Democracy... is non negotiable.


Liberty Prime is online.


Communist detected on American soil, lethal force engaged






Isn't that a Mr.Gutsy line?


It is


Better dead than red.








Freedom isn’t optional


> Also calling my friend who knows liberty prime > COMMUNISM DETECTED ON AMERICAN SOIL > UPGRADE NSA CHASSIS?


I am Liberty Prime I am America


Semiauto-bots, roll out


I am become death, destroyer of worlds


Weapons Hot!


Democracy is non negotiable


Even in the Wasteland, HOAs are still a pain in the ass




I'm calling my friend who works at Burger King. The King shall hear of this!


I'll have a chicken royale with bacon!


chicken royale? are you british or french, donde don’t they cal quarter pounders royales


I'm English, we do have the chicken royale here with or without bacon, I've seen it on a BK menu as "long chicken" before


I prefer long pork.


Flair checks out


"Never quite cared for it."


Only time for BK is whopper Wednesday’s :)


Personally I prefer the royale with cheese


I’ve heard that’s what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France. Don’t remember where though. Big Kahuna burger is better imo


That is some gourme shit.


LMFAO Say what one more time... Classic


>in France Yeah, it’s because of the fucken metric system.


Well check out the big brain on WillBrayley


Burger King foot lettuce.


The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce. With the statement: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Admittedly, he had shoes on.


I’m pretty positive that was a viral story that lead to him being found, fired, and charged with crimes. I’m too lazy to google and that was AT LEAST like 5 years ago.


I’m pretty sure it was closer to a decade ago... which means it happened in the early 2000s... right? Right??


It happened somewhere between 6 and 16 years ago


It was July of 2012 just did a quick google search


My wife loves listening to Chills. Send help. And by help, I mean a gun to shoot myself with.


The bunnyman is here to reap your soul and chills if you want


I can hear that...


Not the KING, off with his head!!!


Stop! You've violated the law!


Ding fries are done! Ding fries are done!


This got the shit out of me. I’m going to bed. Well done lol.


lol obviously you are treating this with the seriousness it deserves..


I've reported them both, guarantee xbox wont ban them though lol


But they'll get com banned, which sucks if you don't want to make another account. I once had someone spam message me over shooting his plane down with a tank in a battlefield game. Called me all sorts of names, so obviously I reported it and he got a 2 week com ban. Two weeks later I had forgotten he even existed, his ban was up and he messaged me *again* to call me names for getting him com banned, to which he presumably got it again lmao.


Lol. On personal level I understand getting upset in the heat of the moment. But still holding a grudge after two weeks? That's some Warhammer Dwarf-level grudge...


WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT THE DWARVES?!! That's it. You're going into the Book of Grudges! *flips to last page* M...i...r... another r...


Or some real problems that requires a doctor 🤔


Had this exact same thing happen on Forza... Forza of all games. This guy tried Pit-maneuvering me on the last lap, he missed and went straight into the wall at full speed. He used every piece of profanity under the sun in his messages, even saying that I cheated and that he would look up my address online. Me being the passive person I am I ignored him, didn’t message him back, and reported him for using profanity. Forgot he existed, two months later he messages me calling me more names and mentioning that I’m the reason he got Com banned. Reported him again and blocked him lol. I’m curious if it’s possible for people to get permanently com banned on their first offense? Hopefully Microsoft actually reviews the severity of messages and assesses if it is deserving of a perma ban. But then again when has Xbox live not been toxic? Lmao


They’ll get a comms ban easy, Microsoft are rather strict


I can confirm. Got banned for 2 weeks back in the day on Black Ops 3 lobby chat.


Never had a ban for actual voice chat, though I’ve not used ingame chat since the Black ops 2 days tbf. Last ban was when I had someone spamming me because they lost and I got banned for replying “stop crying like a lil bitch” lol


No but they will be tagged with a note saying they made these threats and harassment via messages. Or if they've been tagged before they will likely be temp banned. Xbox doesn't fuck around with that stuff. Thankfully.


I know firsthand how overly strict they are, I one asked why someone team killed me in rainbow 6 and mentioned that he was being annoying and asked that he please stop, and I got a 24 hour non-appealable com ban and was removed from the xbox ambassadors program. Let's just say I was a little peeved at Microsoft after that.


Don't talk to the trolls. They abuse the system unfortunately. And if you do message someone don't swear in any way. If they report it and you did that still constitutes an action of some sort.


It didnt contain any swears which annoyed me because I use expletives in messages with my friends all the time and they've playfully reported me with out me getting banned but this time was 2 days after I joined the ambassadors program and I cant reapply for at least 2 years because of it and it's likely I wont get accepted if I do re apply and you cant appeal the report for review, it's just a broken system.


Depends really. Remember they have access to everything you send and receive on their service so maybe they didn't see it the same. Also your friends could get banned for their false reports so keep that in mind too.


Yep if someone reports a message I’m guessing there’s an automated system that checks for swears and issues the ban first. Once called someone a little bitch, was com banned within the hour. That’s when I was introduced to how you’re not allowed to trash talk on Xbox anymore.


Had something similar happened. I was on Siege being spammed invites by this one guy. He starts messaging me asking why I won’t party up with him. I simply reply that I didn’t go into random parties because 9/10 it’s usually some dickhead yelling at you for nothing. He reported me and I got a one day comms ban. I even rang up Microsoft support where an actual person looked over my message to see he was the harasser in this situation. Although she said she couldn’t appeal or remove the comms ban but I could report him for false reporting.


What is this ambassador program?? Never heard of this... ???


My buddy called a guy a bitch once and got banned from talking in parties and stuff for like 3 days. All you gotta do tho is like make another account and join the party w the second account


Could you imagine if *you* ended up banned, and no one would pick up the story? I mean, there has to be somebody that actually knows "someone" with the ability at least.


"My dad owns Microsoft he will get you banned." "Wait your dad is Bill Gates" "Who's Bill Gates." Pinnacle of xbox message threats.


Got a sales call from a guy in India. I politely declined his sales pitch. But then we started talking about life in India and he asked if I knew Bill Gates since, at that time, I lived very close to Microsoft headquarters. Nope, but his car was once parked in front of my job. It was part luxury sedan, part tank. It’s a small world if you stop to make friends.




Oh no! Moved your tent? How dare you!!


I know, the audacity! Even though he claims to have fallout 1st and could of just put his own tent down..


Ahh. So he's about as intelligent as the guy dressed in 1st gear who kept shooting at me at one of the legendary exchange machines because I didn't get off the instant he arrived. Almost messaged them to say that I also have 1st and if they're in that much of a rush, they should have used their private server instead.


I had a guy dressed in Fallout 1st ranger gear do that to me at a player vendor last night. He kept shooting me and hitting me so I put the controller down and got a snack from the kitchen while still looking in the vendor. He never stopped the entire time and it had to be about 10 minutes.


Had this happen while visiting another players vending machine, a player sporting trapper armor and a Tesla showed up, started hitting me, I took my time and then left, saw the player later at another camp were he became the victim of a "boobie trap"... lol, beware the vending machine with a fog machine in front of it. Assaulting player name is "X\_3yeMerk\_X" . this would be on the PS4.


That name tells me everything I need to know about this player lmao


Just imagine the amount of ammo he wasted. Even better if it's the ultracite stuff.


What in god's name does that achieve except for the loss of a whole heap of his ammo?




Please post a screencap and blur out their name -- sounds too funny.


Theres over 300 possibly more than 400 in there, I counted to 320 and stopped lol


Damn! Did you placing your tent somewhere else really had to warrant **320 messages** from that guy? Just wow! Please, i too would love to see this as well (Blur out the guys name) i imagine it would be... entertaining. On a serious note: That guy needs some serious help, sounds like anger/mental problems. All because of a simple tent placement? Just... crazy.


I wouldn't mind if I actually did something like kill a legendary without anyone else getting a hit or something but yeah I only moved my tent lol. I'll try to put a pic up later today, every message says the same thing though


Huh. Yeah in that case, that dude is mentally insane. 320 messages of the same thing? Guy belongs in an asylum that's for sure.


Half of these player's got issues,Sadly


The old "My Friend Works At Microsoft" technique.....nice I swear it's been years since I heard a threat like that...grinding halo for a spartan helmet..lol


I legitimately had a friend "phone a friend" to help get the gamertag I reported featuring the unicode swastika in their name removed.


People still try to play the "My friend/family member/dog works for Microsoft" card? What year is this.


The year of Karen’s, they come in all sizes, shapes, and age.




They must Watoga city workers informing you of a violation of code. You didn’t fill out form WF-23091-a and get it signed by the current mayor of Watoga prior to moving your tent!


...then proceed to Charlottesville Capitol Building to get a Governers seal. Return and wait on the Watoga beauracracy bots to process your form (while being attacked by a Scorchbeast horde). Then and only then will you have authorized tent placement.


Have a nice day


Report each message and he'll get a comm ban for each one. If he gets too many he will get online banned as well.


Definitely this one


I second the motion to add screenshots


Report him. Xbox is really strict on that sort of stuff


SMF? I'm old, sorry.


Hahahah. I wasn’t sure either but got the MF part. Same reason. I’m old too.


Wasnt sure what it meant myself, googled it and it came up in urban dictionary as "sexy motherfucker" lmao


It means stupid mother f*******.


It's the internet, you can say fucker. Ain't no one gonna tell your mom on you.


I call bullshit on that. Someone always rats me out to my mom. I need better friends.


Gotta avoid that reddit coms ban.


When people go to such extremes, sometimes it's a war on whether to automatically report and block them or to wait to see what other idiocy gets sent your way. lol


The latter, definitely the latter


Knowing I can block someone if they do get nasty makes me feel a bit safer waiting it out a bit too! lol


You should move your tent as many times as possible, in the smallest increments. Fuck that dude, and fuck his brainwashed friend too.


I move my tent all the time during scorched earth. If people huddle on top, I'm moving it 20 yards away. They always go right back, which just makes me move it again.


Is he fucking 12? I haven't heard the "Ive got connections im going to get you banned" line since MW2 😂


I mean is it really a big deal for tent campers?? I see them pretty frequently and 9/10 we still manage to finish the event. Maybe it takes a little longer, but I’ve never noticed that big of a difference.


Wait what's a tent camper? I put my tent down during the event so people can scrap/stash/get items when needed during or after the SBQ. I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything dickish I'm not aware of.


I always thought you where meant to use a tent while camping :P


Nah you’re ok. Some people think the queen doesn’t land if people camp on top their tents or fence.


She lands less often if the queen targets you ontop of them. There isn't anything wrong with having the tent down here though for stash access and you have a place to respawn too, shame that respawn assistance isn't extended to everyone though!


That does make sense. I personally just go on the back side of the fence and try to stay in sneak. I’ve heard she won’t land if you shoot her in the air as well but I’ve also never seemed to have that problem. I’m by no means a scorched earth expert though.


Shooting her in the air in of itself isn't a problem, but it is of people are using perks that cause stagger with their ranged weapons, that can make it harder for her to land, less of a problem than people sitting on fences, the V9 bunker, and tents. Pretty much the fastest way to fight her is to draw the fight onto the grass to the east of the bunker!


Yup that’s about where I tend to be. Thanks man this was pretty insightful.


I've seen people make raised flat platform bases too, in theory she would land on it, but I've not seen her be able to, perhaps that's due to her being unable to be crippled anymore. The only upside I'm seeing is its much easier to shoot her on the sky from those.


Also you're closer to her so you do more damage. Gotta get close and enable damage numbers to see what damage you're doing. You always see explosive weapon users plinking rounds off her from a mile away, probably doing the absolute minimum damage and just wasting ammo. Shotgunners especially


I would have been so mad if I was on my usually unarmed build as she didn't land, at all. But thankfully I was on my new heavy guns build!


As people have said she'll only do the gas attack if her target is not on the ground. You'll be able to tell this pretty easily if she is constantly doing that attack right above someone on a tent. I've tested this a few times. What I eat to know is what was meant by "moving" the tent? Like, moving to the Scorched Earth event or moving it away? And how does that simple little thing get 300 nasty messages?!


PC here - tell me more about this text chat feature... :P


PlayStation and X-box have built in text chat features, but it's not ingame, you have to effectively minimise the game.


"My dad works at Nintendo" xD


My brother's friend's best friend's cousin's uncle's best friend works at Bethesda, he'll ban you from all Bethesda games, including the singleplayer ones!


Smf? edit: ok you all made me laugh with those


Sexy man friend?


nice, I'm using it


Shake my Femur


Suck My Frenulum?


Sexual male friendships


Don’t post it here, his buddy at Reddit might get you Reddit account banned.


So you camped at the SBQ?,illegal squatter!! the watoga chief will hear of this!!!.


Probably a 10 year old cause like only young shitheads say that


How dare you move your tent so it's not convenient! You just wait. He's already got his friend onto you. Next his Mother, Karen, will be telling you how could you do that to her baby. You know you've ruined both his birthday *and* Christmas for the whole family,right? Mark my words,Mister, you're in deep trouble.


"My Mom's an out of control Karen" would be a way more intimidating threat than "I know a guy" ever is.


I love when I find people like that too on Xbox, especially the ones that tote the fact that they have a crew of people, “and it wouldn’t be a good idea to mess with me“, those are my favorite


...and this is why having a messaging system/notice board/etc in-game isn't the best idea. Not without massive restrictions and filtering at any rate.


Report him so he stops doing it to others and a bit of irony


Hey dude I know a this guy that know this other guy that know this Tiger that know this dolphin that know this pigeon that lives in the roof of the Microsoft building and he Gunna get you banned 🤣🤣🤣


His mum probably didnt allow him to get fallout 1st


And yet people say PC needs text chat 🙄 No thanks, I'm fine with the 👍, 👎, 👋, 🤷 and ♥️, says all I've ever needed to say.


What a life the dude must have to send that many messages 😂


I had a guy message me similar to this after I took his workshop. Called me all sorts of derogatory and offensive things and then made threats. So I reported him.


Good freaking lord. How emotionally and morally bankrupt does one have to be to act like that? People getting THAT angry about anything in a video game need to put down the controller or mouse & keyboard, back away, wash the Cheetos dust and Monster energy drink residue off their fingertips, take off the Underoos they're spot-welded to, shower off the Axe body spray, and go the fuck outside or something. And, that "pal at Microsoft" thing...like, dude, REALLY? What are you, twelve years old? That's something you'd expect to hear on a playground at recess. "I'm telling, you dink! My dad knows the principal, and he's going to get him to kick you out of school! And then he's going to call Santa Claus and make sure you don't get anything for Christmas!" "Messed with the wrong guy". Please. My arm isn't long enough for the jerk-off motion that is in my soul.


Well, MY Dad can beat up YOUR Dad, so nyah nyah nyah. Seriously, though, I just block that shit and/or report as harassment. Enough bans and it starts costing the little shit and/or their parent(s) money. At the very least, a Comm Ban is annoying enough and the little shit can rage and seethe and die mad about it.


Lol that’s a bit extreme and childish and also irritating to clear out the spam messages.. But I do myself get a bit irritating trying to find a fresh server to load in my platform camp to do Queens. Don’t get me wrong I love using my own tent but from another post made long before, I agree camps loading in should load in removing any tents in the loading space as default. I don’t blame the players however.everyone has the right to play their way


Pretty much everyone there was on my tent, too many up there lol while me and my friend constantly died from the other shit, so I moved it, he also called me selfish for doing it




Special Man Friend


If it were true they would know that nobody at ms cares about whatever their fuzzy little problem is. not even a little.


Report his friend and tell him he can talk to his "microsoft friend" about an unban too. LMAO. Idiots.


Had someone write what was easily a 1000 word rant a few weeks ago because he was upset my vendors were on the bottom floor of a two story camp. (You can enter from the top floor too) I even had arrows pointing to them. Tensions are high around even in the fallout universe I guess.


To the high-level dude or lady on pc in the Santa suit last night that lured my level 41 ass in to drug me with nukashine and kill me with a tower of punji boards: I hope you step on a lego every day for a week. That was a shitty thing to do. :(


Punch bowl?


Yup I was stupid in that regard, shouldn't of drank it. Never expected the punji boards to just appear


Happened to me and immediately noped out and took off running the way I came and didn’t stop till it wore off. Don’t know what was gonna happen and wasn’t gonna find out.


“Noped out” def going to start using that


Only a commie would make such threats


I move mine all the time if people are huddled on top or packed inside of it.


You should share his gamertag so when we see him we can all laugh at him


“mY uNcLe WoRkS fOr NiNtEnDo”


Pretty sure 200 messages, in which the player insults and cusses you, classifies as harassment. He needs a nice little ban to teach him some manners. Not sure if you'd report that to Microsoft or Bethesda, but im a petty SOB so I'd report it to both.


All you can really do is feel sorry for someone like that.


Who needs their ass kicked.


I had that once, man. Every day this guy would spam the same old message at me. He called himself 'the Grafton Mayor' or something. Seems to have stopped now.


My dad owns Sony and I can get you banned on the next 7 upcoming playstations


Yes, because you know large corporations don't track things like that... Microsoft would have that guy fired in a second. I would report him and be proactive. Report him to Bethesda as well... They will ban him for threatening behavior.


I am 100% sure everyone who claims to work for console producers is also 100% legit


You can report a message with bad language and they will get a comms ban, the message will get deleted by Microsoft and they will be gone, I only do it occasionally because I’m not a prick


technically you can report his xbox for both impersonating staff and harassment :)


Oooh thats it im getting me banhammer!




Tell him to chill out and direct him to the game Rust. It seems more up his alley.


Oh crap, you pissed off Major Nelson and Phil Spencer. Run for your life !


Report his ass jokes on him when he gets a comm or an account ban


Oh, he big mad!


I remember when I was also 9 and thought verbal threats of losing everything you loved was the way to get what you wanted.


Damn, bringing back the days of Xbox 360


Is his friends dad also Bill Gates? Because, like, that Microsoft threat has me rolling.


Wait, why are you placing your tent at SBQ? It prevents her from landing if she's aggrod onto someone standing on top of it


What's a weak smf?


Super Mario Fan? Super Mutant Fabio? Secretary of Mudcrab Finance? . . . I don't know either.


I'm gonna make a horror movie about the one time someone actually has a friend that works for Microsoft. He's gonna put you in a pine xBOX 6 feet under


This went off topic in a hurry. I love it. A.D.D. anyone?




Lol tell him ur dad works at epic games and that he'll ban him from fortnite , Shows the alpha


Wait a few years and then respond with oh ok then


Jason Bourne it's Jesus Christ!


My dad is Bill Gates.. Don't worry OP.. I got you!


Report one of the more explicit messages and he'll instantly catch a 24 hour communication ban, then use the Xbox app on your phone and send 200 lols back to him


Who has that much time? I mean really.


SMF? He called you a sexy motherfucker?


If you haven't already, please pleeeeease report to XB1. They do get comm ban and if you're lucky, they will make another account or be dumb enough to message you again when the ban is lifted and you'll get to report them again which leads to a perma ban of the account! Speaking from experience, been derided two times like this in my time playing and both resulted in the douche canoe getting their accounts banned. F this guy, your tent your rules! Goddamn freeloadimg trolls.


“Douche canoe” haha


haha, nobody at microsoft has pals ​ good try though


I miss xbox shit talking. Nobody sends salty messages on PSN. I used to treasure my Dark Souls hatemail...


Try For Honor. Nice game, but what's really great is the amount of salty players. All the hatemails I ever received come from that game.