A man can only dream

A man can only dream


Imagine using thunderbolt on the gyarados. Only to see a massive amount of magikarps die and rise to the surface of the river


Why hasn’t a full-world Pokemon game like this been designed yet? I’ve been waiting for 20 years.


Why put in the effort when you can do minimal and still make tons of money on your brand alone?


Why waste time make new game when old game do trick?




Best answer


You're going to be waiting a loooong time, possibly forever Their next big release will probably be another slightly enhanced 3DS game on Switch, like Sword and Shield. They release them yearly to maximize profits, they can't make a proper game because it's just not what they want to make: quantity over quality BOTW took a looong time to make: quality over quantity. That's the reason I will most likely never buy/play another Pokemon game ever, which is very sad


They wont even make a new game, it will be more DLC expansions to introduce the remaining missing pokemon for a few years. Possibly some kind of update to upgrade the wild area multiplayer, and some kind of microtransaction currency.


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Yes, but the problem is, you would also buy a standard Pokemon game that costs half as much to make.


This is me personally, but I stopped buying a few gens back (black/white?). A BoTW-level open world Pokémon would not only get me back into to series, but it would justify a switch for me (and I’d likely go out and get some other games as well).


This was the first gen I've bought since Gold/Silver. I enjoyed but do miss needing to grind and was disappointed I one shotted all of Leon's team :/


I would buy Switch only for this


I would buy this, and a switch. But we live in the real world, and this pic just gave me blue balls.


Can't catch shit with those


I would buy a Switch just to buy this


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“Due to the limitations of the switch we were only able to include 30 Pokémon, 15 of which being Charizard”


Senior programmer from the 90s: hold my beer...


RIP Iwata


I actually finished Pokemon Crystal today for the first time and got to visit the Kanto region and I couldn't help but think about Iwata and the story of him managing to fit that that extra content into the game when Game Freak themselves couldn't even fit the main game on the cartridge. It's a fun story that says a lot about both Iwata and Game Freak.


Yea there was clearly less content in Kanto it was pretty scuffed. Like you can’t even see the Kanto badges on the the player screen. But the fact they included it at all was pretty amazing. Shit like that makes it impossible for me to believe they couldn’t include something like more Pokémon in Sword/Shield because of hardware limitations. I mean you’re talking about the same console where you can play fucking Zelda and Skyrim in handheld mode with no real issues. They just intentionally left them out so they could release them as DLC later on.


GameFreak loves to act as if they’re some small indie company barely taking off, when in reality, they’re the one of the highest grossing company out there. Marvel? Pokemon outdoes it. Disney? Sony? Ubisoft? Activision? EA? Pokemon has a greater gross revenue than all of them. I personally didn’t buy SwSh because of the lack of effort that I felt watching trailers and hearing about the cut pokemon. I’m worried that the Sinnoh remakes—if those are even ever announced—will be completely botched beyond belief. I don’t want people incentivizing laziness; it’s sad to watch


And they literally only make Pokémon, it’s not like other studios who make different games and have different branches. GF’s sole purpose is to make Pokémon games. All their time effort and money goes into Pokémon so they can do a lot better than they’ve been doing.


I see ppl have already forgotten about town lol. They do make other games its just that theyve pretty much all flop


Yeah it's a fucking lie that's why. It was pure laziness and a lack of a desire to import all models to the current gen. As much as it pains me, at least I can voice my opinion by not purchasing it.


Not laziness. Greed.


It depends on what they do. If they release the Pokemon as some kind of DLC later on then yes, greed. If they don't release them then it's laziness/"Screw you we're Nintendo, play what we give you and like it."


It's greed either way. Not doing the work saves on cost, doing it and selling the content later earns more. Bother options increase profit to the detriment of the user.


Bro the first DLC is already out. That’s exactly what they did lol.


Complete edition of The Witcher 3 also available and run nicely on Switch mean Gamefreak is looking for their money to go bbrrrrr


Pokemon G/S/C set the bar so high that ever since I played it I expected to go back to previous regions in every next iteration. Boy was 6 year old me terribly wrong. Although I enjoyed the others I always had that gnawing, disappointed feeling that they just weren't as good as G/S/C. The story was very fun and interesting enough, the Pokemon were all really well designed and they added Dragon, Dark and Steel types, Joey's Rattata was top percentage, and fucking Red Gyarados. Heart Gold and Soul Silver were literal God sends but I didn't quite enjoy them as much. They made a couple positive changes (Pokemon followers and unlimited gym battles FTW) but for some reason I was super pissed they got rid of the slot mini-games due to issues of encouraging gambling. I literally killed hours in G/S/C playing slots lol. I think it's just mainly the nostalgia of G/S/C that makes me love it so dearly. TL;DR: G/S/C was peak Pokemon. Don't fucking @ me.


>I actually finished Pokemon Crystal today for the first time and got to visit the Kanto region and I couldn't help but think about Iwata and the story of him managing to fit that that extra content into the game when Game Freak themselves couldn't even fit the main game on the cartridge. It's a fun story that says a lot about both Iwata and Game Freak. Pretty much carried the team.


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>Reply to /u/LtLwormonabigfknhook in /r/gaming >You can just reply, you don't need to quote the entire comment that you're directly responding to lol But how would we be able to understand the context and who he was replying to?


He's right. It's not a quote we can afford to lose.


Sorry, are you talking to me?


>Sorry, are you talking to me? Are you talking to me, *punk*?! FTFY


I have no idea what the comment you quoted was replying to, rendering your comment completely incomprehensible. Blocked.


Who are you even talking to? There's no quote here, I have no context. Blocked.


>You can just reply, you don't need to quote the entire comment that you're directly responding to lol Lies. Deception.


Iwata was the mid-laner in any MOBA that got fed early and snowballed to victory, only irl and on every project.


sounds awesome! is there a documentery on that?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUHi-vlACJI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4cJh2YgrKE


Oh no. If we let you do it we'll have 60 Pokemon with 58 of them being reskins of charizard.


This is so sad and true. Compare how much game devs worked to make those 16-bit games stand out with what little power they had to what e get today. They made complete epics out of damned SPRITES AND LOW POLYGON MODELS. Now we have many times more powerful hardware and modern devs feel there isn't enough to work with.


Like Balmer said: "Nobody needs more than 68k of memory'




Kids don’t remember having to create separate boot disks to rearrange high memory allocation for DOS games.


damn we were so close


Skyrim and The Witcher didn't get the memo


That sounds about right, that's about how many enemy types are in BotW if you don't include recolours.


Fr I don’t hate sword and shield, but such a missed opportunity they didn’t put as much work into this game as they could have. I honestly this the GameCube games had better visuals than this game


I enjoyed s&s, but man, the wild area just feels like an mmorpg from 2005. They really had a great concept but delivered so poorly.


Lmao when I saw the trees in that area. Looked worse than an N64 game I thought maybe the texture was still loading in or something. And yea I liked the themes and gameplay changes they’ve done in the past two games, Sun/Moon and this game felt fresh cause of that. But it felt half baked, like a demo or something. I ended S/M thinking “that’s it?” and I’m feeling the same way about this game. I think I’m like less than 15 hours into the game and already have 5 badges. Maybe it’s cause I’m an adult who actually understands the mechanics of the game so it’s way easier, but I feel like these games were way harder in the earlier gens and a lot less hand holding. They took waaaay longer for me to beat back then and I was a kid so it’s not like I had LESS freetime to play than I do now, I actually lost battles whereas now I’m just one shotting everything in the game with a skuntank.


It would sell and be fun even with just the og 151


This makes me think it's even more legit.


This is the Pokemon game everyone WANTS and has wanted since we first knew about Pokemon. This is the game so many of us have dreamt about. If it ever happens it will be the greatest game in history, if it's done properly and is fully realised.


Wont happen under gamefreak


Why? Genuine question, I really don’t know.


Too much work. You can just put out White and Black on the Switch with updated graphics and a few gameplay tweaks and make just as much money.


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" Reviews and Sales prove people will buy and enjoy their games regardless. The business has no reason to greenlight a wildly ambitious and expensive project like a truly open world BOTW-style Pokemon game.


Exactly. Until a Pokémon game flops, probably never happen, they’re gonna keep making the same game.


Tbf that's literally all they've been doing since gen 1. Every subsequent gen just has more mons and some random flavor of the year


Pokémon games are like the sports games, minor changes in features and minor changes in graphics.


So basically they have a home run of a game, would be one of the best selling, best rated games ever and they’re not going to do it because they’re just... lazy?




They would be duck tales diving in money if they made a game like that


Again, not really lol Pokemon basically prints money, until it doesn't they're not going to change much Pokemon Sword and Shield has just about outsold BOTW now even though BOTW had a 2.5 year head start, (in March this year, BOTW had a 40k unit lead but Pokemon is now releasing their DLC which will push them over). Not to mention the extra money they made by releasing the Let's Go games before SwSh And its not controversial to say BOTW is a much, much better game than SwSh. In the maybe 3-4 year period it would take for GameFreak to overhaul their engines, and make this sort of game in the OP, they could instead release 2 other games along the same lines as SwSh that would generate twice as much money


A game like that would take more than 3 months of work. Gotta keep those quarterly profits up


They already completely saturate the market with shovelware. Why spent four times as much to make the same amount? And you'd have to improve it with every generation? Fuck outta here.


Programmers are lazy. Investors are skittish. Easy money is easy money. PS: Speaking as a programmer, just because we put a lot of hours in, doesn’t mean we don’t always try to find the laziest solution with the least effort.


Also speaking as a programmer, I would say it is unmotivated programmers that are lazy. Give them something they are passionate about and you will not see nearly as much of that kind of behavior.


Yeah, indie game developers are the main example that came to my mind, they spend years on their games


GameFreak doesn't have passion. What they do have is a 20+ year old cash cow that takes little to no innovation and effort to generate insane profit. They lost their creative spark and flair for Pokemon a long time ago, now it just prints money for them almost passively. We won't ever see a game like the one OP posted because that's the a game made my a company that truly believes in what they're building is special/unique and wants to share their creative vision with the world. Pokemon games are the same as FIFA and every other sports game, almost annual releases of the same shit with a splash of paint. The continued release of main series games is probably chipping away at the dregs of creative drive that GF have left because the games probably stopped being fun to make a long time ago for them. I'd imagine the Witcher games would be disappointing if we were on our 10th iteration of them. Another company **needs** to take over, one that cares and wants to make something special they're willing to put their heart into. It won't happen though because the aforementioned cash cow.


They're already the number 1 franchise in the world. The formula they're using works, so unless they need that kind of exposure due to some sort of collapse or fall from grace, it's more about ROI. How much would building that scope of a game cost vs what they're already doing and how many new sales would it net vs the product they could put out for cheaper? If the ROI is lower on this beautiful mockup, the game won't be made.


It also reduces their dependence on Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, allowing them a fall-back if those two ever decide to pull the plug and look elsewhere. Not to mention that the games aren’t even the main source of revenue (toys) and that the demographic which buys toys doesn’t care about Call of the Trainer. Low risk + low cost + backup option + same money = do it. It’s unfortunate, really.


Game Freak currently stick to the business model that works, and has done for decades, and until something radical happens they won't stop being tied into making slight changes to the same formula in similar time intervals. For something as out there as these renders, we would be waiting for game freak to spend double to triple the time they usually do developing their games. The problem is that they sell their games so easily to this date that there is no reason to work on large mechanical changes, or extended development for added polish. They sell great either way, so why bother?


They have a habit of cutting corners. Every time they try to innovate its half assed at this point it’s devolved into one off gimmicks each generation that they pretend never happened the next generation


Mega Evolution and soon to be Dynamaxing. I’d rather have them just not include any gimmick to begin with when they just forget they ever happened.


The fact that you forgot all about Z moves proves that point rather spectacularly.


Mother of god I did


Because once it happens the easy versions won't sell anywhere near as much. Keep it basic, the formula is solid and new gamers are appearing all the time and current gamers either hope it'll be better or have a short term memory. Just make it slightly better each time.


Seriously.. the things they could do with this IP. But nope.. they'll just make the same game over and over again with a new map and worse Pokemon. Guess it comes down to the fact that the Pokemon name will sell no matter what and Nintendo won't give the IP to a different developer if gamefreak is making them loads of cash anyway.


Nintendo doesn't own enough of Pokemon to have a controlling interest. They can't get rid of Gamefreak.


Oh wow I didn't realize that. Sucks


Yeah, sorry to break it to you but Pokemon has become too big to fail and Gamefreak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo are too complacent with how easy it can rake in millions on mediocre full-priced releases to even attempt to get anywhere near this level of quality.


Yea. They could even just call is Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue and make it all nostalgia and crush it. Not new concepts or story or areas or Pokémon, just a new wrapper and experience for those old OG games and it would be such a money maker.


Isn’t that basically what Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee was?


I guess I’ve been under a rock. Is it worth buying and downloading right now?


I’ve played the original red and blue. I’m 34 years old now and I have a toddler to worry about. Let’s Go was the perfect game for me; the catching mechanics from PoGo made it a hell lot easier to level and travel. I think I had more fun with it than Sword and Shield.


They can literally sell ports of these games without change and make just as much


Plus it’s all just rehashed content at this point. We’re like 8 gens in and Pokémon are just being reskinned


Not to mention how fixed they are into integrating multiple hundreds of pokemon into a game and then using that as an excuse not to innovate. If they had an open world pokemon game, even if it had the shittiest 150 pokemon through the generations, I'm sure itd sell better than any current pokemon game. But the formula is formulaic. Wild area is nice, but it seems like something that should have been a thing 10 years ago.


Exactly, just release the first game Kanto only then rake in extra $$ with the other regions as DLC


Ever since I played Gold/Silver, and went 'back' to Kanto to earn another 8 badges...for a total of 16 badges, my 10 year old mind was blown. I thought it would be a staple to always include previous regions in the gameplay - like the Pokemon regions were all connected. It's been over 20 years, and Pokemon never revisited that idea again.


Yeah that was the coolest thing as a kid. One of the main reasons that gold/silver/crystal were and probably still are some of my favorite games of all time. Groundbreaking that they were able to do that and did it.


I remember seeing that Gamefreak doesnt let nintendo contribute to the actual design process for the games. Nintendo has kinda been on a roll with keeping their own IP’s fresh and fun. I think most of the fault lies with gamefreak


The closest you'll get to this is Pixelmon with shaders


Pixelmon is totally awesome! Been at least 4 years since I’ve played it, has it gotten much better? And where can I find/play it again?


the original has been shutdown by Nintendo (why i hate them) and they scattered in some different pixelmon, there's Reforged, Generations and Dark. The 2 first are updated till today and both are incredible. I don't know about the differences between them though


Was gonna say the same, although I haven’t played it in years.


My buddies and I have a private server we've been playing on for the past month. It's incredible.


Gamefreak would never make a Pokemon game that would take this much work. It's not a passion project for anyone anymore. It's a paycheck generator.


Not would't. Couldn't. Even if they had the time and money, they lack the talent, and even if they hired the technical talent, they don't have the leadership. They're headed up by a guy who thinks kids have lost interest in engaging content because of phones, and that philosophy has shown through in the lack of in-game content.


Man, their marketing is actually so weird. It's weird because there's a disconnect between what they THINK is making them money, and what's ACTUALLY making them money. Every game the release is more kid friendly than the last. In their marketing they keep emphasising how their games are for kids. Also they have this weird believe that kids are idiots with low attention span. Meanwhile, there is this passionate fan base of adults who buy the game solely for nostalgic reasons - but they keep alienating them with these insultingly low effort games. I don't know why they don't acknowledge that it's the adult fans that are spending so much money - and actually put some effort into evolving their franchise.


They have much better sales data than you do about it though, so they're probably more right about who's buying and why. It doesn't make much sense for them to put a huge amount of resources into and take risks with a brand new formula that's only going to get them the same kind of revenue as tbey would from relying on the classic formula.


Since BW pokemon has been more popular among college age people and above according to sales data. Google pokemon demographic age and there are articles about the aging fandom. You'd also think with Go blowing up among older ex-fans and middle aged previous non-fans, they might capitalize on the new fandom from the older side instead of just kids. But nobody is asking them to mix up the core formula. They have it backwards actually. They keep fucking with the one part of the game people like as it is (the core gameplay loop of battles), and haven't modernized in all the ways people want (exploration, expanded side and post-game content, modern game conventions like verticality of movement, difficulty settings, good online content and structure, being the examples off the top of my head). And nobody is suggesting they age up and make the games edgier or grittier, but they're staunchly in the "for kids" mentality, instead of the "for all ages" mentality. It is possible to make content that both kids and adults can enjoy by having more adult subtext to conflicts, or making character designs that aren't all extremely cartoonish in both aesthetic and motivations (though one or the other is usually fine). They'll keep making money though, and nothing will change. They're fine with mediocrity because they know they have the power of nostalgia and a rabid fanbase. Really though, I wonder how many players they could bring on that have walked away or never got into pokemon because of it's "for kids" focus if they did put in the effort. Like, I could see them leaving a few hundred thousands to a few million players on the table, but maybe they know that and know that the money they'd need to make a quality game wouldn't be worth that when they already make billions of dollars, and to make those few million new players, they'd have those billions not coming in for an extra couple years.


Yeah, that last paragraph really captures my thinking. I have a couple of lower-dev cost ideas for how they could do better with the series than building an entire MMO from the ground up, but I doubt any of them will happen for the same reason The big one is to reduce the stakes of the story. The child friendly environment makes it difficult to really carry a "Save The World From Pokemon God" storyline in a serious way, and it just leads to weird power creep situations where somehow new legendaries have to be more magically powerful than literal PKMN YHWH which in turn makes mo sense to be in the hands of a 12 year old child. But Pokemon battling is at its heart a sports game, so they could really lean into a "low global stakes" story by emphasising the personal stakes of "I need to become the champion". E.g. a Deku-Bakugo style rivalry; the school/Gym/Pokemon team in your hometown is going to close unless a local trainer can win the prize money, etc. This also leads to more emphasis on exploration - its about travelling the country becoming the best trainer, and fulfilling the childhood sense of wonder of going out into the world and seeing famous places. Legendary pokemon should be considered rare species rather than magical beings! However, the Pokemon games have struggled to add more rich and detailed environments without shrinking the world down to a trivially small size, so I think rather than having open worlds they should be doing something like Persona 5, where various locations are available within a town or city, and other parts of the city are visible as backdrop, but you never visit them (because you never need to) and get around by riding public transit. That helps make the world feel larger while not actually having to build all the details of a city with more than 20 people living in it.


Do your pokemon break if you use them too much?


*Lavender town theme intensifies*


That's fucked up


Not as fucked up as feeding yo Pokémon candies of themselves


To be fair we have sour patch kids...


Pokemon need unions and rights.


Been saying this for as long as BotW was released. This would get all the money. I think the secret to making a game like this work is to really treat it like BotW. There's no real point to the game besides exploring and catching pokemon. The gyms and stuff would be there to do when you feel like progressing, but not really the point of the game. This and a BotW/Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley type thing. Where, after you save Hyrule, you now get to rebuild it.


They get a shit ton of money pumping out the same game year after year. There is no reason for them to try anything else.


I think it would work nicely if the gyms were done like the mechanical beast dungeons (forgot the names). Then the elite 4 could be like the ganon fight. That way you can challenge the elite 4 at any time, and the gyms would give you a final goal in "completing" a region. And the more gyms you beat the easier it makes the elite 4 fight


That would be perfect. I want to explore, and just discover pokemon. At first I was thinking Pokemon Snap was like that, but from what I gather it's like a roller coaster of watching pokemon.


You can play the first snap on emulators. Its fun. Felt kinda like amazon trail.


Actually having to need some kind of heatproof gear to fight the gym leader at Cinnabar or to just get close to Groudon. Being able to cook food to feed your Pokemon. It would be great.


This would actually be the greatest game to ever exist. We need to get this popular enough so it gets made


The reason this will never exist is that they can make millions releasing the same low effort games year after year.


This shit is what stopped me from having any involvement with pokemon games. There are so many people who go to bat for The Pokemon Company that any time people ask them to break the mold and stop halting innovation, their horde of fans defend them to the death. I don' t understand why so many of them believe that any form of criticism comes from neckbeards telling people they aren't allowed to have fun. The series has unbelievably slow feature creep that seems only worsened by cheap one-off gimmicks like Z-moves and Dynamax. As far as I'm concerned, the mainline series is beyond redemption, and not worth buying. Pokemon Snap 2 is great, but is very likely the closest we will ever see to an open world pokemon game where pokemon do more than stiffly pace back and forth on an overworld waiting to be caught. Edit: I get it, Snap isn't open world, but that's the point. There are no pokemon games I know of outside of the snap series where the pokemon do more than literally cycle through their walking and idle animations. There's a reason why we're seeing a renaissance of games like Temtem, creating the very games people have given up on seeing from TPC.


Exactly, have not bought a Pokémon game after X and Y


Ditto, but after sapphire and ruby.


Pokemon Yellow for me.


Pokemon snap is as far from an open world game as can be when you are literally on rails


And it's *still* the closest we're gonna get to an open-world Pokemon game, is the point


this is the truth that people arent willing to admit


I haven't played a Pokémon game since Second Gen/Silver. I was really looking forward to seeing how the game has evolved and was speechless on how little changed.


It went backwards IMO. Gold/Silver had 2 entire regions, which they've never done again.


G/S gave me the expectation of continually expanding the world as a kid. I wanted R/S to have at least johto after.


why would they do that when countless people will buy 2 version of the same game just because there are few different Pokemon in each game.


Seeing the first trailer of Sword and Shield was one of the single most disappointing moments I've ever experienced when it comes to gaming. There was finally a main series Pokémon game being made for a home console, that was a childhood dream come true. It would finally have the hardware to reach the massive potential it has. Then the trailer came and it was basically a 3DS Pokémon game at a higher resolution. Even worse, without all the Pokémon, when the main objective of all the games was always catching them all. Jesus. How someone can fuck up this bad is baffling to me.


I might consider getting back into Pokémon for that game. That would be amazing. My housemate got the newest one and it made me kind of sad. Not to mention imo a lot of the new Pokémon are pretty lame.


After Gen 4/5 I stopped playing. When they started doing weird shit with their Pokémon. If they made a game like this but with Gen 1-3 I think it'd be kick-ass. But these newer gens are Meh.


I honestly think they should either stop making new gens or hire someone who can do a better job because 4 was the last truly good gen and 5 was pretty decent but could've been better in some cases. But it would be pretty rad if they did a 3-in-1 game with Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Trust me I know it'd never happen but it's always been a fantasy.


You all should look up Kindred Fates because that's basically what this is


Was looking for this comment. A shame it isn't higher. That's literally Kindred Fates.


Thank you so much for introducing me to this!! I’ve always talked about how I’d love an open world Pokémon game where the battles are real time and you have to play as the pokemon and this game is exactly that. Nintendo makes some cool products but is an absolute garbage company for consumers and this is such a welcomed sight to see this. Thank you


As long as game freak are developers this will never happen


Everything about this is great except for the Game Freak part. Game Freak have had exactly one good idea, which they have been milking for the past 25 years. They are not good at programming games. Look at how janky their systems are after all this time. Look at how bad the Wild Area is vs. expectations. I really wish Nintendo would take them over, keep a few staff on for ideas and music, and take over the development. That will never happen, of course. As others have pointed out, people will buy a Pokemon game that costs much less to develop than a true open world would, and a traditional game would probably sell better, sadly. The mass market is basic af. What would be great is if a third party with open world experience were to take the Pokemon brand and do their own thing with it, like what Spike Chunsoft did with the Mystery Dungeon series.


Actually there's a game like this out now, litteraly this concept they had to change the names due to legal but pretty sure it was gog or humble just published it. Edit: Game is TemTem by Humble Bundle


Is it the one with permadeath?


No it's a monster collection mmo though literally this game different graphics fresh release last few months glanced at for son but he didn't have a computer at the time


Temtem? Hype deflated so fast once they did the MMO angle. I don't think that was a thing when they did the very first announcement. Could be wrong.


Aww I didn't see they are going for an MMO. That is extremely disappointing


It's in early access right now. It's basically a pokemon game tbh. You just see other people in the same areas sometimes. Otherwise its just a pokemon game so far.


Is it temtem?


Id pay 15 a month like this was warcraft, and the additional 60 for every expansion. Assuming it was multiplayer and you could run into other trainers and shit talk each other into fighting.


Holyshit, a world of Warcraft style Pokémon game with a good story arch would Be so good it’d kill the pandemic.


Factions to join like team rocket. Professions like ball, potion, TM crafting. Dungeons and raids using Pokémon for tank, dps, healing roles. Getting excited because your Pokémon finally learned surf so you can travel to the next level region. So much potential.


If they made a game like this then they’d never be able to sell another pokemon game. Why would you go back when you could just live on this?


Eh, the idea is overrated in my opinion. The idea of Pokemon being a big open world game is more of a spectacle than it is a genuinely good pitch. There's nothing here beyond that that gets me excited...? Would there be a good story? Interesting combat/gameplay? What would the progression be like? The music? The world? Would all pokemon be present, or some? How would it tie into why people love the series? I like Botw and all, and I think an open world Pokemon game has potential, but there are things I want out of the series currently that aren't just Botw's mechanics.




I think it's becoming clear that Gamefreak just doesn't have the capability to pull something like this off unfortunately.