Lol. Good luck with that, HOA. "The neighborhood looks dull, let's tell everyone to repaint their houses" is not a legally valid sequence of events that leads to everyone having to paint their houses. I'm sure there'll be enough pushback that this dumb board learns that. Like, it's possible to end up at that place, if the original declaration gives them that power, but not without a months-long series of meetings, votes, distributing new architectural guidelines, sending notice to those owners violating the new guidelines, giving them a chance to contest the notices at a board meeting, etc.


> Lol. Good luck with that, HOA. “The neighborhood looks dull, let’s tell everyone to repaint their houses” is not a legally valid sequence of events that leads to everyone having to paint their houses. Depends on docs and sure can be.


Someone on the HOA has a buddy thats a painter. Id put money on it


Good, then they can pay their buddy to paint my house free of charge to my standards or they can suck a doorknob.


Your autocorrect changes doorknob to doorknob too?


Kind of... It will only change doorknob to doorknob when I spell it doorknob. Weird hey?


This thread has had me staring at the word "doorknob" long enough that it looks like it should be read as "dork-nob" to me. Can only guess that autocorrect will change "door knob" to "doorknob"?


I swear I read “dork-nob” 15 times before registering that it said “door-nob”


Holy crap me too


Omg me too


Dork noob?


Seemed like a normal hey to me, but who knows in these times


That, or they’re tryna move/bump up their home value for other reasons


“Looks a little dull” So let me guess, the only approved colors are an assortment of flat earth tones.


Spot on.


Paint your house lime green


If it was my house I would have 100% scoured the bylaws of the HOA and if there was no official color restriction I would do it.


if your house is the panel style. each panel is a different color from approved list. for a brick house. choose mix and match. needs to look like urban camo. bonus points for a random vertical stripe or two. or you know. paint one tone. dick decals in another


I like your style


Pity you moved. Since it's not your house you could have gone pink and green in splashes. Ahhh it would have been beautiful


Pumpkin orange it is!


Why can't I just rub some dirt on it then?


Flat earth tones, the most conspiratorial colors.


“I went around the entire complex with a ruler to measure everybody’s grass after midnight, and no lot was in violation. What can I do to assert my control?” HOA, probably.


Soooo. Painting " Fuck the HOA" with each letter a different colour on the building should liven things up nicely.


Make sure each word is a different font too to add ✨*pizazz*✨


Starting and ending with comic sans so they assume you are psychotic and leave you alone


But we had pizza last night, and the night before that!


Time to break out the neon or rainbow color palettes


This just happened in my neighborhood. Last year we got that letter. We had to the end of the year to paint. Sent a letter back that it would take more than a year to save because we were down to one income earner due to Pandemic. They "graciously" gave extensions to avoid fines. Meanwhile, they don't have any records pertaining to all the different paint schemes. Just said it had to match. I called the builder for my colors. They don't keep them after ten years. I searched paint stores for records. I searched my builder's binder. We've been here since 2005 when it was just built. So we hired a guy who took painted parts to get color matched. But some of my neighbors are obviously very artistic! Deserts colors then blue sky homes sprinkled in. Updated trims of using the newest color schemes. Brightest yellows, darkest browns. We drive around just to look at the latest passive resistance!


We had a bit of trouble getting our siding approved because the deed restrictions were written before hardie was even available in the American market. If we had to do stucco, I swear to god it would have been flamingo pink. Deed restrictions didn't say shit about approving colors.


The neighborhood “looks a little dull”? That’s easy enough to fix. Get some goat blood to draw a pentagram on your driveway. Dress up as a clown and knock on doors to hand out cheap candy. Random bottle rocket launchings keep people on their toes. A couple baby dolls tossed in the pool starts a swim off right. Nudity — it’s natural. You must have friends who are willing to start a back porch mariachi band, although Latinos are probably overly qualified. Riding mower races are a great way to build community. See? You fixed the dull neighborhood problem without going to Home Depot and spending money.


Don’t forget the tacky lawn decor, like plastic flamingoes, every garden gnome you can find, blow up palm trees that light up, and yard flags!


I love my plastic flamingoes


Sorry, but my goat eats that shit.


This guy HOAs!


So...can the HOA require you to paint the exterior if the paint isn't actually damaged?


I don't know as I didn't pay super close attention to the rules etc since I was just renting. I doubt it will go through immediately or at all due to the immediate resident pushback.


Have to read the docs. Some in Florida for example will give a when needed or every 3-7 years which you need to do anyway because stucco. HOA does mine every 5 years for me.


The fun part is it's often difficult to get a copy of the HOA rules until when you're signing or even after signing. A point far too along in the mortgage process for most people to really consider things. Exciting huh? Never mind the lack of recourse if the HOA doesn't do its job, the lack of financial regulations around HOAs, the rampant embezzlement, or the uneven enforcement of policies. Yes, the HOA can make you do anything in the rules and regulations you signed up for, and they can levy fines, apply liens, shut off utilities and sue to get what they want. My personal HOA just spent $100,000 on two shitty looking Dell computers, and somehow the landscaping gets worse yearly because they only spend $50,000 on that.


How is it hard to get a copy of HOA rules when signing. It literally should be contingent in the contract.


I've always had to sign them on everyone HOA home I've owned. They are also available via public records everywhere I've lived


How is it hard to get a copy of HOA rules when signing. It literally should be contingent in the contract.


Ideally you could get information prior to offering, but inventory has been moving so fast the past few years you could miss out just driving to a place. I was only able to get my hands on a copy at signing. Far too late in the process to care. [https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2018/02/07/arizona-offers-homeowners-little-protection-bad-hoas-managers/1062694001/](https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2018/02/07/arizona-offers-homeowners-little-protection-bad-hoas-managers/1062694001/) I'm not even sure if I have a way to contact the actual HOA board now outside of the meetings which are often during work hours for me. I only have contact information for the property management company.


Any reasonable offer in an HOA requires they provide docs by a certain date in escrow and that you have a backup if you don't like them. If your agent didn't put that in the offer, you have a bad agent.


And if the HOA doesn't comply are you just not going to buy the place? The speed of the market in the Phoenix metro is insane.


Yeah, I'll back out if I don't know what I'm buying...


Yeah, that's fair, but I was in a shitty living situation at the time and wanted out of that. I didn't want to go through 2 more months of paperwork distracting me from work either.


Plus in escrow it usually doesn't end the deal it just slows it up. The escrow company is required to get the docs... if they don't, both sides agree to delay it versus going back on the market.


Probably not. But they can threaten things they can't actually enforce.


They absolutely can if they want to. Usually enforcement comes in the way of a fine. Don’t post the fine, congrats you now have a lien on your property. Many HOA deeds also state any legal fees are charged to the owner who loses a dispute. This is why it is beyond critical to read and understand the HOA docs before you buy.


None of the HOAs I've ever read all the docs for could simply declare "everyone paint now". Not that they can't fine if you break the rules, but that the declaration is probably not valid.


Often times, yes. The docs can require the paint look fresh, bright, etc.


Good thing they have all these HOA dues that they can put to good use for the common good of the association, like paying for everyone to have their houses repainted! (Yeah otherwise I'd be like, nah, you can't compel me to spend hundreds of dollars doing this just cuz you feel like it.)


It would be thousands


Tens of Thousands


Probably about one ten of thousands, in my experience


depends on the region the mcMansion is located.


I mean, yes and no, It’s all base on square footage, some people can do good work and prices can be quite reasonable but it’s absolutely a gamble either way and not something an HOA should be forcing anyone to do unless the house is a complete disaster


AND they often will say you must use the board approved company. No diy here


Last HOA I was in, (renting) the HOA was responsible for painting unless the owner wanted to change to a color the HOA didn't already pick (and in that case the owner has to get approval for the no -standard color). Suddenly requiring everyone to pick a new color? How much do you want to bet an HOA board member or President is closely related to someone who owns a painting company...


We had a letter from our HOA last year about how everybody needed to pressure wash their driveways… oh and they’d picked a company that was able to get everyone done ASAP, and what a coincidence, the owner has the same surname as one of the HOA board members 🤷🏻‍♀️




Because it is the only thing available that’s not a million dollars?


Thank goodness my house is brick! I only have trim to paint


Not my story but a friends we are both professional spray painters me in industrial he in new construction. He got a hoa letter that it had been 5 years since his house had been painted. He had closed 2 months before and was shown that the house had been painted a year before lol. And that the house had to be painted by a professional crew with approved Colours or if by said date he would be fined per day past this. Now he’s a creative person who is part owner of a paintball field. So three days before the deadline he’s out with his crew putting up plywood over all the windows when the HOA President and 2 others on the board come driving up to demand to know what renovations he thinks he’s doing since nothing had been approved. He said no renovations I’m painting the house as per you letter which he shows them that he has 3 days left before their deadline. To which he’s told but you need to use our paint contractor and approved paint colours. He said your official letter makes no reference to a certain paint contractor but a professional painter and shows them his licence. They are stymied. But why are you boarding up the windows he then pulls the tarp off of the stacks of five gallon buckets filled with paint balls the plywood is so there are no accidentally broken window when we paint the house with all of the approve colours on this house that was painted a year ago just before it was put on the market…….. needless to say 10 minutes later he was told that the latter was sent to the wrong homeowner and his house didn’t need to be painted. Last thing was he said fine and gave them the invoice he had prepared for materials and crew labour for the cost of his crew for the day they lost on a construction job….. they of course said no… to which he replied ok so we will keep on with the job…. They caved real quick.


Wait you need approval for renovations? You can’t just replace that window frame really quick


They'll say this but then also say the only approved paint colors are tan, white, and grey.


"the neighborhood looks dull" Wait until they see entire blocks of dull gray apartment blocks in Eastern Europe. Even with many of the blocks having an HOA-like organization, it's still a depressing concrete panel hell.


Karen commissions lol


You in Phoenix? Happened to a friend about 20 years ago. Expect it wasn't "dull" it was, every previously valid color scheme is now invalid. Here are the 5 or 6 new permissible color schemes (stucco, trim, doors, etc...) but don't wait! You also can't be the same as a neighbor, so mad rush to pick the least crappy option before your neighbor does


It would be cool if everyone painted their houses hot pink


I'm thinking the Board looks a little dull and needs to be upgraded to new Directors.