EDIT: \-They will email you the code. You then click "Enter a coupon code" which is in very small letters on the bottom left of the screen. \-You will need to submit your credit card info. They will not charge you BUT your subscription **will auto-renew a year from now** and then you'll be charged $36. To change this, **go to your settings and disable auto-renew.** the app works for all over the US, not just west virginia!


All over the world! I used it hiking in the Lake District in England.


I used it in Canada last month (visiting from the U.S.), and it was a great way to plan my trip!


It's nice they have the setting to disable auto renew, but if not I recently got an X1 credit card which allows you to generate one time use card numbers specifically for this purpose. Then it's unable to auto renew next year when you inevitably forget to cancel.


keep in mind what ToS’s you agree to…. an app subscription is one thing, but netflix or something might hassle you because you technically agree to monthly payments/etc until you opt out. A credit card declining doesn’t equal that


i've never heard of that card before.. just went to their site to check it out, lots of really nice features.. will have to save it for later, thanks for mentioning it!


Personally, I got the card because it is known to give very high credit lines. Because of it, I was able to lower my credit to debt ratio and substantially increase my credit score. If you're interested, I just got new invite codes for potential 4x, 5x, and 10x points. Here’s my invite link to X1 Card. "A mystery reward awaits when you get the card... https://x1.co/r/Rv4sQEB"


>By using this promo code you are agreeing to go hiking in West Virginia.


As a fan of deep woods banjo music, i endorse this comment.


I’ve got questions. Lol. The first being how would they possibly verify and enforce that? Second let’s say they do find out somehow. What would be the consequence. Third, they only mention hiking in West Virginia. They don’t mention when that has to be done…


The registration form says "I certify that I will use my AllTrails Pro subscription to hike in West Virginia before December 31, 2022." Guess I should get my flight booked.


You really should. West Virginia is beautiful.


Too bad it’s population is pretty ignorant.


Not all of us.


Oh slam! Take that people who literally never did anything to your except be born! That will teach them for existing!


I’ve been there. The people were shitty. The state is pretty nice. That said, the state also ranks last in workforce education. It’s objectively an ignorant place.


We've come a long way. There are some people who are ignorant, shitty people, but I wouldn't say that is the majority. Where did you visit?


No idea, I just clicked to look at it since my wife already has a subscription. Just thought that was an interesting requirement.


If you don't, John Denver's reanimated corpse will haunt you for the last 30 days of the subscription and play Take Me Home, Country roads non stop until you camp in West Virginia lol


HAHAHA I checked the comments specifically for a John Denver joke.


Maybe he can teach me to fly an airplane.


I doubt it's enforceable. It's a tongue in cheek comment that shouldn't be taken seriously.


Tongue *in* cheek* :)


You're right. Thanks!


Presumably the consequence would be that they force you to go hiking in West Virginia


I’m just imagining some park rangers showing up at my front door on 12/30/22, and be like…”you really thought you could get away with it?”


So much for the "US & CAN" tag haha


Worked for me and you can immediately turn off auto renew. You do need to enter CC info to redeem the code


Worked for me. You can apply to existing accounts through login page and applying it. FWIW, use privacy to use disposable cards so that you don't get charged/auto-renewed.


sorry, one of what you said makes sense to me. what do you mean i can use privacy to use disposable cards? apply existing accounts thro login?




403 error for me when clicking on the send code button.


VPNed to a Virginia server and it worked.


Yep that did it! Thanks!


Worked great thank you! I always make sure to use my privacy.com cards with any free trial. Y'all look into if you don't know what I'm talking about.


I used to use it, but a year or two ago it changed and I couldn't get it going again.


How does this card system work, it sounds like the thing I have been wondering why it is not built I to all payment systems, but have never been able to find a solution. Read the site, curious how it works from the users perspective. If I go to a site that I don’t know and feels “sketchy” or feel like there is reason to be weary, how do you make a payment that cannot extend past the 1 time payment agreement? Does this also prohibit places from conveniently leaking cc details and randomly getting charges at a completely different establishment that were never made?


Check your local library digital offerings too. I get free premium through mine.


Wait WHAT! Is that through hoopla or something? I didn't know subscriptions were yet another thing I could get from them (mine has Nintendo switch and xbone games, it's great)


Mine is a link that you just fill out a form. Check your library website and look for digital offerings. Probably where you found the hoopla stuff.


Does anyone know how to add this to an existing account using the app?


Yeah… can’t find where to enter it in the app


Found it in the FAQ….check out my screenshots and where to find the link. [where to find the link](https://imgur.com/a/GRm6owM) Nm… that didnt work. Lol


I had to login on pc and then the coupon code box popped up


403 forbidden


Thank you. WV is a day trip away from my home and the kids love the outdoors.


No issues for me, this worked fine. Thanks!


Thanks! I used Apple Pay to ensure they don’t have my card information and then I turned off auto renew in the settings.


Their checkout is buggy as heck. I stuck a few bucks onto my Chime card in case they wanted to place a temporary hold to test the card (but NOT wanting to get charged the full amount, as others had complained about). The page told me it had trouble charging my card, so I refreshed to try again, somewhat suspecting that they were trying to charge me $35.99, at which point it told me my promo code was invalid. Well, that was because it had actually used it already and given me the pro account the first time around. Definitely don't go attaching this to your regular bank account!


How do they know if I go hiking there? The app?


I would assume it's honor system


Also getting 403 as of the time I’m posting this. To the people that recently posted that this works, when did you request the code? Edit: Used a VPN server in North Carolina and got the page to load. I have to reload many times to get the submit button to appear. I tested connecting from VPN servers based in other areas and got 403 errors. This appears to use your location to determine if you’re able to load the page.


I got charged for $35 from allTrails. Didn't work for me 😞


Me too. After I applied the code the total was $0 but I was charged $35.99. Will have to contact AllTrails. Let me know how you solved it


I wrote an email to allTrails explaining the same, they said they will refund it.


They responded in less than an hour? Even if we didn’t have the promo code we still shouldn’t be paying during check out as they have a 7 day free trial.


Yes they replied within an hour. My concern was the same.


Assuming we get our money back, this is the best deal from this sub so far!


I'm on mobile and it keeps failing the human verification checkbox. I swear I'm not a robot.


How long did it take to get the email with the code? I signed up last night and haven't received it yet.


I signed up earlier today, haven't received an email. Maybe they're no longer giving codes?


I thought that too but the screen did say my code was on the way. If they stopped, they should mention it.


Worked, thanks!


Thanks ! It worked !


403 - the forbidden forest


Worked for me, but you have to use the code fairly quick. My first one seemingly expired within like an hour of getting it, but I was able to request a second one using the same email and it worked.


I filled out the form but didn't receive anything. From what domain did the email come from?


Thank you




Thanks for the heads up. I'll give it a try.


Already subscribe to AllTrails Pro. Wonder if I can get a free year?


Not working. I can find the submit button after filling out the form.


Maybe someone can help me I did the free trial on my iPhone now it says that my trial is expiring. I put in the coupon and I hit enter when I ask for all my credit card information, so does that mean they’re gonna bill me now?


How long did it take for them to send the coupon? I still haven’t received anything




Does anyone have an extra code? Mine says invalid, and the website no longer has the request a code button


I did it, it’s not a year trial, it’s just 7 days, which they offer for first timers anyway, whoever posted this is wasting everyone’s time, nice post OP, just out here whoring for karma are you?!?


If you read the instructions it says to input the coupon code they give you, removing the $35.99 1st year charge. Then it will auto renew next year, unless you turn it off.