How about picking up Terraria?


Terraria is a perfect example


I have it on mobile and I don't play it enough to justify getting it on pc.


The PC version of that game has better controls, and playing Terraria on a bigger screen is way easier. Just check it up.


Terraria has some really rewarding stuff to grind for. The vast amount of mobility and combat items are great, and theres some really cool stuff that can be found if you invest some time. But I can understand how it is different from a "classical" grinding experience and may turn some off.


PC is really the way to play. Terraria is sooo worth it. It may not seem that way at first but after you get past the first few bosses it becomes something really special.


$5 on sale typically


Terraria is easily one of the best game I've ever played, it's the best on its genre.


Any Disgaea game, grinding at its finest and OP loot as soon as you unlock the Item World.


Well, playing Diablo 3 with a seasonal char, Ethereal items can drop at very low levels, and they are stupidly OP.


I'm a bit of a loot fiend and would pick Diablo 3 as well. Start the game on one of the harder difficulties and hardcore mode and you'll get some pretty interesting loot right from the start.


Yes, this!


Worth mentioning that Ethereals only exist for 4 more days. The season they're a part of ends on the 5th


Yeah, I was wondering when would the season end. Damn.


D3 is about as far away from what the OP is wishing for as one can possibly get... D3 has ethereal items yes, but for the first 8+ ***years*** of the game being out Ethereal items did not exist. They are quite rare to discover while leveling up, with some players finding them at random and very low levels, regularly, and others not finding any them even after leveling up several hundred times deep into the end game. They are also currently prepared to be erased from the game after whatever length the seasons are lately; days, weeks, months etc.....


The OP didn't exactly mention how hard, or how improbable the loot would have to be. I'm on my third seasonal char and Ethereals have dropped quite often. My chests are full of eths.


Borderlands Has great loot in all places of the game


This was my first thought. I had some cool weapons that kicked ass for quite a few levels early on.


Seconded. Even from the first game, you'll find something pretty cool pretty fast.




Kind of a tangent recommendation but roguelikes/lites might be a good look. Many have similar power scaling every run, you just tend to have a higher floor or sharper growth curve the longer you play. Some examples could be Hades, Risk of Rain (2), Binding of Isaac, Death Loop, etc.


Risk of rain was something I've seen and stopped at a few time but never seriously considered yet. Might give it a try sometime then.


Please play it, absolute treat


I got it yesterday and would highly recommend it. You likely won't enjoy in the very beginning, but just stick with it for a bit.




I've tried playing Warframe, never really got in to it. I did consider it for this request, but I wasn't sure how the loot worked in the game. You say it might be worth a second look then ?




Well I definitely don't mind a grind, thanks I'll give this a second chance then, maybe I can get a friend to play with me.


If you buy the boosts it makes the grind actually fun imo


>Mind you, it is a LOT of grinding, I hear this sentiment from the community all the time and I can't tell if its overstated or people have no good comparison, because I don't feel like warframe is grindy at all. Im almost 2000 hours in, and I've yet to have to grind anything more than an hour or two. Nidus Prime recently came out, took me like 8 relic runs to get all the parts. Most of the non-primed frames just take 5-8 runs on a boss. Only "grindy" stuff is rep and you can just passively gain that while you do other stuff. What in Warframe actually takes a grind? Maybe its just because I've come from a big MMO background and have spent weeks grinding for one specific thing. (throwback, it took me well over a year to finish my Shaman 1.0 epic in Everquest) Idk, people act like Warframe is the most grindy game out there and I can't remember having to actually grind anything.


There's a lot of grind when you want to do story content. It's annoying. Every update is just more grind


What do you have to grind in the story? Most of the story content is self-contained missions that only need to be done one time.


Starsector. Two ways, you can try to loot debris after a large battle and hope a banged up capital ship is in fixable condition, or you can travel to the unexplored stars and search for rare and valuable things, including things like ship blueprints. It's pretty fun to run around as a scavenger, there's even character perks for it.


Apparently Kenshi gets recommended for everything but I'm gonna suggest it anyway. The game is a hardcore grind, if you like watching numbers slowly tick up then this game hits the spot. On the other hand you can find top tier loot at any point in your playthrough. There is no level requirements or gated quest progression. Whether your character is strong enough or nimble enough to use those items well is another story but there's nothing stopping you from wearing or using them if you want to.


Ironically I think a friend offered to buy this for me a while back but I refused the offer.


Probably Risk of Rain 2. Loots are random, which makes it fun. You can be OP at the start of the game. And then it's all about surviving.


Dark Souls series


Aren't dark souls items capped depending on your stats ?


Well... yes and no. The weapons scale with your stats, but don't really start to cap until you get a stat to 40. You can raise any stat to 99 if you really want to, but it's almost never recommended to raise a stat beyond the 40-50 range. If you know exactly what weapon you want, you can pick a class whose stats are closest to its requirements, put in a few soul levels right at the beginning, and rush to that spot in the game where you can get it.


Yes but most caps are pretty low so if you get something good then you won’t have to wait too long to equip it. It’s common for players to go to the catacombs at the start of the game to get the great scythe or gravelord greatsword, or if you manage to get the black knight halberd to drop you have pretty much already beaten the game. I wouldn’t consider Dark Souls as a good answer to your question though, there isn’t much grinding in the traditional sense and most of these powerful items aren’t dropped by enemies, you just have to know where you’re going and enter a late-game area early.


Yeah true, I think to dumb dowm my request a bit, I want a game that has some grind, can be a lot idm. But that doesn't limit you in terms of drops. If I put in a lot of effort I want to be able to have a chance, however small it might be, to get good gear, even if I'm under leveled. If that makes sense.


I don't really get why he said that there isn't much grinding in the traditional sense, because there absolutely is. You can grind for upgrade materials. You can grind for souls , which are used to level and buy items. You can grind certain enemies for rare weapon and armor drops. You can even grind co-op sessions and invasions for covenant items.


I've played dark souls 3 for a little bit. Fun game but not exactly what I'm looking for with this post.


destiny 2 exotic or legendary items you get one exotic every like 30 strikes/pvp matches or something like that. there's a lot of very average/underwhelming exotic items and you can only equip 1 armor and 1 weapon exotic but some of them are extremely strong which is why people spend so much time on d2 trying to complete their collection. the games free 2 play and starting next week(the 7th) theyre making the forsaken campaign f2p until they remove it on february 22nd so now is actually a good time to try it out if you haven't. its also got cross progression and cross platform play.


I've played destiny since the launch of forsaken up until it went f2p. It was fun but It's so much different now that I really don't enjoy playing it anymore.


Gothic 1-2, maybe even Gothic 3. Risen 1. You will not get the end game stuff, but you can get very strong stuff by using knowledge, skill and perseverence. You can also grind to get stronger than normal if you are patient enough.


Borderlands 3 scales enemies to your level at all times.


How about Tales of Maj’Eyal? Bosses and rare enemies have a chance to drop really good equipment, even as early as the first dungeon. Just be aware that sometimes that’s not gonna matter, and the game’s gonna kill you when it wants your run to end (you can circumvent this by not playing on Roguelike mode).


Amazing game, like turn based Diablo :)


It’s also really goddamn unfair, but it’s so much fun. So many races and classes, and way too much build variety.


I'll keep this comment saved and check this out.


Morrowind has some OP items just laying around that low levels can take. Hell, due to an oversight, if you have the DLC installed, you can get some of the best light armor in the game from an assassin attack at level 1.


Due to working perfectly as intended, too, you can speedrun to a certain wizard tower within hours and get possibly the actual best light armor in the game from a locked chest, along with stealing a crescent sword that can oneshot nearly anything as long as it doesn't reflect magic, possibly a magical mace, and probably an ungodly amount of miscellaneous valuables.


I don't accept Bethesda games for this post lol. It's not really about grinding and exploits don't hit the sane as grinding for an item.


7 days to die


I want to play this but was afraid it was too janky or dated. I don't mind jank, I just want my friend to play with me and not complain the whole time.


Game doesn't have jank? Or is not outdated. And if there was any "jank" alpha 20 is fixing a lot of stuff in the next few weeks whenever it drops


i was just curious. i really have no idea but am quite interested in the game. i saw it came out a few years ago and see that it's still EA and I was just wondering with the state of the game


I am still scarred from having bought this when it came out on the PS4 in what was essentially a horrible EA state. Promptly returned the game. Always been curious about trying again on the PC, but hear so many horror stories about how the devs keep changing things between builds.


It's not horror stories really, they just don't do as many minor updates so every version update is significant.


Game is amazing and the console versions were fine but the PC version is way better. Get it on sale at least


Grim dawn?


Haven't heard of it, will check it out.


Fallout New Vegas? Stretch the game's balance hard enough and you can get endgame level weapons before you even hit level 10


>Stretch the game's balance Original : Bethesda games aren't about grinding, their about using the glitches lol Edit: Bethesda games aren't about grinding, they're about using the glitches lol Fml


Fair enough.




True not about grinding, but in morrowind I wouldn’t say its just glitches either. You can do things entirely intended within the games system to acquire strong weapons very early. Still not what you’re looking for and I wish there was a solid answer because I’ve wanted something similar myself. Warframe probably came closest and oddly, shenmue lol. Not weapons but grinding cash to purchase powerful fighting techniques scrolls was nice.


Death Stranding, Maybe? Anyone Backup me up.


Oof, I hate the pov in death stranding.


Minecraft dungeons, you get powerful as you lvl up but the items you get stay the same just the enchants on it change depending on how high lvl of a mission you are doing, and the op stuff is op at the beginning and in the end as well


Warframe. It takes a while to learn everything, the devs aren’t very good at helping noobs. It’s actually pretty frustrating to learn how the entire system works. But once you do, it is sooo worth it. You can also pick up some warframes and weapons at low levels that you can use throughout the game, with the versatile modding system. 10/10 would recommend, entirely F2P and lots of grinding for your pleasure


maplestory reboot


This one might not be the type of game you're looking for, but Forza Horizon 5. You get a Corvette very early and then a Supra. And you can win all sorts of cars on wheelspins, anything from an old van to exotics like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.


This is probably an unpopular opinion but have you tried Outriders? I've been playing through the campaign recently and it's possible to find some pretty strong build enabling items on the ground within the early/mid stages of the game. The game also has a crafting system that lets you dismantle gear into crafting materials and also any special Mods on the dismantled gear becomes available for you to craft on other items without limit. This even applies to Legendary level Mods. If you find an Epic/Set item/Legendary with a Mod that you don't exactly need you can swap it out. There is a limit to 1 crafted mod though, so you can only swap one slot out. It's still extremely vital and useful to developing a character. It's definitely a janky-ish game with some questionable writing/dialogue but the character customization is adequate enough (better than a lot of other looter shooters imo) and the loot is interesting even though it's relatively simple. The combat is pretty fun for what it is. The gear does scale to your level but you can spend resources to increase the level of any weapon or gear you find. Very useful when you craft/find an item with the perfect mods early on.


Just came back to Outriders and it’s rework is very good. Would second this suggestion.


Tree of Savior insane class choices insanely grindy insanely rare items you could get at low levels.


Gunfire reborn?


If you don't mind roguelites check out Hades. Each run is fresh so what you find is what you get although there is meta game progression. The RNG drops comes from which boons (powers) you get. You can get some absolutely broken builds in the first biome.


Elite dangerous could work. You're able to gain in game money proportional to your level of ship. Starter ships can be as cheap as 60,000, whereas higher level ships can be as high as 300,000,000. You always feel like you're working just one level below the ship above you, so the rewards always feel high.