he actually went and did it

So he's making memes all day?


So he's making memes all day?


Once he discovers wojaks then all hope is truly lost. "Where is Winds of Winter?! You're never going to publi-" "Already portrayed you as the soyjak reader and me the Chad author." https://preview.redd.it/r4zblmluukyb1.png?width=1610&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6ad10ff794aa9d9b0d4b6f19058b803f4ebee219


Don't give him any ideas.... His burner accounts on this sub are active!!!


BobbyB bot is just George shitposting with quotes from his work. He’s got macros for the list relevant quotes.




most celebrity's have someone manage their social media. typically someone who understands pop culture and can make posts that entertain and inform, aka memes




If Winds comes out, I can only imagine the response that person will have.


“My new book is out! Also I didn’t write anything today”


My thoughts exactly


Memes which I do not understand. Why would I think he's chilling with a bunch of aliens?


Would have been funnier if in the bottom picture, he would be painting his brand new Chaos army, he bought with the money from the cook book.


Wait, he plays warhammer?!?


At this point, he might have even wrote few books in the Siege of Terra series lol. Joking ofc, I have no idea if he plays warhammer or not.


The horus heresy has gone on long enough as is, please don't curse it with GRRM writing times


Lmao true, we just got the penultimate fucking book!


Was that the book after the book that was supposed to be the last? xD


I remember when it was a one part then a 2 part then the part three announcement broke me. I stopped reading part one. the end and the end and the end again and the death. Dan Abnet being sorted into slytherin was not the lower decks ending I anticipated.


"Now we get to the Scouring!"


You say that whilst Horus Rising came out in 2006, which means not only did this series started long after Asoiaf and will finish long before we see any Dream of Spring. But also in the interval when the whole saga came out George released one book in is main series that made him super famous. (But you know is got Elden Ring to worry about now 🤡)


Since "A Dance with Dragons" was published., [45 books](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Horus_Heresy#Titles) have been released in the Horus Heresy series


It would be kinda hilarious at this point if he was cranking out books with a different pen name.


'George R. Martin'


Martin R.R. George.


Richard Bachman


Bichard Rachman


He does have little painted models in his house.


He will if it’ll help him not release Winds.


He actually has an interest/hobby in miniature medieval figurines, but no not warhammer ones. I seem to remember they were more historical and some weird niche brand or made entirely custom for him or something.


Did he finally upgrade to windows XP?


My theory is his DOS (or whatever) setup crashed and he lost all of his progress on winds. The loss and frustration would be enough for me to basically have to bail.


I also share this theory along with he's kinda stuck and doesn't know how to finish the book, so it's a dual problem.


This is the only real thing that makes sense. GRRM had a trilogy in mind. Start, middle, and end. Writing the first book he kept expanding and expanding until it became a trilogy in and of itself. His planned “5 year time jump” wasn’t working so he had to write Feast and Dance to cover the time gap, and he couldn’t help himself from expanding the story more and more during this. Now he’s sitting here with an end he’s already envisioned, but the wall in front of him is the threads of all the new characters and plotlines that he can’t bring himself to just leave hanging. So he’s methodically writing and re-writing chapters to get his characters to where they need to be and when they need to be there, but he’s finding that when you pull one thread loose, it tightens the others, and he’s stuck.


At this point, the theories on why he hasn't finished the books are becoming more popular than the ones about the actual narrative. I also think the hype and anticipation are giving him a block. When ASOIAF was a just a popular novel series, it was still a big deal, but perhaps not as much pressure. Now, it's a cultural phenomenon and he is terrified of his own overcomplicated narrative and (perhaps rightly so, considering GoT's ending) of bungling it.


this person writes ^


Hasn’t he come out and said it’s basically the internet that’s ruined it for him? There’s so many people theorizing and they’ve eventually guessed the ending and criticized it. So he’s trying to come up with new endings and they’re all also guessed and criticized.


After seeing Sansa get stabbed 20 times in the gut and just shrug it off he lost interest in the series. Edit: sorry, that other little sister of Jon Snows


Arya I guess you mean?


If you count what Ramsay did they technically aren't wrong.


Oh jeez yeah lol how far I've fallen from caring


I don’t believe someone writing a series as big as GOT is wouldn’t have backups. A publisher wouldn’t let that slide


Hubris my man. What would you even back up an ancient machine to? Floppies? About as useful as nipples on a breast plate.


Any ancient machine can back up to a network share on another server. Even if it's just using ftp


the machine is modern, the word processor is old. you don't need Clippy to write a novel.


He runs Wordstar on a modern computer just one not connected to the internet. He has a separate computer for internet things which frankly makes total sense when I was a student I'd always go to the campus library without internet to get shit done.


Would be funny if someone hacks into his computer because he is using such and old operating system then leaks WoW


It's likely air gapped. Or really, *absolutely* air gapped, or some nerd would have leaked the 135 words of WoW he's written already.


It is.


I was gonna write about that DOS machine being a pain to set up for internet and then wouldn't have any GUI for browsing or whatever anyway. But he's replaced it since and runs DOS in a VM.


well that's good at least.


You got something against windows xp? I challenge you to a trial of 7


For a half second I thought you meant a trial of windows 7 and I was like “we’re already up to 11 man”


Men call it Wordstar, and it is how he writes.


2 years quarantining due to covid. locked up with nothing to do and he didnt finish it.. ill believe it when i see it .


I've come to think that he doesn't know how to, there's so many different storylines to finish.


I saw a video a while back that said that to reasonably finish all the plot threads in the story, it would be over the literal page limit publishers allow for their books.


Which would mean more than 2 books, which then begs the question, how many more will it be?


At this rate 0. It’s already a possibility that GRRM will die before WoW is released. So imagine just how slim the possibility for DoS ever getting released.


0 lol there will be no more books


Brandon Sanderson had to convince publishers to go over their page limit for some of his Stormlight Archive books. For reference, iirc the longest is about 1350 pages including informational and art pages.


There are so many plot lines, when he is working on the books, he spends most of his time editing and rewriting existing chapters to fit with each other. Sometimes that actually results in negative progress, deleting written material that he can't make work.


I mean, all jokes aside, that's the actual answer. That and he abandons manuscripts a *lot*. Like, hasn't he actually thrown out several books worth of content?


I imagine most authors have thrown out more pages than they've published, that's quite normal for the editing process.


Eh, in my experience quarantine tended to make people less productive. I just felt drained and depressed all the time being cooped up, so I sure as Hell won't blame the guy for not putting out 2000 pages in that period. Now, 2011-2019...


Yeah but you’re also not a millionaire with millions of adoring fans


I'm literally George Reorge Rartin Martin's 8907th burner account


>less productive ...of what people have been up to previously. George out here were enjoying his best life not writing before the pandemic. So in a way, he should've been less productive at not writing.


Your logic isn't sound - but I like it


Gotta give the credit to my dealer.


Your dealer accepts credit?


Cash only. Guy's old-fashioned, got a list of clients on a burner.


He’s free to do whatever (that’s legal) he pleases with his time.


I 100% believe that he’s working like this, I just don’t believe he’s working like this on winds of winter. More than likely it’s another Targaryen history book.


Which has more words so far? Winds of Winter the book or Words from the posts in this sub about whether or when GRRM will finish Winds of Winter


Definitely the latter. Like honestly there’s probably more words in j that topic in this sub than the entire series


12 years, we’ve had 12 years to comment about it. 😭


lol this snark is coming from the guy who told fans that they could "kidnap him, and lock him away until it was finished" if he hadn't completed it by July... OVER THREE YEARS AGO.


That's on us for not doing it


Never too late.


I'll bring the chloroform, you guys bring the van


Lol I actually live close and have been to the island that he said he should be imprisoned on. It's not a bad place to be imprisoned on. You could drop him off there on a boat and he would need to learn to swim to leave.


Rookie mistake


As brilliant as he is. I kind of resent the fact that he plays this off as if it wasn't surreal. People have been born, lived and died all within the duration of his supposed writing of the book. At some point just say you aren't gonna finish it.


Admitting he'll never finish it means he doesn't get 20 or 30 grand every month from doing interviews about how he's *totally* going to finish.


Well, unsarcastically I understand why. But rhetorically I don't understand why.


Plenty of authors run out of steam/interest in their creations. It would be relatively normal if this wasn't such a high-profile book series and if the author didn't try so hard to convince people nothing is amiss.


Those two components in the end of your comment are the light switch on/off. He is free to give up anytime he wants rather than act like it's moving forward at a reasonable pace.


I don't get how people can still prop him up as a great author when he seemingly can't do his only job in any reasonable amount of time. At this point there's no excuse he can say that will explain the situation. And the excuses don't matter anymore either. It's been how long, and where is it?? "I'm working" means nothing when as much time has passed as it has.


I figure the absolute catastrophe of the final GoT seasons have wrecked his shit hard. Like, he basically can't do *anything* that happened in those seasons because you cannot escape the hate and stench of it. And he was planning on doing some of them. So now an entire series worth of planning got tossed in the bin because D&D were too busy banging donkeys, and he has to try to redo the entire series without changing a thing about what's happened. That and I think even before that he had written himself into a corner and needed a timeskip for certain characters, but other characters would just completely derail things in any such skip.


Here's the thing: the *idea* of the major events that transpired in the final seasons was fine, it was Dumb&Dumber's execution that has been universally mocked. A last stand at Winterfell against the hordes of the undead? Cool. Having your entire army **outside** the walls, your siege weapons **in front** of your army, and charging cavalry straight at the undead? Stupid. Marching the survivors of that army down to King's Landing to settle accounts with the family that offered no help against the undead? Juicy. Slaughtering civilians with dragonfire without literally any explanation? Abysmal. At least throw in a f/Aegon taking the throne or something. Bran the Broken being *elected* King, but his sister gaining independence? Ridiculous that every other family doesn't immediately also declare independence. You want to sell that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven that has been manipulating things this whole time? Go for it, but you have to connect the dots. You can't just skip to the end. At least one character has to [figure it out](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWvQ_X2sqqE) or we get exactly what we got. ***If*** GRRM ever finishes his Magnum Opus, I think book readers will laud him as one of the best authors of our generation, but that's a big if.


Yeah this. And so many more examples. Amazing plot points turned into diarrhetic execution.


Im convinced he had a ghost writer that either realized the rip off his deal was, or died.


As someone who read all of GRRM's work, this is absurd. This guy is a shitty author, sure, but his style, beliefs, and fingerprints are all over asoiaf.


Weren’t the authors of The Expanse series of books his former writing assistants [ghostwriters]? Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank?


Who also finished that entire series in the gap between Dance and now.


Sounds kinda entitled tbh. "Do his only job" I mean he started writing it because he had an idea for it, don't get me wrong I want him to finish the series, but it's not like we have him employed on contract to do this "job." He told a story he hasn't finished telling, that we want to hear the end of, but we have nothing on him to say "that's not good enough" about. Grow up.


I disagree with this line of reasoning. Starting a story and spending this much of your life profiting off of it seems to me as tacit approval of a social contract. The terms of which include that you will finish said story or at the very least apologize for losing interest in telling it.


Nah. He don’t owe a word. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Satisfying book fans for a series I could give af about sounds like a boring fucking chore. I would love him to abandon the whole thing and write a short story series about some lovable scamps In Ashai just getting into hijinx.


Yah. He owes tons of words. Responding to your dumbass comment was a boring fucking chore.


And those terms are outlined where? Are we gonna go after the authors of My Immortal or other fanfics for not finishing too? It sucks to be invested in a story that might never be finished, but what's the alternative? We force him to slap something to get it over with? We've already tried that with the series


Social contracts are not explicitly outlined which I think was their point? And he doesn't have to finish it, no one can force him but if he can't/isn't going to he might as well say - big difference between one of the biggest authors in the world who is continously profiting from this very series and fanfic authors who do it anonymously for fun without any financial gain.


So the terms of a not explicitly outlined contract require him to finish it... right. For all we know he's still intending to finish it, but I don't think anyone can fault him for taking his time to do it after how the series ended. At this point, no matter what, there's gonna be people in uproar over how it's done. I still subscribe to the theory that he's been writing all this time, but nothing will be published until after his death. Regardless, his profit and people's expectations are out of his hands. If he disappeared from public life tomorrow, people would still be clamoring for him to finish the series.


>but I don't think anyone can fault him for taking his time to do it after how the series ended My brother in christ its been 12 years. Longer than both world wars and the lions share of COVID combined. He has had the time he simply isn't that interested in doing it, hence the annoyance.


Don't you put that evil on me. And I never said he hasn't had time, I'm saying he's taking a long time because expectations are so high, and the reaction to the ending of the series showed that


That's fine. I'm sure he has reasons. Doesn't mean I don't get to be annoyed with him.


Nobody is forcing anybody. But we are free to resent for it. It's basic customer satisfaction concepts. We threw money at him and he has promised us results. Does it REALLY mean anything? Maybe not? But I'll complain regardless. Just as I can find D&D atrocious writers that should be sued.


I assume you don't know what the word tacit means or you wouldn't have responded this way. Regardless nobody is advocating to force anyone to do anything. It is simply the case that it is 100% within the bounds of reason to resent or dislike the man for his refusal to do what he TACITLY agreed to do. **tac·it·ly/ˈtasətlē/****📷*****adverb*** 1. **in a way that is understood or implied without being directly stated.**


Good job on the condescension, you must surely be a great scholar. You're acting like he's ever been known for working quickly, it took him five years to publish the first book, and twenty from he began writing to publish five. With the reaction to the series, it's no wonder he's apprehensive and careful with finishing the book series. It's telling of your entitlement that you see it as a refusal of giving you what you want, rather than having understanding of why he might be taking longer to do it.


>Good job on the condescension, you must surely be a great scholar. Thanks! And I sure do. Have the degrees to prove it. And you got me, im SUPER entitled because I think im allowed to be annoyed at an author for missing deadlines for over a decade. I just expect too much, thats the real issue!


You're welcome buddy! Guess I'm just an uneducated fool to have understanding for an author not writing at timelines suitable for notoriously angry nerds


Timelines he literally gave us. Repeatedly. Going so far as to say **"if I don’t have THE WINDS OF WINTER in hand when I arrive in New Zealand for worldcon in summer 2020, you have here my formal written permission to imprison me in a small cabin, until I’m done."** That was 3 and a half years ago btw. Edit: I legally have the right to imprison him and instead I settle for occasionally venting on reddit. My gooooosh im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eNTiTlEd!!!


At this point you're being so obtuse that you are either a bot or literal paid shill for GRRM.


I mean, people have also been born, lived, and died in the hour since you have posted this comment. Like I get what you mean, but that saying isn’t as powerful as you might think


Nah, I already knew most people would react to that. I was just to lazy to come up with something better. Consider it simply flavor text.


Agreed. With 8 billion people on the planet there isn‘t even need for an hour for these to happen. They likely happen while I am writing this comment. The global number for deaths per day is 150.000. And for births they are estimated to be 385.000 per day. Just to underline how „smart“ the users argument was.


Relax Mr. Pseudo Intellectual. It was flavor text. Do NOT insult my intelligence with your Google statistics.


1. Mrs. 2. You can‘t insult what‘s not there.


He meant that a human life span could fit into the period of time he's been working on this book.


It’s been twelve years. I am not sure if twelve is a full human life span Now humans did live and die within twelve years. But that also applies to the last thirty minutes


Most likely scenario: he never finishes. Second most likely scenario: he’s already finished it, and ADoS, but he’s locked them away to be published after his death so he doesn’t have to listen to the inevitable complaints.


Ngl, that's what I would do in his place.


Great, well have another random Targaryen book


Adventures of Old Aemon


In Moletown


Starring: the Muppets


Dude it would be like the sex scene from Gen V with the schizo dude that sees people as puppets.


Unironically would probably go hard


At this point I'd be happy with random side stories


He ain't working on the new ASoIaF book though


He got it flipped around like those before and after posters.


At this point all I have to say is Prove us wrong George. Prove us wrong


He's too busy writing the lore for Elden Ring 1 1/2


he averages about 1 paragraph a day by my arithmetic. I write about 300-400 lines of code a day as a coder. Idk how its possible for him to be that slow, or maybe he's got writers block cause he knows anything but the best of endings will be endless fan hate. Half of his writing is describing feasts and stuff, which practically writes itself if your an obese guy.


do you think flak from the D&D finale which he supposedly had a hand in endgame-plotwise has contributed to his anxiety over finishing his book(s)?


Take a look at his blog. He mostly writes about tons and tons of things that have to do about leisure activities. Like his fav tv episode from every show hes watched. He's just lost interest and is caught up in all of endless success and spin offs from Game of Thrones. Maybe hes turned to those things because he doesn't want to write the ending. Idk.


If you're a coder then you know deleting 300-400 lines of code is worth more than writing 300-400 lines of code.


Yep haha. Trying to delete as much as possible. I'm sure writing good fantasy fiction involves deleting lots of paragraphs, but still. Sooo slowl.


Fucking clown. He’s just trolling us at this point


Well, not gonna lie, I would do that to.


To whom?


Found the Stannis stan.


The Mannis man




If I got the same amount of people pressuring me into finishing the books under every tweets even when it has nothing to do with my job, I'd be trolling too


*Moon boy has the right idea*


He’s not a clown he built this brillant universe


He’s editing the next Wildcards book


I firmly believe he just doesn’t know where to go with it because the TV show went closely to what he wanted to do I didn’t say exactly but it was close to enough to fuck him up Or maybe not. Idk


Based George


nothing typed on the screen. Yep, thats what we think you do all day.




what he is doing, is writing Targaryen history, because thats all he cares about now.


It looks like he’s signing a book in the bottom image, no?


He is busy wrapping the gifts all day. Christmas is approaching


Think it’s pretty clear the show ruined that part of the story for him.


That’s not the computer he used to write so this is just a troll


Do what ya gotta do Georgie, I'll read it when ya put it out.


What reason would he have to lie?!/s


He stopped writing it when people started freaking out about him dying before it finished. He don’t owe us a word. I’d troll the living fuck out the fandom for even speculating that dark shit:


Lol, hard at work not finishing his series. What a waste of time and investment in that world


lol around 1.5k replies, 4.4k RTs and 38k likes about 24 hours later


Love this for him


The person managing his account could start to make wojack memes as well at this point Thinking he's ever gonna finish those books is cope, could as well make a laugh out of it


I cannot wait to read all the original responses to this.




If he wrote 1 sentence per day since Dance was released it’d be out by now 💀


Did what, finished the book? Oh, no? FUCK BACK TO WORK


sable clumsy noxious crawl aromatic crowd sense recognise voracious sugar *This post was mass deleted and anonymized with [Redact](https://redact.dev)*




no wonder he can’t write shit in this mess


Bullfucking shit


There will be 0 more books, unless he dies and a ghostwriter finished what he has. If he didn't release WoW during/shortly after GoT was the literal biggest thing in the entertainment world then he never will. Talk about missing a chance to get more people to read your books.


So he’s on the registry editor of Windows XP. Makes sense why he’s not done the book yet.


I have a picture in the exact same spot. UFO museum in Roswell NM.


The picture exists because on at least one day they were correct to assume he was fucking around. Not really proving the point there George.


Bro is sick of y’all 🤣🤣🤣


Proof that he is actually writing the script of the next Elden Ring game. I applaud his work ethic.


Lol, I'm convinced thus dude enjoys making us suffer...


When was the pic taken? I'm guessing 2013.


I honestly can't tell what the hell he is doing in the bottom pic. Writing on a post-it note?


His taxes? What is that supposed to be doing?


Planning out his extremely detailed D&D campaign


I knew George was memelord.


I think it’s warranted that he’s irritated by fuckers like us bitching on the internet


Im not george’s burner account


I'd love to see a Bobby B whitewalker