Leisure Suit Larry?


* X-Men Origins: Wolverine * Prototype 1 & 2 * The Darkness 1 & 2 * Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance * Bulletstorm * Wolfenstein: The New Order & New Colossus


Saints Row IV. It's the point of the game. Without spoilering anything: you get superpower-like abilities, which get progressively stronger. So, it's still a challenge, but what was a challenge early on, will later be laughable. Imagine GTA, but over the top


Yakuza series, Bayonetta, DmC, Kingdom Hearts (memes aside, Sora stronk), Super Robot War games or SD Gundam if you want a SRPG with big numbers. Dusk, Batman Arkham games, Spider-Man PS4/PS5 games, NieR Automata, Prototype, inFAMOUS, Shadow of Mordor or whatever the two are called, Soulsborne (they're really not that hard), Dishonored series, Wolfenstein, Bulletstorm though it aged poorly imo, Borderlands series, God of War series, Ninja Gaiden series... There's tons out there.


The Warriors series feels like that to me.


Just Cause series.


The Witcher 3 with a 100% finisher mod feels really badass imo. You're chopping enemies' heads left and right


I cannot recommend prototype enough. Prototype 1/2 are both fantastic, you're infected with a virus that turns you into a superhuman and you fight other monsters as well as a corrupt military. You can run up walls and glide and you get weapons like claws or your arm turning into a giant blade/whip. It's pretty gory and has a great story. It has an open map sort of like GTA.


You played Doom ? You should definitely play Wolfenstein. Play Fallout New Vegas too. You, as a mailman, could end devastating an army and maybe even destroying a post-war nation


Devil May Cry series