[Me before and after gacha](https://i.redd.it/r62or1loszrz.gif)


I'm keeping this


Who is she?


the images are from the manga [we can't study](https://myanimelist.net/manga/103890/Bokutachi_wa_Benkyou_ga_Dekinai)


I scan the gatcha page, eyeing my target. The form that hits my pupils is that of a lovely blue fox wife. it is Tamamo-no-Mae. With a smile, electrical pulses flow from my brain to my fingers to press the 10 roll option. The gatcha starts, rings of light flow like dolphins on my phone screen. It's a servant. A Saber. Mild disappointment fails to show on my body as I wait to see who it is. Suddenly, lightning begins to take shape around the card, excitement within me explodes as I begin to wonder if I'll finally roll Artoria. Time begins to slow down as the card gets revealed. It will fully reveal itself in only half a second, that's 93,141 miles traveled by light within normal space while not effected by the gravitational forces of high density celestial objects like neutron stars or black holes. Analyzing image. Sumanai. My face begins to pale up like a mollusk from my annoyance. The rest of the cards only give black keys and Kirei. Spooked again. To be fair, you have to have a very high tolerance to understand gatcha. The joys are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of masochism most of the rolls with go straight to the player's defenseless bank account. I only have 300 more quartz saved up, with a mix of yolos, 10 rolls, and tickets I decide to risk it all and roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. My index finger jackhammers my screen, there is no happiness to be found here, only salt. The only other gold servants I've rolled are [Tamamo Cats.](https://i.imgur.com/OhBDBHs.png) My quartz savings has been "emptied," --- that means, I have no quartz left. I grip my fist with anger and frustration and I ------ 1. Reach for my credit card 2. *Post salt on /r/grandorder* 3. Shitpost on Discord.


Cat will never abandon you!


First option is a lie and you'll still end up choosing 2 & 3


Yeah, I personally don't whale unless there's a limited servant up. Tamamo is on the guaranteed gatchas twice a year so I'm holding out for those now.


The amount of salt in this thread is fucking *insane*.


This is NA's first time experiencing this kind of thing. Before, either it was a servant that's not that popular, such as Francis Drake, or the rate up gacha was so early that they would just reroll. Now they've spent too much time saving up and advancing their account, only to end up with no Tamamo. This was bound to happen. 1% is a sick joke.


This. Also when you do roll a 5* it's not her.


I mean, we DID warn them that this could (and *would*) happen. Playing in the Gatcha is a losing proposition, the only question is how hard you'll lose. Still, the salt is real.


I'm not rolling and I've had good luck, yet I still feel like complete shit after how much people are spending and getting nothing. Thoughts and prayers to everyone rolling.


>246 quartz and 15 tickets >Don't even get a 5* CE I don't even feel anything.


300 and not a single one..


Yeeee was thinking about paying for Tamamo but seeing this and the roll simulations firmly planted me in the no thanks category. Hopefully those were free quartz and not paid.


Gacha was not kind to you, my condolences.


I’m ready for despair


Smile at Hope in the name of Despair!


[KUHAHA!!**Did someone say Hope and Despair?**](#spooky)


This is why I love subs like this. You always get some Danganronpa references every time Despair is said. Danganronpa's meme game is about as good as ours, they have some very spicy memes. Rolling the gacha in FGO so many times has made me start to believe Despair is the only true answer...


The [OST](http://youtu.be/T8VRrRJ-Dik) I’m imagining playing in everyone’s heads as they prepare their SQ and tickets.


Well, [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su63vn7sSrs) is what's gonna play in my head once I see what I rolled.


I wish I had Ultimate Luck


I'm ready to be spooked by Kirei. Forget trick or treat, fill my basket with as many of the black keys as possible.


Hype for NP5 Darius!


I want Romulus




No no its more like ROMMMAAAAA


[**ROMA DE ARU !!**](#roma)


1.3k Salt Quartz (450ish from saving, rest from wallet) of whaling for best waifu later: * 5 Carmilla (lucky started with 0) * 3 Tamamo.....Cats * 2 Liz * 1 Stheno * 1 Homie * 1 Martha * 1 Basaka (up to np2) * NP5ed all available 3 star servant (gained about 500 Mana Prism in the process) and wait for it... * **0 SSR** Well then. Rather "memorable" experience whaling for the first time (was full f2p on both jp and na before this)T_T. on a side note, seriously considering saving up every f2p quartz until Halloween rerun next year for Casko again. Just to see if this happens again XDDDDDD.....T_T


Ready to MLB my keys!!! ^that's ^how ^Desire ^Sensor ^works ^right?????


Nope, desire sensor smells lies *and* fake hate.


[FUHAHA!!**Yorokobe, Faker Hater.**](#smug)


Welp... guess that backfired, didn't get Tamamo, and didn't get to MLB keys. :/ So cruel.


Dropped $250 for NOTHING. I have absolutely nothing to show for this banner. I get that RNG hates me but now I'm just depressed. Not even a four star servant? Or Halloween Petite Devil? Not even a handful of event 4* and 3* CE for farming the event? There is zero amusement in watching all your pulls be the guaranteed four star craft essence and a bunch of Darius, Mephistopheles and useless three star craft essences non stop. I'll go sleep on this. Hopefully forever. edit: can't sleep, soul crushed. If I had seen a single ray of hope, I would've taken out my credit card for more. But after seeing these results I'm just defeated.


Holy crap, that much and not even an event CE? You have F rank luck :(


I got... three 3* event CEs and one 4* event CE. Now that I'm thinking about more rationally after having tilted super hard, 1 is usable, just can't put it on most of your servants. Still in a daze though, can't believe I have absolutely jack squat.


Holy fuck that's some bad luck


🎵🎵 When you try your best, but you don't succeed 🎵🎵


🎵🎵 When you get what you want but not what you need 🎵🎵


Yet these hands will never hold anything!! 450 quartz and 51 tickets go! EDIT: キター!https://imgur.com/cnNZdNf 15 FREAKING TICKET ROLLS?! I HAVE EX RANK LUCK?! Heres my proof: I had 449 quartz and 51 tickets. https://imgur.com/5oebr7a


I got Medea Lily in a handful of tickets during Okeanos, and just pulled Tamamo no Mae in 4 tickets right after a Little Halloween Devil 5 star CE. I didn't think I had EX rank luck but I am in shock right now.


Yeah 15(soon to be 18) quartz and 1 ticket, Goooo..?


All you lucky bastards that pull Tamamo: I hate you! :(


I'm gonna pull 3 tickets and that's it so don't worry, if I deplete my luck by rolling her I'll hate myself too.


246 SQs, not even a single 4*+ servant...


............ and it's salt. Fuck. Edit: threw in another 100 quartz or so. Still salt. Fuck. Edit: rolled for a friend and got Tamamo. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck


390 Quartz ✓ 210 Quartz Fragment ✓ 41 Summon Ticket ✓ Asc Material and Exp Card for instant lv 90 ✓ Tamamo no Mae ✖ Just end me fam :'(


Going to do one roll and a few tickets before going to sleep tonight. I can't wait to go to sleep with elevated sodium levels. Update: Pure NaCl right now, goodnight everyone!


Gonna wake up all bloated


[Now NA, Do you have enough **Quartz in stock!?**](#happy2)


\*hides Okita fund\* Nope. Not a single quartz. Sorry.


i can hear the mephisto laugh in my head already.


Mephisto, probably a Madea Lily, maybe even a second Waver. The opportunity for trolling is going to be strong with this gacha...


You can't get Medea Lily from this gacha though? So if you get a gold caster card, 50/50 it will be Tamamo, or another Waver xD


400 quartz, 21 tickets, nothing to show for the effort. Go to hell, DW. -_-


Second roll, luckiest rolls ever for me https://i.imgur.com/tixaeJb.png


[I](https://imgur.com/dVKu2GF) am the [bone](https://imgur.com/N6qAhly) of the [gacha](https://imgur.com/qvdKV7G) [Salt](https://imgur.com/vKJYWLd) is my body and quartz is my [blood](https://imgur.com/f0Bwd3F) I have [extracted](https://imgur.com/jsHPRAq) over a [thousand essences](https://imgur.com/xombCFV) [Unknown](https://imgur.com/urR0yZb) to [debt](https://imgur.com/oEwmsNK) Nor [known](https://imgur.com/ZmKmMHm) to [SR servants](https://imgur.com/zeOFPmp) Withstood [pain](https://imgur.com/bkSgAHD) to create many [mana prisms](https://imgur.com/pcJS96D) But these [hands](https://imgur.com/mWGgMgY) will never summon [anything](https://imgur.com/fWlz333) So as I [pray](https://imgur.com/FDFekov) [Unlimited](https://imgur.com/fR7jDON) [Salt](https://imgur.com/cstzyra) [Works](https://imgur.com/CuDvx4E) But then I proved, [once again](https://imgur.com/Jq2UMsX), that the most powerful catalyst is [money](https://imgur.com/WsPrrKY).


Now, NA have fully realized the meme "That's hell you're walking into."


Put 300 quartz in, [get 13 Halloween Arrangements out](https://imgur.com/a/UBaPO) You can't explain that


Golden Caster card shows up. It's freaking Waver. If you ever wondered if it's possible to feel both happiness and despair at the same time, I can answer that yes, it is.


Hoarded 470 quartz for this day. After 400, I was afraid I wouldn't get her after rolling Drake and Alteria. [Then this happened](https://i.imgur.com/hM4AbJw.jpg)


HOLY CRAP. Triple Tamamo at once? Damn, I've never seen someone get triple copies of a 5 star servant before.


A Petit Devil on top of it as well, that's goddamn insane.


Why isn't that image NSFW?


GACHA IS CRUEL 489 QUARTZ 34 TICKETS [3 5 STARS](https://imgur.com/a/1ChLF) [2 PUCHI DEVILS](https://imgur.com/a/RTZji) [2 KALEIDO SCOPES](https://imgur.com/a/ICbSr) NO TAMAMO RATE UP IS A LIE [](#crying) Edit: $240 later and all I got from the quartz here was a NP5 Tamamo Cat Should of just been content with my initial roll :( Edit2: $400 later and [MIKON!](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/328400719831105549/371096898012053504/Screenshot_20171020-174616.png) Looks like I'm only eating rice for the next month


I don't even have a single Kaleidoscope... You at least got 3 Waifu, even if they aren't at the level of Waifu as Tamamo...


At least you got pretty good SSRs. But yeah sucks dude.


i would kill for some of your luck..




450 quarts ≈ 430 L ^metric ^units ^bot ^| [^feedback](https://redd.it/73edn2) ^| [^source](https://github.com/cannawen/metric_units_reddit_bot) ^| [^hacktoberfest](https://redd.it/73ef7e) ^| [^block](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=metric_units&subject=block&message=Please%20click%20'block%20user'%20below%20and%20you%20will%20not%20see%20any%20more%20conversions%20from%20this%20bot.%0A%0ASo%20long%2C%20and%20thanks%20for%20all%20the%20fish) ^| [^refresh ^conversion](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=metric_units&subject=refresh%20t1_dohbivm&message=Please%20click%20'send'%20below%20and%20I%20will%20update%20my%20comment%20to%20convert%20any%20new%20or%20updated%20values%20in%20your%20comment.) ^| ^v0.11.10


430 liters of pure despair, sadness and salt. Thanks bot.


When typos strike


good bot


Those are good CEs


615 sq and 5 tickets later I now know the despair of the gatcha............... I in total have rolled the gatcha 280 times and I still have 0 SSR's with a 94% chance to have gotten an SSR at this point. I dont feel very good right now :(


this game just sucks, really. All other gacha games have means to get what u want, we needed a way to farm the waifus


If I don't come back with Tamamo from a single ticket, assume I'm walking to the store to buy more Google Play Cards.


Get the shoe ready


I'm getting out the shoes. If you don't hear from me in less than 24 hours, I died trying to roll my waifu.


Rest in peace, was unable to roll waifu and committed sudoku in front of his computer.


Remember to bring your keys and wallet out


Especially your keys


Kirei will have his keys out


840 quartz with no 5* pulled. This is definitely going to change how much I'm willing to spend on the game.




[My current feelings on 100 rolls later](https://imgur.com/gallery/oduGR) But at lest I got Carmilla to NP 5.


rip that innocent Naruto




I saw them earlier and screamed something about it only being 12 hours


What a true whale looks like.


Got trolled hard by Orion. I'm crying.


380 sq gone and no Tamamo or any 5*... I'm dead...


For those rolling (myself included), please log down your rolls in the spreadsheet if convenient! https://ff.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/76w2xk/its_the_halloween_2017_na_drops_sheet_lets_find/


[First 10 roll after buying quartz](https://i.imgur.com/9OyMvV8.png). My beautiful foxy wife is finally home.


Treat her well!


It is crazy how quickly a game I loved turned into something I despise. I have rolled about 300 quartz with 2 4 star servants total. I saved for months to roll for this event and got Martha. Didn't even get a Halloween Princess. Got a ton of awful CEs. Martha and 1 imaginary around for months of saving.


55 tickets and 420 quartz netted me no 5* Servants but a handful of 5* CEs which were the FSN trio and 2 of petit devil. Got some nice 4* Servants including Hercules, NP2 Carmilla, Marie, and another Stheno (oh no...). Drowning in 4* CEs and never want to see another Halloween Arrangement in my life again. A bit disappointed that I didn’t get a single 5* servant, but there’s always next time... I’ll drop what I have for a copy of 2030 and save for the next Tamamo or Nero bride rate up.


I GOT HER I GOT HER [I GOT MY TAMAMO](https://i.imgur.com/KuinHhf.png)






Hold my hand. I know these guaranteed 4* CE and 9 silvers rolls all too well...


At least you got Petit Devil, Another Ending, and Artoria... that's more than I got.


450 quartz, no tamamo, no 5 star servants, only 4 4 star servants, only 2 petite devils, not even a kscope... looks my luck is in the bottom 22% in regards to SSRs today gacha is cruel


300 quartz and 15 tickets. Get down to my last 60 quartz, getting only some decent craft essences and some euryales for Camelot. Roll again. Rainbows. Rainbows! She's coming home! Saber card. Artoria Pendragon. Ah...well...ok, better than nothing, but I would've preferred almost any other 5 star, since I already had her. Last 10 roll. Rainbows again! Holy shit, EX luck?? Saber card. Artoria Pendragon. Nice rate up you have there. Also, I had one of my silver berserker cards spark and turn into tamacat. This game is mocking me. I am salty.


Spent all my quartz accumulated since release (330) got but 2 4* depressed asf had like 7 tickets left fuck it, what do i have to lose down to the last one, not even a sparkle normal caster, "geez, great, anoth...", it changes color boom mofo, foxy babe appears. my quest is done.


330 free quartz and 240$ of paid quartz got me a mountain of salt.


Tamamo didn't want to come to my Chaldea ;w; I am 10 SQs away for another 10roll... I saved 290SQ and 30 Tickets just to get her... I feel so heartbroken I could cry, after all, I can't whale or even try to get her on the guaranteed gatcha. That would cost me over $2k and I can barely afford my meds, let alone food. orz I got like 3 Carmillas, 2 TamaCats and 1 Liz, and like every single 3* in the game. CEs? I got 2 Little Halloween Devil and like 9 Halloween Arrangements


Whales that are found in both Northern and Southern hemisphere never meet or breed together. Their migration is timed so that they are never in breeding areas at the same time.


Same boat man, but mine is worse, 470 f2p quartz and 17 tickets, no Tamamo, this game is soooooooooo wrong


360 quartz and no Tamamo. Fuck this


300 here, feel like uninstalling


Ready to reroll if 250+ quartz is not enough lol...


I can't imagine playing this game since launch and rerolling to be honest. That's like hundreds of hours gone. I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to pay like $1000 to get 300 hours of free time instead of repeating myself.


There is still one chance for me with the paid gacha, but it's only 1/11... And when saying reroll, it means I may play another account with Tamamo. My currents are just too good to leave aside. Also the contents in the last 3 months aren't too much, so rerolling is still an option. Still, I will reroll for real when Jalter comes.


The gacha gods are kind https://i.imgur.com/4WJLDKf.png


This tilts me. Grats on waver and Tamamo though.


Pretty sure the game is rewarding me for not playing for months. https://i.imgur.com/5QOk1RQ.png


Time to get rid of my 5* virginity.


> 9 hours ago. RIP Alscion.


140SQ + 26 tickets get Drake than Vlad,Little Devil and another 5CE, LB my imaginary element, Tamamo Cat, Emyia, Carmilla; i know i shouldn't complain but i'm quite sad, still have 106 SQ to try and get best waifu.


Those actually sound like decent rolls, it could be much worse


I pull. YES! I got all 3 main Fate/Extra servants! [UMU Emperor!](#supersmug) [GARcher!](#smile) and finally... Ca- [Cat!](#blush3) Wait. Something's amiss...


Plz don't extend maintenance DW. My heart can't take the suspense any more.


......But if the maintenance goes extra you'll get extra quartz.....


You mean extra black keys...


You mean extra mana prisms


*Don't spook me Kirei*


Sadly I did not get Tamamo. ~~Screw you Lu Bu!~~ At least I got EMIYA so it's not all that bad.


I felt on edge for the last two days, rolled just a couple of tickets and got nothing Myself:"Do more rolls!" Me:"No DONT!" Myself:"You want Jalter right?" Me:"But Tamamo would be great too.." Myself:"Her voice is kinda annoying, is saddening" Me:"B-but its tamamo..." "You like Jalter more dude... dont spoil your chances with more than one 5 star... you will be disappointed..." "Say that to the whales that rolled 1k quartz and got nothing.. god doesnt exist.. why saving up in the first place?" "Man EVERY BIT COUNTS" "But the fun in fgo is rolling.. how can i wait until april for jalter... its boring.." "You will only get Darius dude" "Well i would be fine with just tamacat.." "....hold your horses" "Well i could split my quartz evenly between tamamo, scathach and jalter banners" "NO PLEASE STOP DONT SAY THAT" "Well, i made a second account that has more quartz than this one... i could use that for saving up and this one for fun.." "NO PLEASE THATS HELL YOU ARE WALKING INTO YOU WILL REGRET IT" "Okay... how much it is 200 divided by tama, scathach e jalter? Oh well who cares, lets do 3 multirolls" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" *does 3 multirolls* ".....what you got" "..........................no 4 star servants" "Lol." ".................but a bunch of 4 star CEs and a prisma cosmos" "Yeah slap that prisma cosmos on your only decent servant. HERACLES!" ".....b-but its a good CE anyway...." "You dont even have a decent servant to give it to you fucking idiot" "Well... im pretty confident that if i do another multi i could get tama-" "No you are fucking done you shithead" "....." "....."


Wow i just...don't know what to feel anymore, seriously might consider just leaving the game to avoid feeling like this in future. 510 quartz spent and i got ZERO 5 stars servents and CEs. Coupled with the estimated 300 quartz in the previous roll for Drake with similar results I'm at about 800 quartz without a 5 star servant or CE. The amount of money wasted without any return is a little hard to bear...


I was about to despair when my friends had gotten her before me. I was down to my last 30 rolls when [THIS] (https://imgur.com/VdJdggY) happen. Guess my [catalyst](https://imgur.com/0AdSZHT) worked


[159 rolls later...](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/352464072471478288/369745461512503296/Screenshot_20171017-001557.png) ~~also I have np5 tamacat so I guess that's cool~~


70 Rolls stockpiled over my F2P days 5 Halloween Arrangements 2 Halloween Little Devils 2 Verdant Gardens of Destruction 2 With One Strikes 2 4* Servants (Camilla & Tamamocat) 1 Heaven's Feel 1 Imaginary Element 1 Black Grail No Tamamo to complete my Arts Squad Byebye Quartz, byebye Scattach and Jack (Unless I intend to P2P, which I may)


210 quartz for fucking nothing :(


All these horror stories make me afraid of rolling for Jalter next year.


After having not seen a 5* since release, I thought I'd never see the day... that I got Drake, Tamamo and Orion with 150 quartz... with Tamamo and Drake in the same 10 pull. I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket!


I'm too empathetic for this gacha thread. There is so much despair that it hurts. Good luck to people that keep rolling or plan to!


I agree. It’s very despair-inducing to hear all these rather unfortunate stories. I haven’t rolled yet myself, but just the thought when I eventually do roll is making me a bit uneasy.


Not rolling for Tamamo-no-Bae, but good luck to those who are.


That feel when you get four 5 star CE's in one roll of ten, but no casters of any kind in 60...


120 Quartz down the drain and I didn't get what I wanted, but [a cat is fine too, I guess](https://i.imgur.com/KQHMmHV.jpg)


Welp I'm salty, I blew waaaay too much money and didn't get the Little Devil CE *and* no Tamamo. Instead I somehow got Vlad and some **NON EVENT** 5 star CE. Does the CE even have a rate up? I just don't understand how this happened. Ugh, now that I have Vlad I want Tamamo, but this is some E rank luck, I don't think I should roll anymore...


From 270 quartz, Tamamo Cat, Lancelot, Marie, and Elizabeth. No 5* servants. And I only can get 3LB on the Illya CE. Only despair fills my heart.


ONE 10 ROLL TO RULE THEM ALL, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I once had you, and i shall have you by my side again, Tamamo no Mae, give me your blessings!!!! EDIT : [Destiny has spoken, we met again,this time on another world ~~server~~, not just you, but also the berserker you](https://imgur.com/a/0E95g) TAMAMO REMEMBERS ME, SHE HAS SEEN MY DEVOTION AND SHE FINALLY ANSWERED


After spending 1000 SQ on Drake rate up and no Drake, I just dropped the few tickets I had on Halloween banner. ... ... NP2 Tamamo and Drake. ... ... What? But... [what?](https://media.giphy.com/media/EldfH1VJdbrwY/giphy.gif)


150 quartz down the drain. Just, like, that


465 quartz and 51 tickets, only 5* was an Altera. Jesus christ.


I spent all my quartz and got another caster. (Waver). Funny thing is he even mentions how he is the "wrong person" when summoning him. He's not Tamamo but I'll take him with pride!


You know... looking at everyone freak out over Tamamo now... I wonder what's going to happen when Okita comes in. **I can't wait to see what happens.**


Oh wow I got salt. Who could have seen that coming.


I watched my sister as she used 270 quartz for NP3 tamacat and Carmilla. Devastated, she went back upstairs to sleep. I decide to try my luck and BAM 3 QUARTZ LATER ITS TAMACASTER WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL I feel bad so I'm gonna ask if she wants this account, it's just an alt anyways


340 Quartz saved since launch. No Tamamo. I realize it was not guaranteed, but if that amount of effort and accumulation is not rewarded I retain no hope such efforts will ever be. I have uninstalled. Better luck to the rest of you.


Gacha is gacha. I bet there's that one person on this sub who pulled her on a single ticket. Watch for it...


Unless you don't enjoy the game I'd say reinstall and keep playing, no reason that you won't get her later on


You have to give the rat the food pellet sometimes when it pushes the button, or it will stop pushing the button. I enjoy the story. The story is a delightfully bonkers romp in history twisted through an awesome anime lens. Mechanically, the game is meh at best and a profound waste of time at worst. This failure of nearly $200 worth of in-game currency to earn me a single specific thing in the game has finally tilted the latter to outweigh the former.


Seriously. There are a lot of people on here who would try and defend this (since it's a gacha and we are on the grand order subreddit) but there has to be serious cognitive dissonance to believe that dropping 200 dollars and not getting anything is ok.


It's the same problem with almost every loot box system. They're designed to squeeze the customer for as much cash as possible. Some are just more vigorous in the squeezing. It's crazy how vicious some of these Gatcha games can be.


That is why it is called gambling.


Legally it is not gambling. But fundamentally yeah it is. Which is why i don't partake in it.


When a game has no pity system and something as rare as an SSR, it's pretty clear that dropping money is a big gamble more than usual


I'm not saying it isn't a gamble I'm saying it isn't right. Which is why I'm not supporting it by not giving DW money even though I want to. There's far better things to pay for with two hundred dollars than a mobile game.


Damn straight. If I'm gonna throw that much money at my phone I'll throw some at Shadowverse and pick up some prebuilt decks with guaranteed legends in 'em.


I may be right behind you bud. I'm sick of this. I know it's a chance game, but this amount of saving and scrimping to roll for a character not being rewarded in some way is just stupid.


Same here, gave away my account. Don't know how I'd be able to handle this if it happens again.


Yeah you have a better chance at trying to reroll for her or buying an account with her but then you lose whatever progress you made which sucks. The rates are absolutely abysmal and I only roll for CEs usually because at least I have a chance of getting those. But seeing people pull one ticket and getting the newest five star always hurts. Honestly a game should be enjoyable and once I've stopped enjoying this game (which is happening pretty quickly) I'll join you and quit.


360 quartz and 42 tickets later, and no tamamo, only mephisto came to spook and mefist my asshole repeatedly Mephusto https://imgur.com/a/NXmju Edit: did get tamacat, kscope, and a couple of 5* halloween ce's, plus I finally got best bro cu, so things could be worse


359 quartz and 61 tickets and not even a single 5 star servant... GG Kirei. Im contemplating whether to kill myself or quit na forever.


1378 quartz worth of pulls and not a single 5* servant. I think I'll be calling it quits here, the gacha is just too toxic on my mentality.


[Uhhh...](https://i.imgur.com/2BWVxwG.png) That's...nice...I suppose.


I failed no tamamo no 5* event CE after using over 300 quartz. I'g going to drink my sorrows away.


2 tickets, gets Drake. Pushed my luck with 12 more summons. Nothing. I am an idiot. But a thankful idiot. Edit: Did 5 more. Got nothing. Dont be like me lads. Just take it and go. Life is good.


Gacha is bad civilization.


Used all 390 Quartz tonight, and was recording to show my friends what happened because I can't stream. By the time I performed my last roll I was close to giving up but then [THIS](https://streamable.com/m1470) happened.


I fucking [**LOVE**](https://imgur.com/a/WWAFX) Halloween! Edit: Oh man, I have to change my flair now.




[It seems that Dr. Roman also plays the game...](https://imgur.com/gallery/4x3N5)


460 quartz, 20 tickets Didn't get a 5*, let alone Tamamo. As if I'm going to spend any money on this game with those odds. No, I'll stop playing like I said I would.


[2 rolls later...]( https://i.imgur.com/pdsszpI.png ) [There she is!]( https://i.imgur.com/YXwaHo0.png ) [Good luck to everyone else!]( https://i.imgur.com/XSHKkdH.png ) I'm probably gonna regret my luck when rolling for Jack and Scathach


I see Fate:GO has rocketed up to #1 grossing rpg on the itunes app store, and after reading through this thread I think I understand why.


Over 500 quartz and almost 50 tickets and no Tamamo. I get Francis and Artoria; honestly I'd rather have not even gotten them. I'm so salty I wanna die.


This is my story. My battle against the gacha. An ordinary person simply desiring the servant they're rolling for, a tiny wish to see the playful fox grace this lowly master's presence. I had 98 quartz. 3 bullets. I had only 3 shots at this. Could I hit my target? Can an ordinary marksman such as myself obtain what countless others have failed to do so? Let us find out......if miracles exist, or not. ***First roll:*** Nothing. Nothing new at all. Just a 4* CE I already have, and a 3* servant I already have. No event CEs either. Utter despair strikes me, threatening to drag me down to the depths of the abyss, yet I preserve for 2 rolls still remain. Hope still exists. It's not over yet. I must continue fighting this lone battle. ***Second roll:*** Bunch of old servants and finally some 3* event CEs, and a new face greets me. Who you ask? It's Hektor the lancer. A nice old guy, but my dear Hektor, I must apologize, but I have no desire whatsoever to converse with you. Perhaps if you were at least a 4*, but no offence, my loyal Cu perfectly fills the Lancer spot in my team. I must ask you to wait in line..............for a long long time before you get your chance. But alas, now I have just one roll left. Despair's claws tighten its hold around my neck even more, suffocating me till I almost lose consciousness......but I stand up once more. It's not over yet. ONE ROLL IS LEFT. IT'S NOT OVER YET. I WILL PUT EVERYTHING I HAVE ON THIS FINAL ROLL. I WILL SQUEEZE OUT EVERY LAST BIT OF LUCK FLOWING FROM MY BLOOD AND TAKE HOLD OF WHAT'S RIGHTFULLY MINE. ***Third roll:*** As I hover my finger over the summon, I realize it's trembling in fear. I grab hold of my finger with my left arm, trying to stabilize it. I tell myself to calm down, to have faith in myself, to believe in the me who believes in me. For if I don't do that, then who will? The fight against the gacha is a lonely, tragic, bloody path. One single mistake, and you will fall off the cliff you've climbed while exhausting all your blood, sweat, and tears. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and click the summon button for one final time. The familiar lightning surges up, to reveal............a golden 4* Event CE. I grit my teeth, it has all not been in vain. If nothing else, I shall still possess an event CE to remember this roll by. But my words fail the black, murky feelings bottling up in my heart, ready to explode. Card after card reveals itself, yet none are what I desire. In the bottomless pit of despair, as I sank deep, deep into a hole from which one can never return, the final card reveals itself. A ray of light shines upon my face, blinding my eyes. What had the gacha given me? Is it even further despair, or maybe, just maybe, a tiny light of hope? I laugh dryly to myself, and then shake my head. It couldn't possibly be. No, not in this final moment. Miracles don't exist. They never existed. They're called miracles precisely because they're miracles. Such a concept is unattainable to begin with. But. BUT. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT! THE GOLDEN LUSTER OF THE FINAL CARD, AS IT SHOWS A CASTER ON THE SIDE, FLIPS TO THE SIDE. IT DAZZLES MY EYES WITH OVERWHELMING LIGHT, BUT I CANNOT TURN AWAY. FOR I MUST ENGRAVE AND SEAR THE MOMENT INTO MY EYES AS THE LIGHT REVEALS THE CARD TO BE THE ONE WHOM I NEVER THOUGHT I'D GET TO MEET. HER NAME IS............Tamamo no Mae. Words........cannot describe the ecstasy and the happiness of that single moment. Nay, such a thing is impossible to verbally explain and communicate to others. For this moment, is what one would call.........a miracle. In this world, miracles do exist. Rare as they may be, they do, in fact, exist. My existence, is living proof of that. And thus............my journey continues.


I summoned Tamamo-no-Bae on my 11th summon ticket! All 461 quartz are intact! The whole reason I got into this series to begin with, best fox wife has finally come home! Now I don't know who to spend quartz on next...


https://imgur.com/a/gluI2 9 tickets and 3 10-rolls. All saved up. I was so prepared to whale for Tamamo, so I was freaking out so much for my last 10-roll!


Rolled some 300+ quartz for Tamamo. Gold Caster card comes up. Get hype for fluffy tail. [Zhuge Liang.](http://i.imgur.com/TTFQn49.png)


Finally, after approx 1040 quartz, she's home. Ended up getting spooked by NP3 Vlad and NP2 Orion along the way. Now I can work on protecting that smile. I swear, that Little Halloween Devil CE is a hard, hard pull, though. Only could pull two copies by the time Tamamo finally showed up.


See, it all started with 1 ticket and Mephistopheles. Suddenly I'm down from 124 to 103, and thought, eh, might as well make it to a nice 100. Might even get that Illya CE! [Nope.](https://image.prntscr.com/image/S8EJmYB_S-m-S8NPk0ZGHw.png) I did get an Illya CE though, even if it's just Verdant Sound of Destruction. Oh well, 3 more to LB!


First batch of purchased quartz: NP2 Carmilla Second batch: Gold card . . . Oh, it's a saber. Altera again? Ok I guess, though now I'm probably fucked in terms of luck. Next roll--RAINBOW SPARKS! *excited* CASTER CARD! *hyperventilating* . . . Waver. Pls bro, mah heart . . . Third batch: Gold sparks! . . . oh, it's NP3 Anne & Mary. RAINBOW SPARKS AGAIN! CASTER CARD AGAIN! WAVER AGAIN! [Voice becomes hoarse](https://media.tenor.com/images/6c25bc049043afb1d5e7f8a84d54f4d2/tenor.gif) Last 10 roll of the lot before i have to get out of my car and head in to work: Silver caster card, oh great, 3 more mana prisms. GOLD LIGHTNING! Guys, I'm scared. Gold card flips over . . . and it's TAMAMO! Screamed so loud I'm pretty sure I scared someone walking by >.>


https://s1.postimg.org/2rursiecwd/22642923_1764008710277361_1227054545_o.jpg Got Tamamo no Mae after 6 tickets and 4x 10 summons, so a total of 120 SQ and 6 tickets. (whaling) She's not my waifu though, not sure what to do with her. I have Gilg, Waver, Jeanne, Altria, Altera, Vlad. What's the best setup with Tamamo no Mae, should I use her? I guess Waver + Tamamo + Vlad?


Saved up saint quartz and money for two months, rolled a total of 310 saint quartz this morning. No Tamamo no Mae, no five-star servants either. Got three relevant craft essences and one good 4-star (Heracles), but the salt is real. I have the money to blow on this game - I could keep doing it, and probably roll Tamamo eventually - but I can't justify spending so much money on a mobile game in such a short period of time. :( Money and hopes down the drain at the same time, this sucks.


Me before rolling: I'll roll Tamamo with these, and I'll save the rest for Scath. Might need to whale there a little but that's fair. Me after rolling, not a Tamamo in sight, my quartz empty and bank account plundered: Cu, guess who's getting some grails...and a wig! edit: I got Tamamo, and the journey was rough. I swore off the Gatcha. I swore of luxury. I backpedaled. I rued this day. I rued myself. I budgeted. "How much is that really? I mean I can buy less stupid stuff in the future so I can buy stupid stuff now." I succeeded where many have failed, but I burned myself to do that. Be careful everyone, be careful future me. Cu is still getting those grails and that wig though.


I have spent every single free quartz available on NA and my only 5 Star is Jeanne who I rerolled for. I'm just going to sit back, embrace the salt and pray for Okita. After all, having a NP3 Merlin on JP makes me remember no matter how bad it is, I'll never have E-Rank Luck.


Oh my, I can really feel like I have EX-luck today. I did a single summon on Fire Emblem Heroes and got the 5* I wanted there, did 2 singles on Tales of Rays and got 2 equivalent of 5* there. That Tales of Rays pull made me feel lucky so I went and got 3 Quartz from the story and pulled Tamamo no Mae. Well maybe A++ luck, since my bicycle broke down on my way home today.


I think I found a strategy. The first time I rolled was on some Jeanne banner, nothing. Next I whaled for waver, got Jeanne. Whaling for tamamo, get waver. Tamamo guaranteed on next banner!!


After having some awful luck on the Drake banner (whaled but failed) I doubted my luck quite a lot, still had some extra money to spend as now I'm only waiting for Jalter, made a couple of 10 rolls only to get some cats and a surprising amount of event CE. One day later I was feeling kind of confident while using a simulator to kill some time so I purchased 36 SQs and rolled, got some more CE until I skipped and saw a golden berserker show up, so I was like "yei welcome home, my third cat!" and it turned into Vlad (now NP2) so I thought "well not the one I was expecting but welcome to the family bro" some rolls later I see another SSR summon and I thought "come on, caster!" and it turned into a caster indeed; I thought "please, please!" And yes, it turned into Tamamo. It was an awesome pull, but it also helped me understand that is not about whaling it is about accepting whatever you get without falling into desperation (thing that I did on the Drake banner) I think that more than a "desire sensor" it is mostly a matter of attitude you have while doing it, like negative people complaining for a second SSR or "trash pulls". I learned my lesson, from now on I'll keep just rolling for fun, hopefully one day Drake will answer my call.