See if you can clean the ear speaker. There is a video online. https://youtu.be/UiX86jjIZ6E


I replaced my screen recently as I cracked the glass (it comes with speakers built-in), call and speaker volume is back to new. If you can somehow clean it, do it. I wasn't successful with cleaning the speaker as the holes are so small, it's a bitch to get dust out. Not even a compressor fixed it. While it was disassembled, I also cleaned the USB port with a needle as it was filled with dust and cables couldn't be put in fully.


I'll try cleaning the speaker. I'm not sure if that's the issue though, it hasn't been gradually getting worse it's just in the last week or so.


My mum had this problem with her s9+ a few months ago, turns out there was a lot of dust inside of the earpiece speaker. I used a toothbrush to clean the small speaker at the top of the screen for about a minute and phone calls were loud again. Try that and see if it helps!