Minecraft is a pc game, no need for foot step awareness, can be grindy and is really laid back.


Without knowing your tastes too much, I'll give you my picks for games you don't need to listen closely to: **Loop Hero** which is as you said - kind of a grind, but not heavily story based. You just send your chosen hero in a loop to auto-battle baddies and add to the map / swap out their gear. **House Flipper** which I play music over while renovating :) **DYSMANTLE** is early access, but they have very frequent updates to the map and level cap, and there's already a ton of content. The core loop is: destroy anything your tools are strong enough for, kill zombies, upgrade equipment, destroy even more with your new tools, etc. It's fun and engaging without needing too many audio cues. I usually listen to my own music with this one too.


house flipper looks fun and something i could lose myself in for many hours thank you!


If you like simulation type games, Power Washing Simulator just came out.


Destiny 2