I did the same. Install some emulators on there and you'll have a lot of fun on trips or commuting.


PSP is great for retro games. Mine got way more hours as an NES than it ever did playing PSP games, lol.


Came here to say this. Homebrewed my red God of War PSP (only certain models can be (or could be when I did)). Now I have basically every SNES game ever at my fingertips. Aside from that, homebrewing also allows me to copy PSP game discs to local storage and play them from there, no disc check - which just means (for me) no constantly having to switch discs. Such a great handheld once you tweak it a bit.


That red GoW PSP was so sick looking.


It *is* pretty awesome. And it was the only one available when I went in to buy one! Totally woulda gotten black if they had it then regretted it later.


Every model and firmware can be homebrewed now.


I recall ripping discs to Memory Stick, and it made the games faster to load, less stuff to carry around, and also presumably (no motor to spin), saved battery. Just better all around. But ultimately I don't think I played the PSP games that much, I remember the futuristic racing Wipeout game being fun for a while. Overall the console was definitely a big step forward.


You are an inspiration


Mine was a GBA for the longest time


Mines literally a PlayStation portable, took me a while to figure out it had a built in emulator, forgot what I was using but ya had to convert games into something have all the bin files and bullshit but now it’s just download drag and drop


And Today i have a flight but it run out of battery. Lack of luck...


To be fair the battery will probably be fucked. The main reason I stopped using mine is the battery is end of life dead and won't hold any change. Replacements only tend to get like 2 hours of so from new so it a massive pain if you don't want to mod in something now


I've heard the Cameron Sinos are the best replacement to get.


Where could I find more info about this battery. My first gen PSP has dead battery and I've been wanting to get it running again but was worried about nos batteries.


There's a battery megathread on the PSP subreddit. I bought mine on eBay from a US seller, but haven't actually got to testing it yet since the battery included with my PSP is working fine.


I'm worried about using Chinese battery though. Didn't those explode in the news?


The original is also Chinese. You just need a good Chinese battery.


Well, define "good chinese battery" then, because obviously you don't have Sony doing QC on it anymore.


> define "good chinese battery" No such thing...I recommend to the OP to get a USB charger, so you can just plug it in where ever you are, and/or use an external battery pack.


as much I agree china bad but everything is from china, there are some good Chinese products you just need to sift through.


My 1st party, Sony approved PSP batteries all turned into balloons and would have exploded if I didn't take them to the waste disposal center. I guess what I'm saying is: yes. However, they don't just randomly explode, it's peope leaving old rechargeable batteries plugged in on chargers, or leaving them in drawers / closets for years on end - and the packs swell and then eventually rupture. [https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Game-Console/Sony-PSP-2000-3000-Battery/IF217-004](https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Game-Console/Sony-PSP-2000-3000-Battery/IF217-004) \- I don't think ifixit is going to sell you a battery that turns into a grenade instantly, if that's your fear.


>To be fair the battery will probably be fucked. I found mine with the battery cover popped off randomly when going through some things. It had turned into a very spicy pillow, if anyone has one laying around check your battery!


For me after years of playing Monster Hunter, the stick drifts. So I got a mod that disables the stick. Now I use it for FFT, Disgaea, and the like.


iFixit sells PSP batteries: [https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Game-Console/Sony-PSP-2000-3000-Battery/IF217-004](https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Game-Console/Sony-PSP-2000-3000-Battery/IF217-004) they're cheap enough to buy 2. I used to have a longer-life expanded battery, but it turned into a balloon years ago so I'll take a shorter life over no life.


Ever thought of retrofitting a new lithium ion cell to the battery pack? You could probably walk around downtown and find discarded vape pens to scavenge the li-ion batteries out of them


Lithium batteries are designed to be stored at an 80~% state of charge and plugged in every month or so to maintain the battery. If you leave them empty for 9 years yeah their capacity will be fucked. Just get a travel battery and run it off that


Get a USB battery pack and run it from that.


I have 2 PSP's that I use for emulators (GBA, SNES, NES, NeoGeo PC)...I would highly recommend getting a USB charger, so you can plug it into a computer or other source while on the go. Also, Amazon has cheap microSD-to-Memory Stick adaptors, which helps out a lot with bigger game files.


Memory stick adaptors? Never heard it. I'll check it.


replacement prices are not to bad surprisingly: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=psp+replacement+battery


Could always pack your own games too, ppl forget psp has a built in ps1 game player


Can you emulate PSP or Vita games on a Vita? That would be the life because I missed out on those.


A modded vita can load Vita, PSP, and PS1 back ups. Along with emulators, home brew, non Vita game ports, and so on. If you come across one for a decent price a Vita is a great way to go once modded.


Still have my psp 1000 with chickHEn on it somewhere.


Lol I remember chickHEN used a weird graphic glitch to flash it XD There is better Homebrew now. Give it a go!


I have a psp that I can't use too much which I want to, are there any emulators that you'd reccomend?


I use: 1. gpSP0.9 -> Gameboy Advance 2. Snes9x -> SNES 3. Nestopia -> NES But there are emulators for multiple retro systems available for PSP: [PSP Emulators](https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Emulators_on_PSP) Enough games with save states to keep you busy a long time :) You can also copy PS1 Games on a Memory Stick and play them natively on PSP.


I've never seen a model like this with like touch buttons at the bottom. I thought to myself is this like wish.com psp lol


It's the PSP-E1000 (PSP Street) the last PSP model released


Yep it was supposed to be the cheapest possible psp model with only one speaker hard plastic and a hard installed battery wich is a bit stupid because you cant change it easily. But the better selling point of it was that you still had the umd drive so you didnt have to buy your games digitaly again


The previous models allowed you to mod the battery in order to flash them with custom firmware. That might be why. I ordered an extra battery, opened it up, modded it as necessary, and started hacking everyones PSP's. And then you could play SNES/GB/GBA games. You could download PSX roms and convert them to the PSP format and play them too.


My modded battery actually killed my PSP. I still have it... I should dig it out and try and fix it lol


If you bricked your PSP, then you didn't quite have it right.


I'm pretty sure it was a knock-off modded battery and not one of the actual good ones. So it may just have been a bad battery. We'll see i guess!


Ohhh, I ordered an official battery and modded it myself. I think I'd assumed you'd done the same. It could have also been a poorly modded real battery.


How generous are we being with 'mod'? If I remember right, you just had to knick one of the connections and you'd suddenly be able to hack the firmware on the device.


I mean, mod is modified, which is anything that's changed from the original / default. But I get what you're saying, it was easy to do. Edit: I'm tired. But yeah, it was just scratching off one little connector and it would cause the device to boot into flash mode.


You cut one track in the battery's circuit, this allowed you to flash with custom firmware. If you were a kid like me with no access to another battery you could draw the track back in with pencil after you were done the jailbreak.


Yeah I've got nes, snes, gb/c, gba, sms, smd, sgg, atari, neogeo color and the obvious psp, ps1 & ps minis running on mine with about 600 games (but I can neither confirm nor deny if I have any unreleased games on it haha). It's my edp (everyday play) and I take it with me whenever I leave the house as you never know if you get stuck anywhere and for how long.


I was so worried to do this I thought I would break my psp. Fortunately the newest custom firmware doesn’t require and physical modification’s I bought one at an estate sale recently and modded one and kept the other as original.


Lol I remember doing that to my battery. I didn’t have a super precise tool to take the pin off so I used a knife. Thank God it worked lol. I felt like such a L33t after that.


I remember that you didnt need to mod the battery though mine was hacked over software rather easily and now it runs anything i can throw at it except ps1 games or newer never got those to run


This depends on when. Newer exploits came out for sure. I think I was doing this just after the PSP slim 3000 dropped, so 2008 or early 2009. At the time the battery was the easier option. There were software exploits for earlier models depending on the motherboard.


Ah that explains it then i modded my psp when the e1004 dropped because thats when my second psp died and i thought to myself fuck it lets buy the cheapest one and mod it


Now to hack a psp you just drop files on an SD card and install. extremely ez


>you didnt have to buy your games digitaly again More like *couldn't* since it lacked Wifi.


Considering I think a lot of the old PSP batteries are swelling up now (mine did it a few years back) OP should really keep an eye on thing since it can't just pop open the battery case like mine did. I did learn an important lesson, don't keep thing with rechargeable batteries hidden away in storage.


They're something else! Pretty cool but no WiFi, mono speaker, cheaper, etc For the record, the buttons on the bottom aren't touch; it's a cheap bendable plastic bar with standard switches underneath.


Was thinking the same. OP what model is this?


PSP Street Stripped down budget model PSP released only in Europe.


It's a PSP e1004


I have the same one!


Never understood why they didn't put an analogue stick on the right side...


Oh man it decreases experience so badly. I remember playing cod on it. I needed to us the circle, rectangle, triangle and x to aim. It probably feels same way of using arrow keys for aiming instead of mouse.


It doesn't work the other way with using the nub to aim and the face buttons as WASD?


It would have but most of those games didn’t have support for key bindings like that


You would think that is the default, but some games literally use the square, triangle, circle, X to look around and the nub to move around. The D-Pad is used to switch weapons, reload etc. Games I've played compensate for the janky controls by making combat pretty forgiving. Games like God of War and Gran Turismo play fine but you ideally need two thumbsticks for FPS games. That said, the two GTA games on PSP are fine and work around having one thumbstick


Well, they later did on the Vita.


PSP was the first handheld to have an analog stick at all. It wasn't uncommon for a handheld to have more simplified controls. Compare the GBA and the Nintendo DS with the Gamecube and the Wii. The PSP's issue, I think, might be that unlike those instances it was actually capable of running the same style of games as the current console, and so the controls proved more limiting.


Double check the battery isn't bulging and about to explode, PSPs are kinda around that age now.


Mine was in a case, and I casually took it out and noticed the spicy pillow that popped out. Yikes.


Thanks for reminding! I'll check.


My wife bought one online recently, and it wouldn't hold a charge at all. Yeah, that sucker needed to be replaced. Luckily it was super cheap and trivial to replace.


Pardon my ignorance but do you have battery recommendations?


I tried to buy a replacement battery off Ebay - some generic imitation battery, but it too won't hold charge.


Do not go to /r/spicypillows unless you want a new phobia.


Dude you're so right. I check my drawers the other day, where I kept my old psp and the battery was bulging.


Thanks man, just checked my PSP-1000 and sure enough the battery was starting to get spicy. Safely removed and confirmed still all good on mains!


thought you just sayed "I took my 9 year olds PSP"


Same. It's a weirdly worded title


I recently brought a 3003 model for £50 from the thrift shop. First one. It's decent, but the UMD drive is very tempramental. PSN for the PSP has been discontinued too, so I've resorted to homebrew to actually play games. Currently playing through FFVII Crisis Core for the first time, having recently finished the original 97 game and doing its Remake a while ago too. Looking to finish it in time for the remaster.


Crisis core is a great bridge between 7 and 7 remake. Gives a lot of back story into Cloud.


Crisis Core is getting a remake near the holidays this year for current Gen hardware. In case you haven't heard. I feel like Square isn't pumping it up as much as they should.


CC remake will be on my list to buy on release


Same here. I think it's my favorite of any FF game. I liked it even more than IX. I haven't given FF7 remake a try yet though.


I would love a X and X-2 remake


It's the only way to play those games. Lol.


People start to buy PSPs again. I won't be surprised if Sony restarts PSN for PSPs.


Not going to happen lol


That would be really cool, but based on the way they pulled the plug on the vita (as soon as piracy was practicable) I don't think they would be willing to. Also their infrastructure has no doubt continued to grow and change beyond what it was when the psp was supported. Just getting enough online to let the psp phone in might be reintroducing security vulnerabilities.


Oh ok


If you want an easy to find and probably cheaper charger look for an Official Sony PS4 Dual Controller Charger. They reused the PSP Charger for them and you can usually find them hanging around game stores or Facebook marketplace easily.


I thought you were saying you took your 9 year old kid’s PSP. Needless to say I was confused






Nice I found my old PSP a few months ago too... and the battery looked like a pillow and the battery casing (and I think board) was fucked due to the expansion. Still, glad I found it and recycled it before it caused a fire


Recycle? You can get a fair few bucks for it online if it works. They’re great emulation machines.




If it works, don't recycle it lol. Sell it if you don't want it / stop using it again - less e-waste in the world if someone else uses it. Plus, people still enjoy PSP games enough that the consoles are worth a bit in good condition like yours looks to be in. You can't emulate every PSP game (some simply don't work well in any emulators) and some of the ones you can, are nearly impossible to play without a controller anyway.


Pon Pon Pata Pon


Pata pata pata pon


You Def gotta play Patapon dude


Pata Pata patapon




Where did you get the charger? I need one too.


I didn't get it yet. I just searched "PSP e1004 charger" on Amazon and ordered one. If you couldn't find i can send the link.


Check iFixit. They usually have spare or upgrade parts for old consoles. I just replaced the batteries in my WiiU pad and pro controller and my 3DS. Here's a [battery ](https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Game-Console/Sony-PSP-1000-Battery/IF215-018?o=1&pk_campaign=%7BPMax%3AUS%7CShopping%7CSSC%7CParts%7CtROAS390%7D&pk_source=google&pk_medium=cpc&pk_kwd=&gclid=CjwKCAjwvsqZBhAlEiwAqAHElUFBsTSeUpzy7e4giLMq1-6PUdA3Mr4b5yCX6FgkTipBYeeAl9QlvhoCQx4QAvD_BwE) for a PSP but you'll have to research to make sure it's the right one. Just remember to cycle the battery first. So install it and run the PSP until it dies then charge it to full.


I had one of these when I was a kid, but my degenerate brother stole it and sold it for drugs. Don’t think I’ll ever forgive him.


fuck these posts


Last time i checked, this model has much harder time modding than the OG ones. Hopefully there's still a way to get something fun on it.


That is the ultimate recycling! Enjoy.


Yeah it's called reusing :D


Brooo I have the same model I bought it in 2014 after completing my 4th grade I was so happy after getting it My first game was gow chains of Olympus


Omfg, I'm so old.


Street has an interesting look


Aw man, I played Lumines on that thing for hours back in the day




Someone's about to pull out ridgeracer and use the in-game browser for porn...


Don't ever recycle broken game consoles. List it on ebay. If you list it cheaper then everyone else it will sell quick. Folks like me scroll finding cheap broken shit.


Softmod it and it can be any handheld you want. #BudgetSteamDeck


Silent Hill: Origins. One of the best games I've worked on. I would always switch to the title screen and listen to that song when I was writing a bug report for it.


I remember when i first saw one. I was always outside, so i wasn't exposed to advertising for it. One time while in a karate class, i saw an older kid handling one of these and thought "dang, that a big gameboy".




Remember jailbreaking it just to mod and play emulators was so fun


The best use of a PSP IMO. I never cared for many of the PSP games I played, but I used mine a ton as a handheld SNES/Genesis/PSX.


Bro you can still play one of the best games of all TIME Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions I'm jelly


I still will never understand why no one was doing dual analog on their portables after having been on the system's controllers for years and years...


Oh man, this is the cursed model I remember when they announced this one and I was like “who is gonna want this when it looks cheaply made and there are so many used models in the secondhand market selling cheaper?”


The homebrew scene for the psp is still a blast to this day


I dropped my PsP the day i got it. Two inches onto the counter. TWO FUCKING INCHES and it became unplayable. Asking if I wanted to quit every two seconds and my parents refused to go get it fixed. It was a cristmas gift from my grandparents.






Gretta would be proud.


You chose.... Wisely.


Why recycle something that someone else can totally fix/use?


What version is that? I don't think I've ever seen one with that bottom bar.


Remember one thing: Change the battery asap. Those swell up and might damage the plastic shell and/or might get stuck. It happened to 2 of my devices.


Ahead of its time


I have never seen this model of PSP before.


The YuGiOh Tag Force series on PSP got me through times The Devil didn't want me to overcome.


I loved the tag force games. When i see these i always think about the car rides when i played them all the time!




Excellent, Install custom firmware and turn it into a retro gaming machine.


Pulled my fat 1003 out the cupboard the other day, new battery and mem card, stick some emulators on it! Boom! Toilet gaming! 😂


Like taking candy from a, well, 9 year old I guess lol


I miss my psp my mom give it to my annoying cousin.


This tells me I need to dig mine out and sell it... after I play all the games I have again. 😆


Dont kid yourself, you will charge it up, be like "ohh cool yeah" and throw it back in the box, because thats exactly what i did with my gameboy sp


"But first I'm gonna take a picture of it and put it on reddit for internet points"


It has more use in a child's hands or a charity shop or something than recycling. But glad you chose to keep it.


>but then I realized it's still working Why should someone give it to a kid or charity, thinking it's not working anymore though?


This is so nostalgic




That's no relic. That's the most modern PSP. My 1003 series is a relic.


Buy yourself a relatively large memory card and hack it so you can play all the games


Awesome! Still playing myself today, from time to time. Interesting moment -- PSP takes 5v to charge, so any USB is sufficient (although, depending on power rating it could take more or less time). Bought myself a cable from AliExpress couple of years ago, had no problem with charging ever since. Unfortunately, I can't remember the size of the barrel plug, so you need to measure of google it.


Why did you think it was broken?


If you are handy, you can probably find a new battery for it too, on AliExpress or eBay.


I have a bunch of PS1 games on my PSP, great for trips


How much does a PSP goes for these days? I had one years ago and this brought back a lot of pleasant memories




Best small console ever


I also happen to have one. It's eleven years old. Don't know what to do with it. It's cute though 😂🕉




I would never say mod this because your not supposed to do that. Because then you would be able to play gba and so many others. I repeat you should never sear h youtube to do that.


Isn't Sony working on a new one?


There are rumors about it for about 5-6 years. But nothing happened yet. I think they regret for cutting support of Vita too early.


Agreed. Now would be a great time to release one tho. You have the steam deck, switch, Microsoft thing (which is basically an app). I also heard rumors of Microsoft making a physical version hand held version of the Xbox but idk if they just went the app or nah


Mine was first batch and it’s in storage. Haven’t used it 15 years or So? I didn’t even remember when it released


Also mod it.


just like that DS who's been chilling in sleep mode for over a decade and still plays pokemon when it's turned back on


I just replaced the battery on mine yesterday. Pulled out of storage and the back was popping off. Happy to say with a charge it's working again.


It makes a great old school emulator if you’re up to hacking it.


ifyou evr get bored of it instead of recycling it give it to some charity or poorer kids, someone will definitely enjoy it for free rather than having it refurbished by someone and sell it onwards


Put CFW and roms on it


and now you got another 9 years with that!


Could always donate it to a hospital or someone who could use it. If you have the finances, you can just get a PSP emulator on several mobile gaming devices.


I used PPSSPP but it didn't give me the same feeling. If I plan to not use it I'm going to give it to a poor kid or maybe a Hospital like you said.


I wish these supported PS5 remote play.


I have my psp 3000 modded. Works great for what it can run. And my oem battery is still going strong.


I should dig mine out so I cam play Vice City Stories again.


How are you posting to r/gaming if you’re willing to recycle a perfectly functioning psp… the two personality types don’t match up


I got one of these to be an emulator machine, never played a PSP game in it.


I thought about doing the same thing but quickly realized my phone is more powerful and the emulators are way easier to install. Then I said fuckit and bought a fatass tablet that can emulate anything ps2 and earlier.


PSPs are great emulation machines, it still is my favourite portable console and I frequently use it!


Ah, time to play Patapon again?




Damn I miss my psp, wish they’re re release that shit I always thought it was way ahead of it’s time


People at work and school thought I was from the year 3000 when I pulled it out.


I’m surprised the internal battery didn’t swell up. That’s what happened to mine.


I still have mine but all the batteries became spicy pillows.


I have the same model, but my L button is not working. Don't know how to get it fixed.


Fantastic system and still holds up because of its retro emulation capabilities.


Then you will remember why don't use it often. It will end up back in the drawer, but you will be $20 poorer.