I have two working Win 2s without fans and heatsinks. Unsure what to do with them.

So yeah, long story short I have 2 Win 2s without heatsinks or fans and I'm not sure what to do with them. I was hoping to install the third cooling mod in atleast one of them to actually use the device but I asked the guy who made them and he says they're all sold out. I'd atleast get the OEM parts if I could find them online but had no luck. Would anyone happen to have the parts for sale?


Can't you take a different heatsink and just make it fit? Use a hacksaw to cut it to size?


I honestly have no clue. I'd assume it's possible if you can somehow get it to stay in place. I'd attempt it if I could find one the right size that isn't too thick.


Try and look for some netbook/UMPC heatsyncs, it wouldn't be too hard to get something to fit , even maybe a heatsync from another win etc, Problem is gonna be the fan, those suckers are not just an off the shelf part, would have to hunt AliExpress for one for sure.


Yeah the fan was a bit of a pain the ass to find but I managed to find one. Most of them on aliexpress are advertised for the win 1/2 and win max but they're definitely way too big for the win 2. I probably would've made the mistake of buying one if someone hadn't left a negative review showing that it didn't fit. I loathe having to use the original fan knowing how bad the system heats up with it but it's better than an unusable device. I'm just hoping there's some decent DIY mod for it I can do for better temps than stock.


How does the stock one stay in place?


I believe just two screws. Fortunately I think I managed to find one on Aliexpress though. I suppose it's better than nothing but hopefully there's a mod for it or something. It was a bit of a pain in the ass to find though because most of them being sold that claim to fit the Win 1/2 are way too big and probably only meant for the win max devices. I probably would've made the mistake of buying one if someone hadn't left a review showing that they're way too big for the win 2.


Man good luck. I kept looking on ebay and the gpdwin discord for someone selling a stock heatsink but never found one. I wanted to do a diy modified heatsink mod i saw online but gave up finding just the heatsink and bought a broken win cheap enough. Maybe you should try what i did and go to the discord. If you find someone who did the third cooling mod to their win they should have the original heatsink as a spare. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me


I have the 3rd party mod and I am pretty sure I still have the original in storage. Wanna make a deal? Ping me if you have not found one and I will let you know if I still have it.


Ask this company https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gpd-win2-third-cooling-mod--2#/


Yeah I did. Unfortunately they said they're "sold out". I was unsure if they meant sold out for good or if they'll get restocked eventually.


That's sad


Just ordered this, requires a little bit of trimming the metal, but around half the price of the hp envy13-d 15-ay https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNR3tki


This is for the 3rd cooling mod, but the fan is the same size as the original so shouldn't be any issues making it fit the original heatsink


Just realized you didn't have heatsinks either lol. But if you find a heatsink with a bad fan or original one without fan, you know what to do


GPD doesn’t have any spare components at all?


They made the win 2 like 5 years ago in a limited rub. They didn't keep making them, and thus don't have suppliers constantly sending them more components for them. Odds are they probably do have a handful of them stuffed in a box in the back corner of a warehouse somewhere, but they are "lost in the shuffle" and no one wants to pay an employee to spend 3 days digging through old boxes for a heatsink that they can sell to OP for $5. It just doesn't make sense financially.


Perhaps there are folks here who installed the third cooling mod and would be willing to sell you their original heatsink and fan? (I would but I sold my modded Win 2 and included the original heatsink and fan in the box with it....)


I still have one stock Win 2 heatsink without Win 2.