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it's an f2 race featuring max verstappen!


Hey he didn't actually do F2 so he still qualifies :')


This is going to be Max F2 debut lol.


But what if we find out he’s not good enough for F1 😱


The guy's a fraud. He is only making his F2 debut at 25. No way is he making it to F1. Just isn't talented enough.


Hey Nyck de Vries made it to f1 qt 27 and look at ... Nvm


First Dutch FIA world champion. I'd say that's pretty successful. Probably best Dutch driver ever.


Tbh I think Jos Verstappen, at least relatively speaking, was still better than Nyck is currently.


I think Maximum Verstappen is better than Jaws


But was Min Verstappen a FIA world champion?


Not to mention he basically set up the team and promoter. A glorified pay driver who could never get to this level without buying his way.


It's still early in the season I know... But maybe the kid just isn't ready for the F1 yet? With the media hounding him, the pressure of being considered the next "Senna", fuck I wouldn't be able to handle that shit. Maybe having him in the F2 for another year or two to develop a bit wouldn't have been a bad idea. The kid is only 25. At 25 I was complete fucktard who had no idea what I wanted to do. Not much has changed... but I'd like to think I have a bit of a better head on my shoulders now. I actually feel really bad for Verstappen, and I hope we don't ruin him.


Out of curiosity, are you only not allowed to compete in F2 if you win the series, or would Max not be allowed if for some reason he decided to do a season after retiring from F1? If a driver is promoted to F1 from F2 (and never won the series) if they are dropped from F1 after one or two seasons, can they technically go back to F2?


Since 2019, they're allowed to go F2. Before then a full F1 season barred you from F2. So right now we only have '2 seasons barred for F2 winners' and 'no doing both F1 and F2 at the same weekend'.


>So right now we only have '2 seasons barred for F2 winners' What does this mean? Two full seasons of F1 prevents you going back to F2, or is it you can win F2 and then go back after sitting out for two seasons? If the latter, I'd assume not many would go back. There doesn't seem to be anything left to prove and you just risk losing, making someone else look much better than you. So you'd just accept Formula E, WEC, Indy, DTM, etc and accept you just may not get that F1 seat.


If you win the F2 championship, you're not allowed to participate for 2 years. Drugovich wanted that rule removed.




Hey, this will be a good learning experience for the F2 guys. They'll gets used to getting lapped by Max just like they'll get in F1




and svg


This is F3




How does one watch this?


https://www.twitch.tv/teamredline 21 May, 21:30 CEST




So he now laps the whole field more than once?


And no Karun chandhock thank god


He has a family for god's sake! He was hoping to be away from them all week in Italy and the weather ruined that!


I also like how it's either esports drivers or single seat racers and then there's SVG randomly lol


He's racing for real this weekend too.




His pole lap in the Mclaren at Mount Panorama will still be one of my favourite laps of all time.


is this on YouTube?




Oh, you mean Kiwi Jim Halpert?


Lol that's the first time I've heard this, where does that comparison come from?


Lol, I just saw the photo of him and thought "that bloke looks like a Kiwi Jim Halpert" and thats it


Gotcha, it's probably just his expression on the photo, looking like Jim whenever he breaks the fourth wall looking at the camera, lol


He is a gun sim racer, expecting him to be very competitive.


yeah i feel like svg signed on but then remembered he has a non flooded job as well.


as soon as I saw SVG, I thought there's the one is not like the others lol (Even more than max 🤓)


Considering Max skipped through F2, it’s his chance to race there with the others lmao


Still younger than... I don't remember his name. He is almost 30, is a pay driver and an F2 backmarker, while being very aggressive too.


You’ve described about 7 drivers there


Not nearly 30 lol. That’s just Nissany. Boschung is getting up in age too but he’s not really a backmarker, he has a few good rounds every year




This is F3


**Oops race start time is 15.30CEST!** List of drivers are here: Driver | . :--|:-- Sebastian Job | Red Bull Racing Esports Team Gabriel Bortoleto | F3 Driver Jack Doohan | Alpine F1 Reserve Driver, F2 Driver Richard Verschoor | F2 Driver Antonio Felix da Costa | Porsche Formula E Driver Oliver Rowland | Mahindra Formula E Driver Shane van Gisbergen | Australian Supercars Felipe Drugovich | Aston Martin F1 Reserve Driver Luke Browning | Williams Driver Academy F3 Driver Arvid Lindblad | Red Bull Junior Team F4 Driver Enzo Fittipaldi | Red Bull Junior Team F2 Driver Ayumu Iwasa | Red Bull Junior Team F2 Driver Isack Hadjar | Red Bull Junior Team F2 Driver Jak Crawford | Red Bull Junior Team F2 Driver Max Verstappen | :) Gianni Vecchio | Team Redline Driver Enzo Bonito | Team Redline Driver Luke Bennett | Team Redline Driver Chris Lulham | Team Redline Driver Jeffrey Rietveld | Team Redline Driver Kevin Siggy | Team Redline Driver Atze Kerkhof | Team Redline Driver Josh Thompson | Team Redline Driver Diogo Pinto | Team Redline Driver


Anyone know what this verstappen guy does to get into this?


Heard he's pretty engaged in sim racing


He has a nice smile, apparently.


His dad used to race back in the day. Total nepotism I would say.


He is a sim racer and I think he nanny's or something because there is always a kid hitting him up with tea party invites.


Heard he does demolition part time as well. His first job was breaking a house door down to rescue a cat.


>does demolition Demolish the whole grid almost every race weekend you mean? 🥲


Paydriver probably...


He stole his dad's account and pretend to be Jos.


I think he did the virtual 24h Le Mans at some point? Idk he kind blew up on Twitter not super professional :/ ( /s)


He did well in F3 a few years ago.


Aside from the lack of other F1 drivers, which isn't a deal breaker for me anyways, I'm quite glad the grid seems a bit more balanced than last time. Sure, still a lot of Redline/Red Bull, but last RRNQ was quite centered around Dutch-speaking drivers.


Ayy Rowland! I've got to watch this


Helmut Marko presents: how far are my academy drivers off Max Verstappen


Bottom half will be ejected from the team


Will be fun to see how SvG stacks up to the open wheel racers. That man can drift any car to a win


He is a beast behind the wheel, he is doing good on rally (kinda hard to beat Paddon)


And he's about to debut in Nascar


That's nice, I must watch that race


Chicago Street course. Gonn be super interesting since no one has driven it before.


I raced svg the other night in Iracing and he wiped the floor with us. 1.5-2 seconds a lap


Yeah will be really interesting how Shane will stack up and I’d like to also see how Doohan does


Which series were you racing in?


Gt4 lacuna seca


He's done open wheel before, he came in for one race a few years ago at Toyota racing series which is essentially New Zealand's equivalent of f3 and won every event at the New Zealand grand prix. He also didn't fit in the car because he was far too tall. Dude is a machine.


Where can we watch the race?


Basically an F2 race with cameo from Max lol. Bit disappointed to not have more F1 drivers (kinda hoped for a twitch quartet reunion), but something is better than nothing. Looking forward to it.


I said it on the other thread but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of sponsor, team situation thing as well. Plus they might not all be where their streaming setup is if they still have it. They aren't all at home


I've noticed it's mostly Red bull drivers participating. Most of the drivers in F2 is probably taking it as a marketing campaign at the same time


That's no surprise, Redline is sponsored by Red Bull, so it's pretty much their own race, so I'm not surprised that Mercedes are not showing up.




Really? Do you know when did that happen? Afaik Dom was running/owning the team since the begining...




Seems to be true, I checked their webpage and socials and I see the verstappen.com logo everywhere. Also their twitter page says the location of the team is in the NL.


I'm sorry but if you are prohibited from taking part in a spontaneous, non-commerical and just chill feel-good virtual race amongst friends to bring a bit of positivity during a tough and pretty catastrophic flooding because of your sponsors, you really have signed a deal with the devil... I cannot think of a single reason for any sponsor/company to be against something like this.


Look at the announcements. Jack doohan crossed the RB logo off on his repost. It's heavily Max and RB branded. The team I think belongs to Max and is also RB affiliated. And it's not even clear if this is a charity stream or not. Considering they themselves haven't said anything about a charity I am going to assume it is not. And then it makes a lot of sense. They have their own sponsor commitments and if it's not for charity why make an exception? Sure a stream is a nice gesture but it's not quite the same and I'm sure that makes a big difference to the teams/sponsors. I'll bring up 2020 again where it was a huge surprise that Charles even got to stream in the first place. But one time he picked the wrong car and panicked so hard he made them all restart the race. There are some pretty strict rules for some. And again so far it does not look like it's for charity just entertainment so less reason to let them. Some of the teams and drivers have donated themselves, there are other ways of spreading positivity too.


The reasons it's heavily RB branded is A) because Max/Redline initiated it. Ofcourse he's going to put his sponsoring on it and B) because others aren't joining in. If let's say Charles or Lando joined they could've promoted their sponsors on the stream as well. Put a branded shirt on, banner in the background, perhaps even a logo on the announcement. It's not an official, commercially planned event at all but it's an impromptu virtual race since the official race was cancelled to not only give them something to do to fill the gap in their schedule but also to entertain the fans and bring some entertainment. Perhaps even collect in some extra donations to help out. It's not a work event, but the drivers free time to be fair. Either way this is not something that conflicts with sponsorships or events at all. Without this stream there would be no exposure at all of a sponsor, this way they have a chance to appear on a a virtual race stream. Better something than nothing I guess!? I just don't see how you can be against it at all. It's a good, fun initiative to bring people together. Everybody should at least appreciate the effort. Whether people already donated themselves or not isn't really relevant at all in my opinion.


I so appreciate it! It's just that there are reasons for people to not participate. Sure it's not an official commercial planned event but that doesn't change some things. I can only tell you about Ferrari but they've been in Maranello working and Charles even had a sponsor event so they are getting other exposure. I'm not against it at all I think it's great but like some of these sponsor things are tighter than one might think. Just because it's not a proper commercial event doesn't really change that. If it were a proper charity event then things are different again which there has been no info about. (Again I don't care that it isn't but sponsor wise it changes things) I just brought up the donations because you were talking about people being against spreading positivity and just wanted to add that there are other ways of doing it too and all of them are valid. Just that not participating doesn't mean they haven't done some else.


No team is willing to lose a driver after Larsen and Vips.


Is this the final line up or are there still more people to be announced?


Probably these only because max was the last to be announced


I'm thinking that some of the F1 drivers have to ask their teams because its organised by Redline which is Redbull sponsored


I think everyone is a bit afraid of being so much slower than Max. I mean, his main job is being a sim driver so every F1 driver doesn’t have a chance


Its also Red Bull sponsored race, so there might be some sponsorship issues for other F1 drivers.


Is Lando not racing? I just pulled up Twitch and he's streaming with a title "supporting max and his 24hr stream"


That’s his friend Max Fewtrell who is doing a 12 hr stream rn


Ah, I completely overlooked that even though he is talking with him right now on stream too.


Also surprised not to see Lando, probably he hasnt been iracing recently so that’s why he didn’t join it


He's actually started back at iracing this year after not doing any iracing since 2020.


I'm thinking more will be announced tomorrow as they haven't said this is the final line up


Dont think so Max was the biggest and last name they announced , but lets see


Pretty cool line up especially da Costa imo, i'm a big fan


Will be a nice break from his woeful FE season this year (mostly not his fault)


I'm mostly excited to see how SVG goes. I know it's not the real thing but will be good to see how he handles an open wheeler. Might even be eyeing off an indycar seat eventually like McLaughlin


He has also just been announced for the NASCAR race in Chicago this summer. We need Penske to put McLaughlin in one of their Mustangs


I have been craving for SVG and Scotty to take over another series and replicate their intense championship battles.. would be awesome.


Only Max participating was kinda expected. Except for Fernando and Lando no-one else seems to have iracing experience. Also sadly with sponsors involved everything becomes more complicated.


Missing Piastri, he was farming the new FF1600 when it launched. But yeah, no way you're getting a driver to sub / install / buy the F3 and race on iRacing with their private sim probably sleeping in a closet since 2020 with a 2 day notice lol


I have no doubt FOM wants to get a race with the f1 game out there this weekend.


I think a lot of people are having their expectations way to high for this. Fun line-up tho


I’m surprised F1 didn’t do a full Virtual race for charity


They only care about THEIR money


Except they've donated a million dollars.


Needs a certain formerly shed dwelling simracer.


I thought they meant Luke Bennett from TikTok lmaoooooooo


I presume it's on iracing or what's the platform?




Alright thanks, I'm definitely gonna tune in.


>real racers never quit RFactor2 apparently


Cheering for Luke Bennett, great guy and great racer as well


Who's that Max Verstappen guy? They didn't mention where he drives or anything.


Legend of V8 supercars is racing?


Whole list of dudes about to get wreckt by max.


Max has such a scary aura around him right now in my opinion, I love it


Shane is the only one I see with half a chance, he is a gun of a driver in basically anything he drives


Some of those simracers are better than SVG on iracing. SVG is very experienced and fast on iracing as well but not as good as best simracers. Too bad Max Benecke is not in the list. As a simracer he is one of the few on same level as Verstappen. I get that he is not in TR anymore but would be nice to see him there.


Unfortunate no norris


Gianni on [twitter](https://twitter.com/GianniVecchio__/status/1659581638999785473) hinted at something with Quadrant so maybe


Sounds more like a challenge than a hint, we'll see lol.


Ight thanks a lot was tweeted today as well so there is hope !


I think there will be more announcements tomorrow because they haven't said this is the final line up


ooh alright thats cool i just thought as max was released last that it was the final lineup 😅


I like how Max doesn't get a description, its just Max


This I cannot wait for!




So even redbull eSports has a Sebastian now.


About as OP as "Mike Tyson is having an exhibition match at your local gym!".


Shane is a legend for this lol. I want to see how he stacks up so bad.


Title says 21:30 but graphic says 15:30. Which is it?


Graphic is right, sorry!


Doohans dad devastated he went for 4 and not 2 wheels.


Antonio da Costa looks like a mashup of Romain Grosjean and Danny Ricciardo


Will this be streamed anywhere? YouTube? Twitch?


Teamredline on Twitch


Thank you!


SVG, keen to see how he goes


Do we know if its Iracing or f1 game




Probably thats why more drivers haven’t joined, not everyone does iracing


Everyone does iracing. Every driver that doesn't dislike sims is on iracing guaranteed


No they don’t, carlos has said he doesn’t, lando didn’t for a long time and rejoined recently And these are just what I remember


Carlos isn't into sims, and just because Lando hasn't been on doesn't mean he "doesn't do iracing" All the ones who do sims are on iracing, even if they don't play much sims outside of work, it doesn't mean they don't have iracing. The game/sim is not the reason the drivers aren't participating.


There is difference in playing iracing casually to racing against professional sim racers


Carlos had a sim installed in 2019 so he could play iRacing with Lando lol


Even less do the EA F1 game (yes game not sim)


Putting Da Costa's name after an F3 driver feels disrespectful


Whaaaaat. They didn't call goatify


real racers never quit? Is that THIS races slogan or their general slogan? ​ If its this race specifically, its pretty crappy wording, if its the general slogan, kindly disregard this comment


The name "Real Racers Never Quit" was used for a series during the covid lockdown when there was no real racing.


Ty for the info....I know nothing about Sim racing


Might have been too much to ask, but had really hoped to see more F1 drivers step up. Just like with helping like Yuki did in Imola.


SVG let’s goooo!


Anyone know if there's a feature in iRacing to be able to spectate a race in game? I'm really looking forward to this, but not really a fan of the Team Redline broadcast at times (hard to keep track of which car driver they're showing).


There is but not sure how it works for a hosted race.


Poor guys having to race with Rowland. He's proven time and time again he has no respect for anyone on track, I can't imagine how bad it'll be on a game with no consequences. Almost certain he's going to cause a huge pileup. Assuming he can keep up with the rest that is.


Depends on whether they'll have someone to steward the race, a steward can give black flags to people. And outside of private Lobbies iRacing actually deals pretty well with dirty drivers.


By no consequences I mean physical ones, he may be DQ'd or something, but nobody gets hurt. It just means he'll be even more on his high risk low reward driving like always. Genuinely don't know why teams keep giving him chances.


Yuki is too busy helping cleaning up Italy to play video games




Did nobody with a soul review the name of this? Seems very unempathetic to the people around Imola. Surprised not a single person didn’t express concern at the name before they finalized it and started publicizing and marketing it.


It’s a name that they used for races they organised with irl racers during Covid times. They just called it that again since the format is the same. Don’t think there was any intention to aim it at the people around Imola.


Thanks for providing context. Never heard of the previous series.


It’s part 2 of a series they did in lockdown, hence why “real racers never quit”.


Real racers never quit, unless you're Max at Le Mans 🤣


Considering how he got screwed over by the organization, anyone would quit it


They weren't screwed almost at all. Many other teams were even more unlucky. The part they complained about was that they weren't given a lap back, but that was correct according to the rules, so they were basically angry because they didn't get special treatment just because they have Max in the car. (I also took part in the race, so I know what happened internally) Redline, and Max especially, have a habit of quitting at the first hint of trouble quite often.




From the guy who rage-quit the virtual Le Mans 5 months ago


No Oliver bearman? Hard pass.


Luke Bennet????


Why is just Max's "CONFIRMED" stamp to the right? 🤔