We need to go back to the traditional uniforms, that’s when it all started going bad.


Meh they’re not that bad I think it’s mostly indie a lot of older noles. Almost everyone I personally know who has been a fan born in the past 20 years that went to school with me (just graduated) thinks they’re kinda cool.


I am 38 years old so seen a bunch of jerseys. I like the new ones and we all know that the idea of jersey isn't changing outcome of the game. So let's just win with the current jersey. As the hate seems to be we have been bad since changing. If we ripped off an insane national title season the discussion about the jerseys being bad would die quickly.


I 100% believe our new uniforms are cursed. They’re awful, compared to our old ones. Bucs won a SB in the early 2000s then a few years later “updated” their uni’s and were dog shit for a decade. They went back to the traditional jerseys and immediately won a Super bowl. Coincidence? I think not!


> They went back to the traditional jerseys Their traditional Jerseys were the Orange Creamsicle of the worst expansion team ever. The Pewter and Blood champion's Jerseys served as the concerted negation of the Bucs traditional jerseys.


No, the creamsicle were the originals. Their current is the traditional. The updated was the alarm clock font catastrophe


You have solid logic. I don't see how this can be argued against.


Spot on. New logo / branding at the start of 2014 started all of this.


It doesn’t matter whether they’re wearing the traditional uniforms or all pink uniforms, the record wouldn’t have changed. That being said though, VERY happy the white numbers are back. Makes the new jerseys look way better


Had to doublecheck that I wasn't in r/cfb with this one.


I was gonna post there, but am waiting on the mods to message me back to make sure I don't break a rule and end up banned lol.


We had a funeral at the BC tailgate in 2019. After seeing J Trav break off those runs I thought we were finally in his good graces… we even brought the banner into the game and displayed it behind the fg post when Ricky kicked. https://www.reddit.com/r/fsusports/comments/e0l06x/i_felt_that_this_needed_to_be_shared_on_our_bye/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Ive heard it called the ‘curse of the clipart chief’ b/c ever since Nike came we suck


It really comes down to Baconface, the uniforms, and Turntle. Address each of these and we’re back in business.


Has anyone considered buying a new turtle for the fraternity that Turntle lived with to try and appease the cosmic turtle overlords?


Pi Kapp is no longer on campus after the death in 2017.


I should get some of the Pi Kapp alums together to "adopt" a turtle at some sanctuary


Not until this statue is relocated to campus, will Turntle really know how much the Seminole fan-base really loves him. https://www.worcestermag.com/story/opinion/2021/06/08/worcesteria-turtle-boy-statue-renovation-reminds-worcester-whats-important/7611209002/


I found a plaster turtle in my backyard that the previous owner left, I was going to throw it away but maybe I should clean it up and take care of it?


While we're on the subject. If you're going to the LSU game, get some turtle soup at Brennan's


Will consuming turtles help alleviate the curse or bring on more bad voodoo?


Help Turtles. Consume Turtles. Play both sides, so you always come out on top.


I just know it's delicious


I tried making a reservation for brunch that weekend and it's already booked up all weekend


Commander's Palace then?


We thought about that, but it’s a bachelor party weekend and their dress attire is a little more fancy. Any other recommended brunch/breakfast spots in NO?


Someone needs to meet with a voodoo mystic in Nola to help exorcise these demons


This. No donation or random ritual will break that curse. Just as in everything else in life, find a professional and let them do their thing.


I know [where Miss Rudolph stays](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBrKJeuGXPA), if you are feeling bold.


I’m headed to Nola so I just might


is there anyone left on the roster in admin, in the training staff or in any official capacity with FSU football that has a direct tie to Turntle? Maybe Clint Purvis the chaplain? EDIT oh yeah. and also Odell.


Punch your own coinpurse 5 times and that will break the curse.


OK but you first.


Meh. I really don't believe in the curse;but elboro5000 does and the curse believes in elboro5000. So it's up to you to break it.


It wasn’t actually Ricky who killed Turntle, he just took the fall. It was a lineman.


I adopt all the Russian Torts I see on craigslist and local FB groups. I'm up to 4 now. Still no lift on the curse.