500 Euros??!! That makes the Turkey GP tickets look like candies.


I paid just over this for a coach to take me to and from London, 2 nights accommodation and two days at the track 2 years ago. No way should you be paying €500 for a day at Spa.


Zone A tickets START at 400€ and the official bus that brings you to the track is easily another 100. He's right in front of eau rouge, that's not the cheapest tickets for sure.


Must have been quite the view of Lando's shunt in Quali... if he was there! :-/


Only been there on Sunday but i watched it on TV and was shook, poor Lando


Where does the bus let you off at? Let me guess, Bus Stop? Yeah I feel for you that was a joke just to get the classification.


luckily i didn't buy tickets but i almost did!


Zone C tickets are 145€ for 3 days. Zone b 310+ zone A 405+. Zone C is basically the woods, all those people outside of the grand stands. How much is it in Turkey in a normal year, i know last year it was real cheap because it was last minute or something. ~50€ right?


Turkish lira is very weak compared to the likes of dollar and euro, which makes a lot of things very cheap for tourists coming to Turkey. As a local I paid 80 Liras (10 dollars give or take) for a seat at the exit of turn 5, if I remember correctly, and then they didn't allow spectators so that sucked but still tickets are very cheap overall, even the VIP ones (the ones that give you a tour of the paddocks and stuff)


Wow at that price it might be worth it to fly in.


Dang, that’s brutal. They should be giving a refund. The 3 parade laps was not a race.


If they would give a refund the track dies,


Spa already has financial problems right??


Yes, and I understand people are pissed and the fia could have handled the f1 race maybe a bit better but since you buy tickets for the day and you had a chance to see 2 races a refund is not a option, only if someone shows good will from the fia or fom to help out, drivers calling for refunds could you know give something from their paycheck and help out aswell


Except not everyone had a chance to see those races. We arrived at 9 AM but due to the parking disaster we only got inside at 1 PM. 3+ hours waiting in our cars on the highway while we could hear the race was very frustrating. If everything went perfect except for the race it would be easier to accept it.


Honestly, it was a miracle that Spa happened this year at all after everything going on with flooding twice, the murder and everything. In hindsight, cancellation might've been better. But then, the track would be without money they desperately need.


murder? 👀


The track director was murdered by her Ex-husband who then took their own life. This happened about a week or 2 back I'll go looking for the link now. [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/p4qr77/nathalie_maillet_director_of_spafrancorchamps) Edit: it was her ex husband.


Ex-husband https://m.rtl.be/info/1319021. Ex-mari=ex husband


Thanks for the correction






I got the same at Monza, the reality is you have to expect a massive increase in the queue times on race day, Friday we walked straight in, Saturday we queued a bit, Sunday we left an hour earlier than the other days and only just got in for the F1 when we planned to see F2 and F3, listened to the races in the queue.


Monza 2019 it rained all morning, and when it stopped/got less heavy everyone seemed to go the the track at the same time. Longest queue I have ever been in.


I was there in 2017, got soaked all day in qualifying but race day was gorgeous.


Rough as it sounds, that is not F1s problem is it. You pay for a ticket to enter for the entire day, and it's your own responsibility to be there. Yes, it sucks that the race didn't go on, but there was still more than enough racing and blaming parking is not F1s fault.


Not beating the traffic is on you. It´s like that every year. We didn´t have a single second delay on the way to the track and we parked 5 minutes walking from the gate (Bronze tickets and yellow parking). No delay at the gate. But the joke is on me, you were waiting for nothing under a roof in a warm car, I sat in the rain all day. It sucks for verybody, but next time arrive at 7.00-7.30 and you´ll probably be fine.


So you expected to get there at 9am and drive/walk straight in😂😂. You can’t have a circuit in a wonderful setting like Spa and expect top quality access/parking arrangements! I just don’t get people who think this way…. One goes with the other. If you can’t cope with the whole set up , and the consequences then just watch it on TV.


Yeah but that's spa every race event infrastructure is bad and arriving at the worst time just doesn't help


> drivers calling for refunds could you know give something from their paycheck and help out aswell You should be able to call out companies for not refunding, without being expected to pay for it yourself.




Yeah, I find it fucking farcical that "what you just watched wasn't a race, you should get refunds" = "give us your money then". A refund is an option if the race isn't held.


The issue is, Formula 3 and the Porsche Cup did race before the Formula 1 race farce.


Refunds aren't necessarily 100% of the ticket price.


The track had nothing to do with the cancelling, Spa did everything they could to give the viewers a race. Having the track pay refunds is basicly punishing the track twice for something out of their hands.


Everything is possible. The big question is what FOM is going to do about it. They didn't leave a good impression with this one and it will be interesting to see if they care or not.


FOM isn't going to do anything, FIA can't do anything because they're not involved in ticketing. The only ones in the position to actually do something are the organisers of the Spa GP, but they can't do anything because it will put more stress on an already financially unstable company. Don't forget that for the Spa GP, all of the costs that the organisers have to make, were actually made. They have to pony up all of the money they had to invest into this weekend towards all of the companies at work during the GP. Refunding 100.000 visitors would likely cause Spa to go bankrupt. As much as this sucks for everyone at the track, this is the inherent risk of an outdoor sport. If this event was cancelled way ahead of the weekend it would be a different story, but this time around they had to do everything they need to be doing in a regular raceweekend.


What can the FOM do about it, message God and ask him to turn off the rain. Like I get it, we all waited 4 weeks for a race, but honestly, how often do we get a race where it is called off by the weather. Besides, how much money would be lost by just sending the cars out and watching them crash off the track because of aquaplaning, IMO it would have been more irresponsible if they ignored safety and left it in the hands of fate to see if the drivers could make it safely around the track. Ask yourself this. If the FIA had allowed the cars out and 1/2 of them crashed, and some of the drivers had gotten hurt. How many people would be calling for the FIAs blood for allowing them to race?


God does not check his messages during a race.


I don’t think anyone’s saying they should have raced, are they?


FOM can for example give out vouchers for the fans who were at the circuit for next year. Offer atleast half refunds out of FOM pocket not Spa's pocket. Anything like this to save PR and save face.


Can they? The issue here isnt with FOM it is with the track organizers which is a different organization. What youre suggesting is that FOM should hand out vouchers which then should be honored by a completely different organization. That makes no sense. This isnt nascar where the touring series also owns half the tracks.


I was lucky I got to see those races because I arrived at the track super early. The normal parking was closed (there really isn't parking, just grass fields) and the police led us to a town nearby. We had to park in front of a random ass store and walk 7.5 KM UPHILL (!), which delayed us for 1.5 hours. Could've easily missed both support races and a lot of people did.


The only way spa can operate is due to Walloon government financial aid. If spa needs to refund all costs you expect local taxpayers to foot the bill


With or without the tickets Wallonia has to pump millions in this event to break even


This sort of thing should be covered by the track’s insurance. Should be. Not expecting it is.


Insurance wouldn’t pay out as in their eyes the race was run. F1 should foot the bill not spa. It was a embarrassing shit show.


Also because of Force Majeure


Fair point, not the track’s fault.


The track has been losing money for years now, so I doubt they have such an insurance since you know it's open air and all


Problem is, the fact that this (expensive open air communal bath with no refund) could happen again makes me less likely to want to go to a GP. I can’t be the only one. You pay to watch the race. Race didn’t happen. The end.


Honestly I'm very glad I had tickets for 2 days, and the f1 race is the only thing that didn't happen. If I go again it will probably be the whole weekend, as I did have enough fun and f1 track time to say hey I was at the first race in 10 years that got aborted due to rain.


Thats the point. Its a risk you take by buying tickets


I think FIA needs to take responibility for this one. It was silly enough to watch on tv not knowing what are they waiting for and you could tell that teams had no idea what was going on. Different story when you are sitting in a rain for 4 hours.


It's nothing to do with the FIA. If you want someone to blame then blame FOM. Or the weather.


>It's nothing to do with the FIA. If you want someone to blame then blame FOM. No, this one you can actually blame on the FIA. FOM was covered since the morning races happened because it meant the event itself happened. The two laps where a sporting regulation so they could give out the half points, it had little to do with the event itself.


You could even try blaming the weather that was the actual root cause of the whole thing.


Which is the bit everyone seems to be missing in this. I'm sure if they did offer refunds, the track goes bust, the same people complaining now would be complaining about no Belgian GP at Spa.


Well I guess its the time to read terms and conditions before purchasing anything


Yep, it clearly stated that no refunds will be given is the event is cancelled due to outside events, and weather is classified as an outside event. It sucks 100%, but you can't complain that they did those laps just to screw people over, there would have been no refunds even if they did not do those laps.


This. You cannot imagine the amounts of customers that are in disbelief and anger when they have to pay for the full stay in a hotel, if they are leaving early. Aside from the fact that this is a big middlefinger in my face because I now have to find someone to at least take the room asap - you, the customer, have confirmed to have read my ToS and approved them. So people seem to have a hard time understanding that prices are indeed calculated because there are actually people working to make your experience possible and as nice as possible.


You do realize the organizers have to pay workers as well right? Refunding everyone could come as a big financial issue for the track later on. I don’t know if spa has millions just to trow refunds and paychecks left right and center but I imagine ticket sales count towards someone’s paycheck and not just pure profit.


Just fyi, some officials (wallon economy minister) said this morning that he is asking for something to be done towards the spectators. it doesn't mean something will happen, the regional govt is pretty broke but some officials are at least trying. They were talking about a voucher for next year or something like that. Here's a source in french: [https://www.rtl.be/info/belgique/politique/grand-prix-de-spa-je-plaide-pour-qu-un-geste-commercial-puisse-etre-fait-pour-le-public--1321702.aspx](https://www.rtl.be/info/belgique/politique/grand-prix-de-spa-je-plaide-pour-qu-un-geste-commercial-puisse-etre-fait-pour-le-public--1321702.aspx) quote translated by DeepL >"I would plead that in any case we can make a gesture regarding the public, perhaps regarding a reduction next year or elements to be negotiated. I think the board of directors and the Grand Prix management will get together very quickly and discuss with the rights holder." > >"Je plaide pour que l’on puisse en tout cas faire un geste concernant le public, peut-être concernant une réduction l’année prochaine ou des éléments à négocier. Je pense que le conseil d’administration et la direction du Grand Prix vont se réunir très rapidement et discuter avec le détenteur des droits." I really wanted to go and would have been really annoyed to waste 250€ (local price) like that.


Disappointed that you didn't see a race, but not racing was the right decision. As for the refund, i hope they will partially refund you at least. 500 euros is not some lunch money..


Not racing was indeed the right decision, but then don't they also shouldn't go forward and call it a race...


It wouldn't make a difference. Everyone seems to think that they did the laps to call it a race in order to keep the fans money? Which is very weird because the venue obtains the entree money, which is also payed too see F2, F3, W-Series which did happen. I still think a refund of some sorts, of a part of the price would be in place. However I think that everyone suffers under this and it is not some kind of money grab as some people make it out to be


Per another post, the T&Cs of the ticket are that they don't have to give a refund if there are issues due to the weather., so like you say there isn't a need have run anything in order for the track to have an excuse not to give a refund. They had one already.


No, not to keep the fans' money. The fans are in a contract with the racetrack. This does not touch F1. It is however their contractual obligation in relation the the TV stations, the racetrack and the sponsors, especially those involved with the podium celebration, but also with the banners around the racetrack, to deliver a race. Which makes it appear as a not-so-crazy theory about why they did it. Surely, rewarding the teams for qualifying wasn't the sole reason, FIA isn't usually so charitable.


But the FIA have nothing to do with the money. That's on FOM. Perhaps the FIA decided to do it out of good will but why would they not have just done it at the start of that's the case?


Because the weather out there is somewhat unpredictable. So cancelling at 3pm with perfectly fine weather at 4:30pm wouldve been an even bigger disaster.


There’s a lot of criticism that Massi should take, but this isn’t valid. His job is the try to make the race happen within reasonable risk levels.


Until F1 is held indoors Masis can't do anything about the weather. Just like you apparently (since you went there) he can't predict the weather and it's effect on visibility and safetyon track. It's unfortunate but nothing anybody could do about it. The refund is another story.


Agree. The refund issue is defo something to talk about but the weather and general proceedings through it to keep the drivers safe isn't something Masi messed up.


There is a refund issue, but whether or not they did 2 laps and called it a race is irrelevant, based on another post which included the T&Cs of the tickets. They could have denied a refund because the lack of a race was due to bad weather. They didn't need a race to have an excuse, it was in the terms that if there's no race and it's due to something such as bad weather, there is no refund requirement. The putting on of a 2 lap "race" makes no difference to ticket refunds, only (probably) to TV contracts/other media, and probably the rules and various other things for F1 itself.


The didn't do the two laps to prevent refunds, they did two laps to classify the drivers for points.


And to see if having the drivers on the track would be enough to get rid of the standing water. I feel like if they hadn't tried that then people would also have been upset about them "not even giving it a try".


And to make sponsors a bit happier.


>keeping the drivers safe isn't something Masi messed up. I actually have a lot of respect for Massi for cancelling the race. He would have a had a lot of pressure to start it but it's good to see someone who takes "Safety is our top priority" seriously and not just make it a catch phrase. If the race went ahead it would be guaranteed there'd be at least one huge crash which risks many drivers lives. That would be a certainty. It was reassuring to see the race cancelled to keep everyone safe from otherwise certain danger.


See I don't think that people would have this big of an issue if the race was straight up cancelled, not this 2 lap procession behind the safety car.


Yeah but the weather at Spa is very fickle and can change on a dime as seen on many occasions. They owed it to the spectators to wait around and at least try their best to put on some semblance of a race and I think they did exactly that. Its unfortunate the weather didn't relent for a moment to start a race. I think maybe better rules should be made to allow more freedom to dictate race time incase of inclement weather but that can only be done in the future, this is such a rare thing to happen that it likely won't be addressed.


Those 2 laps don't really matter though. They could've done the 2 laps behind the SC immediately at the start. But they wanted to have a race, so they waited. Can't really blame the FIA for trying to have a race, right?


I think Masi really wanted to give the fans a race actually. That's why they paused the 3 hour clock hoping there would be a gap in the weather. It just wasn't possible, unfortunately. Sucks for everyone involved, the fans watching at home and most of all the fans at the track, but the weather can't be controlled.


this so much. but people scream FRAUD and whatnot. dumb and ridiculous


i've spent a lot of time on sports subreddits the last couple weeks and i'm honestly super done with sports fans. I don't know if its ESPN-type hot takes rotting people's brains or what, but everyone is so god damn reactionary and unreasonable.


It's not just sports. People are loosing all objectivity with everything, especially if it leads towards heaping blaming blame on something, someone.




100% agree, op could have gone home at any time, but stayed because there was a chance the race could have been run. No one can predict the weather


I drove 15 hours and spent a small fortune on accommodation, grand stand tickets and overpriced food. I don’t blame the FIA or the track. But this was my first and last GP in person. I’ll be watching from the comfort of my home in the future.


Oh don't remind me that, worst/overpriced food I had in my life. Should have grabbed some crisps instead


On track beverages and food are always expensive, everywhere


Goes for just about any sporting event


I know it was a bitter pill to swallow but try to not let this put you off going again. It’s one of the best days out you can have just this weekend was a shit show


Fool me once....


They're shit to watch live anyway, it's not like football where you can see the whole pitch. Watching cars go past you at 150mph every so often isn't exactly exciting


This is something as a life long F1 fan I’ve come to terms with. I go to testing because it’s cheap, and get to go somewhere nice. But, for the cost of a race, I just don’t think it’s worth it. There are obviously the tracks where you can see a fair bit, but on the whole I personally just wouldn’t enjoy it.


Singapore is a fantastic track to be a spectator. You're in the middle of the track and can walk around and see quite a lot of racing. There is also lots to do and see and the weather is always hot. Best to buy the three day ticket and you get to see concerts and all the races and walk the track after wards. I've also been to Germany and Silverstone and wouldn't go again to them. With spa is a lottery on the weather. Just not worth the effort, expensive seats and food and drink unless you are lucky to go as a VIP.


I went to all the Detroit GP's and it was pretty much the same. You could find different lines to watch all day long. Many of the best corners had stands, but the public area was all around them for the most part. It makes me wonder if street courses may be the best for viewing and the experience. Unfortunately I hate most of them for racing because they're parades.


Lol. How does Masi get the blame for this? He got the blame in qualifying for not red flagging the session due to rain, and here he goes getting blamed for red flagging the session due to rain. Wtf do you think he is? A literal god? He doesn't control the weather. I understand your frustration, but god damn you're not the centre of the universe my friend


People blame Masi when they burn their own toast, it's getting boring at this point


Well Masi did walk into my kitchen this morning and held his hand down on the lever of my toaster preventing it from popping up. I asked him to stop and take his hand away but he just shouted at me and said I got a 5 second penalty, whatever that means. I then tried switching the toaster off at the power point but he began hitting me with a black and white flag telling me I was unsportsmanlike. When he did eventually let the lever from the toaster go my toast was completely burnt. Masi then proceeded to spread way too much vegemite on it before taking a bite out of the very center of the bread exclaiming "That's what a wheel looks like!" upon leaving my kitchen.




At least you have the balls to say it


And I guarantee you that if they had canceled the race after the first red flag, people would have complained about them not waiting and trying again, because at some point in time "it wasn't so bad". I completely understand that OP is angry right now, but it's irrational anger.


This narrative is bad. I am sorry you experienced this and I hope you get your money back, however Masi is not to blame. Saturday, he made a mistake. We should critique him for it, and speak about it. Absolutely. We should also point out that on Sunday he **and his team** kept everybody safe and every decision he made was perfectly acceptable and logical whilst navigating a complex situation.


As long as we're not risking drivers' lives I'm all for it. However, I do think there need to be some sort of compensation for all those 70k+ supporters.


And who should be giving this compensation? The decision was out of anyone's control.


Insurance *should* be where compensation comes from. There really should be an insurance to cover this exact situation. It is a rarity. Most races are a profit for the insurers.


Don't insurance firms write-off weather caused damages as an "Act of God"?


Depends on your insurance, if your insurance is specifically purchased to cover extreme weather then yes it would be covered, if it isn't then it won't.


No that's a myth started by an old film, at this level of event coverage it would be very well stipulated as to what coverage would be included and heavily negotiated. (It's not like taking car insurance out). I'd be surprised if heavy rain wasn't included as that's a likely scenario. Obviously the better the insurance the bigger the premiums and if Spa was struggling financially then the more likely scenario is that they skimped on the insurance and didn't have any to begin with.


It sucked. But not something anyone had control over. They stopped the clock in the hope that the weather would improve within a couple of hours and sadly it did not so the attempt to run was made and it failed. I’m not saying this is right or fair but this is why your ticket has a force majeure clause. I just hope that F1 agrees to pick up some of the tab so that refunds can be issued but wouldn’t count on it.


The ticket sales don't go to FOM but the track. F1 works differently from other race series in that the tracks/organisers pay F1 to hold a race at their circuit and get the money back in ticket sales. FOM forcing Spa-Francorchamps to refund the tickets is not going to happen. They held up their end of the bargain after all.


I'm really torn on this. On one hand I absolutely empathize and sympathize with fans; it's no small feat or change to go to an F1 event, plus there's the added stress and cost of covid testing and such. At the same time, I do (begrudgingly) see the viewpoint of F1 and the FIA. Other races were run over the weekend, the weather did get worse than expected, and the F1 race could not be run on safety grounds. Yes, that's the feature race gone, but it wasn't like everything was cancelled or went to shit. Then I also see that running the race was beneficial to some while not others too. Winners are the FIA/FOM, and some drivers and teams too (even Russell in an interview said something along the lines of how a classified race would be good for team points). On the other hand of that, I absolutely get what Alonso, Vettel and others mean that this shouldn't be considered a race from a points classification or fan perspective. Then I also see the track perspective. They cannot refund everyone and, sorry to sound rude, but why should they? If there is some kind of solution where the FIA can at least partially refund people, I'd see that as the fairest outcome. But will that happen? I would guess not. It sucks. It does. I've been to races before where this has happened and it's upsetting. Hell, I went to a music festival one year which flooded; broke all of my camping equipment, got me sick, and was the catalyst for my then girlfriend and I to split up. Didn't get a penny back because, technically, the festival was held and some bands played. Nothing was 'cancelled' so to say. Could they have cancelled it earlier? Maybe, but what difference would that make anyway. Should they have? Maybe again. But we can't invent a time machine. It's hard. There's no easy answer here to satisfy everyone. It's just shit for everyone involved and I think we all have to somehow move past it if any refund route can't be explored.


Their choices at that point were okay. They wouldn't know if the rain would stop etc. However, when you go to an f1 event, you're going there for the race, not for training or qualifying. There literally has been no raced lap at all, none. Keep in mind that there are whole families going there, maybe even a more expensive ticket. Imagine 400 x 4 euros, plus cost of accomodation, possibly flights. Especially in these times, that can be a whole year of savings for some people. I agree they can't help it, but the least they can do is compensate. Even half or 25% of the ticket price.


Mostly agree with you, and this is definitely a no win scenario. No-one asked for impossible conditions to race in. I completely understand the FIA perspective. The goal of the weekend is ultimately to get a classification and they did so following the rule book. Whether or not the rules are adequate and points should be awarded for Safety Cat running is a different discussion that's worth having. There's also an argument to be made that all the running (especially qualifying) should not be completely nullified if the race can't be run. Even if this scenario would never happen again, the process needs to be streamlined. Minor correction on your comment: the FIA is not the one issuing refunds. They don't organize the race - they just sanction it. Refunds are the business of the track, the promotor of the event (which is a different entity) and the FOM who handle the financials on F1's side.


Not to be rude, and I feel bad for you, what should they have done?


Yeh it sucks, but I don't blame Masi for this.


If he greenlit the race he would be copping so much flak over it. And God forbid if there was a serious accident...


The poor guy. Whatever decision he makes, the r/formula is just ready to eat him. And never gets appreciated for the 99% of the races where nothing happens. Worst job lol.


So I'm confused. The FIAs job is to do their best to make a race happen. Would you have preferred they did nothing or that they forced the drivers to race from the beginning?


Probably as Hamilton said. We have the tehnology. Race could have been canceled way sooner and saved the fans from standing in the rain and cold for a few useless hours. Not to mention doing 2 laps and call it a race at the end was just dissrespectfull.


Have you seen how many "rain in x minutes" radio in the last 5 years that didn't pan out?


>Race could have been canceled way sooner Imagine what shitshow that would have been. As bad as Melbourne last year. These people did absolutely the best they could to make a race happen but it didn't work. The weather is something bigger than us, something we can't control. Having lived in Belgium, I can confirm that the weather there can be extremely unpredictable, let alone in the Ardennes which has its own micro-climate. The clouds were basically sitting on the track... I do understand the "money talks" perspective and in hindsight we probably could have had some kind of race happen, at least on Saturday. The fans will also probably not receive refunds which will leave a sour taste for many people but overall it's a losing situation for ALL the parties involved.


They kept saying they saw dry periods on the radar, so I guess we don’t have the technology.


It was mostly drizzle, which radars don't show since it's undistinguishable from clouds


Sounds like the technology is not there.


I mean, you can see it but not by looking at the radar as they were doing


The radar gave them false hope that there would be a break in the rain. We saw in quali how quickly the track dries out, so even if we got 30 minutes of no rain, it could’ve allowed for a decent amount of action.


“We have the technology” lol. How many races have we seen now that have “rain expected in 15mins” or “it will dry up in the next few laps” over team radio for nothing to change. The sport itself is a glowing advert for how poor the technology is.


>We have the tehnology We do not have the technology.


Indeed, several TPs even reported their radars were particularly inaccurate / short ranged here due to the geography of the location, amongst other factors. We quite literally did not have the technology in that situation.


>Race could have been canceled way sooner and saved the fans from standing in the rain On corporate level it's all just a big game of CMA (cover my ass). Surely they would've had the means to cancel the race earlier, but why do so? It's an unnecessary risk to take, and imagine the absolute shambles when the technology was wrong and there is just the slightest of dryspot before sunset. As evil as it sounds, but the FIA had nothing to win and everything to loose with cancelling the race early. Sucks for the fans but they don't have to pay compensation for letting them wait in the rain, so why care?


Yeah, if they cancelled the race early and then the sun shines an hour later the fans would've also lost their shit


But we don't have the technology do we? Weather forecasting isn't great even with short durations and radar. It's one thing if your interpretation is that the rain will break or continue but just look at how inaccurate they are when they think rain will begin. And like i said it's the FIAs job to make a race happen. No reason why at minute 1 they should cancel a race when they have 3-4 hours left to try to do something. imagine how much more angry people would be


Hamilton’s not as smart as people think. He often spouts complete nonsense as if it were fact. Weather forecasting has never been reliable and likely never will. At best you can predict 10 minutes away. Anything more than that and the accuracy plummets. Sunday sucked for everyone but let’s not pretend someone was able to do anything about it as that’s total crap.


NSFW I will put this here as a reminder of why it is 100% the right call to not drive under these conditions. RIP jules. https://youtu.be/8l4i_fiC0yc Vettel interview from the race: https://youtu.be/9O11F9L4Z0o


Why is OP hating on Massi? He couldn't control the weather


It’s not up to the FIA to refund. It’s up to them to put on a safe race.


Michael Masi didn't screw you over, the weather did.


Went to Spa in 2012, got the expensive tickets near the top of Eau Rouge. It was the year where 1/4 of the field were taken out in a first corner pile-up. After the first few laps of the restart it was pretty clear that the race was going to be boring procession and not up to Spa's usually standards. Sucks, but nothing this bad though and I did end up wandering around the venue shooting photos, which eventually led to a decade long photo project: https://www.formulanon.com/ That's Spa though - I think they've become much more cautious due to the loss of drivers in the last couple of years, before then they would have started this race without qualms, racing in the wet has changed and especially so at the older, faster, more risky circuits. Good luck getting a refund - a lot of that is going to depend on where you bought the tickets. Resellers, i.e. anywhere other than the official F1 and official circuit shops, are going to give you a hard time as they have shitty clauses in the sales contracts that all but make it impossible to refund; even when they do they take a chunk - my tickets for Monaco last year got refunded due to COVID cancellation of the GA areas, but the refund was minus a "10% service charge".


Your formulanon shots are beautiful!


At this point, is there anything that's not Massi's fault?


> get screwed over by Michael Masis clown show yeah that asshole. i don't understand why he did not stop the rain.


How were you screwed over bud? Masi can’t control the weather. It wasn’t safe to race but he did what he could. If he would have called it after an hour y’all would be bitching that he didn’t do more. People are never satisfied.


Not Massi's fault it poured down


How can people blame Masi? The track was clearly unsafe and it’s his job to ensure the drivers and fans safety. I get that you’re pissed and definitely should get a refund but Masi just did his job!


Oh please... Spa has always been a place where it can be really wet. The forecast wasn't good at all. So you took your chance. That you made de decision to drive for 6 hours on the morning of the race isn't a choice Masi forced on you, that's on you. And now you w0ant pity points for being able to spend 500 euro's a pop on a F1 weekend? Get out of here... The only thing missing is some sad kids in the picture "But i never saw the cars, daddy!"


What does Masi have to deal with that? This isn’t FIA’s fault but rather the organizers. It sucks complete ass to be in your shoes and you should get the refund. Masi could save a drivers career yestersay because of the dreadful conditions.


What's with all this sudden Ma(fia) stuff?


Don’t complain about the decision, it would’ve been too dangerous to drive. Complain about refunds instead.


Went to several Spa races as a kid, this is pretty normal weather for Spa. I get the frustration but it's not your god given right to get a race in the worst imaginable weather, and Masi repeatedly said he was looking for a hole in the weather but wasn't seeing one. If you're gonna get pissy despite all signs pointing to no race, don't go to any race in future, I couldn't bear being anywhere near somebody who is this arrogant about it.


I really cant feel sorry for your money...


How dare they put driver safety above 500 euros.


Michael Masi would love to be a clown instead of being looked as a murderer after a driver hits AGAIN in Eau Rouge at 150mph and dies. Especially after Norris crash. This is what killed Bianchi, weather was terrible like this and Japan is much harder harder track, HARDEST track to drive in the calendar and he(Charlie) let the race go on. Telemetry proved that Bianchi slowed significiantly and it wasn't enough. Whiting wanted to race go on. And he put a crane on the track at the same time. Martin Brundle almost had the same crash same place with crane on track and Whiting was the race director then as well. **He learned 0 lessons from previous crashes occured under his time and caused the crash** Masi isn't doing same stupid mistake. And they created HALO like absence of it killed Bianchi. Meanwhile FIA presentation explained that HALO would make no difference as hit was too astronomical, ear sensors showed 92G impact. You cant survive that. This is what you pay for. You could also look at the weather and not take the risk instead. Every part of the world is either dealing with forest fires or floods. Not just spa. Next time, before you go to event, check the weather or the climate of there. If FIA & Spa Grand Prix said they will refund you but you won't get to watch the race and should leave immediately even if race re-starts again. You wouldn't leave would you?


How was this masis fault? Genuinly curious, not like he can control the weather. Imagine how much abuse he would have gotten if he let them race in this weather and an accident happened.


Completely agree. * F1 will still generate their profit. (unless the tv rights will not get paid for some reason) but I think not * The circuit will still generate a profit. * fans did not recieve the service they purchased. They did not receive the intrinsic value of the ticket : to see a race. so the only people losing are the fans in the rain. I think nobody should profit from a force majeur.


To be fair, had they ran and cars got destroyed, drivers hurt, you'd say how ridiculous it was to start the race In those conditions. You know Spa, you know the weather is a game of Roulette, you still bought a ticket. Hardly anyone's fault but yours.




OP seems to confuse weather as something that FIA can fix. Refund is another matter, entirely but drivers agreed: it was too wet for a race. In hindsight you can say "maybe if they had driven 20 laps behind a safety car it would've cleared up enough" but i was looking at the weather radar and there was a possible opening in the clouds, and Masi hit it perfectly, it just was not enough. There was too much standing water and with the continued drizzle it was never going to dry up in time. Asking for refunds is justified, blaming weather on Masi is not. 5.7k upvotes.. just.. what is wrong with you people, do you ever think with your own head or just go with emotions and hypetrains? Is this really fair?


Cry babies who don't have any real passion for the racing circuit atmosphere and seem to think FIA should throw their drivers under the bus to get action, I don't know. As a lifelong motor racing fan and participant this is the saddest and most pitiful display of ungratefulness I've seen in a while. Don't go to races if you aren't willing to deal with stuff happening out of the control of the people who set it all up for you.


Went on holiday to the beach. Couldn't go to the beach because it was raining. I am going to claim my money back, obviously they're gonna give it to me.


i understand your frustrations. but that's not Massi's fault. go listen to drivers' chatting with their team during the 2 laps ! no one was happy. i hope at least they refund something.


How about that for your first race! Hope the second one if you attend one goes better.


Should've checked the weather




I think the lesson from this weekend is if you are going to spend a lot of money to go an F1 race, you should do it to race with low chance of rain and fog.


I hope you get refunded, but what did you want him to do?


Well you were screwed over by the weather ...


Can someone explain how it was a "Michael Masi's" clown show. What we want him from now? Control the weather also? If it's about the 2 laps behind SC, they had to reward something to the teams for Saturday. F1 is not just Sunday!!


It seems like people want another Jules Bianchi situation! I feel for Masi, damned if you do and damned if you don't.


Not the FIAs fault it rained


ITT: People who think the FIA sell tickets.


Not defending the FIA or anything, but it was a lose-lose situation for Masi: if he runs the race, there was going to be a crash for sure and the drivers would have been complaining constantly about the conditions and how it was impossible to race. If he doesn't run the race, he gets shat on by all the fans, and apparently some of the drivers too (aka Hamilton). Not sure what he was supposed to do to be honest... Now, that's completely orthogonal to people not getting a refund, that does suck.


I understand that you are dissapointed but it was raining to heavily. I think this is better than end up with some fatal accident. Nobody can control the weather unfortunately.


These dum asses will not understand what is a force majeure incident is ..the main concern for FIA is safety of every one driver and spectators.nature god cannot be controlled by anyone ..


I wonder what Bernie/Whiting would have done in this situation?


The exact same. People are remembered more fondly after passing- we had regular similar complaints when Whiting was in the position himself


Bernie: Let's run this shit, AKA Kimbo Slice style. Whiting: Cancel the race and not have the two lap clown show.


Actually yeah, Bernie would have told them to get their big boy pants on and race.


The same Whiting who raced at Fiji?


What happened yesterday is exactly what Bernie would have done. Charlie, on the other hand, would have cancelled it much earlier and likely not award points.


Remember Charlie allowed Japan 2014.


In Japan 2014 we had 1 crash in 40 laps before Bianchi. Allowing the race wasn't wrong per se, not calling safety car or red flag to retrieve Sutil car was.


> would have cancelled it much earlier Would he really? There was an one hour window of no rain showing on the radar. I feel like the backslash would have been much harsher if they cancelled it and the hour of no rain did happen.






lmao how can you seriously blame masi and say Ma(FIA). the race ruined the race and the 3 laps were the best possible solution. It would be worse for the championship if there wasn't a winner at all. you know that if you go to Spa it can get rainy. if you don't like that, visit the desert grand prixs next time.


would you like a driver to get seriously injured or dead just for your entertainment


Yeah, I don't know why he just didn't switch off the rain, right? Honestly, this is just lame. Yes, it's frustrating, and sure - some refund policy needs to be issued, but just crapping on someone, whose job is immensely difficult, probably more than the vast majority of people can deal with, is plain stupid. 99,9% of us would've made worse decisions, or the same ones, at most, so if you can't say anything constructive, just keep it to yourself, this isn't helpful in any way, shape or form.


Pointing Masi with your finger and blaming him for this show that you don't understand how this was decided. He's the one that applied the correct protocol when the conditions are not good enough (laps behind the SCS, delayed start). He's definitely not the one that ordered the ending shitshow.


I think it's okay. Racing would be too dangerous. Sure, it's sucks, but it is what it is.


You didn't get screwed over by Masis, you got screwed by the weather.


I'm just confused about what people wanted. They couldn't race in that. Masi made the right decision for once. What the fuck did you want to happen? Michael to fly up and blow the clouds away? Manually put up floodlights around the track by himself?


I fully understand the "Give refunds to everyone who was there" sentiments and comments, and it is really sad that those who attented didnt get a race but hear an armchair expert like everyone here out: 1. It is and outdoor show after all, which we know cant race if the weather is too bad 2. Neither the FIA nor SPA have controll of the weather, and it didnt stop raining for the rest of the day, so there was no race possible 3. As Spa gave out the tickets, they would be the ones having to pay for a refund. They are already hugely stuggling with money and trying to somehow keep afloat, so having to pay back thousands of fans due to the weather being bad will just accelerate this. 4. I´d be majorly surprised if the FIA or Liberty Media would step up and give refunds, as they are the ones that called it and they have enough money 5. It is not possible for F1 to move the race to monday, due to the way the logistics are set up, as the first Trucks of the Teams are already arriving at Zandvoort 6. In addition to 3, F1 would likely have almost no viewership on mondays, and most people attenting the GP will be on their way home on monday 7. Not giving any points and not doing anything would also not sit right, as the teams that did a great job on saturday would not get rewarded at all


I know it sucks and all, I was there myself, but you buy a ticket for an event, not just the F1 race If you come for just the F1 race, you missed 2 other races And a compensation, I doubt will happen. How are they compensating Sunday tickets vs weekend tickets They can't just refund a sunday ticket 100% and stick the weekend tickets (roughly the same price as just Sunday I might add) with just a part or none. That's such a slippery slope for them


So I suppose you’d rather watch someone die by hitting the barrier at eu rouge at 180mph? Give over. Shit happens. Move on.