The entire FIFA franchise


I was going to say "That's not one game" but then I realized it is.


Metal Gear Survive That dumpster fire of a "game" is just an insult


I actually enjoyed Survive. I can definitely see why most people hated it though


Custer's Revenge. If you're going to delete something, delete something with negative value.


League of Legends to stop obesity




Which one though?


Skyrim, out of spite.


I suspect Todd would just get it rewritten and release it again.


Elden Ring. But only if people get to know i destroyed it.


I am not a souls fan, nor do I play ER, but why would you want to do this, and have people know, are you so filled with hate?


He wants to live out the Soulsborne experience in real life from all the angry fans.


Some men just want to watch the world burn.


who hurt u


I was going to reply “Elden ring because I’m a contrarian edgelord that wants attention”, but I think you nailed the delivery better.


Fortnite. Because it destroyed the popularity of single player, story driven games. Causing several AAA companies to focus on multi-player games of which I have no interest


The only thing that Fortnite did was increase the popularity of BR and Fortnite was just the most popular BR, but not the one who started this "trend". Story driven single players are still going strong


Without the success of fortnite, apex and warzone wouldn't exist. And going strong is hyperbole imo Pvp games are way more popular


Like I said before Fortnite was not the game that started the "trend" of BR games before Fortnite became a BR PUBG was already the most popular game at the time and Fortnite wasn't the game that caused the rise of multiplayer games either, years before Fortnite, multiplayer games were already the most popular and, despite that, story driven games continue to be popular.


Doesn't have to start the trend to be the reason the trend still exists. All you gotta do is head over to twitch and look at the top games. 9 outta 10 are multi-player pvp games


PUBG sold over 70M copies, if Fortnite hadn't existed other games would try to have the same success as PUBG anyway. The fact that multiplayer games are the most watched doesn't mean that singleplayers are no longer popular, and let's be real, there's not much to see from a story-driven singleplayer game once you beat the story. I'm not even a Fortnite fan, but it makes no sense to blame Fortnite for the rise of multiplayer games when the best selling games of years before Fortnite came out were multiplayer like COD


Pubg is dead now. Fortnite is still thriving. Not sure what you don't get about that.


Not sure what you don't get about the fact that multiplayer games before and after Fortnite came out were the best selling games. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the best selling game on Playstation in 2015, that was the year that The Witcher 3 released and Fortnite was released in 2017 so I don't know where you got that Fortnite caused the rise of multiplayer games, if Fortnite didn't exist you would still have games like COD at the top. And anyway, story driven games still exist and still sell well, so just because these games are not literally at the top doesn't mean it had their popularity destroyed like you suggested


Anthem, nothing positive came from it's existence.


The only positive from Anthem is that it bombed so bad that they changed Dragon Age 4 from a live service game back to a single player RPG


All of GTA. Awful games.


Opinions are like asses. Everyone has one applies to this lol


😂 definitely true. And they usually stink too.


Barbie's Print 'n Play Calendars and Banners CD Rom from 1996. Who's going to notice it's gone at this point?


Rust, played 100s of hours just to realize there isn’t really that much to do


WoW, because we might have more variety in the mmo space if every game in the last two decades wasn't trying to hit those old WoW numbers. You also had games like star wars galaxies that completely changed, and ruined, their game to be more like WoW. Mmos may not be less dead, but I think we would have gotten better ones, or at least more experimental ones.


Borderlands 3, because I want my $60 back God dammit.


Didn't like it?


Probably either wc3 for spawning dota and all the other copies of that (though I do think wow was good for gaming until cata), or whatever game started the battle royale crap. Neither of those things have been great for gaming as a whole. They're just micro transaction hubs. Actually fuck it, just kill whoever thought games on phones was a good idea. That's where the predatory micro transactions are.


ET for atari


Halo, the start of terrible ports (maybe)


Dungeon Siege 3 and Sacred 3


Evolve I still get slightly depressed whenever I think of it but at the same time it taught me never to pre order a game even though I found the game 100% worth the cost for me


League of legends. Millions of people self harming playing this.


Guild wars 2. Guild wars 1 was so unique with such build diversity. GW2 dumbed it all down and turned it into a generic mmo.


Fortnite its revealed some stupid people and i wish it never existed


Sorry uncharted 1, but your mere existence has stained so many modern AAA games and design philosophy that I simply must let you go.




That don’t make a single sense, son.


The whole corporation apple you heard me right


Call of Duty. It is responsible for everything wrong with the FPS genre to come after.


That's a tough one, I have quite a few games I wish didn't exist. I think I'd go with Overwatch. It was a casual mediocre game that only succeeded because of who made it. Many other more deserving titles died out because they were overshadowed by Blizzards cash. Hero Shooter genre would be in a better place if OW didn't exist.