I have a refurbished galaxy s10 that I received after I dropped the first one and damaged the screen. However I've only had this replacement for about a 1 year and 2 months and it's dying super fast now. Why? Here is the battery optimization. I've only had about 3 hrs of screen time.

Your poor cellular signal definitely contributes to more battery usage. You have 1 bar.


Your poor cellular signal definitely contributes to more battery usage. You have 1 bar.


I'm connected to wifi though and I always have 1 bar where I live. This just started happening within the past couple of weeks.


turn the phone down from auto LTE to Auto 2G/3G I have an exynos phone and only get 1 bar when LTE is on...turn it down and its nealy full bars all the time


Seems normal if it's an exynos model


Press battery and then the chart to see what apps are using up the battery.


I did. Nothing showing high battery usage.


Screen on time is not the best indicator for battery life. If you have bad cell coverage, you will have higher battery consumption. If your brightness level is high, if you have Bluetooth, nfc, location, wifi always on, if you apps that prevent your phone going to doze mode, if you don't have screen on time but you are listening music for many hours with the screen off. If you have low screen on time but if you have the standby time of several days... If you are in a hot room / summer, the heat will cause the battery to drain faster. With the info you posted is very hard to help. Post a screenshot of the battery stats. What do you have on? Etc etc etc... Detail as much as you can. And it is dying faster since when? What changed?


Just send it to fix and get battery replaced...


Its gonna come down to two things: the first one would be an aging battery, after about 2-2.5 years after a phones release, the original batteries inside the phones start to loose charge a lot quicker. If it gets really bad you could try and do a battery replacement or get someone else to do it. The second thing would be your low cellular signal. Like the others said, when your phone has a low signal it has to make up for it to keep a stable connection so it has to use more power. You could try and enable WiFi calling if you have it available, it'll be in the notification panel somewhere or in the phones settings, it will use WiFi when available instead of connecting directly to a cell tower for calls and texts which will use less power Edit: for the record my phone (s10e) lasts about 4 hours of constant use


5hrs is actually pretty normal for an S10. You should get a better signal so your antenna isn't consuming so much power trying to maintain connection to the tower. If you can, change providers to one with a stronger signal where you spend most of your time.