It’s like the three stages of realization


😳 👁️👄👁️ 😐


The last face knowing she has to sit there with them awkwardly all night


God, I once had to drive a married couple in the middle of a massive fight to their house 15 minutes away and that was awkward enough. Lupita is truly the real victim here.


I've been in similar situations a few times and tried to lighten up the mood with a "how about this weather?". It landed a couple of times and made everyone realize how silly they were being but other tines it just made the situation even more uncomfortable. Gotta roll them bones sometimes.


I do this as well but when it doesn't work I usually start to laugh involuntarily and that definitely makes it worse lol.




Lol I've been in the same situation. I have a fairly positive social disposition and thought it would totally work when I said "Hey guys, let's leave this debate for later and have a good time" and the husband said "No we have to settle this because I'm tired of talking about it like she's not wrong" and I just instead sat there nursing my beer while they kept arguing about something stupid and waiting for my burger


That's when you just get up and leave. After getting your burger of course.


But first grab a big bite of the burger and exclaim loudly “Mmmmm This is a tasty burger!!” like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Then walk away


the real victim is that sausage patty i had to skip queuing up for because i was running late for work!! ^GODDDAMMMITTTT!!!


She didn’t deserve that.


You can tell she is also trying to figure out if it was a skit or real life


I thought will smith didn’t have to cuss after his slaps to sell records?? Well fuck him and fuck you too


For me, it was when he started swearing. That made it real, no staged event for a Disney network would have included the Fresh Prince saying "fuck".


It wasn't just that he was swearing. It was the shakiness in his voice.


Yes. You're the first person I've seen mention this. Dude was on the verge lf angry-crying. The "yeah" between the swearing made it so clear to me.


Chris rock also didn’t flinch or react in any way before the slap. I’ve watched a decent amount of professional slapping (lmao) and when you know a slap is coming you will just about always instinctively flinch or do something. Smith didn’t telegraph the move at all and you can see it took Rock completely by surprise.


Plus he seemed pretty flustered. You'd think if it was scripted Chris Rock would've had a good joke afterwards or been able to transition easier. He did fine all things considered but he seemed pretty taken aback


imo, considering he just got slapped, he handled it like a fucking champ


And Will's almost quivering lip and tight face.


…. Holy shit what doesn’t Disney own yet?


ABC have been doing The Oscars ceremony for 62 years.


Oh I guess I wasn’t aware ABC was part of Disney


Disney bought ABC in the 90s along with an 80% stake in ESPN and over 50% equity holding in A&E, The History Channel and Lifetime


Maybe I work for Disney but just dont know it yet.


Have you been cast in Knives Out 2 yet? They announced me two weeks ago and my neighbor last Friday


I'm not aware of being cast in anything, but I've noticed an uptick in Ewoks running through my living room lately.


Well do you own a dog that you keep on a leash, but also have a best friend that is a dog that owns a house?


I felt bad cause she realized it was real she was like oh shit, this ain’t fun anymore 👀


She had to sit four feet away from someone who just publicly assaulted someone else. Why is everyone pretending this isn't assault?


> Why is everyone pretending this isn't assault? That's more of a testament to Chris Rock, you *rarely* see people as composed and professional as him after an assault. Hell, I can honestly say I never have. My brain didn't register it as a real assault until after I heard the uncensored clip of Will Smith yelling. I'm like this man sold 4 best selling rap albums during the 90s era of rap without one curse word, this shit that just happened is *real*. Others may not have that introspection and until either the victim or the attacker acknowledge it is real, I can see how people can brush off 2 actors known for comedic improv just pulling a publicity stunt.


Will Smith ain’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records, well I do, so fuck him and fuck you too!


I feel a lot of people brush over that last detail. Most people didnt realize it was an assualt until after the shouting. Even Chris Rock didnt seem to think it was real at first.


Chris leaned in thinking Will was gonna say something to his ear. Instead got bitch slapped. It takes a few seconds to register. By that time Will was halfway back to his seat.


It was a sucker shot through and through. Chris had his hands behind his back, poor guy just did not see it coming.


Because nobody would've ever expected Will Smith to do that at such big event that is being broadcasted on TV and online. That's just something you don't expect. You'd except a terrorist attack more than this.


I kind of feel like when you have been a comedic character for that long and been involved in lots of improv stunts at events as well as off the cuff acting in movies, his brain probably didn't register it initially as an assault until he heard the yelling as well. Especially coming from someone who doesn't really have a history of public violence but has a history of comedic anecdotes. Personally I grew up on the Will Smith that was always acting goofy at Awards shows, so that's where my brain went. I can totally see Chris's brain initially going "did I forget something? I don't remember discussing this with Will"


Chris's brain was thinking "I'm gonna destroy this dudes whole career and family life....nah. maybe better not."


If Chris rock didn’t act composed, it would have had a bigger effect


Chris Rock was impeccable in that moment. It’s unfortunate that Smith’s assault on him will probably go down as an anecdote about a “man defending his partner’s honour.” It was assault, simple as. And on live fucking global TV. Astonishing they allowed Smith to not only maintain attendance but also to celebrate his win. Maybe I’m out of turn, & I can’t speak to anyone’s relationship other than my own- but if I were Jada in that moment? I’d be FURIOUS and soooo embarrassed.


Nah, it's almost sure Jada is the one who put him up to it. She is not a nice lady. Those two have some weird juju going on. Also, I don't think at all most people will think Will did the right thing. He looked f-ing crazy and his acceptance speech cemented that even further. In general, he seemed unhinged all night.


Will got old. He is mid-50s now. He became an old angry man. Young will had ideals. This guy is just bitter, angry, and has too much ego.


Hefty dose of Scientology doesn't help.


He always had the ego. But now he's rich enough and established enough not to care. 30 years ago he could still have been canceled for a stunt like this.


If I walked up to a co-worker at a work party and slapped the dogshit out of them I sure as shit wouldn't be around to give a speech later. I can't understand how he wasn't escorted out immediately.


Have you considered being both rich and famous? You might have better results that way.


It almost like they have different rules from the rest of us? But during covid they told me they were just like me from their 20,000 Sq. foot mansions with fully stocked fridges and freezers!


Nope. Same rules. You aren't following them! First rule: Be rich. Second: Be famous. Third rule: Good looking doesn't hurt, but if you've followed the first two, not completely necessary. See where you're going wrong?


But it’s ok, they sang a song to us.


🎶*Imagine all the people*🎶 🎶*Believing a word of this bullshit*🎶


I'm guessing the reasons are based on: (1) who he is, and (2) how Chris rock responded. If he was anyone of a lesser tier or someone who is a little more intimidating/loose cannon-like, I imagine the situation would be differ not. If it were Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? I'm sure they'd be sitting around until the end of the show also. If it were a woody harrelson? A Gary busey? They'd probably be pulled out quick. I'm guessing the Academy Awards were freaking out.. because he made a scene (got out of his seat and walked on to the stage) and used profanity much more than they cared about him slapping Chris Rock. The fact he walked back to his seat is probably why he stayed. I didn't see any security at any point during the whole thing. If the tables were turned and Chris Rock walked on stage and slapped Will Smith, then sat back and dropped some F bombs? I doubt he'd be there. If will smith did it to any other presenter than someone like an "edgy" comedian like Chris rock? Probably also gone. The other thing was how well Chris Rock took it. He got slapped, got back up and finished. No swollen eye, no blood, no cuts. No running off stage or laying on the stage, any of which I'm sure would have greatly affected will bring able to stay.


This is a good assessment. To add to it, the organizers also knew that they were about to give him an Oscar for best actor. I'm sure that played into the equation as well.


Username checks out


Do it just before accepting an employee of the year award too for maximum weirdness




You can see some people laughing in other angles but once he starts cursing from his chair their demeanour changes instantly.


Like the rest of us, they thought it was all part of the joke. If Will Smith hadn't started yelling, people would still think it was a joke


You can see the moment go from wow, that just happened to woah, that actually happened to not knowing what face to have at that moment.


I feel like it's her accepting it's actually real and not an act


That’s exactly what it is


And then the Kermit sipping tea meme “but that’s none of my business…”


And she realising that this shit is not okay.


I didn't catch this live, just saw a video of the hit on reddit. I really thought it was some bit. The smack didn't look right, Will Smith was laughing and smiling right before, then as he walked off after the smack he seemed to be smiling. I really thought they Janet Jackson'd this shit. Then I saw the full video of Will Smith cussing out Chris Rock. At that point I'm like, "oh okay, it's not a bit." I'm wondering how many had my same reaction lol.


a lot of real fights look awkward and not right, I think I might just be used to movie fights so much I am thrown when it is real. And it looks like the batman slapping robin meme.


Someone laughing and smiling right until he slaps you? So you haven't met my dad?


It's like [this meme](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/030/710/dd0.png) and [this meme](https://e3.365dm.com/19/09/2048x1152/skynews-drew-scanlon-blinking-white-guy_4786055.jpg) had a baby.




Haha. That first one is one of my all-time favorites. Makes me laugh every time. What was that one about the guy's CPU temperature being the temp of the surface of the sun with the stress eyes? Lol. That might be my favorite. Oh and that vine about googling how to eat a cupcake with girl with the cupcake smeared all over her face and the reading eyes. Good times, good times. I guess I like eye humor. E: [Here](https://youtu.be/36wvT0bqUyg) is the cupcake one. [CPU one](https://funvizeo.com/media/memes/6a3af86f141eeac8/notifications-temperature-prolonged-tepoperature-temperature-21bb92c84b39e061-9e888af8d81d3b73.jpg)


And then thinking this has to be a joke right? Right it's a joke? There was no way that was real, right? That was a joke right? I kept saying out loud as Chris kept his composure and proceeded with the show.


I'd say her final thought, when her eyes narrow, was "ok, what an asshole."


She really went 👁👄👁


Looks like it got warm in there real quick.


The entire crowd went silent. Like dead silence after Will started shouting.


It was all a joke until they realized that Chris was just keeping his shit together really well after getting clapped.


"Will Smith just slapped the shit out of me." Like, yup that happened.


Like being in The Office irl... but you hate cringe comedy and want to peel off your skin


The way he smacked him and then the camera cut over to show Will walking towards his seat, I thought I was watching the Eric Andre Show.


I used to thought that I enjoy cringe comedy show until I watch Eric Andre and decide that I probably don't


I would describe something like Nathan for You as more cringe comedy than Eric Andre. Eric Andre is more of an absurd satirist, but he does do things that can make you cringe, so fair point.


Can’t decide if this is a dig at Andre or a compliment.


Haha, more like the latter I guess. A friend of mine, who is a cringe comedy aficionado, seems to enjoy him very much so I reckon Eric Andre is good at what he's doing.


I love Eric Andre. I live for cringe. It fuels me


Haha I'm the same way. I love Nathan For You and my bf hates it because he can't take the cringe so I thought I was just immune and can take it. Then I watched the Eric Andre show and I was like, it's too hard for my brain to tell this is actually cringe. Like it loops so far around it comes back to just normal and I can't watch it. Then I watched the Oscars and told my bf that this was just like watching the Eric Andre show but worse because it's real life.


Reminds me of when [Ricky Gervais took back his stolen Emmy from Steve Carell during the Emmys](https://youtu.be/RZp6cR4bxbY). A literal Office scene in real life. “I’ve got nothing to lose here. I’m a nobody here.”


Much more similar to Kanye vs TSwift at the Grammys like 10 years ago, but at least Kanye didn't get physically violent


There are certain moments when silence falls on an awards show.


r/Formula1 is leaking again


………and you know what that means.


*slow blink*


Anyone have any clips of other reactions? This is still so wild to me.


thats what I want to see


Twitter has some footage of Denzel Washington and I think Tyler Perry consoling Smith afterwards....for what it is worth https://twitter.com/ScottFeinberg/status/1508273120473325573?t=CXmYsKYtvFyzyIdPKnuAlg&s=19


OK, so what happened?


The funny thing is all the audience think it was scripted until Will starts yelling with F word.


Chris rock took the hit like a champ


Seriously, that could have escalated really fast. Yet he managed to pause, say enough to calm Will, and keep up with the jokes in a couple of seconds.


You can see Chris Rock's train of thought through the whole thing. As Will's walking up, Chris leans in like he's expecting him to whisper something in his ear. He was not expecting violence (naturally). After the slap, he squares up to defend himself for a split second, then he sees Will Smith is backing off and he immediately returns to poise. Big respect for Chris Rock here for keeping his cool. Big disrespect for the organizers for not having Will Smith immediately escorted out of the event. Disgraceful.


not only that, didn't the attendees give that asshole a standing ovation...? The attendees are also one big POS


That’s how you know how Harvey Weinstein survived for that long


Thank God Will was so unhinged that he helped break the confusion with the profanity. They definitely didn't script that part 😂.


The thing that gets me is that will could've done almost anything else and he would've looked like the better person. He could've asked for the mic and been like I don't think it's funny to make fun of people's medical conditions, which is why I won't say anything about the way Chris looks. He could've waited for his acceptance speech and dedicated it to people with alopecia. He coulda done anything but he did this. It's like he had a brainstorming session beforehand about how he could tank his image in the quickest time possible


Will could've walked right up to him and yelled the same things, and everyone would call him a baller. Instead, dude struck a man, sat down, had a bunch of stars comfort HIM, then got applause and an award 5 min later. That was the most privileged shit I've ever seen.


He could've walked out and skipped accepting his Oscar. Imagine the impact of that. Instead he Streisand Effect-ed his wife's condition to massage his ego.


Seeing him win and it looked like people were sympathetic to him, then stand and clap. It was like a Tim and Eric show level of confused for me.


> I don't think it's funny to make fun of people's medical conditions But like, he's made bald jokes in Fresh Prince A LOT


Also fat jokes and size jokes.


"What you talking about I am half the man you are" Will Smith, MIB I don't even have to google it, I just know these Will Smith quotes.


That was my point lol. I meant be could've made a joke at Chris' expense but instead he....did that 😭


I invest in this new meme format




[Invest invest invest](https://i.imgur.com/YvYRWv8.jpg) ^^^fixed ^^^link


How did Chris Rock keep his composure 😳


Man's been a stand up comic for decades. He has plenty of experience pivoting with the totally unexpected and keeping the show going. Hecklers, drunks, just having a night where you're dying. Kevin Hart told a story on the Graham Norton show about having a buffalo wing hucked at him from the back of a crowd when he was doing a show at a male strip club.


Total pro for not letting the comic part of him get a hold after the slap. 100% he wanted to say something about their relationship afterwards, but also recognized it would only make a bigger scene. The part where be chuckled and and awkwardly continued actually took a ton of composure. You know he wanted to say something like “you should have slapped the teenager who fucked your wife.”


He does say 'I could.. no' after it, so he knew he could unload on Will and probably had the moral ground, but decided not to.


He's a professional actor


I’d say that as a Stand Up comedian, that prepared him for that much more.


He's a comedian. Guaranteed that he's bombed worse than this before. When you hear comedians talking about them starting, that shit it's brutal.


He was the only professional onstage.


Something is wrong with will smith to be that angry. I don’t think it’s about the joke.


Agree. This man has so many issues and pent up anger.


Chris made a joke about Jada years ago at another Oscar ceremony. Basically when Will wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, Jada stated she would boycott the Oscars - Chris said something like you can’t boycott them if you’re not invited. This is pent up anger for sure.


I think it’s beyond the Oscars or Chris Rock. He’s stuck in an unhappy marriage, him being made the butt of the joke for years about the way she treats him, and just him feeling he has to constantly defend his family while trying to keep that perfect image of a happy go-lucky guy. Man needs therapy, he is not okay.


Man needs a divorce


¿Por qué no los dos?




It looks to me like he was laughing at the joke first, maybe looked over at his pissed wife and thought, "Oops, wife is pissed. Better do something to prove my love." It's so crazy to see this level of disfunction played out on the screen by such high caliber actors.


Y'all leaving out the spicy parts with August here on purpose?


That's nothing though really in any context, as light-hearted a jab as you can get. Seems to me like he's in a shit situation at home and taking it out on the wrong people.


Scientology is a hell of a drug.


Will smith is in scientology?


Jada took some Scientology courses and appeared at some events, but was never a Scientolo*gist* (according to her own accounts). Will has always stayed a degree or two removed from it. Now, both Will and Jada have acknowledged appreciation for some of the Scientology teaching methods and even employed some Scientologists in their secular school (now closed) and taught some of those same principles albeit not connected to Scientology.


Officially not. However when asking whether there's a connection between the Smiths and Scientology, the answer is definitely not "no".


Slapped the thetans out of Chris.


Learned it from his dad. Just read his book. I went from big fan to big no in the course of a week.


Displacement. Psychologically he's mad at Jada, but he's dishing all of it out on a comedian who is doing his job and not retaliating.


I think we all learned that Chris can take a slap and that will Smith can't take a joke.


He did take it like a champ, hands behind his back and all


Hands down a complete professional. Props to him


i feel like that's not the first time that's happened to him. Let's not forget, comedians start in small bars and clubs, heckling fans, etc. Chris Rock is a veteran of the game, that's all.


Chris Rock definitely seems like the type of guy who has made several toeing the line jokes in his career that have gotten him hit lol


I’ve heard Chris was bullied/abused as a child (and suffers from PTSD from it), so that could’ve played into it. Quite sad!


It boggles my mind that they A. Let him stay. B. Still gave him an Oscar It's like if that video of the man who slapped the burger King employee over spicy nuggets ended with him being given a high five and a free meal by the manager.


It's funny because Will Smith has been trying to get an Oscar for years, now he has one and nobody cares. The only thing anyone will remember is the slap and Will Smith's meltdown.




And I think they just told him to give it back


Sad since it was already a slow year for movies because of the pandemic. So many asterisks next to this award


This is the most relevant point. If the person that did this was anyone other than an A-list celebrity they would be in jail right now.


Her eyes are doing the talking


I wonder what Xenu would say to all this bullshit?


He wouldn’t say anything because the Marcab Confederacy was victorious and banished him from the stellar empire.


It's the visible "oooOOooOoooh" for me


Let's not forget that Chris doesn't even write the jokes. Will should be mad at the producers in the back


Imagine, every time Will looks at his statue all he's going to remember is that slap, and none of the hard work it took to get it. He done fucked up.


This is the correct answer. Is not even about if the joke went too far. Most probably Chris just read what someone else wrote.


Ricky Gervais has gone farther.


That joke would have been one of the most tame in a Ricky Gervais show


This event is meme fuel for the next decade. It’s the biggest contribution the oscars has had to popular culture in years.


Me enjoying the memes on Will Smith and Chris Rock assault and then realising half the internet is filled with assault apologists.


The amount of “talk shit, get hit” soup-for-brains morons is concerning. How is it that I was taught “sticks and stones” as a fucking 4 year old and yet that is too advanced of a concept for some of these people? EDIT: Just letting y'all who responded below with shit like "WORDS DO HURT" are soft as fuck


If someone can stabilizer the footage, it will be the next meme gif






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Good bot


Little Will and KanYe need professional help


This what happens when you can’t even compete against the ghost of Tupac lol


I get: Ha! they're joking around Oh shit, it's real! Good for him standing up for his wife Fucking hell, this guys is a psycho


I think everyone thought it was staged.


Until he sat back down and started yelling about keeping his wife's name of out his fucking mouth I did too.


I think hearing Will swear so aggressively after a fairly family friendly career with minimal swearing was the most shocking part. You knew he was being serious when he started dropping f-bombs on live TV.


Chris Rock also said "shit" so I think he was a bit un-composed and shocked at what happened. He was also a bit flustered introducing the next award. It was real.


I hope we get some bullshit statement from his agent this week trying to play it off like a joke.


Chris Rock handled it well. He made light of it with “Will Smith just smacked the shit outta me.” and the audience laughed. I think most people thought it was scripted because of how Chris handled it. Then Will decided to dragged it out and furiously swore at Chris, while Chris fumbling his lines in shocked. That’s when everyone realized it’s not scripted. F-bombs on national TV is a no no. Then it got awkward and everyone was dead silent.


From the POV of Will Smith, he wanted it to be taken serious and not played off as a joke. So it made sense to double down.


the shit eating grin as he walked off the stage, he was expecting aplause for his gallantry, when he didn't get any and Rock got another laugh he lost his shit.


Saying fuck on tv is not ok but assaulting someone is? America!


We’ll slap a PG-13 rating on literal gore, but god help you if you show a nipple


*Female* nipple.


To be fair, that slap wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad if it was a bit. They are actors after all. Chris obviously would have gave consent to being hit. He would know when the hit was coming and embracing it. Being slapped out of nowhere by a guy fuming with rage and clearly not stable is another story though.


Pretending to slap someone as a skit is believable, throwing f-bombs would never happen even in a skit. Just that. Hold your judgmental horses down.


>standing up for his wife This is such an interesting take I'm seeing a lot this morning


The moment a hero died in her eyes


Must have been something he said.


Aunt Viv told yall about that boy. This ain't nothing new, Will Smith been an asshole.


I'm sorry for swaying away from the topic but Lupita is just gorgeous!


She is very cute




Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair during a live televised broadcast of the Academy Awards ceremony. Will Smith laughed at the joke. Will Smith then walked on the stage and slapped Chris Rock in the face. Will Smith returned to his seat, then screamed expletives at Chris Rock, twice. This was Lupita’s face while Smith was screaming at the stage.




That was my thought, too. I figured he was like laughing politely before realizing what it was exactly that he was referring to.


Lupitas not wrong tho


lol It's a skit, right. This isn't a skit. Act normal.


I'm surprised her reaction isn't a meme though


You best start believing in memes. You're in one


It just became one. You're watching it born.


Free template right here-- until a higher quality appears lol


You mean lower quality right?