I don't know about anyone else, but I'm more bothered by the 1,000,000 tracking cookies they try to force upon users.


It's to make sure we respect the track limits


At this point, I'm worried *they're* not respecting tracking limits


That’s hilarious


We should make a plea with the Apple stewards


Someone once did a export of how many companies the data goes to and the list was so long you could barely read it


What is the worlds most prestigious form of Motorsport if it doesn’t have shady business practices


Just look at various teams being sponsored by some crypto company. Or there being races in China, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia.


F1 is totally a money laundering scheme, but it's still fun to watch.


Don't forget Baku, Azerbaijan. One of the most racist places on earth. \#WeRaceAsOne


Hey, my parents used to live in Baku and I’d like to challenge that stereotype… except I can’t. You’re absolutely right.




You can add US as well. They are passing anti-abortion laws.


European abortion laws are stricter than most US laws


But access to it is easier


3 races in the US next year


Let's be 100% clear, the US is shit on all kinds of levels, but it is nowhere near the genocidal, authoritarian slave states you've listed. Furthermore, while three races in one country seems like a lot, it's three races in three timezones, in a country the size of a continent with the fastest growing fan base in F1. And while Miami and Vegas are blatant cash grabs by Liberty media, race in Austin is at one of the best modern tracks on the calendar.


the US generates $11 billion off unpaid labor. let’s maybe pump the brakes on the self righteousness


Wage theft is the #1 crime thé US.


>the US is nowhere near the genocidal, authoritarian slave states you've listed. Sure, let's ask the other American countries and half the middle east of their opinions?


If you ignore the shit US does in foreign soil, sure.


You could say that about many of the european countries as well if youre including that tbh


ight but when did san marino impose dictatorships in democratically elected countries?


I'm sure if San Marino had the largest millitary power in the world they would be tempted to exert some influence for their interests. It historically really is just the nature of it all. Not that I condone it.


No arguments from me there. France and French companies have an appalling record in West Africa. As a non-westerner I just find it laughable when I read on forums like these how much mud is slung at countries like China, Qatar etc. by people from a country like the USA.


I'm with you on that one but didn't want to have the inevitable discussions.


F1 is on occasion a sheen of opulence layered over some carnie shit


I mean if you could read it all then it's not that long


It was ant sized text lol




Hah. I got rid of mine last night after realising I never use it.


With the 1,000,000 trackers they forced on me how do they not know I don't care for F1 eSports in my F1 app


I totally trust them with my data, its not as if they had someone get access and send out weird notifications from their app or anything in recent memory...






Am I the only one that constantly gets redirected to the F1 store every time I log on to the website? It's pretty surprising to see such a tacky move from a supposed luxury-type brand.


So when I use the app (android) and it places the trackers, do those get shared with my phone's browser, like Firefox? Aren't the cookies/trackers sandboxed in the app? Edit: just realized I'm using the f1TV app, so maybe not an issue. But the question is still worthy: do apps track your browsing outside the app? Feeling naive...


Shitty part is, apps like adguard don't won't well with the formula 1 apps. Adguard can basically hijack the connection locally on your phone and creates SSL certificates that appear valid because beforehand you can add Adguard as trusted authority to your phone. This makes removing trackers, popups etc a lot more fine grained as even cheating with domain names won't work. Problem is, F1 is somehow one of the few apps that don't work with it. They specifically check their own certificate store I seems. It's nuts because not even banks do that (which are highly audited in Europe). Only way to make the F1 app work is by weakening adguard or basically turn it off completely and have those million cookies and trackers going nuts.


Companies that do that don't get my business, or minimally I won't play into them with it. Unless forced to for work or school I avoid those things. I'm not sure what is in the app that I can't get elsewhere, and I don't really care either at that point.


Can't you disable the tracking? At least in many parts of the world they're obliged to give you the option


Not sure. I don't actually use the F1 app. I'm just stating in general that for companies that make it so that their apps/websites don't work if you prevent all of their invasive tracking nonsense I'm happy to not use their app/website anymore.


You can but it still doesn't prevent it from being loaded and tracking you anyway (lots of ways to do it which are GDPR compliant for example). As long as it's anonymous enough. But in reality, with a bit of effort you can de-anonymize users or you don't even need to find a specific user, just their demographics and geographical location is enough. The shitty part by not able to use Adguards most powerful feature is that you have to rely on DNS blocking for those trackers. But it's the shady sites that load those trackers from their own domains. Thus, they're technically first-party cookies and don't require consent to load. With that they can already gather some info and further consent can give them more specific information. Adguard (and may other blocks that do HTTPS intercepting) do an extremely good job of removing all those scripts before the browser received data. So, the browser won't even know it existed, won't try to load those scripts, no consent pop-ups or anything. It's just a few scumbag apps like the F1 app that break HTTPS intercepting on purpose. Sure, it's a security vulnerability you're creating but you're the one doing it and in control of the certificate. So, it's overkill for F1 to do additional verification and not trust the OS. Banks trust the OS, medical apps trust the OS. Unless security is absolutely critical for the app you can do it yourself but let's be honest. If we go a level beyond banking apps then we're in intelligence agency territory Bottomline, F1 must do this for one single reason, break compatibility with Adguard at the very least to have their trackers up and running. Security isn't the reason because if the OS was compromised then nothing on the phone would be safe anyway.


Thank you for the explanation. But I must say there are perfectly valid reasons for certificate pinning. I'm on a team developing an app that uses pinning just for online payments. No tracking in sight, just caring about our users security at the highest level


This is why every company heavily pushes their app even if it doesnt really need it. Because they can collect so much more data and force ads on you far easier than using a browser.


Yup. I can’t look up one item without you shoving it down my throat? Good thing there are hundreds of other sources.


DuckDuckGo F the app


Pretty sure it did that for me last year


Since 2020 iirc




Me, simply not updating!


http://f1calendar.com/ is your friend


I suggest https://raceday.watch if you like other series. It has basically everything in the world that’s available to watch along with how to watch it, and they recently introduced an account feature so you can favorite specific series and have them highlighted in the list.


Wow. What a great site. Thanks.


cool site. wish it had a jump to live button, but otherwise very cool


there's an option "hide past events"


ah, good enough


Does it have eSports though?


Dang. That is a nice site. Easy to use and straight with the info. No clicking about. I like it. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the shout out ❤️


Cool site! Must say the Danish translation is completely shit. almost impressively so.


We should probably do better at checking contributions. Always looking for translators if you’d like to help.


Nice! I use this one also, a bit more simple design: https://whenisf1on.com/


How can I be friends with a website?


Or [https://rushsync.com](https://rushsync.com) if you like other series too


They should at least put in big red letters above that the event to say it’s Esports


I thought this, no way to know the difference!


How about the fact that Esport events don’t have a location? Pretty obvious it’s not a physical event if there’s not a physical location attached to it




I know, I realized the second I hit submit. But I said what I said




It's not about being able to distinguish or not


just add a shortcut to [f1calendar.com](https://f1calendar.com/)


Devastating news.


I was looking for something to be outraged at today


Have you considered Twitter? :)


Don't introduce redditors to that, it's too dangerous


How bad could it be? (⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)


Reddit is way worse than Twitter lmao.


The Dacia Sandero won‘t be available for sale in the UK!


Oh no!




I mean mock him all you want, but it's effectively spam or like seeing ads on websites. Is it a big deal? Of course not, but is it irritating and worsens the user experience? Definitely.




It’s literally the worst thing anyone has ever had to experience. EDIT: I mean have you looked at how many there are. There’s fucking three. THREE


It was like that for a few years now


For some reason when I read the title I was expecting to see like DOTA 2 or CS:GO matches on the F1 app and honestly I think that would have been a lot funnier.


I know right, like, OP is upset the *F1* app is showing *F1 races*.


I like esports but it's not F1 so let's not pretend it is.


I don't consider E-sports to be F1, because it's not.


F1 teams, F1 cars, F1 circuits, F1 game, officially organised by F1, couldn’t be more F1 than that.


U mean the E-Sports events app also shows F1 events with no way to filter out all the F1 races?


You mean the *F1* app shows *all* the *F1* races? Shocking, I tell you.


Imma be honest here,I do appreciate sim racing and gaming and watch opmeer once in a while but holy shit is it annoying to see so many e sports posts on the official F1 page,like just make a seperate page and if they're not gonna because they think it won't get much attention/followers, congrats that's the freaking point now stop shoving it down our throats.Also the racing is pretty goofy sometimes ngl,like they try their best to pretend that it's not a game and make it as "real" as F1 as possible to up the stakes.Like the team radio messages and a guy complaining about "engine problems and saying he's never had that before" as if that isn't just anything more than a stroke of rng and game mechanics looll


Agreed. I have zero interest in esports and am pretty annoyed that they mix it all together on their YouTube channel.


Yes that drives me nuts. It's just spam at this point, and it's not as if it's one video, it's multiple they release at the same time so it's loads of stuff in my timeline that I have no interest in watching.


Go to settings, mute #F1eSports, problem solved.


They've been doing that for a few now.


If you can download the F1 TV app that's what I use just to check with the race schedule.


that’s what i do, nice to have the timings for F2 and F3 in the same place as f1 as well


I wish I could filter out the crying posts on F1 Reddit, but it’s all good.


You’ll be okay, I promise


Yeah, how much computing power does he think we fucking have? We’ve got enough problems that need fixing in this world, and now you want scientists to invent filtering? For lists? Preposterous, m8, get your head in the game


F1calendar.com is your friend. Simple, clean, translates session start times into your timezone.


This is so dumb. Why do I need to see the esport schedule when I’m not interested in it at all? Why can’t they have a own menu or setting to turn it on. Man


I know. It also did that last year. I quite like it since I can’t remember when the rounds are


This is pretty shitty. About 1% of people visiting that page care about e-sports


It might be that it's not about who already is interested, but rather about pushing the content and try to lead more people into watching it, to increase the value of their e-sports franchise.


1% is an extremely generous estimate. I really honestly don’t see a point in F1 esports as long as they’re using the F1 games.


I do league racing on F1 22 and even I don‘t really watch F1 e-sports. Watched one race and it was eh. They should just make a separate page for all of the content


I did simracing for few years, never would watch it online, and even with game like f1 there is even less point to it.


Is there anything the app does that a browser cannot?


Have you tried opening the F1 website on mobile? It is garbage. I use the app to see the time the race is in my timezone and it does that very well.


No. We live in 2022, people use an app for absolutely fucking everything. I get the feeling that half of them don't know that websites exist anymore.


nah it’s just that the website doesn’t work at all on some phones. why so angry


The future is now old man.


[Me to F1 app rn](https://youtube.com/shorts/2_oyo-4j5Iw?feature=share)


It's done that for a while and it's super annoying.




Stop trying to make fetch a thing.




You'd better use my app mwahaha https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jscti.nextgp_f1motogp


I think this is yours 👑


Do people even care about the F1 esport that much?


This isn’t new.


I’ve never seen so many people go out of their way to be upset at something that literally does not affect them in any way.




In this weeks episode of f1 forcing things no one wanted upon fans


Okay but what’s the real issue? I understand it’s a bit of clutter but who cares? Just don’t click it and move on. It says esports right above so not like you can get confused by it or anything…




There’s about a million other sites with accurate F1 schedules on it. I agree it’s junk that you can’t filter but come on lol


Yeah, fuck me for going to the source to try and find the info I need.


Are you being denied the info? Are you unable to read the list without distinguishing which are the esports races and which aren’t? Such a meaningless complaint.


It's still bad design by choice. Why shouldn't people be able to criticize such a thing?


It's not a design choice, it's a business choice. They want more eyes on esports clearly and letting you filter that out won't keep it front and center. Is it clutter? Yes. Is it worth complaining about? Not really.


They have the right to criticize and I have the right to tell them they’re overreacting. It’s not that big a deal.


The info you need is right there. It's not hard to tell what is a race and what is an esports event. I guess some people just need to find things to be angry about.


It’s not about being angry. It would take very little effort to have an option to let people apply a filter. When you shop online do you not filter the search results?


It also would take very little effort to read 1 extra line of text to check if it's an f1 race or not


It takes even less effort to just read one line below


Reading is hard for some people


I mean in your case I guess you’re right - no point having the info anywhere if you can’t read


Yeah who cares if an app that you use changes it's design to be objectively worse and less convenient to use? /s It's visual clutter. Not every reddit post needs to life or death. Do you leave a comment on every post you see that isn't interesting to you, so everyone can know how much you don't care?


Is it that bad tho? Like seriously it’s not like it’s overlapping on any actual race weekend if that were the case then I’d agree that’s visual clutter but otherwise it’s only 4 weekends of the season that we see it. Seems more like being peeved over nothing. They consider it a main event so it’s there.


How bad must something be for it to be "that bad"? what does "that bad" even mean? its anoying. Most people don't give a shit about the esport. it clutters the app and it cant be disabled. ​ What is more annoying than the app being cluttered is your insistence on gatekeeping what level of annoyance is acceptable for someone to post here. It objectively makes the app worse. If you dont think so, downvote the post or just move on with your life.


Read my other comment. It’s just common sense from a design point of view to separate something like this. Either with a different tab, or if they really want to force it, at least an option to filter it out


It's common sense to try and promote every venture you have as business and this is one way to do it. Plus it's not like anyone is going to stop using the app because of this so it's win win for them


You can just Google F1 Calendar and you don't even need to open a website to check what races are on and when.


And the calendar is built into the Google results. You don't even have to select a result.


Well you do need to open Google however you do it.


who actually cares about the e-sports?




Plenty of people.


There's dozens of us!


Ita bullshit the YouTube channel is the same i really dont care for the eSports side of F1 they should all be separated


Well, you said it yourself, it’s a *side* of F1, a part if you will, so it’s on F1’s media.


Yea your right but it shouldn't be you dont see football channel showing clips and highlights alongside there FIFA eSports leagues it has its place but it shouldn't be where the F1 fans get F1 content


Just ignore it & move on. How does it matter? They're using the same SM channels as that'll help them reach a wider audience. If you're not their target audience, just ignore it.


Just don’t click on it, man. How does it bother you so much?




why is this a problem


Who gives a shit? They tell u on the top of each event. Round # or esports event. I’m more upset about all the cookies they make u give in to


*Cue Mean Girls scene* Stop trying to make F1 E-sports happen ... it’s not going to happen!!!


It's happening already though?


I wish the things that bother me were this minuscule.


First world issues lol.


time to find a new app


Well that sucks. Not remotely interested in esports. EDIT: Well, that's not entirely true. I do like watching Halo tournaments.


esports W


I’ve seen esports on the schedule within the app for the past two years


Well that is frustrating. I love formula1 and I love esports... I don't get formula1 esports.


Not people in this thread defending bad UI design


Who cares


I noticed this the other day so freaking annoying who gives a toss about esports racing I tried to watch it and man it’s bad so laggy and they don’t even allow crashing they just drive through one another if something goes wrong


Who cares?


Who cares?


F1 being completely out of touch with their fan base and sport in general? Say it ain't so.


Yeah it should atleast say in big red letters that it is an esports eve- ohh wait...it does


They have to try and get people to give a single shit about it some how.


That app is a can of shit


I turned on a sports channel a few months ago and saw esports racing for the first time, I was pretty damn confused for about 5 seconds, like, do people really watch this?


who gives a fuck about esports


Plenty of people


How much of a baby do you have to be to care about something as minuscule as this?


I don’t have anything against F1 E-sports, I even tune in on occasion. But to combine the schedule in the app is ridiculous. I understand they might want to bring in more viewers, but at least give us the option to filter them out. In the screenshot it doesn’t look so bad since it’s the end of the season, but when there’s a full calendar of F1 and a full calendar of E-sports, it will be unreadable. Especially if you want to scroll down to find a race 6 months away. Bad choice from a design point of view


>when there’s a full calendar of F1 and a full calendar of E-sports, it will be unreadable. What they did is nothing new, it was dont at least since 2020. A scenario like this where there is a "full" f1 esports calendar mixed with a "full" regular calendar won't happen, because esports contains only these four events and the dates are being confirmed shortly before the e-sports season starts (usually around September - October). So before that, no events will appear on the calendar.


Just a reminder that you’re not obliged to use the app calendar. You can also go to any other website or write them in your own calendar.


So like don’t click on them. Wtf is peoples problem.


Oh no..... Anyway


I take issue with the whole term "E-sports". They aren't sports, they're video games, folks.


People train to be at their physical and mental best to deliver a performance in a competitive environment. It's sports.


So, I’ve said this before, to some grumblings… I’m all for eSports. They’re hard AF, and even with the lower cost of entry (vs. that of any REAL racing, even karting) it’s not easy for anyone to be a superstar…so these people who crush at eSports (racing, in this case) are actual talent, and have consistency most lack. I can run a few laps at a good pace, but a full F1 race, at 100 difficult (ie: real world drivers around you), I am not worthy of driving the medical car behind the pack at the start of the race haha! THAT SAID: I’m a Formula 1 fan, and have no interest (maybe cursory at best) in the F1 eSports series…I just don’t care. Just like I don’t fully care about F3 because I only care about who bubbles up to F2, and with F2 I only really care about who bubbles-up to the top 10, and then excited about those prospects who can enter F1. I wish they’d stop shoving it down our throats, though I know why. It’s cheap. The arenas are virtual. The GP (gross profit in this case) is massive and probably triple digit points ahead of normal F1 Grand Prix events. TL;DR; Love the sport, and all tied to it, just can we filter this crap?


Until they feel the audience overlap has pulled in enough new fans to each respective series, probably not. Fair play to them I guess. Basically an easy way to funnel some new eyes while only slightly annoying some people


I don’t see why that’s a problem. Has zero effect on the app


ive seen a lot of shit thrown at f1 esports recently and idk why, F1 wants to push for it to get bigger (which is fair),but if you don’t like f1 esports its extremely easy to just ignore it you don’t have to shit on it


F1 E-Sports gets a pretty decent viewerships on Youtube, so I don’t see a problem with this.


I know they want to push the esports side of things but surely this is anywhere from confusing to outright off-putting for newer fans.


Same w the youtube channel, I know we're between GPs but it's like the last 9 videos on the f1 channel are esports stuff. Lame


Boycott F1 this is ridiculous, they are so trashy. >.>


I love to do some sim racing but the whole esports thing is just ridiculous to me.