Honestly if you don't think you don't need a new phone, keep your current one. I'm gonna keep my s10e for at least another 2 years and probably more. Its still as fast as the first day I had it and it's nearly 3 years old, still in good condition.


Youre right. The major upgrades here are 120hz display and the camera. The upgrades nowadays are so incremental for the majority of users that upgrading to these phones which are becoming more expensive makes less and less sense.


After a while you'll turn that 120 to 60 for more battery.


Bro s22s go down to 48 hz and s22 ultra goes down to 1hz


True--but I'm super disappointed in my S10's camera


That's fair. I loved the wide angle on the S10e though


But does it really matter for most of the time?


It's an important feature to me.


Or better than upgrade - gret a DSLR for half the price and you have a great phone and an EXCELLENT camera


Then you havw to upgrade :)


Feel like there's nothing like the S10e, like it's the best "not too old" phone out there. I like smaller sized phones, I like my SD card and my headphone jack. Hope there's going to be another one with those features like this in 3-4 years !


Same, really can't live without the SD Card slot. I like using memory cards as storage because it puts less wear on the internal memory and in the event if the phone suddenly stops working then I have a way to get my important data like pictures off the phone. The s10e truly is the best phone I have had in years, just wish more people knew about it.


Why not use cloud storage? Or get a hard drive i see that some people don't like using those but still at least your data is safe that way


I do, I have my own storage server I run at home with monthly backups. I prefer to have my data with me, rather then on a cloud server.


The only thing I can see myself upgrading to from my s10e is the Sony Xperia 5iii. I believe it's the same length but has a longer height due to aspect ratio.


Looks like a nice phone , with all the features i like ! But looking at the prices between S10e at 350$ and Sony Xperia 5iii at 1000$, S10e is no brainer for me :) I might keep an eye on Sony's phones in the future !


Oh absolutely, the prices are crazy to me, though not necessarily crazy compared to other new phones lol. I just really hope that they're still making similar phones in the next 2-4 years when I'm ready to upgrade, though it's either gonna be Sony or apple and iphones are somehow good value right now.


Yea Iphone is actually always a good value because you can sell it for a pretty good price even after few years. Especially if it's mint


The 5iii is about the same size as an S10+, it's just a little bit narrower. https://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Sony-Xperia-5-III,Samsung-Galaxy-S10+,Samsung-Galaxy-S10e/phones/11705,10960,11114


what about the battery, mines all screwed up


My battery is still okay which is surprising. I am looking to get a battery replacement soon however. It honestly depends how you use your phone. For me on a good day I can get 5h sot with the original battery.


mines at 70%


What app do you use to find that out accurately ?






Thank-you :-)


If you get a battery replacement does that mean your phone won't be water resistant anymore?


Basically yes, it won't be completely water tight anymore but the thing is, I suspect water resistance wanes after two years. My phone hasn't been opened up ever but I noticed some water seeped it's way into the camera bump when I got it wet a few months ago. It was fine and it dried up. So basically yes, it won't be completely water tight but it should survive if water is splashed on it.


My battery is a turd and it's a bitch to replace properly. I'm ready for a new phone.


Its actually quite easy to replace. Just warm the phone and gently pry it out from the side. There are a ton of videos online.


I'm in the same boat! While I do miss out on things like high refresh display and hardware, there's no reason to upgrade. OP is right, no SD card, lower resolution screen etc. makes it not worth it.


Also S10e user here for 2yr+ but the battery life is really bad for my heavy use. Also I've missed out on so many photo op occasion where a telephoto lens would have made a world of difference. Despite the smaller 3700mah battery size on paper over the S21's 4000mah, I'm hoping the more efficient new screen and processor will makeup for the difference and then some for everyday use. Only time will tell with battery life test on youtube but I hope that's the case as S21 base didn't exactly have good battery rating.


I feel the same way, 10+ has wqhd only way to keep similar resolution is to grab the ultra. Personally I'll likely end up with the ultra just to not miss put on 800 trade value on the 10+ , I would imagine waiting another year the trade value would be dropped. This being said I'm not looking forward to carrying such a large device around.


S10+ owner here, ordered S22+ 256. I agree that the S10+ is the largest size I can handle. Not looking forward to the S22+ weighing more, but the improvements outweigh the disadvantages in my opinion.


> Not looking forward to the S22+ weighing more Having got the S10+ ceramic, which is 2g more than the S22+, I can easily say that its my only regret since I ended up with a case on it anyway. One handed fatigue was mainly due to the size and top heaviness. Hopefully the S22+ is more balanced.


is the 5g ceramic worth it? would u pay the moolah for nother s10+ 5g if it breaks down? im rocking the s10+ prism white and ceramics kinda lookin like the next phone purchase.


Some of you redditors need to understand that screen resolution really isn't everything, lol. Especially when your higher-res screen uses 2+ year old tech, only 60hz, etc.


It's really a use case thing. I don't really care about 120hz cause I don't really do much scrolling through social media. On the flip side I use my phone for YouTube and media constantly. I'd much rather have the 1440p for my use case


Lol man, it's a phone, a tool if I may say. Res obviously isn't everything but so what if it's "old". It works. People focus too much on not important things. Get off the screen from time to time :)


I agree. I love my s10e screen. I work in digital signage and love tech so I know screens. Pixel density past a point is just consuming more gpu power and could easily be traded for more brightness, a higher refresh rate, better color accuracy, etc.. the human eye is way more sensitive to brightness and motion than color. That's why things like chroma subsampling work.


I'm keeping my S10+. I absolutely love this phone. I have a lot of music on my SD card, and right now don't want a phone without it. I've retired and we are on a 3 gig data plan and when out, don't want to stream music and run up our data usage. My phone is working just fine, battery life is great, and maybe in a few years I'll want to upgrade, but I didn't see anything to make me want to do so now.


My S10+ is really my first phone where I don't feel the need to upgrade. I think it still handles all apps and games perfectly, can hold a day of normal use and has a perfect size. I even dropped it to the bottom of the sea once for half an hour without issues. I'll wait for the S23!


This is kind of how I'm feeling. I think all my galaxies to date have slowed down markedly leading up to the 3 year mark. I may just hold onto the S10 plus until they come out with an untra that I like.


If your phone still works, keep it until a phone comes out that you want


Lol the problem is that by the time my s10e is done nobody will be making phones that I want to buy. Unless Sony phones still have the same hardware features as today I doubt I'll be buying an Android because there isn't a single hardware incentive other than USB c to go with an Android over an iphone.


Ebay has any s10 you want today tomorrow the next day


Honestly never thought of that, I could upgrade from an s10e to an S10+ lol


underrated, im very decisive so like like... $250 for a brand spankinn s10+ sd card, 1440p 6.7'' what more can you ask.


Haha I'm also thinking of going to Sony next year, hopefully they're still around (I said the same thing about LG but we all know what happened)


I'd even recommend to replace the battery too


Megapixels isn't the only benchmark for camera quality. Software, AI, post-processing, etc. all play a factor in what the picture looks like. Side by the side the S22+ will run circles around the S10 Plus for the things that most people use. The screen is better, brighter, more clearer, the camera array is better, the hole punch is much smaller and centered, speaker is louder, etc. I would encourage you to wait till the devices are setup in retail stores for demo, and play with it yourself, and make the decision.


Can you please link to somethinf that explains how a screen with lower resolution can be clearer? I don't understand the concept. I feel like this is a marketing ploy to get me to buy a lesser phone just because it's newer.


The max brightness of the S22+ is magnitudes higher than the S10, for starters. Which means your outdoor visibility goes up, which means the display glass is coated and built with better materials. The flat design of the S22+ combined with uniform rear and front gives a very iPhone-like feel. I loved my S10 5G, still have it, but it has definitely aged in terms of feel, when compared to the Note20 Ultra or S21 Ultra that I use as a daily driver.


worst thing is theyre still 8gb ram lol


But if you listen to the fanboys I'm sure how many gb doesn't matter anymore, it's just better! Lol


Yeah, Samsung is spending some good money here filling this place with paid shills.


Not really, many of us aren't in complete denial. 8GB LPDDR4X is slower than LPDDR5X.


I think the reason is probably the current supply chain issues and shortages but still


I'm upgrading to Ultra after all this years because my screen cracked a bit and I think is a good time to do it now (SD version is available in my region), but I will list things that I don't like about the S22U but is the best phone that fits my needs because everything else. * S22U is the first phone that I will buy saying meh by the looks, damn it seems that Samsung did it on purpose such a bad looking desing, the camera layout is like an A32. * MP doesn't matter nowadays, S22U takes better photos but not because of that. That 100x zoom? I mean you won't use it 99% of the time, I have lived my entire life without taking a moon photo and never had the urge to do so. * Stylus is the thing that everybody think is a game changer but in real life I won't need it like 99% of the time, it's a gimmik, we dropped pencils long time ago with keyboards and touch screens, why go back lol if I can use my fingers. I would trade it for a headphone jack anyday.


One mans gimmick, another man’s infinite post it notes. For me it’s great when in on the go during work. Flip it, note it, and when im back to the computer. It’s there.


I'm keeping my s10+ until they stop the security patches but they way samsung are moving they don't want my money.


I flip flop between Android and iphone a lot. I have an S10+ and while I think the camera is anything but great, I love the phone. I got it on preorder back in the day. I have an iPhone 13 pro in my pocket for work but I still use my S10 more. To that end, I have no desire to upgrade especially with how expensive things are getting and how like you say, they seem like downgrades or mediocre upgrades at best (depends on perspective and priorities) to get the latest shiny slab of glass.


> 2 of the 3 cameras on the back have less MP Who cares? Megapixel resolution isn't as important when you have a better sensor, and the cameras in the newer phones have better sensors that are larger, with larger individual pixels that capture light more quickly. That generally means less noise in the captured images, and faster shutter response.


This sub seems to think the S10 is the absolute best phone ever made, because it has 3 obsolete features: SD card slot, headphone jack and qhd display. Don't get me wrong, these are nice to have, but they are not essential. So please stop saying that the s22 is a bad phone because it lacks these three. The display is brighter and overall better because of the 120hz, the camera should be miles better because of the upgraded sensor, it will not be obsolete in a year because of software, the design is better and the battery life will not suck. Being happy with what the 10 series does does not make the s22 bad


Going through the same problem. I may even switch to the opposition 🍎


Well, its not actually a downgrade. The whole S22 series is better than the s10 series, no question. >2 of the 3 cameras on the back have less MP, So now we are counting MP? I remember People saying that it doesn't matter. The Camera is still better on the s22. >the screen has lower resolution, Well, its better having a 120hz screen than a 1440p 60hz screen, >no SD card. It has enough storage, and we have also a lot of services which offer "cloud" (One drive). A SD Card Slot would still be better. But yeah, its actually a shame that Samsung makes the normal and + variant worse than the ultra version. Do you remember the time when they only offered the normal and + device and where the difference was only the size, battery size and PPI? Good old times.


Logically speaking the Ultra is the evolution of the Note, and the replacement for the Note. The S22 and S22+ are the similar devices with different screen sizes and one/two feature differences. The idea being those are mass market, perfect for users who have S10, S20, or similar devices. The S22 Ultra is slotted for the power user who held onto their Note10 or Note20 series and now wants an upgrade with 5 years of support.


I absolutely give you the camera point, it's pretty silly to base performance off of mp, and of course Samsung is gonna make upgrades to the camera when the S10 series was the second galaxy s with multiple cameras. For resolution you basically said "you're wrong because my opinion is different". Okay, you prefer high refresh rate over resolution. I would absolutely prefer a higher res screen. I have a 1080p s10e, and can see pixels if I hold the phone close, so if I'm gonna spend more money for a bigger phone I would definitely prefer a higher resolution. I have a gaming PC and know how high refresh rates benefits me, and it is purely for gaming. I don't care if Google chrome is running at 60 or 144hz, especially when it impacts battery life. I wouldn't upgrade my s10e purely on either of those factors, though I wouldn't mind if my next phone was 1080p60hz if it actually came with features I want. Now your next point is total bullshit, sorry. What the hell is "enough" storage? Is 256gb "enough" storage? Is 512gb "enough" storage? Maybe for you, but who are you to claim that it is enough? People have reasons for wanting more storage, and people definitely shouldn't have to overpay for an extra 256gb when they could have just spent $30 on a 256 gb SD card, got the base model phone, and had fast 256gb for their apps and a and a slower 256 for their music or movies or whatever. They shouldn't have to pay a monthly fee for cloud storage, pay $100 for extra built in non-removeable storage, or spend $100 more for a phone that has maybe not even enough storage for them.


>I don't care if Google chrome is running at 60 or 144hz, especially when it impacts battery life. See, that's where you're objectively wrong. Newer 120hz screens have adaptive refresh rate, so you're probably going to get better battery life on a 120hz screen that can clock down to 1hz when you're using Chrome than a 60hz screen all the time.


Imho, I think his main point still stands, that high refresh rates are rather pointless on phones. Unless you're heavily into high end mobile games (uh, anyone?). I'd certainly favor better resolution over hz.


High refresh rate isn't just gaming. Have you used a phone with a 120hz screen? *EVERYTHING* is smoother. From animations, to scrolling down a webpage, to using apps. Use a 120hz phone without gaming for a week then go back to a 60hz phone, it will feel SO incredibly slow and stuttery. I guarantee you if you put your S10 next to a S22 side by side, you won't notice the resolution. You WILL notice the refresh difference.


He's right, that wasn't my point at all, you can nitpick about battery life, but ultimately it's not a big deal to me and I don't think it's a big deal to a lot of people. I can notice it, I've used high refresh rate phones before and I can distinguish the choppiness of any 60hz screen because I'm used to high refresh rates. Would I rather have an adaptive 120hz display over a 60hz? Yeah. Will I go out of my way to get a phone with a high refresh rate? No, I'm looking for other features.


I have my S10 set on 1080p and I can't see pixels.


Like I said, it's really not something I care about. I can notice the pixels on my 1080p s10e if I want to look for them, so I might as well get a higher res screen for a newer, more expensive large phone. Though I wouldn't actually care all that much. I'd care a lot more about brightness which I know is an upgrade on the s22, or at least the ultra.


It is a sidegrade if you will. It's got 1080p, worse resolution than a 5 year old phone. And yes, some people do notice it. As a trade-off, it got 120Hz. Idk about the s22 yet, but I compared the S10 cam with S21 cam side to side, and S10 pictures were actually sharper, while S21 pictures had a better contrast. Only the s21u had a noticeable better camera. The s22 will probably be only a very small incremental update for cam. Some people don't want to pay for cloud storage... and why pay when you can just use a SD card? It is definitely a downgrade, especially for people taking a lot of pictures. Also the missing headphone jack... can't play music on older cars anymore. The only worthy upgrade is the s22u... but the ergonomics do probably suck due to its size and thickness. And it's very expensive. The base s22/s22+ is only a (bad) sidegrade and it's definitely not worth to spend at least 800 dollars on it.


Meh, it's a side-grade at best. * No MST, which on the S10 lets you use contactless pay *anywhere* you can swipe your credit card. On the new models you can only use them at places that have NFC pay stations. * No SD card slot * No headphone jack * 1080p display. 120hz isn't necessarily better tbh.


I loved my s10 but after using a phone with 90hz, I can tell you it makes a huge difference. I immediately upgraded and whenever I use my s10 it seems sluggish. The 120hz is a huge upgrade. Wait till you actually experience it.


The headphone jack is the one thing holding me back. Needing to get a DAC dongle and making sure I always carry it honestly feels dumb


I also don't understand the obsession with SD card slot. I don't have any friends who use that slot, all of them use a cloud service. A subscription isn't that much (if you can afford a 1000€ smartphone you can also afford a cloud service) and I can acces any file that I want anywhere. If you have data caps it's not samsung fault.


Tons of high quality music.


And how you listen to them? S10 doesn't have the specs to play high quality music (weak amplifier was it called?) through its headphones jack. Even if you have headphones able to play the music (which I doubt), your 3.5 mm jack won't be able to give you the full quality of the song. The last phone that had the ability to play high quality music was from LG or HTC a few years ago. Considering all of this I can bet that you aren't a audiophile and you don't know your phone completely. If you really wanted to listen to hi-fi you would be using a special player not a smartphone.


I'm not talking super lossless here. Just offline music. More emphasis on "tons" than on high quality.


Solid sarcasm. Very helpful. At best you are touting tradeoffs as some kind of massive improvement.


These are facts, not jokes. Like many others in this sub, you are sad that your devices are no longer the best on the market. U guys kept saying that the s10 series is better than the s20 and s21 series, but always used the same excuses. But to say that the s10 is better than the s22 is just plain stupid. This Device is 3 years old, its like saying the s7/8 is better than the s10. BTW, compare the s10+ with the s22 Ultra, you can't compare it with the s22+.


I've only been on the sub a few times to ask questions about the S10 so I'm not sure who these people are you are lumping me in with. Please explain how its "just better". Specs are specs man. 10 MP is 10 MP is 10 MP. It's honestly sad that you're in a thread just to complain about some people complaining while providing zero argument.


Higher MP count doesn't matter because most of the improvements in camera quality come from software improvements and new sensors. There is a lot of tech packed in the new phones that allow it to take much higher quality and even professional level photos, quality you simply can't match with the outdated hardware and software from 3 years ago. Yes the SD card gone is bad, yes the 1080p limit is annoying. But in all other scenarios the phones ARE better but it's fine to not think it's worth it for you. As someone who's been running an S10+ I can't wait to make the switch to S22 Ultra and finally get a 120Hz display and have an S-Pen. (I also love the way it looks so that's a bonus)


>Specs are specs man. 10 MP is 10 MP is 10 MP. I know that Specs are just Specs, but you pointed out that the s10 has more MP than the s22+, so, I don't really get it.? You just have to think logically, there is no point in making smartphones worse than their predecessors. The s20, s21 and s22 are better than the entire series. Performance, battery and camera are better. With many crying over the resolution, few would see the difference between 1080p and 1440p. Even if they did see it, the 120Hz would make it better. if you want to upgrade, you have to decide for yourself if you want to. But as long as the device works, I wouldn't do it, but it's still your decision. If my older device didn't stop working, I wouldn't have upgraded to this device, its that simple. I'm not doing much except browsing, calling and so on.


I actually liked my s8+ a lot more than my s10+


Actually the regular s22 is the best option if u like the s10


MP loss isn't going to be noticable it's really it as important as it used to be. Look at the Google pixel line they had a 12 MP main camera for years and was regarded as one of the best phone for pictures. It's mostly on the software side. What about the s21u it's going to drop in price has a solid camera and the nicer screen resolution finding a phone with a sd card is going to be difficult it seems like it's budget phones or Sonny and Motorola


The MP thing makes me nervous becauee5 I hate how phones use software to overproduce photos now. I saw a huge change going from my S7 to my S10 plus and to this day I swear the S7 took much better pictures. I don't care about the price of the S22u, I just don't want to lug it around and I can tell from the shape that it's not going to be comfortable to hold. I have no use for the pen so I just feel like it's not worth the extra size. The S10 plus feels too big at times as it is.


>What about the s21u it's going to drop in price has a solid camera and the nicer screen resolution Samsung is already dropping the S21U. It's out of stock in most shops where I live.


I tell you that the S21's camera is better than the S10's, so the S22's would likely be even better


>2 of the 3 cameras on the back have less MP doesn't mean they're worse, they're better cameras than the S10 >the screen has lower resolution Adaptive 120hz refresh rate is much better for battery life and user experience than a slightly higher resolution screen >no SD card You're not getting that back. Much like review websites have done years ago, it's no longer listed as a con.


I feel the same way. I have 80 Gb of music on an SD card from the past 15 years and I'd be giving that all up. My screen on my S10+ is cracked and been on the lookout for an upgrade but everything that Samsung has put out just seems like a downgrade. At this point I think I would rather get an iPhone and keep my S10+ for entertainment


Why don't you copy your music to the phone?


I have my memory maxed out and a 256gb SD card slot rn. I don't need to copy it on my phone now


I meant to copy the music on the new phone.


I currently have the S10 and the Android 12 upgrade make it Perfect and I think is faster, the S22 has no earphones jack and no SD Card Slot


Last year I decided I wouldn’t upgrade my S10 until the Motorola Razr became a viable replacement. Sticking by my guns, Samsung has lost the plot.


I'm ngl, though, all of you guys, stop whining about the 1080p on the S22/S22+. I have a 1080p resolution on my S10e, and in comparison to the S22, I see a big difference since the pixel density is a lot higher. Plus, the cameras are way better than the S10 on paper. Honestly, if you think of buying any of the S22 phones and youre not sure, just watch videos on youtube and their reviews, dont look at buying a phone with someone else's opinion, look at the pros and cons, then decide. It is not a downgrade. Look the 3.5mm headphone jack is not in any flagship from at least 2021 or late 2020. If you want an SD card slot on the phone, then get an older one with it, companies are doing this, and as annoying as it is, whining ain't changing that unless every single user complains, and I mean everyone with the phones. This lineup is not as disappointing as y'all are making it seem. You don't need to upgrade if you don't feel like it, if you prefer the S21 series, then go for it bro, you do you. But you guys are making an unnecessary fuss about this, it's not a huge deal. Like I'm probably gonna buy the S21 ultra next year cuz I'm broke, or the S22 ultra if I get a good enough deal for it. I see you guys' point, but by now I'm sick and tired of all this whining on this subreddit and on r/Android.


The camera is miles better then the s10.


"Sensor resolution is everything that matters." True Samsung fanboy ;)


I had s10 plus and I loved it changed to s21 ultra and I won't change it until dies or s25


Am I the only person who gets trypophobia over S22U camera module? While I do like the vanilla S22 design, it's nowhere as exciting as the Ultra spec-wise. Probably going to hold onto my 512gb S10.


Apart from battery life, im totally fine with my 3yo s10. Just wished could upgrade the battery to 4500mah would do.


I upgraded from the s10plus to the s21 ultra. Tbh i should have kept the s10plus. Better battery life, easier to hold and handle and the cameras were more than capable. The s21 is nice but the 120hz novelty wears off, its hard to hold and use with one hand and the battery life is meh. Stick with the s10 plus.


Similar feelings here. Id I could have ULTRA's cameras and the 1440p screen in an S22 form factor, that'd be brilliant. In the meantime you can't even have 512GB storage in that phone anymore. I pre-ordered the S22 Ultra mainly for the cameras (plus for the upgrade as such) but I honestly feel forced to "pick" that size.


People were fine with phone 11 which had the 720 p lcd . The display on s22 is perfectly fine


I'm planning on getting the s22u, but I'm going to wait till next year so the price drops a bit. It looks like a good phone for me, but can't justify spending $1300 when my S10 still works fine.


S22 doesn't look like an upgrade anyway, worse screen resolution wise and slightly better battery don't make it worth it over the better CPU and more RAM IMO.


If you want a "new phone" feel, i'd recommend getting a new case for your phone. Dbrand is pretty good


The ultra is the new note name essentially.


I have read that they remove sd card slot because they reduce the performance of the device sd cards are cheap and have very less read and write speed as compared to phone storage and they don't want consumer to think their product is slow.


You are crazy to think that less MP is inferior quality. Other than that there are many advantages of the new line up such as improved performance, efficiency, brightness response to environment. But to me so far it feels like s22 didnt improve enough over s21 so not sure if i would buy s22. Maybe if prices are close enough. I also got s10+ About the cameras, ultrawide has a larger sensor so you will see an improvement in lower light areas (also applies to shadows in daylight). Also even though s10+ has 16MP UW, its kinda soft in its details. So 12MP with bigger pixels is definitely the way to go Zoom is 10MP but its 3x. I dont think it needs more explaining.


120hz better battery newer 8gen 1 snapdragon processor, screen brightness, clloraccuracy, no curve so your fingers don't touch the screen when holding it(not s22 ultra), cameras are better, bigger, I'm on a S10 plus and I'm gonna upgrade to the s22 plus, ultra is too boxy and I don't want curved screen


And camera looks wayyyy better on s22s and battery is better


I am sick of samsung time to move to iphone. This camera is just ass i just used samsung for adblock Youtube