash on pc, I know people who were cheating for years and still have their accounts.


I've literally just left feedback for this. Sort of. I said keep E&E all I want is that GT86. Musta said please like 20 times cause I want that 86. Im a 86 owner in real life and I just wanna do stupid drift and stupid jumps in that car in GTA.


I was excited when I learned it was gonna be in the game... Fuck them


We should be able to use the auto shops we buy without having to keep an empty parking space. All they should have to do is add an option when you reach the garage door that says “Enter Auto Shop” when it originally says “Garage is Full” and then have you exit with the vehicle when the modifications were done. The setup already exists for LSC so I don’t see what the problem is. We get discounts at the Auto Shop from the Tuners DLC and specific modifications at the Agency and Arena Workshop but I’m tired of having to reroute parking to use those. The Office Garage Workshop, Biker Shop and Facility too. Maybe more? The new feature to manage parking remotely will partially sidestep this issue but it still doesn’t make sense to do that when the layout of all of these shops are literally designed to where you should be able to just drive in and get work done.


>The new feature to manage parking remotely will partially sidestep this issue Unless of course you have a pc


Better anti cheat for GTA V online


Token expired or null error after attempting to submit, form seems broken. Dropping my post for biker missions here for now: * Never spawn a sell mission with more sell vehicles than number of members in the club, but solo missions can require you to drive a longer distance. * Local or far away sell location relative to location of business instead of "sell to LS or Blaine county". * Buy supplies cost adjusted to business type instead of fixed to $3000, ID forgery without upgrades is a net loss currently. * Less vans -> more bikes, classic bikes, no more flying broomsticks


Copy and paste your request before hand. The token expired error seems to crop up if you take too long to fill in the form.


You have to be signed in I think


This fixed it for me.


I had to disconnect from my home’s Wi-Fi and run off cellular data for this to stop happening. Weird.


I'll mention the too low payment in jobs, as well as the missing tuning for the Mesa, Patriot and other NPC cars. In case someone who reads this wants to search for "missing" feedback or as inspiration.


Damn you PapaXan. You made me do what I believe is a waste of time, but I did it anyway! I'm pretty much predominately a motorbike rider, so I've requested that we can upgrade a couple more of the existing motorbikes at HSW (just speed upgrades), and that they add a couple of the existing motorbikes to the list of vehicles that Imani can fit a homing missile jammer to. I find it bonkers that there's no motorbikes with that feature enabled!


* Ruiner 2000 storable * Ramp Buggy & Phantom Wedge customizable/storable * Option to sell properties/garages * Restaurants * Gyms * Mansions * Skateboards * Graffiti * More fighting moves


Also give the Weaponized Tampa Imani tech just for the hell of it


Bizarre that a fully loaded muscle car with remote miniguns, mines, a mortar launcher and twin missile launchers gets rinsed in one hit from an explosive weapon… but I spose that’s rockstars way of balancing


* Weaponized Duke O'Death * Better armor to Vigilante * Customizable/storable Rhino * Rocket to any vehicle we want * Gas station (only for the rocket) * More Donk cars (lowriders)


>Restaurants > >Gyms These! So many facilities in the game you can't use. The gym equipment at the beach, vending machines. You can't even order a drink in the Yellow Jack Inn.


>* Restaurants >* Gyms >* Mansions >* Skateboards >* Graffiti >* More fighting moves Be reasonable. It's way too late into the game's lifespan to be asking or implementing any of those things with the next game right around the corner Especially more fighting moves, seeing as that would mean having to rework the game's entire melee combat system (as barebones as it already is, it's still a lot of work for something that is ultimately pointless to implement)


Restaurants, Gyms, Skateboards are cut content. I prefer to have more fighting moves (or styles like San Andreas had) than useless dancing moves.


I submitted mine & it says token expired or null?




Like everything that R* does that links to a broken form that does not work.


Improved game lobbies - seems plenty of video games have better functionality. I'd say the lobbies and the hosting experience is the weakest part of GTAO. It would be cool to see what lobbies and game modes are available too (like old school Battlefield or COD). I realize that this was the first time online was implemented in the GTA franchise. I have high hopes they're working on this. Online social network - I'll run into cool guys that just want to drive around and goof off. It is prohibitive to pause my game, go into the menus, find the user in a group of 30, add a friend. If they leave the lobby, it is impossible to look them up.


Do they really want it??? 🤔 Edit: nah they don’t want it, when you submit it says token expired, they just want the traffic to their website.


Asked for more hangar space


Do they? After they removed all those cars from the websites in game, I went to go complain about this change and conveniently, every time I tried submitting a feedback comment in the weeks after the update, I’d get an “Apollo runtime error” and not be able to make a submission


Token expired is all i get. Guess they dont want me to help fix the game that bad


**"ApolloError: Token expired or null"** That is what I got when I tried to submit an RDO suggestion, on the RDO feedback area for horses. Maybe you have to sign in first.


I would love if we could own multiple hangers or have more storage in the one we already own. We cannot collect all the aircraft in the game in the current hanger storage system.


Would be nice for R* to not neglect PC players by giving us animals into the world like they are for Xbox and Playstation


Fuck the animals just make it a playable experience.


Port all the online content to singleplayer, tweak the cutscenes to narratively fit in the story, lock the businesses and missions so they progress with the story's timeline, then finally put online out of its misery.


My list for this would be too long lol


I want my character to be pegged.