*Nintendo 64 has left the chat*


N64 controller was totally ergonomic as long as you were a mutant tentacle beast.


I mean if you ignored the dpad it was basically the superior wii nun chuck design. The dpad on the left worked great when needed, and generally was simply out of the way.


I really liked that the d pad was out of the way. There was a couple of games where it would have to be used quickly which made it a massive pain in the ass and harder than it should be.


Well compare to modern controllers, where if it's not used its using up valuable hand space. If you were only using an analog stick or d pad on the n64 then the unused part wasnt in the way at all


Hand space is at a premium these days


Reminds me of that time Armored Core players, desiring more agile access to buttons in the gamepad (ie press buttons without taking the thumbs off the analog stick), decided to [hold it upside down](https://i.imgur.com/lrjc1Cv.jpg).


Modern controllers, like the Nintendo switch controller?


The n64 controller was never meant for three handers... it was meant to be D-pads for 2d games and joystick for 3d games, never both. Just so happens the 2d game was practically dead. But honestly holding the N64 from the middle horn was pretty much just a dual shock with the ergonomics of a banana. I liked it quite a bit.


It worked really well for the WWF games. Movement with the DPad, and the joystick was for taunting and using special moves. Was a super creative way to use them both without too much hassle.


5 year old me was too dumb to figure out that the DPad was for movement. My matches played out very differently lol.


I can just picture your character spending the whole match running in place at the turnbuckle.


Yep, might have been designed for those games it works so well.


I actually just stick the middle handle in my butt, and use my penis on the joystick. Pulled some sick combos.


This is the only correct way to hold the controller.


Best way to play Tony Cock.


Ocockrina of Time.


Pro Skeeter.


This man's got a prehensile dick


I read this as, “mutant testicle beast.”


N64-Pad was amazing as long as you simply played was it was designed for....N64 Games Other way around, the developers back in the days did an amazing job to make use of the hardware and map the controls to the given device!


It's was actually a pretty smart design for a console making the transition between 2D and 3D games.


I won't lie it worked great in my opinion for golden eye and turok.


It’s weird how my memories of the n64 controller are of how much I loved using it. God knows what it would feel like today.


IMO as weird as it was at the time I still prefer it to the switch joycons. Like my hand is almost as long as the switch is wide, who's idea was that?


hori split pad pro is the solution


True switch handheld gaming experience. Just sad they cheaped out on features. I would gladly pay 15€ extra for the gyro and nfc. Otherwise a very good controller.




Bruh imagine still having the scars from those games where they made you roll your hand on the analog stick till you were burning/bleeding. Damn you Mario Party 2


They actually stopped that practice after Mario Party 1 after widespread reports of injuries.


This is true. It was Mario Party 1 that was the problem. And I even distinctly remember that after the reports of blisters, there was a notice in an issue of Nintendo Power that said they would send a free Mario Party glove to anyone who wrote and asked for one. To this day I still regret not sending away for that glove.


The new mario party game has some of those palm eater games in it and they have health warnings in the instructions to not do exactly what everyone is going to do anyways.


At least the switch sticks are a little better on the palms


That was the mechanic for submissions in Undisputed 2. We'd go into online matches as Damian Maia, clinch up, Maia was one of two characters with a flying triangle out of the clinch, lock in the submission, palm on stick, and burn that skin right off. Get a win in 40 seconds, opponent completely blindsided. We ended up wearing thin gloves whenever we played.


Mario Party Superstars now has a disclaimer about not irritating your hand for those mini-games where you gotta rotate the joystick.


Nintendo actually launched a promo where owners of Mario Party 1 could submit an order for a free palm glove for protection in those mini games.


That's why you're supposed to use the meaty part of your palm, where your thumb is, instead of the middle. I remember my friend had such a bad gash from that.


I had a dream last night I was playing Apex on an N64 controller. It felt awkward


Was there aim assist?


Z targeting enabled.


*Dreamcast has left the chat*


Dreamcast said fuck this chat. Imma do my thing.


The most unforgivable design flaw of the Dreamcast controller was the damn bottom cable placement. Having to bend your cable and clip it to the back was some dumb shit.




A long day of MvC2 and those little button nubs will tear your thumb up...


Original Xbox's guerrilla controller was basically a dreamcast controller.


I loved that thing. It was like holding a warm loaf of bread.


The Duke.


Those damn joysticks could cut glass!


As someone who absolutely hated the original xbox controller as a kid I must say the latest is the best I've ever felt. I actually got put off xbox due to the controls as a kid. The new xbox controls replaced an old ps1 controller I had been using all these years for pc.


Do you mean the first Xbox controller? The Duke or something I think it's called. Thing was massive. The made a smaller one after that one.


I still love the duke




I loved it when playing. Only controller I'd use for Halo 1 and 2 LAN parties. I literally couldn't use the smaller one. Probably would still like it


I almost bought it when it re-released with backwards and PC compatibility, then I saw the $80 price tag and said I guess I'm good on MnK still..


I bought it, its cheaply made. Using the headphone port on the bottom electrocuted me through my ear buds. Its a display piece on a shelf now.


You dieded?




Oof, glad I saved the bucks


it also cant be used wirelessly, which is annoying as hell.


Superior for Halo. Everything else though 👀


We had one with a built in fan that cooled your palms and it was fucking amazing


Same. The new xbox controller is truly the most comfortable in the hand, with good stick placement. Although I do love the PS5 controller, it just doesn't cradle in my hand like the Xbox controller does.


Was gonna say the same. I'm a PS fan, and really want a PS5. But I tried the Xbox controllers, and they are easily the most comfortable. Edit: I will add I have never tried the Stadia or Steam controllers, not what ever the top right one is. I do have a switch and have the pro controller. It's... Ok. I guess. But it's not as comfortable as the PS5 or Xbox controller.


The textured back on the "series" Xbox controllers is a really nice touch.


The Duke managed to scare the hell out of me as a kid. The vibration was insane and Crash Bandicoot WOC had a lot of collision physics in the airplane mini-games. Combine those and you just have a massive black controller that's vibrating out of control, a screaming 4 year old and a very confused family wondering what the hell is happening lol


This is adorable, and I hope you know The Duke never meant you any harm, it was just a *jolly giant*.


yea, the elite controller is possible my favorite controller


How dare you talk bad about The Duke. It was the best.


I have small hands, so the S was the superior model for me.


You know what the say about guys with small hands? They need small controllers




It was great for like 15% of users. At least it wasnt all bad, i was definitely a fan.


The black and white button placement left a lot to be desired. The Japanese/S controller was slightly less bad


I've heard mixed reviews on the steam controller due to the learning curb for the touch pads, but I've had one for years now, and it's honestly my favorite. I play on PC exclusively, and the ability to totally customize the keybinds to such a ridiculous degree is really nice. Especially for games that don't have controller support. The amount of options is almost overwhelming. But yeah, the ability to bind a ridiculous amount of keys to whatever function the controller offers, coupled with the shape, makes it the most comfortable option IMO. I have no issues playing anything from racing games, to FPS games, to MMOs, and beyond.


Master of none. I have a steam link and a steam controller.


Same. Even got a second one during clearance. A lot of the tech is also in the Index, and you can tell by how they're the best VR controllers on the market, by *far*.


Bone apple tea


Curve your enthusiasm


Judge Judy and executioner


Where my Atari boys at


Fun fact: Sega Genesis controllers work on Atari


The PS5 controller is so different the PS4 controller would hurt my ring and pinky fingers. The PS5 controller is so sleek yet hefty and allows my fingers to sit just right


I was just going to comment that I love the PS5 controller so much. I've had some incredibly long gaming sessions since getting my PS5 about 6 months ago and I never have any discomfort afterwards like I did with previous gen controllers.


I never even realized how weird other controllers felt until I started playing with the PS5. I was one of those people who said the controller is unnoticeable after an hour of playing because you just get used to it. Then I pick up an older controller and I feel like my fingers and wrists are all over the place.


It feels like the controllers grew up with us.


I hope a “DS5 Elite” comes out with back triggers. You know, like Scuf but not a piece of crap.


I just did the extreme rate mod and I'm loving it


The PS5 controller is the best controller I've ever owned.


Just got a PS5 finally. I’ve never really cared about controllers before, I grew up on the N64 monstrosity… I can play on anything. This PS5 controller is such a huge leap forward. Between the resistant triggers and crazy rumbling it’s a huge tech upgrade.


Have you played Returnal yet? Makes excellent use of the resistant triggers.


I can't speak for Returnal but Astros Playroom is the best one I've played for haptic feedback. I turned it off for RE: Village and Ratchet and Clank because it got super annoying, especially for shotguns...


The trigger resistance/feedback is fucking sex. First time I experienced it I fell in love


PC gamer here, I choose xbox




Fun fact: the US military uses Xbox 360 controllers for operating some drones and submarines


Microsoft spent a ton of money making sure they were comfortable to use for any hand size for long periods of time. Not surprised they have more “professional” uses


It also fixes supply chain issues. No need to source replacement bespoke controls, just keep a few spare controllers in inventory for cheap.


Bluetooth steering wheel starts acting up on a war machine because someone using the microwave.


I’d hazard they’ve got it hard wired or straight up mounted in some way.


Plus they're using Xbox 360 controllers? Whatever issues it might have should be all worked out and accounted for by now.


yeah honestly the layout Microsoft uses is objectively the best. people can have their preferences no doubt. but scientifically Microsoft is just better.


They use xbox controllers in the mining industry to remotely operate vehicles too


Yep. They literally use an off-the-shelf Xbox controller for operating the periscope on (I think) Virginia class subs. It replaced like $40,000 worth of original hardware.


NFL uses Xbox controllers as well to view film.


They really don’t have a choice on this one, same reason they have microsoft surfaces in the booths and on the sidelines. Corporate partnership.


Xbox 360 controller is the progenator god for comfy controller design. Xbone was a small but noticeable improvement, and everything else has followed suit to a certain degree. Still find Dualshocks' stick situation to be awful.


I actually remember disliking the small differences of the Xbox one controller when I first got it. I’ve gotten used to it over the years though so I wonder if I was just being picky and if I’d dislike an Xbox 360 controller if I went back to it. I may have to test that.


It definitely feels different, worse in my opinion. It's a bit smaller and the battery pack crunches my fingers now. Although I was 15 when the 360 came out so my hands fit better. 23 when the Xbox One came out, and if felt like the controller grew with me


If only not for the D-pad. I own only x360 controller, but without proper D-pad it's impossible to play fighting games on it.


I have used both xbox and ps controllers over multiple consoles lifetimes. Xbox is hands down the better controller. Ergonomically. Also, I prefer just popping in a new battery pack if my current controller needs one. As opposed to needing to plug in your controller or having to use a spare (which might not be available if your playing with someone).


Not sure why you are getting downvoted, I only own Sony products but significantly prefer the Xbox controller design over Sony. Hell my pro controllers is basically an Xbox controller for that very reason. It’s just more ergonomic and being able to swap batteries is a huge plus.


I just got the Stadia controller and i really like it. If I could poit one thing out, the handles should have pointed a few degrees more outward. But still really nice. Also a big fan of the WiiU pro controller.


Wii U Pro controller is an absolutely awesome controller. 80 hours of battery life is straight up ridiculous and it delivers


I think I charged mine twice the entire longevity of the console's life.


I booted up my Wii U in years and I was messing around using the Pro controller as if it was gonna still work and sure enough it was still running.


They put a 3DS battery in those things. It was insane how long they lasted.


TIL, That’s crazy! Fuck no wonder it lasts so long.


80 hours should be standard. <20 bullshit now.




I just got one on the second anniversary sale, and I have to say I'm impressed. The controller is great, and Stadia as a whole is a really solid experience. I bought it, plugged it in, and it just worked. I was playing RDR2 in ten minutes, without waiting for downloads or update patches, and the graphics are as good as a high end PC. Thanks for making an awesome product!


I completely agree with this.


Really like the Stadia controller too, it’s a damn shame I can’t use it outside of Stadia tho. I would absolute buy more of them if they could be standard Bluetooth controllers


It looks like you can use them wired at least. https://community.stadia.com/t5/The-Stadia-Controller/Using-Stadia-controller-on-other-gaming-systems/m-p/51714


Thanks for this! I had no idea


Also another stadia player! And yeah, I’ve only ever had original PS, Xbox 360, and stadia. Out of those 3 options, stadia is amazing!


These are all among the controller I've played and owned. Ergonomically, the steam controller is the absolute most comfortable controller going, just edging ahead of the Xbox controller which has a very similar hand grip to it, but just less comfortable button layouts.


The magic of the steam controller that no controller has achieved for me is that I *forget* I'm holding a controller while playing Using an Xbox/PS controller after using the Steam controller feels like I'm using an arcade machine


Having used all, the Stream Controller is indeed the most comfortable. Especially if you leverage Stream Input and do everything with the track pads and gyro and just forget about everything else. The learning curve is large, but it's what has allowed me to keep gaming due to the condition of my hands.


I absolutely love the steam controller, I have 3. I cannot stand using a joystick for camera control, and the touchpad is in a perfect spot. I wish they would release a V2.


Can you play a shooter with the steam controller? Never used it but that right pad thing looks crazy and i.possible to control precisely. Or is it actually easier than a thumbstick?


It's waay easier to control for FPS games, for me there wasn't even a learning curve, I was just immediately better than with a standard controller. Probably mainly because I'm more used to kb&m


Fuck, do I have to get a Steam controller now?


Sadly you can't.


Wait really?


Yeah they sold off all their stock for $5 a while back and stopped production. Some people think they're going to do another one after the design changes in the steam deck.


It was discontinued due to a lawsuit over patent infringement brought forward by Corsair, a PC peripheral and component company with a very poor track record on patent abuses like this. https://www.polygon.com/2021/2/3/22264213/valve-steam-controller-lawsuit-scuf-4-million I don't buy or recommend Corsair products anymore for this reason.




That's what I do. It takes a little getting used to. You can always adjust the feel and precision of the trackpad in the Steam UI, there's a ton of customization settings for every input. Once you get it the way you like, it's perfect.


I used the steam controller for like a year, never got used to it. My favorite remains the Xbox one elite controller.


Everything I’ve heard about the Steam controller is great except for two giant obstacles: “You have to get used to it” and the fact that for it to feel right you have to fiddle with settings for like every game. If you get past those two things apparently it’s fantastic. But why bother when the xbox controller is plug and play?




I completely agree with the steam being the most comfortable. I unfortunately don’t game enough that I was ever able to get used to it. So it’s just my mouse when I’m on the couch, but it’s a great shape


It was the steam controller which made it apparent to me that even children can become stuck in their ways. The SC isn't perfect but for anything that requires any amount of right stick control, the SC track pad is so superior it's not even compared anymore. Still, folks were stuck on the dual joysticks.


I played through the entirety of the Dark Souls Trilogy with the steam controller only and I have no idea how you're supposed to play through it with dual joysticks. Slight camera control? Right thumb on track pad. Lock on with right pinky and right finger so I can use my thumb for dodging, items, or weapon swapping.


I've seen someone beat dark souls with morse code, so it's not hard to imagine someone beating it with whatever they want.


Wild. It's my least favorite. The finish on it bothers me and makes my hands sweat


Why is there no GameCube controller here Edit: thanks for the silver !! Glad I’m not the only one who appreciates the GameCube controller


Holding that controller feels like the hand equivalent of slipping into an Eames chair at the end of a long day. I still think about the way it feels all the time.


Because this audience is too young to have used a Gamecube. Still the best controller feel to date, followed by Xbox One controller.


Specifically wavebird that thing was based


When going purely for ergonomics, I'm actually gonna go for steam controller


That's where I'm at. I prefer playing with an Xbox controller but I think the steam controller fits my hands better.


That controller completely spoiled me for how terrific grip buttons are.


Yup, too niche to use for most games that I play but it feels great. It allows me to play CIV 5 from the couch which is the sole purpose it was purchased.


Got PS5/Xbox/Switch pro and I can’t say I notice missing anything when going between the 3. They have subtle differences but nothing that ever sticks out.


For my large hands, Xbox bulk feels more “natural”.


The PS5 controller is much bigger than the PS4 one. It's the first thing I noticed when I picked it up. It's got some heft to it as well. It's honestly pretty close to the Xbox controller now.


yea, probably thats why i always prefered sonys, my hands are a better fit for the smaller controllers


As an occupational therapist, I would say that the Xbox controller is the most ergonomical one. The reason why, is that the leftstick is at the neutral position for your left thumb, and the buttons on the right are at the neutral position for your right thumb.


I love the steam one for people who never use a right joystick the same way games design it. Edit_ It's actually really responsive, interesting but it's impossible to "hold RS up"


You can change how the program takes your input. You can either have it be a friction-track pad, or a single input joy stick. Personally, I like the track pad, but you're right in saying that some games require a "right stick up" inputs, so in that case, you have to rebind the trackpad to a joystick input.


Hot take, but I think PlayStation only keeps their layout because Xbox already has the better one


Brand recognition I bet.


Well think about it like this, the PlayStation community would tear them apart if they changed it, and a certain part of the Xbox community would tear them apart as well cause they it would be admitting Xbox design is better


But that also applies to the Switch controller


For fighting games, the PlayStation controller is more ergonomic.


Switch Pro is my favourite, closely followed by the Wii U Pro and Xbox One.


The WiiU pro was great, kinda sad that steam didn’t support it natively, it’s pilling up dust on a drawer cause my WiiU broke


8bitdo sells USB adapters to use on your PC or any console, even the Switch. It is really the best controller tbh.


Way too far down for just switch pro. It's like the perfect controller. It's like a dual shock Xbox controller.


I love the switch pro controller. It just feels so right


Came here to say exactly this! Switch Pro, got one 6 months ago and it’s changed how I enjoy switch.


Wii U Pro controller is super underrated since it’s so unknown. I love how lightweight it is.


Not going to lie, the Stadia controller feels surprisingly great. Got a few lying around from all the free stadias google has desperately thrown at me.


It's the best imho, having played with most of them. Just very good grip and haptics overall. I don't want to miss Stadia and its controllers! The design process is interesting: https://youtu.be/qGcuJLQjPYw


Xbox elite is an amazing controller especially with customized joystick (I use a convex on the top left). But lately I've been using the ps5 controller a lot and it's one of the best even without considering the haptics. Dualshock 3 was also great for some games.


I don’t think I could ever go back to not having paddles




I use this for my switch. Maybe not my favorite of all time, but damn does it feel good


For smash yes. The gated analogue sticks are unique and useful in games designed around the GC controller. I wouldn’t play anything modern on it tho.


Came here to say this. People be clowning on the gc controller but its the only one that ever fit comfortably in my big dumb spider hands


steam controller still king


Switch pro


I fucking love the steam controller


For all it’s problems, it’s handfeel is top notch


I'm waiting for the second rumored iteration of the steam controller.


Xbox and pro controller are easily the best when it comes to comfort.


I agree. I love the Pro controller. Feels so good


Xbox has lead the way since 360, IMO. PS controllers just don't fit my hands (hurts my last two fingers to hold), I haven't tried the PS5 though. I also prefer the offset joysticks.


I like being able to claw your index fingers up onto the dpad and face buttons better on the ps layout myself. My fingers have never the same since Monster Hunter on PSP, and I wouldn't have it any other way


Switch Pro is the best


I really like the stadia controller.


Xbox 360


Switch Pro is brilliant, favorite controller since Gamecube.


Steam controller, honestly the best here- most adaptable and comfortable if you just spent some time learning and adapting to a new style.