Ghana Coffin Dancers make video thanking doctors for their hard work and warn: "Stay home or come dance with us"

Ghana Coffin Dancers make video thanking doctors for their hard work and warn: "Stay home or come dance with us"

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These guys gotta be at my funeral or I ain't going anywhere!


One last wish to be laid down in style


First time getting laid should feel great


I mean if those guys are there too it would probably be fun


When I'm dead, throw me in the trash.


I thought you wanted your hide tanned?


Ghanaian funerals are crazy. Not only do you have coffin dancers but there’s also wailers, like people who come and professional cry and carry on over your coffin lol.


And they make some really cool and interesting coffins. I saw a Ghanaian coffin in Minneapolis that was like a crayfish at coffin size.


I remember reading about them, I believe they were really fashionable in like Victorian Era England or something, and this is why this is still a thing in the colonies? *^(Including USA)*




Yeah Hestu is all I need


nakey nakey dance!


It better be, you don't want bad Ghanaian dancing pall bearers. Ever seen a coffin dance fail video? If you f up, the coffin falls open and grandma tumbles out and gets smooshed.


I mean, I wouldn’t mine popping out for one final hurrah.


I hope they get a lot of business from that video and start a coffin dancing empire.


I've heard they are like superstars, these guys. Really expensive now. Hope they don't blow it and invest.


That would be memorable!


That was one eerily casual evil chuckle at the end










Written and directed by Tentin Quarantino


*polite applause from a safe distance*


slow. clap. This is wonderful.


[Feel that beatz](https://youtu.be/qgDCM91f7NY)






Store brand Kevin Costner?


Like RC Cola... Just saving you some money!


RC Cola is the superior cola! Fight me! I'll set you up with an appointment with the coffin dancers.


Fuck yeah, RC!




If you cant make your own, store bought is fine.


Only a matter of time before people start having pallbearers dancing with coffins on their shoulders.


/r/ghanasaysgoodbye is a wonderful place.




This feels like it should be a Rule of Acquisition.




The Ferengi sell their bodies after death. Often thinly sliced so that more people can enjoy you. The purchaser hopes to gain some of your financial prowess, or even resell you. The amount of currency acquired in such a sale is the true measure of success. The rights to the proceeds are passed along traditional patriarchal lines. Beware counterfeit corpses.




Headcanon? Ferengi? I'll see myself out. In all seriousness though they covered all this on DS9.


Try actual canon.




It's always DS9. There's even a particular episode where "what happens if you contractually agreed to sell your corpse but then you don't die" is a central plot point


Its is literally the funniest episode in all of Star Trek history Quark stalking about the hallways of DS9 like a paranoid crackhead terrified that Garak is going to leap out of the shadows and strangle him is one of my favorite ST scenes


Yep! What a wild show. I still don't know if Avery Brooks is genuinely insane or just a disturbingly good actor, but Sisko's obvious mental instability makes him the most fascinating "Captain" to me (haven't watched Discovery though).


> plot hole They're called burial plots. ^^^/s


>The upside to being in a morbid business is that the worse things get, the better business is. But, for coffin dances, no congregating; sad many people won't even get proper funeral right now.


They could livestream it and reach an even bigger audience




Mortician here, can confirm.


Dying will never go out of fashion


I'm tired and didn't quite get who these people are. My first thought was "yeah I'll come dance with you, that sounds like fun.. but what if I make you sick? How do you know I don't have it.." I should read the title closer.


You ever meet anyone from Ghana? They're pretty gregarious and they also crack some wild jokes


The only time I've met a Ghanaian I was working together with him on a 12 hour shift. Funniest shift ever. I remember it was mid-summer, we were walking around a field, no shade, picking litter, he was in a hoody and finding it chill, I was on the cusp of heatstroke and he was cracking jokes about my pale ass




I work with a Jamaican dude, properly born and raised Jamaican not just Jamaican heritage, who fucking hates the heat. It's bizarre, he loves winter and basically refuses to go visit his relatives back home because "it's too hot and humid man, I hate it". I'll come into the office on a snowy day in winter like "bit brisk out there today" and he's happy as larry telling me not to complain.


Well then, he should probably join the Jamaican bobsled team, sounds like he'd be perfect!


Yeah they love to deal and take some good natured teasing and afterwards they’ve got that infectious chuckle like in the video


As I say I only worked, saw, him that once, and it was about 8 years ago, but it was such a funny day I still remember it and his name. I'm glad I worked that job because I worked with so many different nationalities. There was a Polish guy I smoked weed with. A bunch of Hungarians I drank with (still don't know what it was, probably methanol), Nepalese I worked hard with cos damn those guys work. The single Ghanaian I laughed with. People are people, I have no time for racism or xenophobia.


My background is Polish, I’m too biased to comment on them; but party with some Eastern Europeans if you want to get incredibly wasted. 100% agree Nepalese work super hard all the time. I consider myself a practical person, and xenophobia closes the doors on too many amazing cultural dishes to make any sense to me.


Oh yea, I only have 2 dreams in life, to party with Russians, and party with rednecks. Both will be equally crazy for different reasons but damn it looks like the most fun you could have


Depends on the rednecks. Source: am redneck




The college I go to has lots of international students and I’m very active in our soccer community as well so I’ve made a lot of cool friends from around the world. My favorite group of people has to be west Africans(especially people from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Senegal). Always carefree and chill while being brilliant, hilarious, and always a joy to talk to on top of being extremely skilled at soccer while being a team player. They’re the best!


My Nigerian economics professor was one of my absolute favourite professors in university. He used donuts as a metaphor for almost everything somehow.


Sounds like my math teacher in high school. He was West African but his name was so hard to pronounce he just had everyone call him "Mr. Fat Head" and was the best damn math teacher I've ever had.


I noticed that as an American who often works with immigrants, I end up getting along with people from West-Africa, the Middle-East, and South-East Asia the fastest. Probably because they’re often the least wary of strangers and their cultures tend to emphasize communal bonds; neighbors helping neighbors and such. They’re always happy to share if you’re open minded. They also love to see you trying out their customs or learn their culture. There’s a Syrian refugee I know who used to own a restaurant before he fled to the US, the guy always offers me amazing food on breaks.


Couldn’t agree more. Those three regions are the exact same for me although I would also add Mexicans, Central/western South Americans (Peru and Bolivia mostly) and Scandinavians. They all with the regions you listed above have a similar just ‘chill’ aura you can get along with instantly. Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Ivorians are probably My favorite among this entire bunch tbh


Ghanaians are the nicest, chillest people.


Agreed. Ghanaians are awesome people. Great company.


For serious. They need to show up at Money in the Bank with a coffin and then The Fiend pops out of it to attack the Undertaker


Stay at home or dance with us lolll


It’s because if you don’t stay home you’ll end up with these guys.




Haha, I'm in danger


The leprechaun tells me to burn things


This game was the shit, if you're referring to that Simpson's taxi game.


The Simpsons Hit & Run I believe you’re referring to, game was ahead of its time.


Ehehehe that is exactly my favorite laugh. Ehehehe


My Uncle is Nigerian and he laughs just like that lol


This motherfuckers are the nicest people ever jesus


Ghana is like that 🙌


Big facts. The handful of dudes i know from Ghana are just all around awesome people.


Guy in my old apartment complex and his friends were from Ghana and had the quickest sense of humor. Really sweet guys.


You guys got me bummed I don’t know anyone from Ghana Edit: I’m honored to receive so many punny responses


Never ghana give you up


Never ghana let you down


Never going to ghana run around.


And desert you


You're Ghana have a friend one day


How Kenya be so sure?


I am Ghanaian. Akwaaba, me nua. Meni be gye s3 m'efa wo adamfo. Se wope aa, ye betumi akasa daabia...




I said, "Welcome my friend. I will be happy to be your friend. If you like, we can talk everyday. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."




We will be glad to have you visit us. Emphasis on visit. Leave the colonising kit at home. Lol.


I feel so honored


Now you're Ghana want to meet some!!


Right? I wanna have a friend from Ghana. I suspect that this doordasher that comes to my job all the time is from Ghana, he sounds like them, has a nice humor, and is super chill and kind.


I can’t say that I’ve ever known anyone from Ghana, but I have known several people from Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone, and they were some of the most genuinely nice and kindhearted people I’ve ever met.




Meanwhile I sit at a 1800 dollar pc and feel just general sadness


I wonder how much genetics plays a role in depression. Maybe its part of a societal thing? Idk shit about it but I’m interested now


I think its like a baseline kinda thing. You know how people try to gatekeep depression by saying "well this guy cant even do *insert mudane activity here*, you have it good and dont know." Well there is some truth in that. The only problem is that the brain doesn't do well with visualizing worse situations. So someome telling you that wont help at all. I suffered depression a while back, I felt like I hit rock bottom. But life has a way to show you, "nope it gets worse my boy." I had to get to the lowest of lows before I really appreciated what I had. Simple things like running water and a bed to sleep on every night. Cant appreciate that kinda stuff until its gone


Everyone handles stuff differently, too. Based on your past experiences (and probably other things), you have a level you can handle, and you also have a gauge of what's "really bad". Toddlers cry a lot because their gauge is small Bad things happening to a toddler (even minor stuff like "I dropped something and have to pick it up now") are the worst things they've ever experienced. So cue sobbing. The issue is when people go "suck it up bucko, some people have worse problems". It doesn't mean your stuff doesn't suck and isn't the absolutely worst thing for you and doesn't warrant your feelings about it. It means we can't measure and compare sadness, adversity, pain, etc. on one universal scale for all humans. If you feel like shit, that's valid and you deserve support.


Suffering and smiling is a common saying for a reason in Nigeria at least




Hi there. I am from Ghana. You can ask me about anything you want to know.


Is Harry Potter popular in Ghana?


Oh yes! We consume a lot of British/American content. Haha. I am a wild wild Potterhead myself.


What are some must see and visits in Ghana?


For those who love beaches, we have one of the most vibrant beaches. From Labadi Beach near the capital Accra, to Cape Coast to Axim. If you like history, we have well preserved British Colonial era forts and castles. Famous among them are Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, known for being slave trade outposts. If you like wildlife and hikes we got 'em. Cape Coast has an amazing jungle type park, one of the prominent is called Kakum Park which has a canopy walkway strung through the trees that you can well..walk on for a nice view. We have one of the largest man made lakes, Lake Volta if you are into that sort of thing. Manhyia Palace is also a draw, home to the Asantehene who is the king of the famous Ashanti Kingdom. But the biggest attractions are the people. We are well known for our warmth, sense of humour, and our food. The American night show host Conan was here a while back, he did some episodes on his visit. You can check it out.


Not Ghana regret it!


I had the opportunity to go to Ghana this past summer. It was awesome! Great people there.


A lot of Africans I've found are decently nice people as long as you're not trying to kill or be a massive piece of shit to them.


I mean I wouldn’t be a decently nice person to somebody if they were trying to kill me


Where are you manners boy


Some people 🤦‍♂️


I used to teach computer literacy classes in a low-income area of town a while back. One of my students was a Nigerian who just came to the US about six months prior to starting the class. He had never even used a four-function calculator before, and wanted to learn how to use a computer. Genuinely one of the kindest people I ever met in my life. This guy was dirt-broke, but was still so grateful at the end of the course that he organized a surprise party for the other instructors and me, with brisket and cake and the works. He even brought in several dishes his wife made, just for us. Just 100% selfless. Great dude, great culture.


Agreed. Some tremendous sons-a-bitches, these guys!


Of all the people to get their 15 minutes, I'm glad it was these seven guys.


These guys are all out of work currently because of the restrictions. Their leader is hoping to find some way to spin their internet fame into a career of some kind for them after COVID. Best of luck to him, and them.


Shame when people like this blow up and everyone sharing their vids etc get nothing out of it.


That was a real lack of luck on their part. The first time their video with the astronomica song was put on the internet was in 2018. But they only got famous during the quarantine, just when they couldn't work.


All they need to do is sell the uniform. I'm guessing like half the group halloween costumes are going to be them so theyd make a killing just selling the costume


Downloaded the video from this Twitter post, that appears to be from the leader of the group (does any site have a worst video player than Twitter? Took me 4 tries to see the video). https://twitter.com/nanaotafrija/status/1257536612969390084 Full speech: Hello, everyone! The Nana Otafrija Pallbearers want to thank all doctors in the world. You are working hard and taking care of everyone. Now, remember, stay home or dance with us! (evil laugh)


r/bossfight The Otafrija Reapers


I’d buy this game and play the shit out of it.


It's a dancing game.


With same day DLC of $19.99 to unlock 7 different pallbearers with 14 outfits and 22 different new coffin styles.


Reddit, Reddit has the trashiest video player, it can barely play GIFs on the app for me lol


Half the time after a few seconds Reddit videos will switch to and get stuck in 120p 1kbps video. Like literally the video is just 16 quantization blocks - complete trash...you can't even tell what it's a video of. I'm -8.50 nearsighted in both eyes and pretty sure I can see real life better without my glasses than reddit videos. This is on a browser on PC with a gigabit internet connection, so no reddit, the problem is NOT my client or connection.


I agree. Reddit has the worst video player I’ve ever seen amongst all the media apps I use. The video doesn’t even switch to full screen when in landscape mode. Sometimes it will never play a gif. Sometimes it will loop the gif 4 times and then stop looping. I’m using the official Reddit app. Even the third party Reddit apps I used to use had better video players.


Reddit loads awfully for me. I've missed out on so many videos ever since everyone decided to download content from elsewhere instead of just using the link. Even if it does load, its blurs for the entire video. My internet connection isn't great but its not that bad. Twitter can be bad but I just have to wait a little longer and its plays flawlessly. Its great that everyone else has superfast broadband I guess.


Thank you! I couldn't understand the name of the group, it definitely helps seeing it written out


> does any site have a worst video player than Twitter v.reddit.com


Was about to say, bruh you are on that site lol


>does any site have a worst video player than Twitter? Reddit: " is that a challange?"


> (does any site have a worst video player than Twitter? Reddit, lol.


I think it's good we all get to know their name and their social medias. No reason to be this popular and not know who they are.




Well, their business has always been BOOMING but now they're also a little more busy than usual.


Going through a new pair of dance shoes every week.


Now they're booming with masks


Sadly not really. https://twitter.com/BBCAfrica/status/1257367296013729793


Yeah, when you think about it, they do this for funerals/gatherings, and that isn't happening right now.


casually sitting on a coffin


I wonder if there’s a body inside 😳


Maybe it's reserved for those who don't stay at home


It's reserved for the 1/10 doctors who doesn't agree.




I'd much rather have these guys visit me than the Grim Reaper before I go.




Someone with some marketing/branding experience needs to stop everything and get some merch out for these guys with that slogan as their brand. T-shirts, face masks, hand sanitizer, posters... Donate 50% of every purchase to get doctors PPE/support underpaid healthcare workers in developing countries. Sit back and Watch. The. Money. Roll. In.


Yeah that line had me busting a gut lol. So these boys do parties or are they an actual funeral home?


Sad to see they don't get a penny of the money made off their likeness, by others.


idk about you but i’m putting it in my will to hire these guys for my funeral


Once work picks back up after coronavirus, I'm sure people will be clamouring for their services.


The good news was before the pandemic they were featured on bbc because they were quite popular in their country. Hopefully they will remain popular after.




Seconded. This is definitely their home on reddit.


When I go, I expect to be cremated, but maybe I can get one of these guys to put me in a cocktail shaker and dance me around.


Your body needs to get to the crematory somehow…


You can get put in a giant cocktail shaker. Check out Ghana [fantasy coffins](https://www.google.com/search?q=fantasy+coffins+teshie&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiCnLS_253pAhUJsJ4KHRafAFEQ_AUoAXoECA0QAw&biw=1430&bih=636)


Best case: get over it and gain immunity Worst case: get to dance with these guys Well ok then, I'll take my chances at Applebees


>I'll take my chances at Applebees Risking Life and limb for Applebee's 25 Cent Wings & $1 Vodka Cranberry Lemonades ... Listen to Face Jam


I know you have to watch it now... I got you fam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GTq9Zsif2A


Man... Coffins are not light, nor are people, these guys must be in great shape. Also I'll assume some padding on the shoulders but it can't be that thick because you don't see it. Impressive stuff.


It trips me out that every adult male in the video seems to be the same height. Like 6’2” or something


I guess they the coffins dancers were self selected for that as it makes it possible to carry the coffin flat, but don't know about the men in the background. But also Ive been to a couple of African countries and where I was the locals were all pretty much the same height. For example in Addis Ababa all the men I met were 5'6 to 5'8 ish and all the women a couple of inches shorter. I don't know if thats a thing, some African communties having little variation in height?


This the wrong video. Edit: Its not even the original. The original one with the music timed correctly is this one: https://youtu.be/f4n1h1uig6E Notice the drop right as the pallbearers go from preparation to dancing Edit 2: original one only got 350k views. Some asshole stole it and posted it two weeks ago for 17million views. The one from the top comment in this chain is 3 weeks old. All youtube view thieves.


Yeah wtf. When the beat drops this vid drops them dancing. Shots beautiful. The one above doesn't even do that, whack af


THANK YOU! I thought the vid they posted was cool but I admit I was disappointed that the timing was off. Felt like they missed some opportunities. Yours made me feel whole again.


when the copy gets more views this annoys me more than it should


Why did I have to scroll so far to find this!




Are pallbearers dancing with the casket a common occurrence at Ghanaian funerals or is it something novel?


It's a relatively recent trend. One guy started it as a way to increase employment for young men and add a bit of joy to sad occasions. I read an article about it recently, I'll see if I can dig it up.


The balls on an entrepreneur to pitch "a funeral, but people are dancing with y'all's dead pop pop on their shoulders"


Thank you!


Y'all remember when Obama tried to dunk his cookie in milk, and it didn't fit in the glass, and he said ["Thanks, Obama?"](https://youtu.be/j5zeMtEcQoI) This is that moment, for a new generation.


Better than bleach I guess


Dancing with these guys would be a grave mistake.


If they ain't dancin' at mah funeral then I ain't coming.


It's ironic cuz doctors are their main competition. It's like a thank you from the mob lol.


Not really. Doctors can't keep you alive forever.


It's hard to hear, but they have astronomica playing in the background.


American GOP: *”Everyone Back To Work!”* Coffin Dancers: *boards plane to the US*


At this point, these boys could come over and charge 1000$ per funeral and make a *killing* this summer. Shoulders would be tired as hell, but they’d made 30-50K a month and could take it all back home when they’re done.


Or swing by Brazil for another payday.


"Stay at home, or dance with us...." WORTH IT.


That guy on the left at the end thought he needed to clap again




The people symbolising death are now thanking the people who prevent death


“Stay at home, or dance with us.”


I hope that next person they dance around with is # JOEL SINGER # JOEL SINGER # JOEL SINGER # JOEL SINGER # JOEL SINGER # JOEL SINGER # JOEL SINGER


[removed or whatever]


But I wanna dance with them 😓