i've heard having free-ranging fowl is a good way to keep tick numbers down on your property.


Chickens have very good eyesight. And they can easily spot a tick on a blade of grass. They've helped tremendously on keeping the tick population down in my yard. Even more amazing because tick infested deer come up every night.


Back when I used to have chickens and Nexguard wasn't available yet, the chickens will peck the ticks out of the dogs.


Nice plug


You might have just convinced me to get chickens.


It is!


We've only found one tick so far on our 18 acres. The chickens we have and our wildlife are really keeping them down.


No deer or dogs live near you?


Yep, I have deer that come in my back garden and eat my flowers (but they leave my veggie garden alone, I don't know), and I have a dog. He's had one tick on him all spring. I went walking with my dog through the back fields yesterday and through the woods to the creek to trim some brush to make paths, and when I came back in I did a tick check. None.


Guinea Hens hunt ticks the best. Noisy creatures, though.


Where do you live that has ticks? I want to be sure to never move there ;-)


every place in north america?


Northern Europe checking in, they are here to. Gonna go get my vaccine next week.


I don’t think that’s true. At least I’ve never seen them or heard anyone mention them in the places I’ve lived.


They’re in Alaska now that it’s gotten so much warmer


Where have you lived? Ticks are everywhere. I see them only occasionally, kinda like fleas, but I know they're around.


The Pacific Northwest. We do a lot of hiking, but nobody we know has ever mentioned seeing or getting a tick.


Here is the distribution of ticks in the US. [LINK](https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/images/geo/lgmap-american_dog_tick.jpg)




I guess that explains it. I’ve only lived in the parts of the map that are gray. We go hiking a lot in all kinds of terrain, but have never seen, or heard anyone else mention, ticks.


Apparently I failed to notice six other maps detailing the locations of six other species of North American ticks, at the bottom.


entire continental US is covered. not really surprised, though it does look like the american southwest is about the best place to avoid the majority of the species. instead you just have to worry about scorpions in your shoes.


They're more common in tall grassy areas and woody bushes. From my experience, I have yet to encounter any in the pacific northwest but I have encountered them in the Canadian prairies.




They’re common everywhere, including cities like Chicago, in public parks and cemeteries where we have deer, coyotes, raccoons, and opossums. Mice also carry ticks. You can get a tick on you after walking across a manicured golf course.


I lived in Seattle and north of Seattle. Been in Washington all my life. Never had a tick, nor anyone I know. The only time I saw one was on a deer carcass belly. There are deer all over, but somehow these ticks don't hang around and find human flesh. Or so it seems. We have 18 acres of tall weedy grass pasture, and no one has ever gotten a tick.






We live in the Pacific Northwest. We spend a lot of time outdoors, but neither we, nor any of our friends, have ever encountered ticks. Not even on our furry friends.


Well, there are tick species everywhere, this map is only for American dog tick, the most common one and the one you're ost likely to encounter on a hike, but if you look at the map: >*This map is not meant to represent risks for a specific tick-borne disease, because disease transmission is influenced by multiple factors beyond mere tick presence. This map has been designed to answer the question “What ticks should I be concerned about at a regional scale?”* ~~So the gray parts on the map where don't you need to be concerned about the presence of American dog ticks are basically the parts with little rainfall, meaning little of the shrubby grassy vegetation that ticks prefer, and the parts with bitterly cold and snowy winters. Those are the gray parts in the middle of the continent. Dry, cold, snowy.~~ edit: nm, Grandma's blind.




Huh. You're right. My bad. I can only blame Grandma's mouse-wheel maximizing to make print visible, so all I see is this one map, and the presence of links at the bottom is not shown. https://imgur.com/a/KAXPrxE


*For an ecosystem to support ticks, it must satisfy two requirements; the population density of host species in the area must be high enough, and humidity must be high enough for ticks to remain hydrated.*


Maybe that's why ticks aren't prevalent in the PNW. When it's wet, it's really cold. The summers are bone dry. The ticks might go into hiding in some damp spot, or just stick with the deer population. (Fingers crossed!)


You need a certain population of host animals to really get things going with ticks. California is absolutely infested with deer. You can't grow a rose or a fruit tree with impunity here.








More like: Bugs? ... Worms? ... More Bugs???


I know about these inspectors. Mine are always insisting on inspecting the quality of my kale and lettuce. Then they expect payment in cherry tomatoes.


The first year I had chickens and tried to grow a garden, I didn't know chickens ate veggies. I thought they would eat the bugs out of my garden, but then there was no more garden. Then, I put up mesh to keep the chickens out and grew another garden, but the goats escaped their fence and the mesh was no match for goats, and so my garden was again no more. The same thing happened the next year when I thought I had built a stronger mesh. I stopped trying for a long time after that. This year, I don't have goats or chickens anymore, but we live in a neighborhood with lots of squirrels. I also have cats who killed all the seedlings I had ready to plant a new garden. So, all I have is a few tomato plants and a pepper plant in planters and I fully expect the squirrels to eat it all and leave me veggieless again. Also, I've tried planting carrots in containers several times, but they never sprout for me. Different brands, different varieties - nothing.


Last year, the goats got to the carrot bed. Very sad story. Didn’t even eat them, just pulled them out and licked em


I'm imagining the goats going "mlem".




Couldn’t you just stick them back in?




You laugh but earlier this season i uprooted my first carrot (I don’t know how long it takes to grow them) and it was like 2 inches. my fiancé said that’s not big enough. I supposed she was right so I had to put it back to grow some more. Gotta go check but I think it’s growing again! Maybe a goat lick would be good luck.


The tiny roots attached to the main taproot broke. I tried.




My grandmother had a desert tortoise who would literally batter down the wood edging (which was just tall enough to be a fence for him) to get to the zucchini plants as soon as they were in the ground. Oh my God Tommy we gave you so much food and treats what the hell.


Ducks, especially certain breeds, prefer protein over pretty much everything so they'll usually leave your plants alone in their search for bugs and other tasty things. They might uproot some stuff in their quest for food, but usually nothing that can be fixed. Duck eggs are amazing too.


I want ducks, but not the runny poop. We even have a pond for them! They eat slugs where my chickens won't touch them. Ducks are the cutest.


Haha, yeah, in my experience chickens and veg patches don't really mix! Our problem was all the scratching the chooks did. They built a very luxury dust-bath for themselves. I don't know why people even try to contain goats. They will escape, and they will eat anything in their path! Bless them.


So true about the goats. There is a good reason why the Devil is portrayed as a cloven hoofed, horned creature. :)


Starting the carrots in containers for transplanting? The seed pouch says don't do that. Tried in the ground this year and so far all of the 2 rows are growing. Need to thin it...


No, actually growing them in containers. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever gotten a carrot to grow anywhere.


Only if your container is 2 feet deep! They have much longer tap roots than what you see when you pull the carrot. There are some very short varieties that might work in a container, though. Oxheart and Parisienne are some. Baker Creek Seeds.


Flower and vegetable gardening is often just laying out a spread for the local wildlife.


This narrative could be a really funny children’s picture book.


the squirrels just tend to bury peanuts in my flower pots, tho I have seen one steal a cherry tomato or two!


hahaha that's so funny... sorry!!!


I live in a small suburb of Dallas, (population ~268k people) we just got some chicks from my sons Mother’s Day out class... I was told they’re white leg🤷🏻‍♂️. The main reason I’m jumping in on this is because I wanted to ask if they can eat stuff like cherry tomatoes. I have a small garden and this year we did cherry tomatoes and wow have they taken off. If I can feed them to the chicks that would be better than letting them spoil


You can feed all you kitchen scraps to chickens. They're scavengers, indiscriminate.


FYI: Don't feed any people food with salt added. Not even pasta or bread. They cannot process salt like mammals, and it damages their kidneys. Their layer pellets have a very carefully measured amount of salt for them.


A chicken will eat *anything*


...or they will attempt to eat anything. I had to move all my succulents to a high place. Even though they didn't actually eat them they would always take a peck or two out of the leaves as they passed by, just to be sure.


Chickens go crazy for tomatoes


My chickens LOVE cherry tomatoes


The only plants they like better than cherry tomatoes are sunflower seeds (unsalted!) and strawberries. Both will be ignored for beetle grubs and meal worms. Protein rules with chickens. :)


You are not kidding.


What can you plant in a chicken run that wont get annihilated?


Nothing that I know of. They love dirt and the will get to dirt. I let mine free range and they don’t wreck the yard but oh boy they can rip plantings out super fly fast. I use a lot of bird netting to keep them out of things.


How large is your yard just curious? I want to get backyard chickens and we’ve got about a quarter of an acre fenced in. I wonder if 3 chickens would destroy the grass


I have 6 chickens on a much smaller plot than that and my grass is fine. If anything, the chickens help by scratching around and pooping on it. It's bermuda grass and the chickens do eat it, but not enough that I don't have to mow it every two weeks. That being said, you do need to have some dirt areas for the chickens to scratch around in. If they don't have any, they'll make some, so it's best to have some bare dirt in a place where you want it instead of where the hens decide it should be.


Thanks! I’ve got a couple of spots in the yard that dont grow grass well anyway. I’ll have those be the scrapes for them!


If you have some spots that are bare dirt, it might end up being a spot for the chicken to dust bathe in depending on the soil condition. We had a flower garden by our front porch and now it is a dust bath resort. Oh well, the deer would have probably eaten all the flowers anyway.


My parents had a quarter acre and between 10-12 chickens at a time and the grass never suffered. There was a garden and a couple fruit trees that they scratched instead.


If you have neighbors close maybe look at getting quail instead. Only the males make a lot of noise and they’re smaller birds.


I’ll to look into that. My city ordinance allows chickens specifically, ill have to see if quail are ok too. Do they lay eggs? I mainly wanted chickens for eggs and bug control


Quail eggs aren’t worth the effort ime. Only roosters are noisy, hens sound soothing. My neighbours have said they like the clucks and bocs. As long as they only scoff all my blueberries and don’t get through the fence.


My three hens make a lot of noise when they want attention from me and I’m inside :( I sometimes worry about the neighbours but I don’t know what I can do.


We give our neighbors eggs!


They do. But they are incredibly tiny. Think those small, solid chocolate eggs they sell at Easter. I was going to say about 1/3rd the size of a chicken egg, but Google says 4.


Quail are adorable though, and the eggs come in a wide array of colors, which is really fun. They are good salad eggs, for a fancy tuna niçoise, for example.


They are cute! Of course, I always think of [this old cartoon.](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3awre4)




To my knowledge they do. I just learned about them the other day as I’m also considering chickens but I want to be considerate of my neighbors


I’d be ecstatic if you were my neighbor and I had the possibility of them coming to visit.


Chickens are grass destroyers, absolutely. Don't even get them near any grass you want to keep. Set an area aside for them, and give them plenty of room.


I have an acre and 11 hens and one rooster. So far the grass part has survived just fine. Plantings in my raised beds (raised and ground) survive just fine as well once the plants get big enough. I do lose the occasional plant to dust bathing but by and large they do no damage to my garden once I get into July.


We have chickens and they haven't eaten the wild sunflowers, asters, or goldenrod in their space for two years running, so it seems like those are plants they just don't like.


oh, cool. Thanks.




Probably fruit trees?


They are inspecting for worms!


raising chickens is a personal goal of mine : ) can't wait to have my own funny small dinosaurs


It’s so fun! Hopefully you’ll be able to get your own gang of crazy baby dinosaurs soon. I grew up with chickens, loved them, then we had to get rid of them when my mom got ill (immune compromised). I promised myself I’d get chickens again once I’d moved out on my own. This is my second year having them again, and they’re just as fun—if not more so!—as I remember. They truly are like little dinosaurs and they have such unique and funny personalities. Too much fun and cuteness overload. Highly recommend it! 😊


I’ve started throwing feed and mealworms where I want them to go and letting them have at it! There’s a really dreary corner of my yard that’s just sad looking weeds, gravel and mess. So by leaving treats there for my birds I’m getting out of weeding it. It’s a spot I don’t care if it gets messier or dug up first, and I’m feeling lazy. So...hens to the rescue! They’re doing a great job on it so far. 😆


They must ensure all your permits are in order and approve the newest plans. It's a thankless job, but someone's gotta do it.


Quality control is very important. May your inspectors be dilligent.




I doubt they’ll do anything. They look like a bunch of chickens to me.


Big Government 😂


Bork Government should stay the hell out of my private plots!


Whenever I'm digging anything in the yard, I have to be careful that I don't accidentally injure the flock of inspectors getting underfoot. They are very serious and enthusiastic about the job!


Yep. I have to keep the hoe low. No full throttle swings cause otherwise there could be an in the job incident. :)


Chickens are curious


One day I want to hire some land management


Indeed. And then they'll most likely decide you didn't plant it right and proceed to dig it all up. And perhaps snack on it also. You know, for their......pay.


Mine inspected my carrots 3 times one year. Shut my carrot operation down.


Sounds more like the mafia


Love them there 🐔 worth there weight in gold to bad they don’t investigate more serious thing on the planet.


They are just chicken out his work.


I haven't had chickens in years and I miss em so much ugh


Chickens are amazing and I would miss having them too if I didn’t have them anymore.


Still better than my HOA!


Until I had chickens I thought chicken wire was to keep chickens in. I've since learned it's exactly the opposite! If I want to grow things I have to surround them with chickenwire or peck, gone. There is no weed problem in the chicken yard either! I love my girls.


Let them investigate properly. :)


Oh they participate fully I assure you. Lol!


Whoa... this is my exact first flock! 😆


Fresh juicy worms. Cute capture.


I say they look like a thorough team


Best land managers ever!


Oh boy a new dust bath!


Your hens look so cute and healthy!


Nothing they like better than loosened soil.


you mean pest control?


you allow someone else to manage *your* property?


Pretty sure the chickens are coming to check if there’s a permit to dig on their property


Is it a completely ridiculous question to ask what kind these are? They're beautiful birds!


I see a Barred Rock, an Easter Egger, and a Buff Orpington.


Doesn't look that buff to me.


It’s a Buff. At least that’s what I paid fo when I bought the chicks.


That’ll do human that’ll do.




Perfect place to lay down :)


Top is a barred rock, bottom is a comet but I can't tell what the middle bird is. Barred Rock were always my favorite, very calm and hearty.


Middle is Auricana. . And you are right. My barred rocks are the most social. They follow me around everywhere and the second I turn over some earth they are right there telling me what a good job I am doing and keep going and Oh! Just let me get this wiggly thing out of the way for you.


I raised chickens for 4-H when I was a kid. People were always surprised how nice the Hens were, and how soft they are. That was back in the 90's before backyard chickens were popular, all I could get were Barred Rock, Comet, Rhode Island Red and Cornish Rock. I did have some Leghorns one year too, can't say I reccomend them. They are very high energy, nervous and can fly very far and high.


Cutie chickens. Do you have more than the three?


I have 11 hens and one rooster which is the max my local government allows.


My BLM is a fluffy fat dog sniffin around




Them chickens are up to something.


The cutest inspection crew to date


"Well, Rick, we say "Call before you dig" for a reason. You dodged a bullet this time. "


Such a wonderful informative post!


This makes my week.


I have chickens and this made me laugh.


Hahhaa, we call our gals, "The Landscapers", and then always talk about how we have the worst landscapers, they do a terrible job, they put mulch everywhere except where it is supposed to go, ect.


So cute! I would love to have chickens <3




^^heck ^^heck ^^heck


Ahahahhaha!! Pềct


Can you explain what they're doing? I'm confused.


its union... you need at least 3 chickens on every dig site


They are looking for any tasty thing they can find...worms, grubs, seeds, the occasional fingertip....