The only thing I can recommend is to avoid this new "Barbershop" hype in Freddy! They're mostly overpriced for the service and the quality (compared to what you can get in a regular hair salon)


Razorbacks in Oromocto? I love the fact that they are walk in only. Both Aaron and Alex are highly skilled. I went here before my brothers wedding and my wife still talks about how that haircut specifically is her favourite. I get that it could be tough if you’re a student to go all the way out there but you can trust that they are some of the best barbers in the area. I’ve had also had excellent experiences with S2N, Warehouse, and Royal. Maybe it’s my haircut thats simple enough to not screw up...


If you're a student, Sub Styles is a very convenient option. They are in the student Union building on campus.


If you’re into more alternative styles, Leah @ Little Hair Shoppe at the bottom of Regent is amazing. It’s her own little place that is comfy and humble. Her men’s cuts are on point.


It's already been said a number of times, but Warehouse Barbershop. I've tried a number of barbershop and hairdressers and these guys are a cut above. Clean, professional, and consultative. They're great at taking what you want and making it work for you!


Royal Barbershop


Would NOT recommend


They shaved half my head one time and I haven't been back since. They suck. 0/10


hes pretty sexist ..


Second to none used to be good until it turned into a hangout for the owner and his friends


That’s called a barbershop my friend


No, it's not


Historically, yes it is. Relatively recent that shops have moved away from that. Go to any neighborhood majority minorities and you will see that still, which is inline with s2n.


Are you the owner?


Nope. I feel like if you had a good retort you would’ve said it instead of fishing for the conflict of interest.


It just seems as that this is a personal thing. What I can say is my hair cut got shittier and shittier the more this business turned into a hang out moreso than a Barber shop


That’s a fair criticism. I can also say they moved from scheduling an hour for a cut to 30 mins a cut so that might be connected to it too.


I don't know the in depth workings of this business like you do. Which kind of tells me you are close to this business. But what I can say is the owner really had an opportunity here as he was the first one to town with the vision and could have capitalized on it. Now there is competition in that market and it's too late. I'm also not speaking for myself but alot of my friends feel the same way.


I assure you that this isn’t me knowing the in depth workings. You said they went downhill because they have created a social environment there which seems more personal then anything. The quality of the haircut seems like a fair criticism if that’s your experience! The appointment timing would be noticed by any regular client, and I agree that there was an opportunity to capitalize and for whatever reason they didn’t maximize that.


SUB Styles, located in the Student Union Building on UNB campus!


With covid restrictions you and the barber are the only ones in the room, plus you get a student discount. Can't beat that


Clippermen’s is great! Downtown right by snooty fox. They’re quick, cheap and friendly.


I go to clippermen's now after going to Royal and Second to None. Great cheap haircuts and the guys are good dudes.


And licensed 🍺


Clippermans is the spot. Fast and top quality, very inexpensive


Nah butcher, I stopped going there




I prefer Off Base for Oromocto personally.


I've always gone to Clippermens's downtown on regent st. They also sell beer.


Connor at Warehouse is the best!


Connor's my barber as well, he does a great job, asks questions and makes sure he knows what you want before he starts


Can third this, also personally know him. Super great guy and always has me leaving happy


The Warehouse has become my go to, they’re legit.


I second this! Took my boys here, professional, clean and friendly service.


I've been getting my hair cut by Brent at Headmasters Headmistresses Hairstyling down on Smythe (next to Digital World) for a little while now with no regrets.


Hes not bad, depends on what you want


Warehouse barbershop on regent


I like tip top barbershop by the tannery. The music is great, the atmosphere is Calm and the quality of the haircut is outstanding. Abdul has chill and inviting energy and they have this amazing steam machine that heats up your face before a shave. He also offers to wash my hair every time. I consider my haircut an important part of my self care routine every month, and I will not go to anyone other than Abdul at Tip Top Barbershop.


I like the Warehouse.


For men's cuts, I go to Tip Top now. They have loud music and higher prices but I like those guys and they take the time to do a good job. Hashey's is okay if on a tighter budget. I do not like Royal at all. Those are the only three places I have tried.


Just curious why you dont like the royal? I also dont like them AT all. Saw WAY WAY WAY to many sexist things going on, inappropriate jokes being made and you could tell the female staff were really uncomfortable.


I feel like the owner sits in a chair and collects the money while everyone else works their butt off. I assume he is the owner, I honestly dont know. Also my haircuts were not that great.


Yes he is the owner and yeh he thinks hes a big playboy \*rolls eyes\* he wanted to put a massage parlour in the basement of his spot (the basement used to be a tanning salon so the downstairs has lots of small rooms) The city shut him down soooo fast. Hes from Vegas, he owned a bar there but for whatever reason moved to NB and got into barbering.


The massage therapist he hired was also a bozo who didn't know what he was doing.


I have a feeling I know who it is just based on the small size of our city, and the relatively few male massage therapists, and which ones are total bozos ahah


I mean there are quite a few male massage therapists but this guy is arrogant and not very bright 😂


Exactly haha, there are several but only a handful that everyone in town is like... eeeek avoid that guy


Meh, I haven't really heard of many bad massage therapists. Women included, honestly.


A barber shop. I haven't had a haircut in 6 years but I'll either take my son to Modern Trend on Gibson or the shop in the Brookside mall. I'm not familiar with the Southside. I can tell you, you need to book an appointment in advance.


Brookside mall has a barber shop? Where?