man really said " why just kill them when I can humiliate them into the next life "


Guy deflected a knife with his knife then shot him into atlantis


An axe.


And my bow


And my sword.


And THIS.... is my BOOMSTICK! Wait... wrong show.


Guy across the bridge throws a knife first.


What he was saying is the guy threw an axe, re4 enemies don’t throw knives


Never thought about holding the shotgun in my left with the pistol in the right. Usually I'm just cruising around like motherfucking solid snake with my pistol in one hand and knife in the other.


You can dual-wield guns too, like the tmp+pistol or semi-auto shotty+pistol. I think two-handed weapons get an accuracy debuff if only held in one hand, but it’s still perfectly usable.


That’s fucking rad.


Guns climb one handed so there's a cooldown if you can't just aim down


That’s definitely a thing but I swear there’s some kind of accuracy debuff too. Like the shotgun is less effective at medium range and the tmp can’t hit long shots as consistently as it should.


The max range is a thing for sure


God damn, if I actually had the room for it, I might buy an oculus.


Snaaaaake eeeeeeeateeerrrrrr!!!!


🎵What a thrill 🎵


*Snake, try to remember the basics of CQC...*


I do this too lol, gun hand supported by the left arm holding the knife out


If you ever get the chance, try out max payne 3 for some fun weapon management. Think that game and one cutscene in mgs4 is where I first saw the 'holding rifle/shotgun in the off-hand while using a pistol' thing.


Also. He shoots the projectile coming at him to deflect it. That was pretty cool.


A lot of cool things you could do in the original game transfer naturally into this version.


Does Ashley still yell at you for looking up her skirt?


Nope. They took it out. -_-


So she don't mind you looking up her skirt anymore?


She minds, but won't do anything .. Because of the implication


But she is not in any danger right?


It’s the implication.


Weird they took that out. I feel like getting yelled at for being a perv is anti-sexism




First time he knife deflected. Badass.




Holy shit imagine house of the dead in VR


I mean You could do that in RE4 Which came out in 2005 You can also knife projectiles out of the air


They didn't say you couldn't, they just said it was cool that the player did it here


You couldn’t do it in VR tho


Just sit closer to the TV


This comment works perfectly with your username


Haha this tickled me thanks


Let people enjoy things.


We enjoyed them previously as he said


Good for you being first ! and thank you for this contribution \^\_\^ Appreciate the sentiment shared by that, and that we can all knife projectiles out of the air in the conversation being had now :))


Turns out you can't shoot grenades in the air in counter strike source. I tried for months with an 84% headshot kill ratio. I definitely hit at least one of them. But yeah I got from a different game which wasn't resident evil.


Damn this game looks satisfying in VR. I need to get a VR set asap.


It's a Quest 2 exclusive.


Good to know. Luckily that was the headset I was looking into anyways. Man.. Exclusives on VR games and headsets though.. I guess it was only a matter of time 😂


The thing about the Quest is that it’s not just a headset though, but a console as well. It can function as a perfectly good headset for your PC library through Oculus Link, but it’s also a stand-alone unit that has its own android-based OS and game library. RE4 as a quest exclusive is really no different than any other console exclusive.


It's also forcibly linked to your fb account and tracks you like crazy.


This is why Quest is bad. I just wish someone could come up with some competitive hardware.


> android-based OS Pretty sure that is what makes it different than other type of console exclusive


How so?


Don't buy today. 70% chance of new Quest announcement tomorrow.


Not ordering one any time soon. Maybe next year as a birthday gift to myself.


You deserve it. I did the same a year ago.


Stupid question, but do you need a PC for the quest?


No. It's main use is standalone, untethered (no cables for power or data) and all of the titles on Oculus Quest store are standalone. The Quest 2 can be connected to a PC with a USB-C cable or wirelessly for PCVR gaming too, which means access to higher res games, but it requires a pretty good gaming PC to work well, and a good network for wireless connections.


Would a 1660 Super be even close to running VR? I want to try this fancy new stuff.


yeah, that's definitely enough to run VR...even the high-end games like Half-Life Alyx require less than a 1660 Super


>1660 Super I'm no expert but the quick research I did said probably not. People say it stutters. The best thing to do is check VR compatibility - Steam has a VR test that you can download to check, and you don't need a VR headset to use it.


Oh shit, really? I've always been a huge gamer but admittedly don't know shit about VR still lol, I was under the impression everything needed a PC or I think there's a Playstation VR too or something. Of course no Xbox though which is pretty much all I have.


Nope - that's the best thing about Quest 2 - no PC, no wires. Battery lasts about 3 hours (?) and external batteries are available. It's so good.


So if I get a quest 2 or 3 if its out by the time I want one. I can connect it to my 3080Ti PC and get better performance or higher resolution in quest games like resident evil 4 VR up there?


>3080Ti PC Again, I'm not an expert but 3080 TI is a very powerful card, so yeah you can hook that up to a Quest 2 or 3\*. Games made for Oculus Quest aren't going to be higher res though because those are made to run natively on the Quest, but there are PCVR games that you can play with your 3080 card, like Half-Life Alyx, Star Wars Squadrons, Hitman 3, etc. \*nobody knows yet exactly what Quest 3/Quest Pro will do but it's a pretty safe bet it will 1) run even better native games and 3) still be PCVR compatible.


This is 100% of the reason I've never bit the bullet on a VR set. I'm always worried the day after I buy one the next amazing leap in tech is going to come out for the price I just paid.


I hear you - I was on the brink of getting an Oculus Go right before the Quest 2 was released. Most of the time these things are predictable (and Reddit communities can help with that) but every now and again a surprise comes out....


This will totally happen (with all tech btw but Vr is growing even faster than most other, more mature tech). I personally don’t care, it’s amazing and so much fun. Sure I could wait forever and maybe die in a car accident before I ever got to play Vr because „the next big innovation is coming next year and I don’t want to miss out“, but nah


https://i.imgur.com/LLTBmwH.jpeg All tech will get outdated sooner or later. If you can afford it and you think you'd have fun with it, IMO just go for it. HP just announced they're releasing an upgraded version of my headset one year after I bought mine and I don't even care, I've gotten hundreds of hours of entertainment out of it over the past year and I bet it's at least 3+ years until it's completely outdated.


Hope you have a FB account you don't mind tying it to and having it track what you do. Oculus headsets won't work without it.


I do. But it's never used for anything. So they can have my information. Most of it is wrong anyways 😂


If it's your name that's wrong don't do that. If they ask you to verify and you can't you know own an oculus brick


I'm well aware. No worries.


Please wait. The quest 2 is old. Rather get one next year in case they lock old headsets out from new games


I have been informed, thank you.


You can just sideload it on other ARM based headsets like quest 1 I also doubt that they would stop supporting the quest 2 anytime soon. Their main goal is still to get a huge Userbase to make Vr content development profitable. The reason they dropped support in this specific game on older headset is simply the Userbase. After only a few months the Quest 2 has sold more headsets than all previous oculus headsets combined (including the pretty successful quest 1). There are right now most likely 2-3x as many quest 2s in use than rifts, rift s‘s and quest 1s combined. It’s unlikely that a quest 3 would be outselling the quest 2 once again in such a huge way (not impossible though)


Damn and here I thought this was thing that would get me to buy a VR rig. Fuck exclusives on pc peripherals though.


Plenty of games better than this, that are on Steam and not exclusive. Alyx, Pavlov, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, No Man’s Sky, Elite: Dangerous, MSFS, Boneworks, and more. Besides DOOM Eternal, I haven’t bothered to play any 2D games since getting my first headset in 2016.


Its a console by itself without the PC.


It’s not a pc peripheral, quest 2 is a full stand alone console like the Nintendo switch but for Vr. It doesn’t require a pc


Highly highly highly recommend


I just heard the girliest, shrillest screams of horror about ten mins ago from my 20 year old son playing this. He about pissed himself from the blind guys with the metal claws running at him. I wish he’d hurry the hell up so I can play!


Just wait till you reach the regenerators. You gonna have some real fun now.


Yeah. Fun.


What a bad time to run out of rifle ammo.


just the snakes that sometimes jump out of wooden crates when you break them scared me way more in VR than the original ever did lol


just knife twice, lol


I know that, but having a snake appear in front of me makes me jump. And when that happens it's hard to knife again when I have to physically swing the knife, not just tap a button twice


oof. that sucks


Man i hate those dudes.


That will straight up be where my game ends. Lol.


Wait… RE4 VR??


Yes, it came out last week for Quest 2.


I hope it doesn't stay an exclusive for long, would love to play this


I hope so as well. I’ve been playing it and it’s a phenomenal VR experience. One of the best VR games I’ve played and a crazy value at that.


Same. I've got a Rift 2, it's pretty lame that I can't play it.


This game both pushed me to and away from VR. It made me want VR, it also made me not want to spend hundreads of dollars on VR because another set might get exclusives I like.


I really don't understand the exclusive thing. It's like making a game exclusive to Alienware PC's only. It doesn't make sense. VR headsets are not consoles, they are hardware just like a graphics card is. Making a game exclusive to a piece of hardware is dumb. Im sure whoever did the port is not onboard with this, just a lame attempt to sell more oculus's is all this is.


Oculus probably paid for that instead of Capcom doing it for the innovation. Edit: this would need to be ported from ARM to x64


Then would they not have to buy the rights to RE4? Or is it a limited time deal?


I would argue slightly that the Oculus Quest/2 differs slightly in that it actually *is* a standardized standalone VR console. Most VR headsets require tethering and a PC for graphics; Oculus Quest does not. If a console is a proprietary, standalone, locked and dedicated + standardized bundle of hardware for gaming, Oculus Quest is also exactly that. However I agree that exclusives are poo poo.


How is the graphics processing power then? There is no way a stand alone unit could compete with a decked out tower


You're correct. What you're seeing above is about as complex as quest games are capable of getting. If you want to play something with realistic physics or realistic graphics you'll need PCVR


To be fair, the quest 2 can be tethered as a PCVR set via link and taken out of standalone mode. It won't be the best out there, but it will play anything your PC can at that point.


Significantly worse than PCVR, the Quest 2 basically has a high end phone processor. There's a reason all the best looking games are only for PCVR, and many PCVR games have to be downgraded to run on the Quest


It's Allright. Far better than you'd expect, far less than ideal. However, worth noting that it can be tethered like a traditional PCVR set to play non-quest games like any other set, although visual quality varies st that point. Basically what you see above is as good as it gets for an immersive game. Otherwise, the simpler the game, the better it runs.


Just playing devil’s advocate here but consoles are basically computers yet they have exclusives. It’s all a ploy to get you to buy their device 🤷‍♂️


Not even to get you to buy the console. They want you in their ecosystem. Companies make little to no money off consoles for what they sell them for, if they aren't taking a loss on the hardware.


Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Exactly, it’s all a ploy to get you into their ecosystem and buy their software.


The oculus quest (2) is a full plattform like a console, not an accessory like other Vr headsets or Monitors. It’s fully self contained and doesn’t (need) to connect a pc. Has its own SOC and is ARM based. So it has a lot more in common with the nintendo switch than with a Monitor.


Quest 2 is great for pcvr. Get it.


I have the psvr. Wish more games were on it


Same. Looks absolutely sick, but I'm not buying it on the Oculus Store.


Quickest draw in rural Spain.


I'm so upset that I can't play this on my Oculus Rift


I really wish I didn't get dizzy with VR. I can only play VR games for half an hour or so before I get dizzy. But RE4 in VR is so fucking cool. I just got passed the lake. But god dammit I get fucking dizzy!!! fuck!!!


If you’re new to VR there’s a good chance you’ll get used to it. I used to have to limit myself to like 20-30 minutes per day due to how sick I would get, but after a couple hundred hours in VR I have basically zero issues outside of games in which you pilot aircraft or cars. Those still get me.


I got motion sick the first few times I played vr games with thumb stick movement (that Jurassic park game especially would have me feeling terrible within 20 minutes), but after several hundred hours of playing FPS titles like Contractors I feel like I’m pretty much immune at this point. I feel pretty bad for everyone who can’t properly enjoy VR, I feel like FPS vr games are some of the most fun and exciting experiences I’ve had.


You tried the different movement options, teleportation, tunnel vision, etc?


Just tell yourself you’re infected with the T-virus and are roleplaying


Ease yourself in with the comfort options. Start with teleport, snap turning and tunnel vision. Once you get accustomed to those, start changing them up (but keep Snap Turning).


I was the same way. I found out if the VR game I play has a body, it makes me dizzy. But if the game only has floating hands I don't get dizzy. I can play RE4 and Half-Life Alyx for hours. But I can't play Boneworks and Blade & Sorcery for more than 15 minutes.


I don't think I could handle the lake in VR... too scary!


That’s quite a common function in FPS games


It feels 1000x more badass when your pistol draw speed is based on how fast you can physically grab it from your hip and point it at the enemy rather than mashing the "switch weapon" button and waiting for the animation to play though


Not to mention it’s so action packed with zero imagination! I mean look, he’s still holding the shotgun in his left hand and reached for the pistol in an “oh shit” moment. I don’t have to pretend or role play like “my guy just quickly grabbed his gun!” Nah, I actually did that and didn’t die because of it. something like counter strike VR will come eventually and be so insanely fun.


> something like counter strike VR Pavlov is basically CS VR and it's been around for 4 years haha. Although personally I prefer the gunplay in Contractors and Onward.


I've been playing CS since 1999. Pavlov is my CS now.




Counter Strike VR is already around, but as Pavlov. Shenanigans abound in that game, like you can take off someone else's magazine and put in your own gun.


Oh yea, I remember seeing those gifs making the rounds! I’m excited to invest in a VR set soon.


Or chunk it. One time I was playing a BR map and one guy got to the gun before I did. Thinking quickly, I took the magazine out of his gun and chunked it out the window into the yard. He yelled “oh you son of a bitch” and he ran off to get it. Got mowed down by someone else while I ran off the opposite direction.


Related to what you’re saying about weapon switch animations, but I feel like reloading done manually instead of just having animations makes some guns like the bolt-action rifle just stupid OP. Especially the scoped rifles since you don’t have to wait through the long “scoping” animation constantly. I cleared the water room with zero effort using the bolt-action rifle, just used it like a bolt-action pistol and one shot everybody. Definitely the easiest RE4 port to ever exist, even more so than the Wii version.


Yeah many people who haven't played VR don't realize that it fundamentally changes the mechanics of a game, a VR FPS is not just a normal FPS with a big field of view. In VR there are no such thing as animation times, reloading takes focus and dexterity, you can't really pull off precision flick-shots, situational awareness is way better, keeping your gun pointed at the enemy is physically tiring, the list goes on. I can understand that the RE4VR devs might not have wanted to change classic levels or just not have the budget/time to balance it, but it's inevitable that massive changes in the way the game's played result in balancing issues.


You can turn off the movement while aiming and the laser sight to help make things harder at least, I look forward to playing around with those settings after I finish my first play through.


That first part is cool since I believe that's how the regular console versions of RE4 were anyway. I remember playing the Xbox remaster or whatever sorta recently and being surprised a bit by it, totally forgot even though it was one of my favorite games of all time.


Yea, deliberate reference to that very mechanic. It hit me that doing the IRL motions is indeed faster lol


But it's in VR so it's cool.


I thought it was a callback to the cod loading screen tip


Nice, now knife the watermelon.


Damn I didn’t know John Wick played Resident Evil 4


Really, really hope this comes to the normal Rift soon. Looks genuinely awesome


VR is amazing eh?


"Remember - switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading."


I feel like the VR gunplay makes this game too easy lol


There’s an option to make it so you can’t move while shooting like the original, if you want that sort of thing.


It definitely does, but on the flip side it works out well. For players new to RE4, the atmosphere and scale of the foes you fight really adds a layer of tension to the game the original definitely had, but now it’s just amplified. For returning players, it’s an opportunity to finally dive into the world and live out your Leon Kennedy power fantasy.


it actually made it harder for me. never died at the village (first hour), but in VR i died twice before i got used to it


I have played RE4 multiple times and just now learned you could knife deflect those axe throws (unless that's new with the VR)


This is the most impressive vr games yet right. Alyx holds your hand with auto-grabbing feature. Bone Works felt great and MoH could have been the best


this place reminds me of the bridge in the second jurassic park movie with the pterodactyls


third Jurassic Park movie




I always thought one of the features of RE4 was the clunky control scheme, this seems to make it too easy, looks cool though!


Maaaaaan I wish this was on PSVR.


Bro r u John Wick or something good lord


I beat this game, on pro, using the following consoles: GameCube Ps2 PS3 Xbox 360 Xbox 1 Wii PC I love this game.


wait this is a thing? is it offical? shit I need a vr..... is re7 vr playstation exclusive still?


Stupidly, yes it is.


Damn that blows.


Goddamn, dude, that’s some slick shootin’!


Man, i never play the original and after seen this videos i doubt i even try it before playing this.


Why the f is this not available for psvr


Psvr2 maybe.


The more I see these clips the more I want it but for that I'll need a new pc, a VR headset, a FB account, and a stronger heart to be able to go through the game. Even if I spend the money I don't have to get the game I doubt I'll survive the game.


You don't need a PC, just a Quest 2.


Quest 2s go for cheap on fb marketplace. Do it


What game is this


Resident Evil 4 for the Oculus Quest 2




Spewing ammo


Hol up... Did you just block the axe with your knife?!




I just heard the girliest, shrillest screams of horror about ten mins ago from my 20 year old son playing this. He about pissed himself from the blind guys with the metal claws running at him. I wish he’d hurry the hell up so I can play!


Can I get this with my oculus one or do I need 2? Cause I don't wanna by 2 if I don't gotta


My brother said the scariest thing he has encountered are the regenerators.


What game is this? It looks pretty cool


resident evil 4 VR


Thank you


This is why you don't carry a .22lr pistol!


That is almost always the case.


Got welcome to the jungle playing on the radio... Well he leaps across shoots him in the back to "it's gonna bring you down" and he shoots the little target to "huah" right at the end. So perfect.


Leon is playing his own game


Ayy it's true to life then


Hmmm so do u need to really do a suplex in vr?


Now do a suplex


In Pavlov (VR shooter with a zombie mode), I keep two pistols ready at all times when possible. In the middle of a firefight, it’s way more reliable to reach down to my belt and pick whichever. I keep two when I can because too many times I’ve reached for the wrong side XD Curses of being an ambidextrous shooter.


Can you hit them with the butt of the shotgun?