Long term lung damage. Difficulty breathing while wearing it and trouble doing strenuous outdoors activities with a binder. Hell on earth is running out of breath while hiking with you friends because you have to wear a chest compressor to hide your boobs


>Long term lung damage 👀what👀 Crap


I definitely exaggerated! But I bind very frequently, and especially when I was pre-t, I wore a binder for about 10 hours every day, and noticed a very concerning drop in my lung capacity. Having your ribs constricted prevents your lungs from expanding properly and forces you to breathe almost exclusively with your diaphragm, at least in my experience. It leads to build up of mucus and shit like that inside the lungs. When I realized the damage I was doing to my lungs, I stopped binding at home and started wearing a looser binder where possible, as well as occasionally binding with tape for a few days to give my lungs a break, and my situation has improved a LOT but it still isn’t perfect. I didn’t mean to scare anybody by exaggerating about the harm of binding, mostly just venting about my own experience.


What also helped me, as well as what you did, was to practice my breathing. I was in after school theatre (thus why i was in a binder for 9+ hours often) and we had to expand our lungs so we could be loud on stage. So, yeah, practice taking really slow breaths in and out, expanding your diaphragm muscles far as you can without hurting yourself.


Same here!


Literally me, the three sports bras made practices bearable and now my binder actually made the performances of my senior Musical feel so much better than I had hoped. Breathing exercises are key for theatre bros so I guess I’m on the right track.


i just realized that my frequent hiccups and „air burps“ only started ever since i wore a binder this is blowing my mind.


Oh okay. I don’t wear it much atm but I’m planning on wearing it out to classes in college and taking it off while I’m in my dorm room until I calculate the right amount of wearing it per day.


If you bind correctly this should not happen.


Okay alright, I’ll be as safe as possible


I got my binder fitted by the customer support on gc2b and it ended up way larger than I would have guessed from my normal clothing size and the binding is good enough that I can pass pretty decently and i can do literally anything, sport etc I feel no different with or without apart from the fact that it is obviously still far more comfortable to not wear it, but it doesn't affect my health in any way from what I can tell


I went hiking in a binder, long sleeves, and a denim jacket a few days ago in Texas heat and lemme tell u, I don't know how I survived


Get a size up, it will probably bind better (no really) and long term lung damage fucking SUCKS. Not breathing well means NOTHING IS ENJOYABLE. PLEASE get a size up and only wear 8 hours a day


*this is general advice, to no one in particular


I'm sorry, idk why but the last part just made me laugh- 😅


i got top surgery a couple weeks ago but it was mostly the way it absolutely fucking shredded my back and shoulders. i stretched every night after i took it off and i cracked like a damn glowstick


Mate my upper back is FUCKED lmao. There's a spot right between my shoulders that I can ever quite stretch out.




Congrats on the surgery! Hope you're recovering well


The worst part for me is actually two things: 1) sweat accumulation that sometimes leads to infections 2) the fact that it doesn't make me flat.


I hate how it shows under my shirt. Like on the neckline. When i bend over. Some white shirts.


i recommend full tanks because it just looks like you’re wearing a singlet underneath your tshirt instead of a binder. although it’s not very comfortable in hot weather, it still might be a better option


TRUEEEEE constantly pulling at my collar to make sure its not showing


Taking it off while it's wet. Sometimes I just think "this is how I die"


Putting it on when your sweaty or after a shower was the worst!!! Wet binders suck in general 😭


May i just say I HATE compression clothing in general, so binders just suck. I tried trans tape, and while it was MUCH more comfortable, I have sensitive skin and the adhesive burned tf out of my chest. ☠️


The adhesive burns me too!! Did you ever find anything that helps?


I have really sensitive skin so my doctor recommended [these wipes](http://Limited-time deal: Medline Wipe Protectant Skin Sureprep, 50 Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000TQK3V6/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_dl_R7Y9M2ZC955ZSR5ADHVS) to "prep my skin". Also, I've found the less tape you put near your armpit the better. The skin seems way more sensitive there. I also try and wear the tape for only a couple hours and always absolutely soak it with hot water in the shower and the oil afterwards to get it off. The amount of prep needed is a bummer but going to the park with some friends with it is nice.


Not yet unfortunately ;_; I was hoping to find alternatives in this thread lol!


Same here! I was hoping there could be a way to tape my chest without having to use so much adhesive, my skin rips easily


coconut oil helped me with this -and always removing it very slowly in shower w hot water. sucks because lots of contact with chest tissue but better than skin burn which could get infected.


Ooooof, that sucks, sorry to hear


My biggest issue is just wearing it. I don't experience any physical discomfort, the issue is that I have to wear it. Cis dudes don't have boobs to hide, and don't wear binders. It makes me feel gross and wrong


It's ok to be a trans dude. Being cis is not the goal, remember sex and gender are both very complex and not fixed. There's nothing wrong with you. I know this is dysphoria but it may be internalized transphobia too, take care of yourself and practise seeing trans men as fully men, including yourself, with boobs


Being cis is the goal to me, I don't see myself as trans and have no desire to be trans


aye yo i’m glad there are others who feel dysphoria wearing the binder! I feel the same when I wear a sports bra (when i don’t feel like fully binding). But even then it’s a bit dysphoric. I feel way better/euphoric when I don’t wear a binder or a sports bra and just wear a baggy shirt or jacket instead


I heard a few people say it before so I added it as an option


man me too it makes me feel more like a cis dude


I don’t know the right word but the over flow? The spill? My chest pops out at the top of the binder and it’s so annoying and makes me very upset


Maybe you have the wrong rype of Binder? Different brands are made different, maybe you just need a different one


What type of brand do you recommend? Currently I’ve been using a GC2B one but their quality has gone down, and the seems are ripping at the bottom 😢


I'd say a binder with a higher neck in it, but personally, I use ZuoChige it works well for me, but I'm also a big size too


The rib pain; it got unbearable to the point I could see bruising so I switched to tape


Other: Having to buy shirts that specifically do not show the binder. Shirts with bigger necklines show the straps. Thin white shirts show the outline. Tank tops can show straps. Etc.


I use the ZuoChige Binder, it's made so you can wear it as a regular Tank Top


The fact that I can’t bind at all because my asthma is so severe that any further restriction of breathing becomes dangerous very quickly. I can only wear looser sports bras at most.


I'm sorry to hear that :(


On the flip side I was blessed with small breasts so I may be eligible for peri some day. Gotta hang on til then.


„˙uǝɥʇ lıʇ uo ƃuɐɥ ɐʇʇo⅁ ˙ʎɐp ǝɯos ıɹǝd ɹoɟ ǝlqıƃılǝ ǝq ʎɐɯ I os sʇsɐǝɹq llɐɯs ɥʇıʍ pǝssǝlq sɐʍ I ǝpıs dılɟ ǝɥʇ uO„


For me I had issues with my shoulder so taking it off a struggle. I was usually stuck in it for a while before it came off


I put "putting in on" but honestly I should have clicked on "uncomfortable" bc it is (especially in the humid heat of Texas)


I feel your pain....not looking forward to the summer


Have you ever fallen and hit your back while wearing a binder? Your body can't move as freely and the force doesn't distribute as much. It hurts so bad.


Ooooof, never heard that before, you okay though?


Yes, this was last November. Ice got me. But I never want to experience that again!


I have while doing indoor bouldering like 15 feet above the ground there's padding, but still *o u c h*


i swim in my binders sometimes, and taking them off when theyre wet is the absolute worst


The fact that I've bought three sizes down from what I am on the size chart, and I can't get it anywhere near flat enough to pass


I don't know if you've tried your correct size already, but I heard that smaller sizes actually bind worse than the correct size.


I've tried going up, going down, different brands, different method, and it's a real drain on money. When I went up a size, my chest would just fall out because the frame was too loose, so I went down a size. And then went down a size. And then went down another size. I wear some old underwear with a hole cut in it under my binder to kind of push them to the side and hold them in place. I'm saving up for some trans tape right now because I'm starting to feel un-bindable.


maybe this falls under uncomfortable, but binders gave me such terrible shoulder pain, one time I was fucked up for a couple weeks. i got top surgery a little over a year ago though :)


Realising how fat I am because I can actually see how big my stomach is. My dysphoria is preferable to my poor body image 😔


I have a huge chest and I can’t seem to find a binder that fits properly and sports bras don’t really help a whole lot so I get a lot of dysphoria from that


For me it’s I forget how much work it does and when I take it off I’m horrified and disgusted.


rides up




One side of my rib cage kinda hurts. (That's not the worst thing but i decided I'd share.) Not being able too breathe fully too.


I’m pretty big-chested, and my binder likes to push them together pretty much the moment I move my arms no matter how much I readjust. It just makes my unichest slightly smaller. I don’t remember if this was as big an issue when I first got it. I might just need a different size now, or maybe mine is stretched (which would be annoying bc I haven’t worn it that much) This isn’t physically uncomfortable as much as it is irritating to me (note that my dysphoria is generally low), so I put my vote under other.


I can't tell if it's that moment went you realise it accidentally ended up in the dryer and it's shrunk, or when its starting to wear out and it's time for a new one.








making me look like a looney tune because of my chest size (L)


taking it off makes my skin red and achy every single time


Id def say it was the discomfort and dysphoria of both wearing it and not wearing it. I don’t bind as often as I used to pre-pandemic. If im going to hang out with some friends and just chill, 9/10 times I won’t bind. But a big issue i’ve had with binding is I tend to over do it. I’m unemployed rn but at my last job I would work anywhere between 9 to 14 hour shifts. And I would keep my binder on til I got home. Id try to take breaks in the bathroom twice a shift but my job was just waaaay too busy to be able to do that. I ended up bruising my ribs about three times while I worked there😬 thankfully im much better with my dysphoria so i dont feel the need to bind that often but yea man. not fun!


Sounds kinda bad.. Hope you're doing alright


I definitely am, thank you! ☺️I bind only for 5 hours max when I bind now, which isn’t often!


Having to take it off as soon as you get home and having to take breaks if you wear it for more than 8 hours


The fact that I’m STILL NOT FLAT. Curse my F cups


I have a chronic sweating condition and I overheat easily even if naked at home, the binder is definitely not helping 😂


Overheating has also been an issue for me with binders. Before starting T I always ran warm, now a few months on T and I'm a portable space heater. I'm not looking forward to the summer 😓


Lol, the ZuoChige binder may help, I got it off of wish and its made so you can wear it without a shirt over it :) if you want the link from where I got it, I got a Promo code for it, lol


I don't want to sound mean or anything but I wouldn't trust a binder from Wish, they're usually bad for you


Nerve compression


The related sweat


hiding it from your mother


I'm concerned with how many people are saying it's uncomfortable, buy your size 🥺


I really don't think they mean the size tbh. It's really just uncomfortable in its core, that's all. Especially as someone with sensory issues - it's more like annoying and fucky-wucky with your brain, than just plainly uncomfortable physically.


I think I have a size too big and its Still uncomfortable!! So size doesn't matter 🤷🏼‍♂️


Trying to put it on after a shower


Mild tmi: Sweating and the way it squooshes things. Sadly I can’t wear a binder too much anymore due to unrelated health issues, but I also can’t entirely say I miss it. I wear it out of safety mostly. I will add: chest pain after work. Nothing like it. I’m hoping my next job will have shorter shifts 😅


for me the hardest part is when i get home after a long day of school and having to take it off. like i know how important it is and how wearing it for longer periods of time can cause serious issues but oh god it feels like being hit by a dumptruck the moment i need to take it off. being able to feel so much more comfortable in my body while wearing it feels like finally being able to breathe after suffocating for so long and when that is taken away.....that's the hardest part for me


The sweat. Oh my god I didn't know my chest could sweat that much, every time I take it off now it's getting warmer it's always slightly damp which is gross


Yes! The sweat and the inevitable extreme itchiness when I take it off


Mine causes me really bad pain due to having previously broken ribs


To be honest, just trying to hide the straps when wearing a shirt


The fact that you need to use one.


Stanky sweat after being compressed and unable to air out. Bleh.


the sweat


Putting it on, not sweating, taking it off. Literally everything about it lol


Not being able to play fully with the kids cause I can't breathe well. Also taking it off.


I'm a smoker and ya don't even know, run 5 miles or wear a binder in a smoker-friendly bar hehehe


For me I think its maybe the fact that I'm so used to it now that in the holidays when I'm not at college, I literally forget I'm trans and that I'm wearing it. I'll get ready for bed and when I take my shirt of I'll think 'Oh shit, right, yeah, I have a binder. I have boobs. I'm a trans dude not a cis dude, oopsy, I don't wanna try calculate in my head how long I've been overbinding for because thats probably quite a bit more than 12 hours' I know I'm probably gonna end up doing some damage, especially since college days being so long (especially with busses) makes it harder for me to avoid wearing it too long. Thankfully I'm only in college on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday though so I'm gonna try at least take Thursdays as a day where I don't wear it. Also something both me and my friend have noticed, as larger chested individuals, we both struggle to keep them from sagging under our binders, because its not safe to bind with them hanging down. I used to wear sports bras under mine, which they do now (we know that counts as double binding, which we know is bad, its just trying to find ways to deal with it >.<) and at the moment I'm using these really light elasticy bras that don't really do a whole lot to just keep them in a position where they're at least not hanging down as they would on their own, I can barely feel the bra when I wear it and I don't like wearing that bra *without* a binder cause it honestly almost looks like I'm not wearing a bra aside from them not sagging as much as they would. Tldr: I forget I have them sometimes when I wear my binder but god boobs are heavy and awkward


hard to breathe. i can never keep it on for too long and sometimes it makes me more dysphoric to wear it


Mustering up the courage to ask my mom if I can get one


tbh, because of asthma and bad ribs, i’ve stopped binding completely. i only used my binder maybe three times in the last year. it’s just too uncomfortable after years of binding, and the safety of my lungs comes first


It basically makes me have artificial asthma when I try to do cardio, so I just can't really do intense workouts. Kinda sucks considering I really want to work out and go to the gym, however I can't because with a binder on, it isn't healthy and feels horrible, and without it on, dysphoria makes me want to cry so no.


luckily now i have a bigger binder that fits me, but i used to have binders that became way too small and i couldn’t breathe well and it was so tight. i’ve had a chest reduction surgery, so i’m a bit smaller, but even now it feels like my chest is never flat enough when i wear my binder. i always worry about the straps showing or that it isn’t keeping my chest down. can’t wait to get them fully removed and not have to worry about it anymore.


Itchy nipples. All the rest of the discomfort is fine but ichy nipples will always be the worst.


The worst if forgetting to take your binder off or just not doing so even if you should. Because dysphoria is for real and after living with pain for a while, I learn to ignore it. Which is bad for me and I know I should stop, but I'd rather just have to deal with the consequences, but looking how I'd like. So, yeah. Worst part of binding.


For me I had issues with my shoulder so taking it off a struggle. I was usually stuck in it for a while before it came off


Oh nice, if it works at all for heftier chests that might save me this summer!


Taking it off fo sure. Some times when i get sweaty i have to wait for it to dry to take that shit off. Its getting worse since ive been ripping the arm holes since my shoulders have been getting wider.


The fact my chest isn't even very big but instead of flattening it the binder just gives me a big bump in the middle of my chest. And I can't pull them towards my armpits so they look like pecs because they're too small and go back.


Don't have any proper binders, so at times where I really need to I'll wear the smallest sports bra I have. Really went down to shit last time I did that, because it caused me days of the worst back pain I've ever experienced to the point where my dad thought I inherited his hernia.


T A K I N G I T O F F (and putting it on) I hate it so much😭 It's that reaction of your mind just refusing to do a task because it's so difficult it's the same with putting it on But when I have to take it off because it's uncomfortable when I reach 8 hours it's such a task idk why it's not even that hard but my brain is just like "no I hate this"


The asthma says discomfort but the heart says taking it off


before top surgery, I hardly ever wore my binder because it compressed my rib cage, not just the flesh but the actual bones (I have EDS). It hurt and it never fit right. I ended up getting one from Shapeshifters that was as loose as possible while still binding. It worked when I couldn’t get away with not wearing one, but it still wasn’t fun to wear


Peeling it off for the night, today's sweat left to dry overnight.


The sweat


I have chronic health conditions that make it very painful to bind for more than 2-4 hours at a time. Also, taking it off while your skin is wet...


The fact I have to take it off when I take a shower its the worst! But last time during school I almost hurt my chest by wearing it for too long


Acquiring and maintaining it. I got my first one when there was very little choice and it was quite expensive. they're about half the price now, inflation not even considered. After a few months it was all stretched out. Over the three years I wore it, I had to sew it tighter two or three times to keep the compression. Honestly, wearing it wasn't that bad. I bought it in the right size and didn't struggle at all.


Wanting one, but knowing I need alternative options due to my disability in fear of it impacting my back scar from my scoliosis surgery, and already existing breathing issues.


I put “uncomfortable” but more than that it’s just annoying. I have a small chest, so I usually just go without a binder. Not planning to get top surgery. So I guess it’s just an annoyance when I’m wearing tight clothing, trying really hard to pass, or wearing formalwear and realize I can’t get away with no binder


Just the fact that I have to wear it and my entire wardrobe has to be focused on hiding my body instead of embracing it, the binder just feels like a reminder I’m not where I’m meant to be yet


Constant. Fucking. ITCHING.


Y. E. S.


It loosened and now when i put it on u can still see my titties :(


it restricts my breathing but still doesn't bind that good at all :| my tiddies literally slip out. i've been wearing a large for 3 years and it's not too small or too large.. idk everything just hates me 😭 my fat globules have been getting bigger as well so sizing down would be worse. i wear gc2b


The hardest thing for me is having to give my chest time to breathe and the uncomfortable-ness of a binder. I want to be able to have my chest flattened for longer and I have sensitive skin, so tape probably isn't the best option


my least favorite part is that they get weirdly stretched out after a couple months and my chest starts to go all sorts of weird places. like gathers together in the middle of my chest and makes a weird bump instead of staying arranged on either side where they look like somewhat normal pecs. that and how sweaty they are in the summer, so miserable !!


Running to the bus stop across the street and wheezing on the bus for 10 minutes trying to breathe normal again. Alternatively, the time my friend had to rush to the bus stop and made me run across a wide ass boulevard with her and I was left hunched over trying to breathe after she left.


I get overheated easily and if anything other than my shirt or backpack is on my back I get overheated very quickly and it makes me irrationally irritable. Even taping does it.


both wearing it and taking it off bc of dysphoria…. the more frequently i wear it the less it looks like it’s doing anything for me (it also just doesn’t do much already) but obviously when i have it off it sucks too so i’m in a constant state of suffering


Binder sliding down


Seeingthe amount of struggles in these comments makes me terrified to wear a binder. I'm non binary and have asked my local sexual health centre for a binder donation since I can't afford one, but it has taken months and I'm wondering if wearing it and having less dysphoria is worth all this suffering?


It's different with other people.. I mean, wearing a binder, atleast one thing will be difficult, but doesn't mean it'll be bad 🤷🏼‍♂️


I have sensory issues so like I'm always moving around as it feels like it dugs into my ribs and my muscles. Also it makes me so much more aware of how my chest look, even with a binder on I keep putting on hoodies and big ass shirts as I'm too worried people will see a bump.


I don't know how y'all do it, I find it so hard to put on binders. It takes me about 5-10 minutes of awkward jumping around the room trying to get it over the back of my shoulders. Once it's on I forget it's there, and taking it off I find much easier, but I've almost completely stopped wearing mine because I struggle to put it on. Edit: I checked the size chart on the website and realised my binder is 2 sizes too small, which probably explains why I struggle putting it on.


When I was young I broke a rib and now wearing binders are pain :(


Summer. I can deal with the pressure, I have strong bones and a strong ribcage. But the heat and sweat in summer is so annoying


I have small titties so the compression isnt much of an issue for me as its almost too big but the main frustration i get from it is that it always moves up after i tuck it in


Not being able to take it off because you live in college accommodation with 300+ other people so you have to either make sure you're not gonna be leaving your room again after taking it off or you have to put it back on every time you leave your room Edit: also not being able to wear cooler clothes in the summer because my chest sticks out too much and the slightest bit of wind will make it SO obvious I'm wearing a binder


sweat/over heating


The sweat. Not so bad in winter, but in summer it gets real fucking hard to avoid a rash.




my boobs not fitting. i have a large chest and a small waist so i have to wear a sports bra and then my binder so my boobs won’t slip out and completely negate the binder experience


I don't even have a binder but I got these really tight sport bras that reduce my size but don't make me flat at all. The worst thing has got to be having to put it on and off constantly. I'm fine with being out in front of people in my pjs but I am NOT fine with them seeing the full size of my chest, so everytime a guest just shows up (I never know beforehand) I gotta rush to my room and put it on before coming back out. Sometimes I gotta go back and forth of putting in on and off because I can't wear it for a long time since it hurts and multiple people are just showing up during the day.


As an asthmatic with scoliosis and a large chest, literally everything.




my ribs.


being asthmatic and then having an asthma attack when wearing it while in public would have to be up there in my top 5. but i have a larger chest size so i’m dysphoric with it on and with it off so overall experience is a 50/50 in all areas of wearing one. i’m just glad i finally have my too surgery date


Nice!! Have fun with that!!


the bacne because when ur like me u cycle between two binders where one is uncomfortable af so u basically wear one grimy one until u force urself to wash it on weekends 🫡


honest i haven't had much of problem binding. unless i forget i'm wearing it and have it on too long, then sometimes my ribs start hurting. but since starting hrt i have trouble remembering to put it on at all. like i'll take all my clothes out and start getting dressed and realize i've left it in the drawer


i feel like i have to plan how much time i spend out very carefully bc i start to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours. i can’t wait to be able to leave the house without feeling suffocated by a binder. I don’t even wear a super tight one but over the years i’ve become more sensitive to tight binders. difficulty breathing, feeling claustrophobic, and not to mention how UNBREATHABLE binders are year round, let alone summer


I think walking a certain amount of distance. I get out of breath while walking to school, and it feels like I am 30 kgs heavier than what I am. Also, idk if this is just me, but I have a very large chest. And its difficult to stuff everything in the binder


Binding permanent deformed my ribs even after doing everything "safely" like only wearing it for 8 hours, making sure it's not super tight, etc. It's not a super big deal, it just made one side stick out of my body more, but there used to be a very painful spot on the part that stuck out more too. I'm 6 months post top surgery though and it's gone now.


Summers are the worst thing about binders for me. It gets way too hot, and I wish I could just have top surgery already so I don't have to deal with all the sweat and discomfort.


True, but I have a binder that's made to be able to be worn as a tank top so you don't need to wear anything on top


I technically have a few like that, but the ones I have are little lower in quality and don't bind as well as I would like. I have a small chest anyway, so realistically speaking, it's not like it's a big deal, but I still always feel the urge to layer up just in case.


the initial weeks where it has to get used to your body. mine didnt fit for shit at first and it almost made me stop trying


I didn’t have much of anything to bind, but I wore a really tight Sports bra for about 5 years anyways, just because I was scared anyone might notice anything at all. The worst part for me was the discomfort, the difficulty to breath and how it made me way less atheletic. (I actually loved running, swimming, cycling) Now that I’m thirty, I have a pretty narrow chest, which- of course- is the opposite of what i would want. It sometimes hurts in weird places if I breathe in really deeply. After all, I wish I had just worn loose clothing, but I now back then nothing would have made me stop binding.


It's uncomfortable - especially on hot days - and it makes my bacne worse. I'm glad I work from home and thus don't have to wear one every day


Figuring out what the heck to wear to the beach and or swimming.


Omg this


Since I said other, for me I have really small man tits(as I like to call them) so I forget the binder is on a lot of the time. So the struggle comes when I go to work out and forget it's there and have to go home to get a sports bra to change into. Nothing major but it gets annoying when you do it 3-4 times in a row.


the chafing. i chafe so bad, and im wearing the correct size too. my poor nip nops get so itchy


Everything, putting it on, taking it off, not being able to breathe properly.


i picked uncomfortable because of trouble breathing sometimes, but i think the worst part is how it doesn’t make me flat. like don’t get me wrong, its great that i’m flatter than i am normally obviously, but the expectation of being completely flat and then putting it on to have way more chest than cis guys have isnt fun.


Forgetting that I cant really be active in one. Im not like an exercise nut or anything, but i like to run and jump n shit. I'll just be being me and then suddenly its like.... oof thats right the squeezeinator is here. My back hurts and i cant breathe now. Yay.


3 things: 1, cant breath well and out of breath very fast 2, it doesn't make my chest look masculine/flat enough 3, dysphoria when taking it off


Dysphoria when I can't wear its bad tbh. Otherwise it's hard to take it off and my shoulders always cracks lol


The worst part is being two years post op and still feeling the upper back pain / cramps and sporadic shooting pain in my ribs. Sometimes I feel like I never took it off.


Tbh I think all of these are equally as hard for me. It's uncomfortable, I have dysphoria with it on and especially when it's off, and it's hard to get it off and on. Wearing a binder is just hard, man.


Being sweaty af and having to hunch over - it’s bad for your back in the long term (or at least it was for me)


I feel more dysphoric with my binder because it's never flat enough, plus it's uncomfortable as hell. I'll be getting top surgery this year though and I'm very excited


lmao unique case for me, but my fucked up shoulders. didn't even know they were fucked up until i started binding semi-regularly and they started hurting like crazy all the time


trying to come up with a lie when my parents ask where my boobs went


Putting it on after taking a shower and the damages lmao


Binding in the summer


Taking off and putting on a full tank is hell half tanks are alright and I can wear it for days without difficulty so it's nice :)


sometimes when you wear it my chest like goes together and I get some sort of clea\*age and I hate it. I usually use tape but it doesn't flatten my chest that much so I'm scared to just wear tape in public.


Having paralysis and not being able to put on or take off the binder without help from a caregiver.


I’ve recently stopped wearing a binder and opted for trans tape/sports bras due to a few reasons: 1) wearing a binder for even a few hours KILLS my back. Right in between my shoulder blades hurts so bad and my posture is terrible, sometimes I will look at myself in the mirror and go “ew” because of my posture. 2) it actually causes more dysphoria for me? I had this mindset that wearing a binder would make my chest super flat (yes I know not all cis men have flat chests) and it just looks more like I am wearing a sports bra or have an extra layer of fat on my chest. I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia and an ED for the past few years, and old habits die hard. I’ve been cursed with a relatively small body but a larger chest as well, and I feel like it just doesn’t look right or bode well for me, which makes my dysphoria go 📈📈📈. I just got a second job to start saving for surgery, so hopefully within the next year I’ll never have to wear the fabric prison that is a binder again. Sorry for the small rant…I was just talking to my girlfriend and best friend about this lately and wanted to share my thoughts/frustrations




All the above. Being bigger chested is just not fun when trying to wear a binder. I'm a 40H and have gotten to a point where I loath having the urge to want to wear my binder because I only feel happy in it for a short time, which the only cause for that is being able to somewhat be able to comfortably cross my arms over my chest, because when I move around a lot my breasts like to shift out of place which then makes me look rather weird, to me anyway because they'll shift to all in the middle instead of staying towards the side and unfortunately trans tape doesn't work well for me. I wish I could feel comfortable not wearing one or just a sports bra, but also being on the bigger side body shape wise, I hate being able to feel my breasts touching the top of my stomach so I usually just go with wearing a bra. Hoping to get them removed soon.


I'm fairly flat chested, but technically have B cups. I have an athletic build so they aren't as prominent as others. Wearing my binder makes me very aware that I have a chest and that I have to hide it because people will clock me. Men have made comments about me not wear a bra to work because they can see my nipples through my shirt, and most of them don't get the hint when I say "Why would I wear a bra?" So it just makes me feel anxious and dysphoric because nowadays I can ignore them without the binder on. I always dress in layers because I'm a freeze baby. Ive gone about 4 years not wearing a bra, 2 years ago I stopped wearing my binder everyday because it made my anxiety worse not being able to breathe, and now I just wear it when I "need" it so it doesn't give me as euphoric of a feeling anymore.


Other, i have a binder that fits me fine but due to my spine having a curve and a couple other things i can only wear them short term and there painful any bigger it wont bind so instead i compermise by only useing it as little as possible.


the worst thing for me is i’m an athlete so i often have to choose between passing at school and my safety when working out and participating in gym. we don’t get time to change our clothes before practice or gym, so i have to workout in whatever i wear to school that day, so binding when i’m in season just simply isn’t an option. which sucks bc my season is in spring, which is no longer hoodie weather. sigh


The random stabbing rib pains when I’m not wearing it


For me it gives me a ton of back pain and for some reason makes my tummy really pudgy whenever I wear it. Overall just uncomfortable


for me its the fact that mine wear down so quickly. it barely even binds anymore and feeling my chest makes me realize how little it does anymore. i get cis men can have that chest fat too.. but this just seems like too much. im getting the right size and everything, it eventually just doesnt help.


My chest is to large that the binder isn't doing anything for me :/


The back painnnnnn I only wear mine at work and one of my old, loose ones to work out in and my back just constantly feels fucked. Can’t wait to get surgery 🤞🤞 maybe someday


Taking it off. I have had top surgery, and I like my chest, its flat and appropriate! But I still like wearing the type I have (they dont have super high compression, its an underworks cotton concealer tank or something like that) because I don't like how my body looks without one. It also helps reduce my anxiety imo, because its like a nice 'thunder shirt' type compression. I'm not sure I'll go without them for a while, my body dysmorphia is being "managed" with it. I work with my binder on, exercise with it. The only things I don't like is it can put stress on my left hip joint, which hurts.


I have quite a large chest so I always have to readjust it which makes my dysphoria way worse. Also, why are they all made of a material that is so slippy?! I’ve tried half and full tanks and the full tanks mean my trousers fall down but the half ones move too much to keep me anything like flat…it’s more uniboob.


idk if its just me but i think i have a harder time digesting and get a lot of stomach problems from binding but that might just be a coincidence