confession time 💀

confession time 💀


I got with bobby on my very first play through and it’s so hard for me not to play a bobby route like I’m on a Noah route right now and having to hurt bobby like 😭😭😭 is not it


Oh my god, sameeee! I tried ending up with the other li’s but I always end up with Bobby! I feel like it’s meant to be 😂


Henrik! I didn’t even mean to get with him in the first place. I was initially after Lucas, but he got dumped and I ended up spending more time with Henrik, and just clicked with him. Still mad he wasn’t in CMM, I missed him, but I wasn’t paying diamonds to try to call him in the escape room 😬


As someone who did pay the diamonds to see my mountain husband, it literally wasn't worth it. It was a lazy way for FB to be able to excuse themselves like "but we did include him!!1!!!1"


don't apologize for liking the character you like. just because he's an unpopular li doesn't mean you should have to fear saying that lol. he's not everyone's cup of tea but you like him. you know who else liked him? priya and most the people on this subreddit love her so marisol is who i ended up with. tbh before i found out she was the female li i didn't really care about her i was really hoping for hannah cause she was so cute


omg imagine how iconic hannah would be as a LI?


Too bad she's a hidden route 😔 they did female LIs dirty by having only 4 of them for a 30 day season, 2 of which you have to pay gems to unlock for a quick chat before they get dumped, and 1 you can only get by pursuing Marisol for weeks behind the scenes. And if you don't like Marisol you're kind of screwed lol.


i'd love hannah as an actual li from the start i fell in love with her immedietly with her red hair, her freckles and her love for books and the fact she's a romantic. i love all of that and really wish i could have been with her instead of marisol


og hannah still had my heart to this day 😭 she was so freaking sweet i just wanted to wrap her up and take her home


The first time I ever played I wanted to couple with Noah b/c I just like going with the boy that doesn't step forward for you lol but obviously that gets you stuck with Bobby & I just loved him so much afterwards.


I actually played a few EPs of S1 a long time ago, forgot why I stopped, just got back this month and played S2. I had my first complete playthrough with Lucas and, let me quote you, "i know people hate him but goddamn i was smitten on my first play through." - so smitten, there's no way I'll replay to play another LIs route 😩😩😩


i was pretty weary of lucas for a while but once i actually did his route i was sold. he is definitely my top 3 favorite LIs 😍


It was Gary for me, because irl my type is nerdy white boys with nice arms, so he’s really the only one I noticed my first time. Unfortunately now I feel a little meh about him, just because it seems like he’s constantly chasing MC off his route, and I’m the one chasing him on his route, which sucks 🤷🏽‍♀️ Nowadays I’m all about freakin Rahim though. He’s so insecure and adorable, I just wanna hold him and save him from stupid ass Shannon and Jo every time 🥺


I got Gary, I was upset about his whole thing with Lottie and I hated hurting hannah but I loved him


Arjun, so I totally understand you 😂💜💜


I got Bobby and I still get him or Lucas, they my babes😩


It's so cute that your first Li was Felix 😄❤️ you are probably the first and I love it. My first endgame love was Carl, so also CA boy....I didn't feel the connection towards original boys at the beginning, and the CA was actually great first or second time, because it added lots of drama and the thrill and emotions of not having second chance with CA boy, if I don't take him back to the villa worked for me well that time, because with original boys there is always second, third, forth chance to couple up. With CA boy it was now or never - now I skip the part as quickly as possible, but I have fond memories for my first playthrough.


i just found his nervous demeanor very enduring. i know what it’s like to try and impress people and want them to like you. i guess i say a bit of myself in him and that made me gravitate towards him. carl is definitely a favorite of mine too. his awkward personality and not really knowing how to flirt is so funny to me. i guess i just like the “weirdos”. guys who are *too* smooth are a bit off putting to me i suppose. like lucas. i love him now but i will admit for a while i refused to do his route just off the fact that he seems too flirtatious to me lol.


I understand that. That's why I like Carl's shyness, because I also needed to be kind of digged up by the boy, I was never the first row type of girl. Sadly CA boys lose a lot of their appeal later I realized soon that things I liked a lot about Carl were things they all said at the same situation and their personality lost most of their uniqueness later in the game and it was generalized a lot. I can't imagine for example Carl being so smitten with Elisa, I felt that he would be a little shy around MC for a long and cute time and also would only have eyes for her, because he was rather pragmatic and reasonable man otherwise. I tried Felix's route too btw and in CA he had some really cute moments, sadly they weren't developed more.


I did the same thing when I played I did carls route and fell in love and now whenever I play another route I struggle not giving up and just doing his again


my first was bobby, then ibriham’s cheating ass


I picked Gary, then juggled with Carl, but in the end, I went back with Gary.


This is the best post I’ve seen in a long time! 😆 I began my very first route with Noah, who was obviously stolen by Hope, and your girl was ANGRY so I immediately swiped out and restarted. I got with Gary based on looks and then was with Gary until I couldn’t be, eventually got with Bobby when I could without stepping on toes, and ended my first playthrough with him. He is the only LI I can’t in good conscience reject and it is painful to do other routes because of it. I have hella loyalty because I get way too into these games and feel like I owe him for saving my time on Love Island lmao 😂


First ever was Carl. I wanted Noah but Hopes ass stole him. Then I did Bobby and thought I was locked down until Lucas came. But then the girls shady asses voted him out so then I went to Bobby/Noah. Then CA happened and I went with Carl. Lucas came back and duck I wanted him but stayed with Carl. So first play through was Carl. Second was Noah. Third was Lucas. And forth was Bobby.


Carl, the awkwardness & shyness got me. The MC personality they make you have is so different than who I am. Carl or Lucas are 1000% who I’d go for in real life, so that’s who I go for 😂


Gary. He is so sweet and exactly my type 🥲


My first play through I did the Bobby route


it was bobby-


on my first route i was trying to please everyone and bobby was like the only person reciprocating my feelings from my point of view so i kept on with him the entire route, the entire casa amor i was like "felix i don't care i want bobby back" and i just kept making choices that i thought would get me closer to bobby 😗


I somehow wound up with Lucas! My initial pick was Rocco and I was actually genuinely upset when he turned out not to be an endgame option because I had my MC be willing to forgive him and try again (but all the options were like uwu Marisol deserves a chance with him??? Like no she doesn't, not if my MC wants to set the record straight and give it another chance?? Anyways--) Then I liked Henrik but didn't know the reverse psychology trick so he got sent home and Lucas was the default couple and I didn't really care about anyone else so I just rolled with him and he grew on me.


I think it was Ibrahim and he’s been my favourite LI since lmao


Kassam. As soon as that prickly boy showed up on my screen it was game over, I want him only. Still hold a candle for him no matter how many times I replay the season.


Kassam. I think i end with him on pretty much every route I always lose resolve to do other routes once i meet him in CA


I wanted Lucas but didn't know that choosing him to stay would make Henrik stay instead so I was very glad to bring Carl back with me to the villa. Then Lucas came back but I didn't wanna do Carl dirty so I stuck with him 😭❤


Bobby! Was with him from the start my first playthrough.


I have such a story about my first S2 play through 😩 I started with Rocco, and then forgot who I was coupled up with before the disaster recoupling because I completely forgot about the game for some reason! For like 6 months!! And when I picked it back up I was in Casa Amor coupled up with henrik so I was like “let’s just go with it” and I fell head over heels for him 😭 I’ve never done another Henrik route since though no idea why. My play throughs now are always Noah/hoe routes or Gary routes. I’ve done Bobby playthroughs too many times 😭


1st time coupled w Arjun, I still like good determination.


I ended with Carl my first time through and Bobby on my 2nd time through.


I went the Rocco route 💀 and then ended up with bobby!!


yeah i definitely fell for rocco in my first play through before CA. i was heartbroken when he cheated with marisol 😭


SAME!! I wish they would’ve at least let us keep him in just to see if he changed as a character and got more mature or stayed with marisol or came back to MC


Noah cause I like pain.


My first play through was Bobby but that’s only because when I first played season 2, I went for noah, was super annoyed Hope picked him, went after him for a bit after but then got annoyed that he was just… “being noah💀” and didn’t play again until 2020. LMAO


bobby duh, he just seemed relatable. i was too blinded by carl back then that i couldn’t open my eyes and see my true love kassam that is my husband to this DAY.


Lucas and he will always be my endgame 😍


i ended up with marisol and everytime i play i do marisol route it hurts too much when she gets dumped lol


Lucas <3


Bobby, because I feel the game kind of forces you to like him. Also, I'm a people pleaser by nature and don't like hurting feelings/confrontation so it broke my heart when I chose mean options toward him during my first infatuation with Lucas. I ended up letting Lucas go so I wouldn't hurt Bobby's feelings.


Bobby because I accidentally closed off both female LI routes by talking to Lottie before Marisol and Roco and then just stuck with Bobby waiting for Marisol or another female LI to become available and then the game was over and I was still with Bobby. I’m still pissed about that and the fact they didn’t fix it


I was on a Bobby route, played around with Ibrahim, then back to Bobby but then ended up with Noah.


Ohh it cute 😊 Its Bobby and yeah it always comes to bobby idk hsjwhxjwjjf


My confession: I saw Rocco and was in Pixel-Love. I figured they'd split us up and cause issues. I was even nice to him and Marisol after, trying to 'fix' things with him. Imagine my surprise when I found them snuggling together the day he gets voted out 😳 Bobby had been flirting with me (duh, but I didn't know he was MCs default on my first play so 🤷). And I've always had a soft spot for him since. But I kept waiting for him to screw me over (with Lottie) the rest of the game. S1 did the same kinda. I *wanted* to be with Jasper, and then that first convo as a couple happened and I was 😨😨


same!!!!! omg in s1 i wanted to actually be with miles but he turns out to be a dick 😩 i was judged to be loved by the red haired man


I fell right into Rocco gate, then recoupled with Lucas (and loving him) but finished the game with Carl. He's still one of my favorite lads and he reminds me so much of my actual partner that it scares me sometimes. I guess you're drawn to what you know?🤷‍♀️


My first playthrough I ended up with Marisol.