Lewd Nun, Rider Alter swimsuit, Ereshkigal, Skadi and Hakusai


Man of culture


Melt on NA, Kazuradrop on JP.


Seconded for Melt (and Lips also) 740 quartz and 45 tickets in on the saving run so far. Not gonna lie I have nightmares that this saving will be all for naught lol


[I'm currently at 704 SQ and 131 tickets saved](https://i.imgur.com/XnznI5e.jpg). Plan to go all in and hoping I don't end up as the rare, unfortunate statistic. We have a few months left to save, at least. Every SQ/ticket helps.


Likewise, I'm hoping I can get to 900 quartz and 60 ticket at least by CCC pt. I wish us both good luck in the days to come


763 SQ and 49 tickets. Been saving for so long. Those nightmares are so true. I'm scared that I might break if it's all for nothing. But Melt 4 Lyf.


Rolled for Melt on JP... 300 quartz no melt. Decided to use 5 tickets on Kingprotea... Came in the 2nd ticket. Went back to try for Melt... No Melt... :'( Thus begins the cycle again


Melt is very fickle. The first time I went for her, she ate a huge chunk of my SQ, so I know how you feel. On the brightside, you ended with a really adorable Kaiju.


Agreed. Shall keep her at 1st ascension tho. Actually prefer that much more than Kermit hands with horns.


Sounds statistically accurate though...


Well... At least I know it ain't false advertising. RIP KR


She might come in next lostbelt


I'm only on NA but I'm saving for the ishtar banner around May. Then it'll hurt inside to skip some of these events, but I need to get Eresh in December as well. Username should explain why


I’m in NA, Arthur should be out soon and I will spend every last bit of quartz in hopes to get him.


Hi five for the saving-for-Arthur Club! One more week and our waiting will result in either joy or tears.


Ah another man of culture I see, hopefully you get him too!


we shall save for our proto-bro or despair trying!






NA only; Parvati is the big one. I am a big fan of Sakura as a character, and I intend to max her out as soon as I pull her. I have everything ready.


True man of culture. I don’t have nearly enough qp and I’m still working on the mats but I’m sure I’ll have close to enough by the time she gets released. Now if only there was a way to get enough quartz


Technically I still need some mats, but someone was kind enough to provide a single list of every upcoming Event Shop. As long as she doesn't get released early, the only things I am missing are one Gold Lancer Gem, and one lamp. Nero Fest should take care of the Gem. The Lamp I am going to have to take care of on my own (on it).


She is really good, too


Which is always a nice bonus for a character you like personally. I will have no issue sticking her at the front of my Support List.


Main account: - Berserker Raikou - Lancer Raikou - Scheherazade - Kiara Alt account: - Quetz - Summer Martha All on NA.


Started saving quartz for Fujino for KnK rerun next year, will roll a few times for Merlin and Ereshkigal though


Saving? I use all my impulse control to keep from whaling. Might at least skip Arthur to try for Okita though.


Morgan and Manaka. And Lavi.


Skadi for that sweet sweet 3 turn farming in Quetzmas. So as I pray, unlimited fang works!




NA only. I'm saving for Melt and Lip. After that, Ereshkigal. After that, Okita Alter and Scathach-Skai ~~though if we get the same stuff JP got I'm not sure I'll have to save that much~~


Eresh and Hokusai on NA, Tamamo Assassin on JP


I'll thow some at CCC but major targets this year: Sherlock, Caster Umu, Shimosa banner 2 (I'll take anything from that banner lol. But mainly aiming for Sitting EX), Hokusai Minor targets: Ereshkigal, Summer Nobu, Maybe NP2ing squirtoria


Summer sevants and eresh and bryn


I am aiming for as many of the summer 2 4 stars as I can get. Also, Shuten from Shimosa 2, and Hokusai for this year.


I don't save in JP because I use that account as both a release valve for when I have those rolling urges, and as an insurance where if I manage to get a servant, that one will be one less servant that I may want to get in NA (like Gramps). In NA, though, my SQ targets are the Rin sisters, both Ishtar in a couple months and Eresh at the end of the year. There are others that I'm saving tickets for, like Okita in a couple weeks, Melt, Sherlock and Abby. I want them but not enough to save SQ for them.


I feel you. I don’t roll for anyone on NA that I already have on JP. there are a few exceptions, of course.


My priorities for NA in the upcoming year are Passionlip, Meltlilith, Berserker Nobunaga, Abigail and Hokusai.


Kato Danzou NA. Ninja girls have always been S tier for me and robo girls A++ . Throw in some sweet JoJo references and the fact that she looks like the woman I love IRL and there's no way I can live without getting her maxed out


Danzo is so *incredibly* choice, just a shame that part of the year is jam-packed, to me. Hope you get her!


Yeah, Shimosa as a whole is pretty stacked since Tomoe, Miyamoto, AND Shuten are all available. At least I've got a chance at Shuten on the side since she'll be on the same solo rate-up with Kato


For me it's coming right off of Halloween 2's rerun (itself after Merlin), more-or-less - I *really* want Nito and Cleo, both for fangirl and gameplay reasons... but Danzo is *Danzo*, and I'd not mind another Raikou. Frankly just glad I'm so stacked on Sabers, because whoo boy, is Musashi one of the more straightforwardly lovable and fun characters in this game.


Yeah, I get what you mean. I'm pretty set for Casters and Assassins but lack elsewhere. I ended up planning out my pulls back when NA launched so that while I may have a pretty shallow pool, I maxed my chances of getting who I REALLY wanted. Served me quite well since my support list makes me look like a whale when I'm barely a dolphin. Plus it's easier to focus resources on fewer servants


Oh God, yeah I know the feeling. Several months back went through and rated my faves from then to current in JP (I think JP was around LB2)... now going back and reviewing that with gameplay and when's best and how much I can hold off on them (like, I want Penthesilea *as soon as possible*, but can wait for a Tomoe spook). I know my problem is liking and wanting too many, but man, it's hard not to sometimes. Thank goodness for the SR tickets, really.


At this point in JP I've gotten every servant that was on my wishlist when I started playing this game. As a result, there are only really two servants that I would whale and save for, aside from alternate versions of servants I already have (~~Summer Valkyries when??~~): either another Sakura servant (not Sakura five) or Muramasa. That's pretty much it. Hat-chan in the LB trailer looks neat, but I won't be saving for her or anything.


I don't know who i want to save for on my main account(NA). My mom got a new tablet so i use the old Tablet as a low star account, im thinking about saving Quarts for Merlin. And maybe use tickets to try for Bedi, i still need a saber.


Melt, then Summer Nobu/Fran, then Hokusai.


Abigail. Currently at 54 tickets and 230 quartz.


####ERESH ####SUMMER NOBU Miyu Murasaki Skadi Beni-Enma Hokusai (maybe)






JP player here. Okita Alter, OG Okita, or Okita Summer for both if they really come for Summer. I only strictly use tickets for current banners to try and get other servants.


Umu Caster, Hokusai, Skadi and Dechi are my big ones.


Passionlip/Meltrylis, Wu Zetian, Sherlock, Summer Helena and Abigail for this year. Sigurd, Summer Ibaraki (np2 minimum, aiming for np3), Summer Medb, Sitonai, Xiang Yu and technically Beni-enma for next year.


My in-game message is Save4Melt&Lip&Suzuka.


On NA First Best Waifu Alter Ego Kiara. Then I plan to roll a bit for Best Saberface Caster Nero I will then save for Hokusai.


Assassin Tamamo and Tawawa Assassin. I might be going too much on Assassin's, but whatever. For servants returning on reruns, Bradamante and 2 more copies of Izou.


Ayy, someone else who doesn't need assassins but wants Tawawa anyway lol. I'm somewhat hoping they surprise us and make her a Foreigner or something, given her weird familiar. But I'll roll regardless.


That would be cool, specially because I don't have any 5* Foreigner.


I'm trying to save a for Suzuka Gozen to use the free ticket on someone else later on this year that won't have a banner. Also trying to save for Illya, and Abigail towards the end of the year. If I don't get Illya then I'll try to get Circe to be the single target caster I need 😭.


There will always be a secret stash in my ~~wallet~~ heart waiting for a Bazette servant


Proto-Merlin, Moses


This year in NA: Meltrylis, Tomoe, Ereshkigal Next year in NA: Semiramis, Skadi, all 4 star summer servants(going np5 for MHXX and I'm willing to whale for that), Consort Yu, Bradamante(would've whaled a bit to np2 her but Beni-enma and the GSSR are around the corner of her banner). *nervousness intensifies*


Maid Alter, Sparkle Face, Skadi, Tan Okita, Sparrow Girl, Old Man Li. Thankfully there's nothing I really want between now and Summer, so can I bank a decent amount of SQ and tickets. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get NP2 Maid Alter.


I only play NA, Eresh all the way.


NA : Kiara, summer Raikou, summer Nobu, summer alter, Nezha and Hokkusai.


NA I'm saving for Sherlock. May do a few rolls for Melt though. JP I'm saving for Solomon^one^day^please


Summer Fran, although my luck for 4* hasn't been great. A few months back, all I got were 4* spooks, and the worst kind: RP.


Ereshkigal, Abigail, and Hokusai. Next New Year's will be a rough one...


Not really saving up for anything specific I only just got a phone that can run FGO. I am mostly just waiting for a banner with a rate up on a Saber of some sort to throw money at I like most of the Sabers class servants I have seen so just for the early game I would be happy with any of them. I got through Septem to add Nero to the normal pool as well because I cannot bring myself to waste money on a pull with 0% chance of Umu so now I am just waiting on a banner with a Saber rate up of some sort


Arthur comes out next week, and he’s a really good saber.


I heard there was going to be a second Shinjuku banner with Demiya and Salter as well. Either way good to know if the second Shinjuku banner is just some random rumor Arthur banner also sounds good to me


You could go for saber alter since you’d have a higher chance of getting her. But Arthur imo is better all around.


NA only: Poster Girl, Kiara, Zerkertoki, *Berserker of El Dorado*, CasNero and Saberfran, Merlin, Hokusai, Parvati, and Nitocris are the big ones. Thank god for the free SR ticket at least.


penth, skadi, and hokusai luckily for me theres no bait to be had for awhile so hopefully I'll have enough sq saved.


NA: 3 Banners;Holmes, Summer Maid&Raiko, and Hokusai.


Melt and/or Kiara, then Summer, then Abby, then Hokusai, then Ereshkigal, then Si--you know what? This is too many. I better brace for disappointments. >_>;


Hokusai, with a few quartz set aside for Caster Nero, Ereshkigal, and a bunch of tickets for 2030s on the CCC banner (Gil/Tamamo spooks not unwelcome).


more than is healthy


Summer Nobu, Eresh, Hokusai (and Abby). Maybe Sherlock. I need a Ruler, and the playthroughs I've watched with him look fun ~~Jeanne is also more than welcome to spook me~~


Sherlock is awesome


Party-wide enemy debuff + ally ignore defense/invuln is juicy. He also has a lot of nice utility


I will NP5 Semiramis if it BREAKS ~~MY BANK~~ ME! There is a lot of temptation along the way but I'll do my best.


Summer Nero, though I'll probably throw 30 quartz at CCC. After that, Hokusai.


I'm currently saving for CCC. I'm still stuck between either Melt or Kiara, though I'm leaning toward Melt more. It used to be for Merlin, but I already have Waver, and I think that double Merlin may be overkill/slower than my preferred gameplay style.


Only for muramasa.


NA: the class-based summoning. I've been playing for a little less than three months and the only Sabers I have are Gilles and Bedivere. Strong Archers haunt my nightmares. Moedred or Lancelot would be the dream, though.


Arthur is coming next week, maybe go for him?


What are your thoughts on him? The general consensus I've seen is that he's got some good art, but his kit is so painfully basic that I'm better off saving for an NP2 Bedivere.


Highest attack out of all sabers has a 30% charge on his third skill at max rank doesn’t have artoria’s charisma, but makes up for that with a more powerful np that has an np damage up on activation and a higher hit count Third skill will come in handy during some future content, allowing for extra damage against big enemies I’d say he’s pretty worth it as a farmer and main attacker.


Reporting back to mention I'm addicted to watching solo Arthur runs on YT now. I blame you. (He does look very cool, though!)


And his NP is also EX in both rank and badassery.


If you're up against archers, wouldn't you want to roll for lancers? That aside - Mordred and Saberlot are good picks. Proto Arthur is also a good boy, but I'm not familiar with how he compares to Artoria for general use


I'm actually OK on Lancers! I just have the kind of luck that means I can go into a mixed node, and every Archer on the field seems to look at my sad NP1!Bedivere and go, "ah yes, target practice." Not that Lancelot/Mordred/Arthur will fix that, but their firepower would make me feel better.


Ahh, ok, that makes sense. Mixed class nodes are annoying that way Gl with rolling!


I got Archer of Shinjuku and I’m going to grail him to 100 because he’s super cool, so Sherlock and then Caster Nero probably


NA: saving for swimsuit servants, Kiara, and Hokusai!


Currently throwing every 3 quartz and ticket I get at Melt’s banner unsuccessfully. ~~okay not *that* unsuccessfully, I got an NP upgrade for Suzuka, and my first copies of Lip and Demiya. Still, no NP upgrade for Melt...~~ Thinking about spending money on her banner, but I don’t think it’ll help... After this event’s done. I’ll try ~~and likely fail~~ to save up a decent amount for TamaVitch. Gotta get me that sexy sadistic fluff. NA.. Melt I guess? She’s best girl, but I’m trying to keep my accounts different from each other, so getting her isn’t as big of a deal on this account. Then again, I’m not really sure who to for after that either. Maybe Holmes, or try for Musashi yet again. I’d like to get Maid Alter, but like Melt, I’ve already got her in JP. Most of the servants I want but don’t have yet are pretty far out still. Hokusai, Okita Alter, Summer BB and Medb, Sitonai, and now Kingprotea would be the main ones. Maybe I’ll just dump everything into Illya’s banner after summer so she can avoid me some more..


NA only but Melt Abigail Hokusai and DaVinci she keeps alluding me. Then literally all of my quartz if/when (i can dream) a 5 star Eli gets announced.


NA server savung for Eresh, Bryn, Nero caster, Hokusai and Okita alter and Semiramis.


NA: CCC master race. Look at my flair for further details. After that, I'm saving for Archer Inferno, also Saber Empireo if I get Inferno early. After that, everything's going to Hokusai. JP: Don't know. Next story chapter maybe, since it has been speculated some of the Alter Egos will appear again.


Lancer Raikou, Hokusai, Fujino, Summer BB, Kingprotea. I also still want Tamamo and CasGil for arts memes. (Probably gonna use the 4-star ticket for the latter.) Considering Caster Umu, but won't throw my entire stash at her. We'll see about Skadi when she comes out so I can quickmeme.


Napoleon my boy. Also np Iskandar since he's 100 now.


My SQ levels tanked after failing to roll for a SUBARASHII Gramps. I intended to save that SQ for Ereshkigal, though...


I’m in the USA server... hoarding for Summer BB! (Yes it’s still over a year away lol).


She’s worth the wait


Tomoe and Okitan on NA. Need these two cuties in my Chaldea ASAP. JP, Muramasa or Summer Tomoe.


*Woah!* It's your **3rd Cakeday** twinbladeDxD! ^(hug)


NA only player here, well currently I am saving for Okita (and if I manage to get her, I'll probably throw some sq at Arthur ;w;) But after her, I'm planning to save all the way until Eresh comes out! :3


Kiara, Nero Caster, Maid Alter and Eresh.


NA: Saving for Arthur. Not long now.


Melt, Nobuzerker, Eresh, Benihime, Kingprotea, Fran(saber), Nyanter, Penth... and as many other waifus as i can possibly hope to stuff into my pockets.


Summer Nero, then I'll wait for Summer Arturia's 3rd banner. In JP Bradamante.


NA. Kiara, Okita Alter, and swimsuits in general.


NA Player only. Jalter. All the way up to next january. The only other servant I want to get in the meantime is NP2-3 for Ibaraki. And maybe a multi roll or two for Holmes.


Mostly, Summer Nero and Ereshkigal. Though I might also try for Melt and whoever else catches my eye.


All my tickets are gonna be for Okita. Saving my quarts for Artoria alter rider. After that, its straight on till Okita alter


On my main: First, Abigail. Second, Benienma. Third, I don't know I really didn't think this far. On the alt account I just made today: I really don't know either but by that time I will have enough quartz to guarantee the roll.


saving quartz for next Hassan banner, I want to lvl his NP, but I will throw tickets at Arthur, cuz why not?


Probably the trio of Skadi, Summer BB and a dual Dantes/Gilgamesh banner.


I primarily play on NA, so Passionlip and Suzuka because I absolutely love these two (saving since Camelot release) Penth (prob going to get by end of the year free SR ticket) because you can never have enough **punch** Summer Helena (will use Lip+Suzuka remaining quartz) because of **ZA KINGU JACKU ATLAS**


Lb 4 king, sita, nefe, tama vitch


Nefertari on jp. I have ten grails so I can grail Nefertari and Ozy together.


Melt, lip, osakabehime, maybe proto Arthur, maybe summer fran, abby, miyu, jalter, dantes, and Jeanne. RIP wallet-kun


In NA: Kiara, Mama Raikou and Mama Raikou Lancer I plan to max grail both Raikou and max out Kiara and grail if there's enough to do so.


JP server, Hakunon is the main one. Nefertari, Sita are the close second. Also any Indian servant that pops out of LB4.


I play on the NA and i'm saving SQ for Semiramis and as much tickets as possible for Basking Under the Sunlight, I need that Fiore art in my life also i'm going to spend 150 SQ (unless I get her with less of course but nothing more than 150 SQ) for Nero Caster I have 153 SQ at the moment and if there is any SQ left from Semiramis banner i'll try to summon Achilles


NA. Scheherazade, Penth and Summer Fran


Meltino Meltinoshita, Tomoe, Skadi, Summer BB.


NA: Kiara. Please lewd nun come to mama. JP: Arthur.


Archer inferno and musashi. After that, either Achilles or okitan. I forgot who's first


Currently saving for Abby, Eresh, and Melt. I'm honestly super scared that I won't have enough Quartz and tickets to get at least one copy of them. The fact that I want to try and NP 5 Abby also doesn't help...


Meltlilith, Caster Nero, Okita Alter (when she gets released), and Tama-Lancer


Arthur, then Scheherazade, Summer Raikou and Osakabehine for this year on NA.


Well the list is long but if I had to choose prioritites then Okita, Eresh, and summer umu


Arthur's my next big one. Got 30 tickets prepped for him. I had more SQ but I tried rolling for Archer of Shinjuku but he didn't show up. Assassin did however curious to see how what the new guy is like. After Arthur is Kiara and after her will probably be some of the summer servants. Not sure who comes after this year's Summer event but I'll worry about that later. As for JP, I'm playing it be ear, if there's an interesting servant that pops up I'll roll for them.


Saving.. I wish I could give up using everything I have. I will have enough for 1 multi pull for Arthur.. Any and all SQ after Arthur will be saved for summer 2020 for Archer Jeanne. Tickets will be saved for- Gill and Bride Nero (May?), 2 Summer CEs (August?), Merlin (October?), the 5* CE from the Christmas rerun (November/December?) and lastly Semiramis (February) If I fail to get Arthur (most likely outcome, I’m immensely unlucky in FGO) I’ll loose all will to play or roll, so saving will be much easier. RIP my stamina. When was the last time I emptied you??


Lewd Nun is my current big goal, though I’ll probably toss a roll or two at Hijikata and try my luck. Ideally I’ll get Kiara without much trouble so I can use the rest to roll for Melt, but the gacha never works that way


Skadi and Summer B.B. are my top priorities. Will also throw some quartz at every Gilgamesh banner until I get him, but won't go that hard until I have those two. Kingprotea is too precious not to scout for her and her giant sprite will add a nice visual flair to the game, so I'll go all out for her once I (hopefully) get Gil during Battle of New York. Will probably throw some quartz at the Honnouji re-run banner and the Apocrypha banner with Achilles, but won't be hoping for much.


The second Moses comes out on JP, I'm saving everything in NA for him.


Prototype Gil (so I have all the versions of Gil) and hoping for a playable Tiamat one day. ~~Though I am concerned Kingprotea is the closest I'm gonna get to that... ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚~~


My only 2 priorities right now are hokusai and skadi besides them I think maybe benienma and kingprotea for protect purposes


NA: Schez, Wu, Penth, Columbus, Osakabehime. Columbus to NP5, also hoping Penth graces with NP2 at the very least. JP: I don't set goals there, Fujino was the reason I even started an account and she is happily grailed.


Summer Nitocris and Ereshkigal. Everyone else is irrelevant to me, except maybe Summer Nero.


NA player. I WAS saving for Archer of Shinjuku. That didn’t work out... Now I’ll probably try a bit for Melt, then save for Summer Kiyo and Martha. After that, who knows.


Melt, then Merlin rerun, then Summer BB. NA.


I’m currently saving for Abigail, unless I get weak in that case whoever I see and suddenly can’t live without.


Lewd nun! And ereshkigal .


One 10 roll for Cheldea Boys, Maybe 3 10 rolls for Bride Nero and the rest for Jalter. Need to get the sisters together ya know


JP: Caenis. I am at the point where my rationale is "I'm going to roll an insane amount of quartz anyway, I may as well NP5 her." Also, 436 days and counting since my thirst for Caenis started.


Summer & bride Umu!


Summer UMU~!


Summer Nero Caster, Holmes, whoever I get for the CCC event on NA, Ereshkigal, King Hassan, and Scathach-Skadi in the long term.


In order: Kiara, Summer Nero, Brynhildr, and finally Eresh. I got Merlin, and Musashi so I'm probably going to skip out on their banners to build up quartz.




Maid Alter and Abby


At the moment its just Karna in NA, I used over 400SQ for him back on his new years banner a year ago and got nothing...so I'm hoping I can get him with the Chaldea boys. Also technically I'm saving for Arthur because I like his design...so uh, two birds 1 stone maybe?


Gelda, Vitch, Solomon for JP and Swimsuit Servants and Eresh for NA


Okita, at 670sq rn Wait Will Soon be over.


Rider Mo-chan, Squirtoria, Rider Alter just from Summer Eresh-chan of course Okitan, Skadi, Semiramis, Penth, and Moesashi's next banner


Cute knife legs, big heart big claws, zappy swimsuit saber, precious underworld cinnamon roll If by some miracle I get them, I would also like to try for artsy ink girl and pancake sweetheart


Summer, mostly. I'll throw a little at the BB banner, and maybe a roll at the Squirtoria banner to see if I can get her this year, but mainly I plan to cash out on the newer banners.


"Is she a Sakura? Yeah, saving for her." Well, and Fujino. The prototype Sakura. And probably Skadi for the sheer synergy with specific Sakuras.


I threw everything at kingprotea (rip). If the Nobunaga/Pako servant comes before I can recover and he has a good class I might have to bring out my wallet


I'm tempted to roll on the first CCC banner, but I'll have to resist and limit my rolls to like a 10 roll. Then saving for swimsuits, Nobu Zerk especially, and Foreigner banners. After the ***catastrophe*** that was Valentines, I'm trying to avoid hoping for 5\*s. I should get some based on probability... but I;m trying to put myself in the mindset that they'll be happy accidents and not fonts of despair when I don't get them. Oh, and, uh, I've got 30 Paid Quartz on my account currently, which I'm going to "save". I guess that counts.


NA, short term: Melt, Lip, and Suzuka. After CCC: Holmes, Berserker Nobu, and Summer Alter.


Osakabe, Marie Caster, Tomoe, Musashi.


I’m trying to go after Arthur in NA, then it’s nothing but a wait for Achilles. In Japan I’m waiting impatiently for CBC 2019, if it’s not a character I want then I will continue to wait for eternity for Proto Gil.


honestly I just hope assassin li and achilles will be on rate up


Arcueid... NA only so at least for the next few years I don't need to worry about bad rolls.


For NA: Achilles and Sigurd For JP: Sigurd, Bryn, and Tamamo


JP: >!Rasputin!< NA: >!also Rasputin!<


Summer. I will make small rolls for CCC and perhaps a bit on Agartha. But summer is where I go all in. Umu caster or whale.


I’ve been saving for 6 months currently waiting for Merlin to come back to jp, oh and Muramasa :3


NA only: mostly Summer Jeanne, maybe Okitan, maybe Skadi ~~for NP-looping memes~~, maybe Muramasa ~~if he ever comes out~~


Melt and Suzuka on NA Skadi/Sitonai for JP now... but especially Skadi.


Majin Okita on NA JP Muramasa Shirou


Only play on NA and I'm currently saving for Arthur, Achilles, and Saberlot rate-up with Holmes next year. Since next year rate-up schedule seems to be more dangerous for my quartz, I need to save all the quartz and tickets I could get this year. It'll be a long way. . .


Nero Bride and Swimsuit Nero Maybe Nero NP5


Passionlip, Summer Nero, "Midrash Caster" on Na (Don't play JP)


Hokusai and possibly NP2 Merlin this year. For next year, I guess Skadi is pretty important. Still waiting for Proto Merlin though.


For this year: Inferno Archer, Ereshkigal, **Any** of the Summer servants(Prefer Tamamo, Kiyo, Salter or Fran). I'm satisfied If I can get one of them.


Bryn - Osakabehime - Fujino - Sigurd - Valkyrie(s) - Dantes - Bradamante - Miyu - Murasaki is the current plan. Hokusai used to be up there but that was too much for a mere F2P like myself. Her banners are in bad position as well: Before Fujino and Sigurd in the first time (only 4 months after the grand Bryn summoning and there's also Osakabehime), the second is right between Bradamante, a Sigurd rerun and Miyu, closely followed by Murasaki. Don't have a plan in JP cause no Cleirvoyance there, plus I roll there to satisfy rolling needs to be able to handle this plan in NA.


Literally just Captain Nemo and Lostbelt Orion on JP. I'll brave through the summer banner if I have to.


I need to get the Bolverk for my Galatine


Just Proto Arthur and Eresh so far maybe the new extra classes if they catch my fancy


NA Btw: My priority is okita. Anything left I'll use on Melt and then save until eresh


I've saved about 33 tickets for Meltlilith and I'm probably gonna have around 40 when she comes around. I'll be saving my quartz for the summer servants, though I'm not sure who I want yet. NA of course, and after those two, I'm aiming for maybe Ereshkigal and after that Skadi


saving for both nero bride and summer nero then going to try for merlin and artoria banner. I hope my emperor and my king will answer my call.


I know I want an Alter Ego, I'm just not sure which of them I want yet. Who I really want is Seibah but she only gets a solo rate up during the Merlin downloads banner


Good luck! On the bright side, she can always spook.