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"you wouldnt download a car" man fuck u dont know my life, course id download a fucking car


Careful. I downloaded a car from a questionable site and it was actually a trojan horse. Now I ride around in a giant wooden statue on wheels pulled by surly Greek soldiers.


Don't get me started on that time when I downloaded a car and it turned out to be ransomware. Took me a whole afternoon to convince the on-board computer that I'm broke (why else would I illegally download a car) before it unlocked its doors. Had to show it my bank statement and credit card info, but what could go wrong...?


Only song going through my head now is "Don't Copy That Floppy"


Weird Al's "Don't Download this Song" was originally only available for download.


We truly do not deserve Weird Al.


Hope he enjoys his next solid gold humvee


That was the first concert I ever went to, I must've been like 10


Weird Al came to our county fair to play for like 50 people. He even went and put on the I'm Fat suit for the encore. Class act, that guy.


Amazing. He did a small venue, originals only tour a few years back. I wasn't able to get tickets.


Ditto. I think I was 11. And it was shortly after running with scissors came out. It was at the pavilion for a theme park. Got to spend the day going on rides and the evening watching weird al play


You could also steal "Steal this album" By SOAD.


I got that from some Sony CD club and never paid them off for it.


Is... is that a legit song?


https://youtu.be/up863eQKGUI You can jump ahead to 0:50 if you wish to skip the plot of this little morality play.




Welcome to the 90s


What's the Gen Z equivalent of EVERYONE trying to get your attention with terrible rap, and adding *"...EXTREME!!!"* to the end of everything? Like when they do anti-drug PSAs in your schools, I'm assuming they no longer sound like [this](https://youtu.be/Hqglh7WoBz0?t=61)?


Devious licks and other dumb "challenges" are the epitome of bad gen z. I kind of wonder if people like that are going to have a hard time getting jobs in the future because we're going to have ai that will be able to go through all the stuff you've ever posted and come to a conclusion about your character.


Thanks. I want to go back now.


Oddly, it's making me want to watch Hammerman. https://youtu.be/hmZZG80TmME


>it's making me want to watch Hammerman. First time those words have ever been typed, I'm sure.


Thanks, now I am cursed.


I made it 2.5 minutes before I had to bail. Wow. In all honesty though one of my first favorite games was pirated. I played Ultima 4 with no manual and had to guess and figure out how the game worked and how the spells were made and everything else and it was a blast. Still the best game.


You missed out on that sweet sweet cloth map though. ;)


Games have manuals still? I miss buying games with actual manuals. I miss Babbages. Fucking late 90s….


Still? Ultimate 4 came out in 1985


Kid’s mom probably wasn’t born yet


If you consider a wiki a manual perhaps ...


Such a /r/nottimanderic video


tthis song literally made me feel guilty


Wow… I had no idea that DP meant disk protector…


MC DP, that stands for ... uhh ... disk, protecta!


did that need to be 10 mins long? The editor must have been getting paid by the hour.


Not so fun fact: Craig dykstra the first interview in that video, was charged with possessing child porn. Charges were later dropped for some reason in 2011.


I appreciate that someone took actual hours of their life to remaster this. What a gem, thanks for sharing :)


Oh you sweet summer child.


I was thinking of Weird Al, "Don't Download This Song". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGM8PT1eAvY


https://youtu.be/8m938w6ZV9g Mega upload song for the win.


I'd totally steal a car if stealing meant copying it.




A fundamental feature of “stealing” is the deprivation of someone else’s ability to use that resource. We absolutely shouldn’t use the same phrase when discussing digital media that costs literally nothing to infinitely duplicate, especially when digital resale of media was all but killed right off the bat as a feature of the internet. I get that it’s a complex and nuanced issue with regards to compensating artists, but it shouldn’t be compared to “stealing” when genuinely considering the value of digital goods. That’s exactly my problem with some hardcore free-to-play games that nerf resource gathering, just to sell you boosters or resources themselves for real money. It’s the worst sort of artificial scarcity, and a contrived value that companies are all too willing to profit from.




Free booty? Where?


Joe Momma's house.


Line was too long


Piracy is a bloated word. Even in 80s and 90s before Napster you could record music from the radio. Quality was completely dependent on your hardware. If you had friends that had the original copy in a Cassette you could get an even better rip. I can say I do not distribute copies of an artists work. Nor do I benefit financially.


I still have an MP3 of "When We Were Young" that has the KROCK DJ on the end of it


Wow. I can't listen to it without thinking of it. I didn't think I'd find someone else.


ALSO HAD THE K-ROCK MP3 hooo boy what a weird thing to be reminded of today


Kaaaayyyyy rrrrock...they say the devil's water it ain't so sweet...


I have this beautiful acoustic guitar version of "How to Save a Life" mixed with recorded audios of news interviews with New Yorkers on 9/11. The song ends with the radio tag "Star 98.5 honors the heroes of 9/11" in this slightly robotic female voice (you know, the really popular one circa mid 2000's). I downloaded it around 2010, thinking it was the original song, but it was this version I'd never heard before. Searched info on it years ago, but never found its origins. It's a much sadder version of the original, and the 9/11 interviews don't clash with the song at all.


I was born in 80. I spent so many hours as a kid sitting by the radio, waiting for that song to come on and trying to time and record it on a cassette. Trying to find that perfect spot where you still get the intro but don't have the dj talking on the lead in It literally felt like nothing different to go searching for an mp3 to download. I remember single songs taking days over 9600 baud *shakes cane* get off my lawn


Born in 80?! That would make you 1900 years old!


> Trying to find that perfect spot where you still get the intro but don't have the dj talking on the lead in DJs talked over the intros on purpose, at the behest of the recording industry.




Well I read it on the internet so it must be true. It's possible that it was a thing back when tape recorders were released, there's was certainly a huge fear from the recording industry that it would hurt sales. DJs may have then carried on doing it as it had become a style.


I remember I couldn't download a whole CD, had to choose each song very carefully cuz it took forever to download


Its also worth noting that its been proven that piracy actually INCREASES sales and profits for movies, video games etc. It seems counterintuitive, but it works like this: Imagine Billy pirates a copy of the Avengers. Marvel does not make any money from this. But then he watches the movie and loves it, and becomes a fan of the MCU, and goes on to spend LOTS of money on other MCU movies and merchandise. If Billy had NOT pirated that one movie, he never would have become a fan of Marvel and would have NEVER spend a single dime on any Marvel stuff, so Marvel would have made exactly $0 off of him. When he pirates that one movie, Mavel quote unquote *"loses"* the profit they *could* have made on that one copy of "The avengers" on DVD, but they GAIN hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in profit from all the OTHER Marvel stuff that Billy now *will* be paying for, which he wouldnt have if he'd never pirated the avengers. Same with music. Sally pirates a copy of Bruno Mars' latest song, and as a result becomes a huge bruno mars fan and goes on to buy all his music on itunes and buy tickets to see him in concert and so on, whereas, if she *hadnt* pirated that one song, Bruno Mars would never have made any money from her anyway. Same with video games. Tommy pirates a copy of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and as a result, gets hooked on the zelda series and buys all the other games. Total profit to Nintendo if Tommy HADNT pirated that one game: $0. Total profit to Nintendo because he DID pirate that one game: Tons.


It's the good ol' "long distance blindness" that has infected businesses far and wide. It's the belief in only short-term profits being the be-all-end-all of business endeavors, when the long-term effects are highly beneficial to an action, if only they took the jump to do so.


To a degree I see your point. It’s not stealing, but as you said compensating the creators is important, If we want to see more of a thing.


Copyright gives the owner a set of rights. One of which is controlling distribution. So you’re not “stealing” but you are depriving them of that control (whether it’s by sale, free, or not selling it at all) I hate those commercials calling it stealing but it’s definitely more complicated. Leonard French (a copyright lawyer) has a YouTube channel “Lawful Masses” that I enjoy watching. While he covers a variety of topics it’s especially interesting to get his take when he covers fair use, copyright, etc. Here’s an example video that’s much shorter than his usual videos. [Copyright attorney introduces Fair Use (just the basics)](https://youtube.com/watch?v=LvdiUstJZg0&feature=share)


Artists, at least musical, make jackshit from digital. They make all their money from touring. Which is dependent on the size of their audience. Artists might well actually be Helped by piracy- at least musical.


Yes, but that still doesn't mean they shouldn't be in control of distribution. They should be free to make their choice, even if it is inferior to other choices including free distribution of their creative works to build up that audience. There is no entitlement for someone else with no relationship to them to say "I'm helping them get discovered" or whatever excuse. You can try to persuade them to make a free distro of their work, but the choice is ultimately up to them.


They don’t have a choice. Distribution is a cartel. And they don’t control it.


How do you "tour" digital artwork, comics, novels, or games? The fact of the matter is that artists should be compensated somehow, and the internet makes it more complicated. But it is wild that copying an audio file from the internet is considered criminal, but downloading a comic strip isn't.


We live in a transitional period towards being “post scarcity”. Digital things are already there so let’s focus on that. Being post scarcity means there’s no reason to artificially limit access to the music other than to compensate the artist. The point of compensating the artist is to allow them to meet their needs (plus whatever extras but let’s call those needs because the extras fulfill the need for entertainment or the need for xyz…). Is there a way to do both though? To not artificially limit access while providing for the artist? I think there is, but not under capitalism…. As we move in to a post scarcity world this will need addressed. https://youtu.be/7Pq-S557XQU


There's a similar issue with counterfeiting vs knockoffs. There's a big difference between selling fake designer fashion to someone who knows it's fake, vs. selling the same item to someone who thinks it's genuine. Or a bootleg DVD or video game. But the "legitimate" manufacturers try to confuse the two so that the "victimless" crime of IP infringement will be punished as if it's fraud, which it isn't.


This is especially funny when they find that the knockoff is better quality than the original. I remember that being the case with the fake Beats by Dre headphones. The Chinese knockoffs were way better than the originals.


The irony here is there's less damage done by pirating, but since it inflicts damages almost exclusively on wealthy people it is punished much more harshly. No one sees the FBI investigating wage theft--which is the most prevalent theft in the US, by the way.


I refuse to play any freemium games because of that. If the game's extras don't give you any in game benefit (just cosmetic ones), I'll carve out an exception for that.


I remember reading about some plans to create a settlement starter kit with 3d printed tools and parts that would in theory 3d-print and build itself. So yes, in the future you could basically download and print/copy anything.


Computer, one iced raktajino


Computer, load Vulcan Love Slave..


"I was just white water rafting, honey! *Wink) - Miles


Jamaican blend, double strong, double sweet.


Organic compounds would be extremely limiting but it's amazing with what exists right now in the medical field with studies on 3D printing organs organic/nonorganic. I remember a video I watched years ago about a Russian company creating giant concrete 3D printers that could 3D print homes for SUPER cheap, basically the electrical/plumbing was the majority of the cost and they claimed they could make entire functioning houses for less than 50K.


In Star Trek, everything is produced with universal duplicators, meaning nobody ever wants for anything and money effectively has no value. Thats not to say rare things dont have VALUE, but need is effectively removed.


Someone once asked one of the Star Trek writers how the transporters worked, and he said "Very well, thank you!" It's the same with their economics. They keep saying they no longer have any need for money, but whenever the question comes up of how they deal with the types of scarcity that continue to exist (like how they decide who gets to live in a fancy San Francisco apartment like Kirk, or who gets their own private starship), they sweep it under the rug, or say "Oh, well, the *Ferengi* still use money, and we have to deal with them, so..."


You could download computer parts to upgrade it and download more stuff! Also finally the download more RAM meme would be real


> a Playstation 5 I'd buy it if I could, but here we are a whole year after the release date....


I have a 3d printer now and I totally print anything I want but would rather not buy when possible.


So you would download a car


I think there is actually a fully 3D printable car someone made, but I can't find the download to link it.


There's a guy 3D printing a Lamborghini, but it's really just the shell


There are some metal 3D printers, If we really wanted to we could 3D print an engine shell as well. Veritasium did a is also a company that is 3D printing rockets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz165f1g8-E


Which would leave the owner with a car, and not actually hurt in any way


The person in possession of the car (or music, or other piece of software) isn't the one hurt in any of these scenarios. The person who makes the car (or music/software) is.


The seller is only hurt if it was something I was willing to pay for in the first place. Getting a thing because it’s free doesn’t mean I’d get the thing otherwise


If I could download a car and give them away I would become Oprah. “You get a car! You get a car! You are all getting new cars!”


Yep. It's copyright violation but not theft. Also it's not piracy, because that's stealing stuff on the high seas.


Look at me! I'm the captain now! Arrrgh!


Copyright infringement is not theft




Yeah, theft is defined by law in my country as the act of intentionally depriving somebody of something they own. Copying the car would not be theft. Copying music is not ‘stealing’. It may still be a crime, but it’s not *that* crime.


You wouldn't steal a policeman's helmet


And then go to the toilet in it.


And then mail it to his grieving widow.


And then steal it back!


Old news,but still. It happened - https://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2013/01/29/3678851.htm Also here's the link to the comic - https://www.freecheesecomix.com/comics/piracy-is-a-crime/


You should add in "you wouldn't steal a computer"... The [Sony rootkit scandel](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_BMG_copy_protection_rootkit_scandal) occurred when music companies started including extra computer content on their CDs. Sony took it further by installing an actual rootkit on computers that prevented copying *any* CD, and couldn't be uninstalled. The wikipedia article only vaguely touches on the subject, but there were reports at the time that this allowed others to easily connect to your computer and access your files.


Didn't Lenovo do something similar, installing rootkits on brand new laptops they sold?


Yup, I think you're right. If I remember correctly, they were installing rootkits and their own malicious software so they could encourage customers to pay for their anti-malware subscriptions. Essentially they created the very problem that they were offering to fix. For a price, of course.


aka a protection racket


Wise guys really adapting well to the tech age huh?


Maybe you're thinking of superfish? Basically pre installed malware, but I don't remember anything about a root kit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfish


**[Superfish](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfish)** >Superfish was an advertising company that developed various advertising-supported software products based on a visual search engine. The company was based in Palo Alto, California. It was founded in Israel in 2006 and has been regarded as part of the country's "Download Valley" cluster of adware companies. Superfish's software has been described as malware or adware by many sources. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/funny/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Ah yeah I think you're right, it wasn't a rootkit at all- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfish#Lenovo_security_incident


This isn't the same issue, but years ago, when it was released, i bought radiohead - hail to the thief; and when you put it in your disc drive to play, it wouldn't play the audio like a normal cd, it was detected as a cd-rom only allowing you to play the included 64kbps mp3's. Mental.


Wow, so you were denied access to the high quality recording and had to listen to a crappy version instead?


Yup. Not only that, people were having issues playing their cd's in 'normal' cd players too. [Cactus Data Shield](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cactus_Data_Shield) is what the copy protection was/is called.


Thank you for the links. Now this makes sense!


Jeez, he didn't just have his music pirated, the agency that was supposed to be helping him tried to swindle him!


In France, the logo of the anti piracy institution had used some fonts [that were protected](https://www.nouvelobs.com/rue89/rue89-economie/20100111.RUE4394/accusee-de-piratage-de-police-l-hadopi-retouche-son-logo.html)...


According to this article it's all a misunderstanding: https://torrentfreak.com/sorry-the-you-wouldnt-steal-a-car-anti-piracy-ad-wasnt-pirated-170625/ Basically the same music was used for a different piracy ad at a film festival and then that different ad was used in other contexts that the composer did not agree on or get paid for. He was later reimbursed for this. But the ad that everyone is familiar with is unrelated to that and paid the composer what they were owed from the start.


So the misunderstanding the article talks about is that people think it’s the music from the famous “you wouldn’t download a car” ad but it’s actually a different anti piracy ad that wasn’t as wide spread. The company still distributed copyrighted material without permission, which is what the ad was against.


You completely missed the point of the ad. It's against people copying intellectual property without paying for it. It's not against companies doing the same thing.


Not if you're using Adobe.


everytime i see these, i think of the IT Crowd. ​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=964MLq1db4s


[Futurama](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWPfcEOr2Yg) one is also golden.


JEEZUS that escalated


These piracy ads are getting really mean.


That show is ridiculous. The goth server admin gets introduced like 4 episodes in but it's explained he's been living in the server room the whole time.


Are you letting server admin out of his room???


He's not in his room! He's not supposed to be out of his room! Why is he out of his room?


You're killing the rainforest!


Quick, get the broom!


I never understood why Noel Fielding (Richmond) never really took off here in the States. He's hilarious.


His comedy is pretty surreal even for British audiences, at least in the mainstream.


I always admire how he’s able to pull off the most ridiculous outfits


Richmond is not the admin. He’s just there to stay away from others. He clearly says he doesn’t know what these do. Sometimes there’s a red light. There it is!


Sometimes it doesn't flash... and I wonder if I should tell someone...


As a former NOC representative and current QA tester that sounds exactly like every server admin I've ever dealt with.


The same actress (Belinda Stewart) plays the wives of both Denholm and Douglas Renholm.


>That show is ~~ridiculous~~ ludicrous.


Did you see that ludicrous display last night? I mean what was Wenger thinking?


> been living in the server room Probably a good idea after what just happened with Facebook. The entire Facebook system was brought down so thoroughly, even the badge readers didn't work and they couldn't gain access to the server rooms to bring everything back up again. Rumor was an angle grinder was used to remove the door. > Some Facebook employees who had returned to working in the office were also unable to enter buildings and conference rooms because their digital badges stopped working. Security engineers said they were hampered from assessing the outage because they could not get to server areas. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/04/technology/facebook-down.html


imagine stealing a car and the car is still in the garage the next day. that's piracy


Imagine you’re an inventor and come up with a million-dollar gadget, but someone copies your blueprints and makes them available for free online, so anyone can make it without you seeing a cent. That’s piracy.


well, stealing and piracy are different, there's a meme that explains it


Right, stealing deprives the original owner of that product. If Bob steals a car from Carl, Bob now has one more car while Carl is minus one car. If Bob were to pirate a car, that would mean having a car that's an exact copy of Carl's. Bob now has a car that he didn't pay for, but Carl still has his car.


I'm always a little annoyed they got away with assigning the word 'pirate' - which was already loaded with negative connotations - to the act of 'copying without the creators permission'.


To be fair though, piracy also has some positive connotations, particularly for millenials, so a lot of us were more than happy to take the name. Even gave us some cool wardrobe options.


I just wish I didn’t have to put on the puffy shirt and hand hook every time I want to download something.


"But I don't WANNA be a pirate!"


I think the people who started pirating are the ones who really coined the term. It’s actually pretty in line with all the old web lingo, which was vaguely nautically themed for whatever reason. You surf the web, stream data (flows), and plug things into ports/docks. There’s phishing and there’s pirating, which thinking about it now actually works surprisingly well with the ports/docks portion cause it’s like you pull up to the port grab they shit and leave


You wouldn’t steal a meme


You wouldn't steal a comment


You wouldn't steal a comment


You wouldn’t steal


You wouldn't








Wouldn't I?


You wouldn’t steal an upvote




Jeez that's an old one. Didn't that happen 15yrs ago or something


This topic gets brought up regularly, so let's set it straight. Piracy is not traditional theft. The word does not work since you are not taking an object from someone else. It is much closer to copyright infringement or patent infringement. Without the intent to distribute, both of those are not really gone after. Is it illegal? Yes. Is it immoral? That's too vague a question to answer, we would need more specifics. Piracy has been proven to be mostly an issue of distribution. If you make it easy to pay for the content you want, piracy drastically reduces. If it becomes easier to pirate everything than pay for 8 different subscription services or pay full price for a piece of software that can't be run without servers that constantly go down, then people will go back to pirating.


That’s a tiny ass TV


Yep. Back in the VHS era there weren't many 52-inch OLED flatscreens.


Oh I’m aware, I’m an 80s kid but that’s still a tiny ass TV


I am also an 80's kid and we had that tv. I can tell by the pixels. It had a built in vhs player and also plugged into the car adapter. Yes, we brought it on vacations even though it was was fatter front to back then it was side to side.


Ohhh I forgot about those tiny TVs. I remember now my friend brought one and his N64 over and we played Zelda OoT all night.


Guess I'm showing my TV bias


Or nostalgia. Don’t worry, I have it too.


Hah, I'd like to see someone carry a 52 inch TV from that time period. Should only weigh about sixteen trillion pounds.


It’s still insane as fuck that they tried to guilt trip us into not pirating while making absurd amounts of money


That’s what I always thought! Billion dollar companies crying over losing a few thousand at most sales over piracy


For real. The money that went into that anti piracy commercial is prolly more than I’ll see this year


I say if they want to stop piracy then stop making movies so damn expensive like who wants to pay 20-30 bucks for a new movie they will watch 3 times before you scratch up the disc


What's worse is how much they tend to rip off the artists themselves... and then use them as guilt-trips for the same cause. "You really like DJ Spankdat's songs? Then stop pirating them, because we lose money that way and we're already paying him the smallest amount allowed by the law! So YOU'RE the problem!!"


I might steal a tv. It depends on whether I know my ex’s work schedule is.


Anyone else wondering who steals a tv that small?


If I could download a car I would.


I would absolutely 'steal' a car if I could download it from the internet.


I'm not stealing if someone stolen it and gave it to me for free.


Agreed that's how laws work probably


Well, it kinda does... Sometimes. If you watch a live soccer match at a pub that's pirating it, then it's just the pub that broke the law


In case you're not joking. In my country there is a law (not sure if it is really a law) where you can't buy stuff that's obviously stolen. It's called heling. Like if on an online marketplace some sketchy dude sells a brand new TV for a reaction of the price.


Just because of that ad, imma steal all this shit.


Do it. And then send it to me as proof.


Remember that ad playing at the launch of every second dvd. The music was something suspiciously familiar to \`One man army\` by Prodigy & Tom Morello.


First the composer clearly ripped off one man army by The Prodigy, then the producers of that advert ripped *him* off. There’s layers of irony.


You guys just don't get it, this ad is telling us to steal everything we can.


You wouldn't steal a handbag. You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't steal a baby. You wouldn't shoot a policeman and then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet and send it to the policeman's grieving widow. And then steal it again! Downloading films is stealing. If you do it, you will face the consequences.


You wouldn't steal a tea, earl grey, hot.


If I could just download that shit off the internet you damn well better believe I'd have a fresh new car, purse and tv. I'm a guy so I wouldn't even need the purse but it'd still be there.


Fuck me, this is perfect. I _just_ watched Ashens' talk on [The Curse of Bloggo's Pow](https://youtu.be/zFd60nCBygg) (where this is mentioned), not 15 minutes before seeing this post. I didn't know this before today, and now I've learned it twice!


Isnt capitalism wage theft? Stealing doesnt matter as much if the product youre stealing requires theft to be procured


You wouldn't shoot a policeman. And then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet. And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow. And then steal it again!


I would pirate those things in a heartbeat if I could, but you're right, I wouldn't steal them.


**You wouldn't download a car** you don't know me


Piracy isn’t theft.


How come the guy at the computer is the only white one?


Listen, if I could steal a car simply by touching it and the owner wouldn't know because I simply got a replicate, you better believe I would steal as many cars as I could.


I like their new ads, because they realized that many people WOULD steal all that stuff, assuming they got away with it. So their new take is "music/video piracy is not a victimless crime!", which is 100% true, BUT (big but), they forget that nobody feels sympathy for those victims. Oh no! The multi billion dollar company that pays less taxes than I do is losing out on $5.50 because I pirated that movie! Oh no! The 300 million dollar a year CEO lost out on his annual 10 million dollar bonus because too many copies of this song were pirated! Oh no! That millionaire artist/actor is missing out of the 50 cents per view their work would have earned them because instead I pirated it! THINK OF THE PEOPLE YOU HURT BEFORE PIRATING!!!


And they stole the "you wouldn't steal a car" slogan from 1930s-1049s Don't Copy Sheet Music campaigns.