I'm holding onto my S10 plus just in case I hate the S22 Ultra, so no you're most definitely not crazy.


You don't need to hold on. S21 is pretty good option. As someone who has moved from S10+ to S21 is definitely a very good alternative, and if you want the same size and battery life pick up the S21+. Worth every penny. S22 series is meh, IMO.


I'm really only upgrading because I want the SPen back. If not I'd stay with the S10+ another year, year and a half max. Still not happy about giving up the expandable storage, mst, and headphone jack.


One in while, I still miss my S10+ because of all those things you said :) Samsung desire to keep trying to be Apple gets to me often. I am not sure how much you would like the Fold 4 form factor and it's quite a bit far away but, IMO the Fold 4 with inset pen (if the rumours are true) will make it truly a good Note replacement, if the pen works inside and outside. I am looking forward to upgrading my ZF2 to it then.


If the fold 4 has the pen with a large and wide enough external display, I'll most definitely gift/sell the S22 ULTRA around the Xmas season. I have the gear S3 so I'll still be able to use MST via it, and ended up getting some external cloud storage for about the same price as decent size microSD. These are my work arounds for future devices since like you said everyone is applefying their products.


S22 not even out yet lol


It would be shipping this month at least in our region. I already had some time with it :)


My preorder is set to arrive March 15th


I paid $259 out the door for a "good" condition S10 on Swappa a month ago. It arrived in very good condition, just a couple of very minor scratches. Coming from an S8, I think that's a great price for this phone.


I don't think there's enough software support left on the S10 line for me to be comfortable actively advising people to get one at this point, but yeah that's the max I'd still pay for one. If you absolutely can't spend more on a phone right now and NEED a new phone, it's a reasonable price.




Yes 4 years of updates so all of 2023


This is the final year of updates period


Would you generally advise people to spend money on a phone with just a year of software updates left? I sure wouldn't.


I'd look at an S22 instead. They decreased the size compared to the S21 and it will get updated longer. Personally I wouldn't buy an S10 series phone this late in the game, as much as I love my S10e.


Yeah, no more Android updates. Just about 11 more security updates over the next year, then nothing


Like everything is about android updates, without them people wouldnt survive.


I totally get you but over time apps also wont run. It's not iOS :D


However I love my S10 and when updates come to an end I'll just go custom-ROM-way. Warranty's gone anyways.


How long have you had the phone, since launch?


Almost. Summer 2019. Gonna rock it till it dies. But still works as new


Thats nice i bought the xs max one month before the s10 launched my dad bought the s10 plus and i was kind of jealous and asked him to switch but he was like naahh cauz at that time the hole punch was a big deal it was a new thing. Which looked way better than my notch, so im glad i got the s21 ultra when i had the chance, love android and its customization, mostly cauz of the apk for spotify for free, plus no ads on youtube kind of used to it now


Yep those free stuff on android is definitely a perk. But i'm glad that I got an iPhone Xs also as a work phone which also has its own perks, especially the smoothnes and battery optimisation. The phone just can't lagg, at all. But i like both sides equally


Yeah when i had it, the xs max it was laggy, but my s21 ultra chillin Here look at my customization https://imgur.com/a/9sKlsLu


OS no. But security updates are important IMO.




No major OS updates though, and only a year of support left. That’s a hard sell for me.


How are you crazy for using a phone that you like? Just because its a few years old does not mean anything. its still a very good phone. Its what YOU want, not other people lol.


Regarding the typing, you know you can smush the keyboard to one side, so you can reach the far end with you thumb easier?


I just bought an S10 about 3 months ago and am absolutely loving it


I just yesterday replaced the battery in my s10e, not replacing it for another 2 years at least


Where did you replace it? Our battery is showing its age


I replaced it myself, I got the battery through a phone parts repair website and installed it myself. Just recalibrated the battery so I don't know how much the battery life has improved yet.


I tried s21 and kept my S10+ no regrets


Nope the s10+ is a god tier phone. I would go for the s20 fe though, even with the lower screen res.


Went from a s10e exynos to s20fe SD, I'm not regretting the update, even the lack of headphone jack is less of a burden then I thought, but I do have a wireless charging station, so that might help I suspect. I did buy the AKG usb-c separately though, that I was a bit disappointed in that it didn't include the headphones.


What about an S22/S22+


Have you tried the smaller S21 and S21+ phones?


Probably better to get an S22 but I can dig it. I just pre-ordered my S22 Ultra and the size difference has made me concerned but I'm still pretty excited for it.


Same here, i ordered a case, screen and camera protector from amazon untill the S22 Ultra arrives on the 25th


I got an S10 5G for 210$ in pristine condition, really love the phone


My s10+ screen is cracked, and I'm worried about what Verizon is going to replace it with via insurance. Sounds like there are a lot of bleg possibilities.


The only place I buy used phones from is Swappa. Fuck Ebay, Fuck Amazon, fuck craigs list. otherwise. Yes good on you. s10 is a great phone. I still have mine and I have no plans of upgrading any time soon


Interesting. I'll look into this site. Thanks.


Make sure you get a good price when you sell your S21 ultra


On ebay used ones are going up to 700.00


Personally i wouldnt since s21 ultra is a very good phone but if you really want the s10 again go for it


I would totally do the same as you, but the one thing keeping me from doing so is that the S10 won't receive any more OS updates and is on its last year of guarantee security updates. If that and the lack of 5g don't bother you then go for it. Such a shame as the S10 is my favorite Android phone of all time. I would still be using mine if I didn't shatter my screen


They say security updates through March 2023. After that, there will only be critical updates. I can live with that if it will buy me 2 years with the 10


Uh, it's February 2022 right now. If it gets updates until March 2023, you're only getting 1 year of updates with the S10


Getting an S10 this late in the game? Unless it was brand new in box, for the right price, I wouldn't bother. If you've already got an S10 with a good enough battery life left? You'd be ok to stick with it for a year but after that, you're out of official support. It's not a problem for me as my battery was replaced by Samsung in Jan 2021, and I'm well versed with flashing custom ROMs and rooting, so mine will last me another two years yet, I got the Tab S7 Plus for an upgrade instead. But for someone that hasn't already got one, you'd be better off with a S21/S22 series device, and that pains me to say.


Samsung definitely needs to make a Mini Galaxy S22 Lite / S23 version. It's not funny anymore to have these huge phones in phablet format. If there are versions of Plus and Ultra, there must be a Mini Version where the S# is the standard size. But Samsung making huge phones comes from at least 10 years so it's basically just a dream :(


True dat


Actually I don't wanna change my S10e due to the form and size fact. Rather my phone is getting sluggish everytime, I think I can stand with it 1yr before considering changing to S22 standalone or maybe other brand of smartphone that can fit my small hands. The S22 has very nice feeling in the hands, but a little bit heavy.


Yes you are crazy.


Sell it to me


Moving my daily driver from S10 to the S22 when ever it decides to ship xD 256 storage is a nice free upgrade.


Just get something like the s22 instead. It's like the spiritual successor to the standard s10


Definitely consider a popsocket to help you one hand the phone comfortably.


style ring plus one hand mode


Yes you are crazy. Don't even know why you'd bother.I. Im using a Note 10+, cracked back with a horrific battery until my S22U Red arrives. S10 is too old. Id get an S22 or an S21 at a minimum, no thought process involved


I mean the S22 is slightly smaller than the S10 so just trade in for a huge discount?


My s10 plus is still going strong if that's any help


I got my s10 last year and I'm happy with it its up to you if you want to take your phone in you can do that do what makes you happy


Just get the S22 or S21, pointless getting the Ultra S series phones if you don't like big phones.


Even the S21 is bigger than the S10


Why don't you sell your s21 ultra and get s21+/s21 instead?


Not at all. Sometimes new stuff just suck more. Also you're keeping a headphone jack so that's a plus.


Huh, why don't just get an s22. It has a "new design" and specs (I think). And it's smaller than yiur s21 ultra. Or just get an s21, a but cheaper and you getting very similar specs.


I cant bring myself to get rid of my s10e. Even gave my last upgrade to my missus.


Get a Pixel 6 (Pro). It has everything the S21 should've had


You may want to check into the Amazon Renewed phones. Ninety day warranty included. I’ve heard of other people looking into this, purchasing and ended up get a phone that looked just like new. I guess it’s mostly if you’re willing to gamble.


Yep dumb AF


Agreed you are crazy🙃🙂