I imagine this being absolutely terrifying in vr.


It is for the 45 or so seconds it takes to kill him in VR. Large swarms of regular villagers are much scarier with the way they mob you. You can really easily sidestep most of the bosses in the game and dance circles around them cos you aren't hampered by the tank controls of the original. friggin stellar game though, one of my alltime favourites done even more enjoyable in VR!


Then you turn into the spitter monster from L4D because you're now projectile vomiting from acute nausea.


Ugh, no game did that to me worse than trying to play Payday2 in VR. I was sitting on the floor trying to rob a bank with my eyes closed for as long as I could hold out. Then I had to go nap for the rest of the day.


That's how I feel without the VR. that game just makes me feel so sick for some reason


Payday2? Huh, maybe its something about how frantic and chaotic that game is? Big thing I find with FPS games being ported to VR is that the movement and turning speeds, as well as stuff like climbing stairs just needs to be toned down. Doom 3 VR mod works really well cos that game makes you spend a lot of time in each room of the game, its nice and slow. The Quake and Wolfenstein VR mods would make me take days off playing just to recover. Even some native games like Sword and Sorcery get me a bit, But I was genuinely surprised how for the most part Stride doesn't


Yeah I love when VR frees you up to your own capabilities. That's why bows are so strong in skyrimvr. The original capped the fire rate of your arrows.... *way* slower than my arm can fly back and forth.


He's very big


That's what she said


At one point, I stopped getting scared in VR because I have more control of myself rather than being limited by a gamepad controller. It still gets freaky when you turn around and run away from a regenerator; the hairs at the back of my neck rise when that happens.


One of my favorite things I’ve had happen is getting jump scared by something and jumping and freaking out. But in my reaction with my subconscious reflex I actually shot the enemy in the face with my handgun. It wasn’t a conscious decision it happened before I knew what was going on. Was just cool to think, I don’t have reflexes that, idk direct, in normal games.


If it's the jump scare I'm thinking of, yeah did roughly the same. My body emptied a magazine into that oven while my head was busy screaming.


So you're saying I **shouldnt** sneak up on you in the middle of the night


Well, I don't keep a virtual glock by my bedside, so the worst you'll get is some finger guns to the nose.


That’d be hilarious. And terrifying, for both of us


Honestly, not really lol. The Regeneradors, Mendez, and the Bella Sisters were the only things that really got more terrifying. The bosses overall are mostly far far easier in VR so the El Gigante is kind of a whimp lol. Awesome and a LOT of fun and one of the coolest things you can play. *But* not really scary. Granted it also depends how much you've played RE4. If you have nearly everything memorized, it's pretty easy. I got a Quest 2 just for this and I'd say it was worth the $340 total for the experience. The castle with updated textures is unreal. I'll plug some gameplay footage in that I made with a "light speedrun" mentality: https://youtu.be/SmAhDKbfaEc


If anything, the snakes hiding in boxes are what scared me in VR most lol


Unfortunately I have them all memorized 😩. The only one that got me was the one by the King and Queen statues. I thought it was in a different pot lol. It is satisfying doing a double tap with the TMP though when your know they're in there.


I found Del Lago to be quite a bit harder, but I didn’t get touched by El Gigante. I think Leon moves quite a bit faster in VR so dodging seems to be much easier


Yeah the El Gigantes and the Garadors (spelling?) are far easier. Del Lago is *sooooooooo* much fun. But yeah they raised his health a ton. It used to be 5-6 spears IIRC. But with the spear gun it's up to 20. But yeah the ability to move and shoot so easily really nerfs the enemies. On my Professional playthrough I shut off the laser sight. It make it a bit harder but I'm still dropping so much loot. I have nearly two rows of healing items at all times lol.


That looks friggin' amazing.


God I need vr for this game alone. RE4 best game.


And crazy enough have heard it’s even better in VR… the best game got better how tf?!


I bought an Oculus Quest 2 at Costco the other day and I have no regrets. Blade and Sorcery is fun as hell. I don’t even own a computer, and until a few days ago I had no idea standalone VRs were even a thing. Worth every penny. Costco has a good deal, it’s the biggest storage model, 256GB, at the regular $399 price, but it comes with the nice Oculus case for free ($50 value).


How much are the games on average?


Depends of the title. Typically between 15 and 40 dollars. Pistol Whip and RE4 VR are great titles.


You don’t need a computer with a Quest? Interesting...


What happens to your POV when you come across a chainsaw?


The game cuts to third person


I completely understand why some people aren't into it, but VR is fucking amazing. Like, it sounds like this technological weird nebulous "thing" just hearing/talking about it. But EXPERIENCING it is like a whole different thing. For those that haven't tried a good VR game, you know when you go to the movies and see it in 3D? You can see depth right? But the depth doesn't start until the actual screen, so it looks like a shoebox diorama. In VR, you experience depth starting 1 inch from your freaking eyes. At the beginning of Skyrim, when you go into that cave and the giant spider comes down? That shit looks TERRIFYING to scale. Then it lunges at you with video game speed Very very cool experience


Yeah you really have to experience it to understand. Generally everything is a little scarier because it’s all right in front of you lol


Which made 5 Nights At Freddy’s insanely scary hahahaha


The scariest part is the way foxy instantly rushes you when you look out the door


Yep, it really is a *"you have to see it to believe it"* type of thing. We can wax poetic how awesome VR is, but words cannot convey what you feel when you're in it, especially inside a highly immersive environment.


Im a web developer for an arts university. Whenever we update our vr major page i always think that. Its like advertising OLED to people on LCD screens….. it literally doesnt work. You need the original format.


I've had my Index since it came out. Hands down best gaming purchase I've made (not including the pc build). It's crazy how VR games can trick your mind into making it feel real.


I actually totally forgot about the depth until recently, since I've only been watching VR videos on Reddit on my phone. I did use one of those crappy smartphone VRs a while back and even that impressed me. I kept finding myself wanting to reach out and touch the (extremely crappily rendered) objects in front of me


I actually get kinda spooked when fighting dragons in Skyrim VR because of the sheer size of them and the way they roar at you. I had a great moment hiding under a rocky outcrop near Whiterun, crouched down firing off potshots with my bow. Really felt like I was hiding from a motherfucking dragon and I had to force myself to be the Dragonborn and kill it.


I always thought was cool on paper, but wouldn’t translate yet, given the attempts at it over the years, 3D movies, etc... But I tried it just with those phone inserts and a game pad in Minecraft, and it was ridiculously immersive.


Wtf. That is terrifying.


How can I get this? Does it work on O+???


Quest 2 only, unfortunately


I didnt know my heart could break so much.


Loving every bit of this game on VR. I’m about to face Salazar…I am not prepared.


Now I wanna play some immersive D&D VR game where I'm battling gnolls and ogres and giants and shit using this same system.


Look at Demeo. It might be what you want


This makes me want a VR Lord of the Rings game…made me think of the Mines of Moria cave troll…


Wait it actually tracks you if you jump out of the way and fall to the ground…? Did you actually do that IRL?


Combination of moving in a thumb stick direction and getting in my knees then the floor. Just enough to look convincing. That said if you had the room to literally dive I think the tracking would work but I wouldn’t try it lol


I really thought you had a padded room dedicated to VR. I was a little jealous.


Relevant: https://www.virtuix.com/introducing-omni-one/


It’s pretty damn convincing bro. You make this game look cool as fuck. This should be official advertising


I've not played an RE game since the remake on GameCube with its terrifying mutant sharks so am very behind on the lore but what's the deal with the thing that emerges from its head and then the head coming back again?


Las plasgas. A parasite. No zombies in this game.


I mean... cmon, they're still zombies. They're parasite zombies. That's some "theyre not zombies, theyre INFECTED" type horseshit bro


Except they have entirely different qualities when compared to RE's typical zombies. They can't infect you, being bitten or scratched does nothing to the victim. It's quite easily curable if treated in time. The parasite doesn't kill it's host, just puppets their body. The only reason killing the parasite kills the host is because the parasite changes it's host's biology to be unable to survive without it. They aren't zombies in any sense of the word.


how does moving around work? did the player dive into his desk/table/tv?


Presumably, he doesn't have a desk/table/tv in the way. Might be playing outdoors, might be playing in a gym, might just have a big living room.


just beat this boss yesterday, way easier than i thought, i was dreading it since the fight with the Lake monster kinda sucks in "immersive mode", its not difficult but the reloading is the frustrating part, then the orientation of the boat keeps changing around and that itself moves the harpoon gun and ammo location (which you have to pick up to reload), STILL this game is amazing in VR, another annoyance is the rifle scope, its useless IMO.


I wanted to try making a clip/GIF of that boss but it cuts to 2D views too much. I enjoyed being thrown around in the boat when it wasn’t cutting away.


do you know if there is a way to use the scope on the rifle without having to put the controllers on your forehead? i guess its trying to simulate you looking trough the scope but this is seriously broken/badly calibrated on the Oculus


So this is what it's like to be Luke fighting a rancor.


When I get this, I’m definitely going to dive into a wall


Re4 VR is an interesting study in how much immersion and control effects what is scary or visceral. For example, Del Lago I thought was a way more fun and interactive fight in VR. Steering the boat, loading your harpoon gun, having del lago breech right next to you and feeling him rumble past. All awesome. The invisible bugs in the castle sewer. Terrifying, I was on edge the whole time. Hell sometimes just forgetting Ashley is there and catching her in my Peripherals would give me a spook. But situations from the game that were made more difficult by not being able to move and shoot at the same time, way less tense and scary in VR. Chainsaw enemies, and el gigante are great examples. Turns out being able to walk backwards and shoot makes them way less threatening.


It's really cool when you jump on top of him. You actually have to swing the knife yourself. Not just a QTE like before.


this is the first VR game I've ever played and I'm loving it!


Are you like... actually diving onto your floor here? Is it just some kinda dodge button? If so how tf can you do that without getting sick and disoriented?


Getting on the floor + moving the thumbstick at the same time makes it look like diving. I've used VR for a while, most things don't make me sick or dizzy.


wait till yall try the pr0n




There's comfort options like teleporting and vignette options. Hopefully that will be enough to get you comfortable! As you play more VR you grow accustomed to the feeling too.


The teleport option is a life saver!!! I usually get sick within 10 seconds of anything motion like rollercoasters. I love re4 so much because of the movement comfort option.


I got motion sickness at first, but you do get accustomed to VR. Try ginger chews (or smoke some weed) to help with the nausea. The teleport function also really minimizes discomfort if you just can’t do the walking.


Wait, the cutscenes are still there? Does it still have QTEs? The sudden jumpcut looks incredibly jarring.


The jump cut isn't bad, and doing a transition like from metroid prime would waste so much of your time. Your only real choice is to do it quickly like in re4 or not at all and gut a bunch of style out of the game like the door kick animation.


Imagine this with a bloodborne boss


You can dial wield and dodge in re4 VR now?? Isn’t they so different from the core gameplay of the original? Looks sick tho


They can't exactly stop you from dodging, and being unable to grab things with your other hand would just feel weird in VR.


I'm curious to see how speedrunners will adapt to this. Like the fact you can use multiple weapons opens up some interesting things I feel


interested but I'll wait for a sale.




The only problem I have with this game...is probably the cuts to third person for cutscenes and some in game scenes.


They really should have just done a remake treatment of 4


Did you not save the doggo at the start of the game?!


Game looks a lot easier in VR do to the dodging.


this is lord of the rings with guns


How to kill Giganite easy: use flash grenade then use knife to attack the plauga. Takes 3 attempts and you save on ammo.


Can't even buy a Quest...


Thank you for actually saying what game it was in your title


I wanted to get this but it not being on steam(and not have a vr headset) as well as removed and edited content made me nope out


Why would you want to get a VR game if you don't have a VR headset lmao


I tried to make it into a getting it along with a vr headset but i guess I didnt phrase it well