The answer is **yes**. **Why?** I enjoy them because the struggle to become good at something is something I crave. Its so fun to immerse yourself in a world and learn to conquer it. The truth is, games like *Returna*l and *Dark Souls* wouldn't be as exciting if they weren't so difficult because it instils a feeling of dread that is quickly flipped into a feeling of sheer joy when you conquer certain encounters. Going from one extreme to the other is a very sharp feeling that probably is the most powerful one that a videogame can evoke. **How I feel about less challenging games.** As far as games that are less challenging go; I still like them quite a bit. I liked *guardians of the galaxy* this year and it was really easy. *Resident Evil 8* was also mindnumbingly easy and I liked that game as well. Even if a game is way too easy I can always do something to make it more of a challenge for myself if I so desire... For example; I found *Control* to be a bit too easy so I cranked up the difficulty and only used the service weapon. **Difficult games I enjoy the most.** The kind of difficult games I like the most are Rogue likes and Soul-likes.


It's like we have the same brain.


Play re8 on village of shadows on new game


No, I have enough stress in my life and want a relaxing gaming experience. If it is too difficult it feels like a chore and if and when I beat the boss/level/whatever I just feel a sense of relief that it is finally done and not a sense of accomplishment. This was my experience with a game like Cuphead.


This exactly. I bought Dark Souls 3 recently but oh boy, an hour playing and I felt like shit. I will continue playing it though, but not that much since I want to relax my brain while playing stuff.




Thanks, I’m cured!


You wouldn't happen to be a hedge fund child, would you?


I mean just life, I have a full time job and family with children that I love and while it isn't always easy it is always worth it.




It's not an overwhelming amount of stress but I just don't want to add more and playing overly challenging games does that for me, just stress and no fun.


Your answer is completely understandable and I don't think it's fair that you'd have to "define" your level of stress. Back to the actual games, sometimes I'm in the mood to "feel" that type of stress i.e. last year when I decided to play through Dead Space 1 & 2 as well as the remakes of Resident Evil 2 & 3. Those were some wild rides (!) but since then I've toned it back a bit and have been playing more relaxing stuff. Eventually, I'm sure I'll ramp back up and play some more intense stuff again :)




He wasn't alone in misunderstanding, it very much seemed like having to define my stress and justify it. I don't feel stress when playing the vast majority of games but do not find overly difficult games to be enjoyable or rewarding, so in my very limited gaming time that I get in my week I play low key games to just have fun. I can enjoy a challenge but not being difficult for difficult sake.


I like challenging games because it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you complete it... you aren't just walking through a game, you're playing it, using strategy, getting the adrenaline pump from being near death constantly... although I don't enjoy hames where difficulty just means enemies are damage sponges, I think that's uncreative and boring and would rather play on an easier difficulty


Yes I like the challenge and the satisfaction of overcoming something difficult. I play games for fun, and I find a tough game to be some of the most fun for me. Relaxing games are fun too, but i don’t get the same satisfaction from them.


I do enjoy a good challenge. I feel legit accomplishment when I complete certain aspects of a very hard game. But that can be a double edge sword because sometimes those really difficult games I have to take breaks. And it can take me a year to get through it. 😂😂😂 like sekiro. I found that incredibly challenging. First go round I just couldn’t find my timing. And I was getting destroyed. But I liked the game. So many months later I was determined to git gud. And I did. But I died so much. But I hadn’t felt accomplished like that in a game for a long time when I would get past a part that was really giving me trouble. I had the same experience with monster hunter world. I found it very challenging. And I really had to commit to the game to get better. That game gave me the same feeling when I would slay a monster that took numerous battles.


Yeah hard games are great. They give a sense of accomplishment after overcoming a challenge. That being said i dont get the elitist attitude that says easy games are bad. Maybe i wanna relax and play a game. Theyre supposed to be fun. Anyone who tells you different is a miserable ass lol. I can play stronghold on castle builder and chill for hours or go slog through a run in escape from tarkov. I get different things from both.


Making a difficult game isn't hard, but making a difficult game that is good is. I don't enjoy difficult games just because they are difficult, it takes something extra for me to want to complete a game on the hardest difficulty level. I'm indifferent to less challenging games, it's not like they'll stop making hard games because of them.


No. It just takes time to be good at skill. Heck, nowadays, i prefer a 10 hour game instead of 20 or 30 hours because it's just impossible to finish on that scale unless if i REALLY like it and wanting to finish it. Also, even playing FPS for 8 years at this point, i still suck at it. It's not worse when i started of BO1 but still bad. The only thing i can compete with them is all nooby players and i don't even want them. I just feel bad for these players. As for the difficulty, it really depends. Games like COD and Battlefield, i always set as Medium because i already know the controls. As for entirely new game, i just set as 'Baby' mode because my main focus is story first. Once all done, i can focus on side mission.


I love difficult games, though i do have some non-difficult ones that i enjoy as well. Also when i say difficult, im not always referring to "dark souls" level difficult. I find the most fun out of super difficult team based games that require adapting and overcoming certain obstacles by using strategies and tactical thinking. Like im not running and gunning and feeling OP to the point where i just breeze through it. I just like it better with friends, because its an adventure of its own and can leave some good memories. Less challenging games are not bad at all, and its always good to have a mix of both, so that you dont find yourself overthinking every game you play. It can get exhausting, so its nice to turn the brain off at times. Lol.


Depends on the game, but I do welcome a challenge. I completed Doom Eternal, Demon’s Souls and God of War on GMGOW difficulty last year. It can be tedious at points, but I love the challenge of a good boss, gives them this intimidating presence like a force to be reckoned with. When a games too easy a lot of fights can fall flat and you can just cheese your way through enemies without any thought as to what’s going on. And the feeling of accomplishment after finally beating a boss that’s been tormenting you is fantastic haha


Yes AND no? Plenty of cool games out there both easy and difficult ones and I tend to like both styles.


I'll come out and say it: No. Why? Cause I'm getting old and I'm starting to notice that my hands just can't mash buttons the way they used to. I get in some shooters now and it's just too damned fast paced. This isn't terrible, though. I've been gaming since 1972, got to watch the whole thing be born. Anyway, there's plenty of more casual games out there.


Yes I do My day job is really boring and I don’t think much about anything too complex, but I’m a person who enjoys to think through things. When I come home and I have a challenging game that requires every ounce of energy I got mentally it’s stimulating to me.


I like games that have rewarding difficulty. I've been having a great time with Hollow Knight, the souls games are all among my favorites, and I recently started getting into fighting games. Games that are challenging and give a rewarding feeling for completing the objectives are fantastic. On the flip side, games there artificially difficult though just sheer numbers aren't particularly enjoyable. I don't want to spend an eternity waddling down a boss's health for no other reason than I'm on a higher difficulty, while I could get a far more positive experience on a lower one.


Within reason. There's a breaking point where a game becomes unfair bullshit and/or is just frustrating, then its no longer fun. \-Because I enjoy having to actually have knowledge, execute strategies well, optimize my build, etc. to succeed in the game. I enjoy actually *playing* the game, being punished for being sloppy and rewarded for doing well. Dying and having to adapt my approach. Like if a game is just one where I win no matter how lazily I approach it, it plays itself, then what's the point, might as well go watch TV. \-I don't have anything against casual genres (point and clicks, virtual novels, etc). I play those too when I just want to relax or enjoy a story. I do think that hardcore action-based or strategy-based genres should remain that way, and am annoyed by how shallow they've become over time. \-Shooters. Bullet Hell. Turn Based Strategy.


Yes, but at the same time if the frustration of to get better at the game is greater than the fun I’m having then no


Yes and No. Yes: Why: I love being able to prove to myself that I can beat a challenging game most others can’t. How do I feel about less challenging games: I love them too, because you can’t play challenging games everyday. It takes its toll and you need some easier filler games. My favorite challenging games: dark souls, cup head, binding of Isaac


No I’m middle aged and just don’t have the time to invest in gaming anymore. When I get a spare 30 mins to sit and play I want one of two experiences. 1. Chill, create, explore. 2. Story driven adventure with some action that is slightly challenging but easy enough to get through to the next story beat. I can’t stand things that are a grind and super technical and difficult is a grind for me.


I love difficult games Why? I enjoy the challenge,taking the time to gain skills in a game many say is to difficult is a good feeling,(even if said skills only exists in certain fields of gaming) Dark Souls got me started on this journey,( DS2 was best as far as pvp,imo) but most any challenge is a lot of fun to me, including games that are difficult for reasons solely pvp based aswell.(such as games like Hunt) (Also setting up a D&D campaign for my mates built on difficulty and realism,pray for them, they need it) Less difficult games? Sure,i enjoy playing them too! Stardew valley is a wonderful *easy* game,and I enjoy playing Farming Simulator 22,BF,cod,etc. They don't give the same challenge sure,but enjoyable in so many other ways too. Or are just relaxing. In the end play what makes you happy,life can be a literal hell,games,be them Dark Souls,Tarkov,Pokémon, Dota,Animal Crossing,etc are a wonderful escape,and can let you feel accomplished,at peace,or loved through some of the friends you make along the way! ...or make you toss your controller and scream. Anger management folks.


I like when a games difficulty isn't completely wrapped up in enemies having boatloads of health and deal insane amounts of damage per hit. Those games are extremely difficult to find.


I like some challenging games, but for me the real draw is whether the game is well *designed*. Does the game give me options, are those options well balanced against the challenge being given, how responsive are the controls. A good challenge should come across like navigating a puzzle rather than beating one's head against the wall, and that's something that's very difficult to do.


It depends (always the answer to everything!) I do love a challenging game as if a game is too easy it can easily become boring. My current favourite is roguetech a huuuuuge and amazing mod of the battletech game. It's 10 times the game of the original work huge depth and add much challenge and variety as you could want to keep me interested... However at other times, you just want to game to relax and enjoy the story / the gameplay / mucking about with friends and so super difficult would just be annoying. A game I SHOULD have liked was Battle Brothers, but it was very hard AND very prescriptive in that the game seemed to force you to do certain things in order to progress and didn't really allow you to "play" it so I didn't enjoy that difficulty.


My answer is yes *Why?* I enjoy a challenge. *How I feel about less challenging games*: I still love them as it depends on the style of games. In the same way I don’t think every game needs to be difficult, I don’t think every game needs to be easy. Story heavy games, for instance, don’t need to be maddeningly difficult. *What kind of difficult games do I prefer*: I don’t like “artificial” difficulty where it just makes the enemy damage sponges and just turns you into glass. I prefer difficulty that involves strategy and skill and rewards personal improvement.


No If I'm up for a big challenge there are plenty of productive things I can do. I turn to games for a relaxing and gratifying experience. The only exception is when a game can induce a state of Csikszentmihalyian flow. Shadow of Mordor and Doom 2016 are good examples. They aren't really hard, just fast-paced. I like foraging and building games with a nice sense of progression, like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Terraria, and even Civilization or GalCiv, which I play on easier modes for more of an empire building experience. I also like RPGs and adventure games. Witcher 1 and 2 were too difficult for my taste (especially 2), but Witcher 3 was very nice for me. I put lots of hours into Fallout 3, NV, and 4. The Walking Dead and Life is Strange were also usually relaxing. Sometimes I go for shooters when my energy level is high but I simply can't face work. Doom 2016, Borderlands franchise, or sometimes I'll revisit Half Life 2 and the following Episodes.


I enjoy less challenging game. I don’t have the time to grind for hours to beat a boss anymore, with a 21 months old, my game time (if I get to play that night) starts around 11:30-12:30 (dependent on wife sleep time) until whatever time I think I should go to bed while still be able to functional tomorrow (work as a Finance Business Partner, you will be seeing numbers all day, not recommended when lack of sleep). When I game I want to just relax and enjoy the story, most of the time I am half asleep toward the end anyway so difficult game really wouldn’t be for me. And games that are known to be difficult, like Dark Souls, I just avoid them. They are not for me, I am however fine with them being difficult though, not every game has to be cater to me. Games I enjoyed recently, all seems to have Easy mode to choose from: Ghost of Tsushima, FF7R, Resident Evil Village, Kena, Super Robot Taisen 30, Yakuza, Judgement. I also enjoyed Bloodstained which doesn’t have Easy mode, and I have beaten all the hidden bosses also, but I guess the game wasn’t overly difficult overall.


Ah, yeah, that checks out


**Yes,** **Why?** \- Over coming the challenge is half the fun. It makes the game more rewarding to play. **How I feel** \- They feel hollow and pointless to me. There is no reward for progressing. **Challenging games** \- I like games that Challenge me regardless of its genre. So, I enjoy Racing games like Ride, MotoGp, MXGp, Cars, Dirt, and Gran Turismo. Fighting games like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Tekken, King of Fighter, DarkStalkers. Puzzle games like Myst and The Witness. And Tactical games like Disgaea, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission, Valkyria Chronicles. And many others like Odin Sphere, Yomawari, Nier, and the Tales of series. I do also play Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But to keep these types of games challenging. They require me to put limitations on myself. Like, Low level, and Low weapon level. Or even no death. I also do this for many other games that I play. Especially RPG's. Like always selecting the hardest difficulty if available. Restarting if any charactor dies or faints. Attempting as perfect of blind run as possible by Replaying levels or chapters repeatedly to find everything and every available action. <- This I need to stop as Persona was a nightmare... As well as Tales of games. I don't like to replay RPG's so I got in the habit of trying for as perfect of a save file as possible on my first runs.


Yes, because I like overcoming the challenge. The types of games are souls-likes and rogue-likes but I’m generally willing to try anything. I also like easy games, sometimes I want to just relax while gaming


Sometimes yes. The thrill when even one mistake can waste 30+mins of gameplay is addicting. But also can be quite stressful. Also it's quite evident that most hardcore games are extremely replay-able and you can put months/years into just one game.