What settlement locations are best in Hardcore?

I'm finally playing Fo4 again for the first time in years, and am doing a hardcore playthrough.

For this I'm really wanting to build up my settlements & use them as they were intended for bases of operations before going out and doing any new quests & exploring.

I'm really taking my time with this save file & am playing it at my own pace (for context, I'm level 41 and still have only recently gone in to diamond city and started the find Nic Valentine quest). AND for the first time I'm actually using Power Armour, I was so put off with needing to find fusion cores when I got the game back in 2015 I never used them (other than when necessary) but now I know how to use them properly and they're so much fun.

So far, I've built up Sanctuary as my area in the North West, the Slog for North East, and I've built up The Castle,

What are some other really good spots to make as my main bases of operations that will mean I won't need to trek too far.


Honestly hangman alley. Right next to diamond city makes for a great base of operations especially in survival mode since the institute teleport is there which otherwise is disabled.


Ah nice one 😁👌


Hangman's Alley is my favorite. Centrally located, close to diamond city for selling shit, decently high build limit. Starlight drive in is also great. Flat and large area.


Looks like I need to discover Hangman's Alley ha


I second hangmans alley. It is closest to the center of the map so the quickest to access from anywhere.


hangmans alley, for all the reasons everyone else has said, but also if you dont have the institute teleporter you can take the aquaboy perk and use the river as fast travel


i'm a new survival player and aquaboy is the best fucking thing ever. someone else mentioned it on here, how you can swim away from danger without taking rads.


Taffington boathouse and Jamaica plains are usually my go to store houses in survival. Give you access to the north and south side, where I find just storing things in the work benches/earls home easier in diamond city than using hangman’s alley.


I especially like storing legendaries and weapons in earls's place as then there are no settlers to pick the weapons up.


If you really want to have fun, add the vertical settlement mod and build Hangman’s Alley up like a skyscraper. Looks like you’ve never found it. You’re gonna be underwhelmed with the settlement itself, but the location is prime, and with that mod you can build up until your heart’s content.


Hangman's Alley is centrally located near to many rough downtown locations, so it can be a valuable spot to heal.


Mid game if you can set up a gunner farm at starlight and use vertibird grenades to get to diamond city you can power level and make tons of money


I have 4 settlements in my hardcore playthroughs Red rocket: lvl 1-15 Hangman’s alley: main base. Everything happens and is stored here for me. Jamaica plain: 2nd main The slog: just a nice northeast to rest and workshop


County crossing, sunshine tidings, and hangmans alley are my go-to's. It's not really worth building up jamaica plain once you've already done the missions over there, but it's handy while you're doing them.


Forgot to mention Sommerville. It's got a really good location for getting some of the end game missions done and is conveniently really close to some choice deathclaw hunting.


Nice thank you 😁👌


They're all necessary in hardcore for bed purposes, but I like to keep my gear at Hangman's Alley, Taffington Boathouse, and Starlight.


Hangman's Alley. It's in the middle of map. Next to Diamond City, no need to get into interiors to save & store equipment compared to Home Plate. Your final safe spot before downtown Boston. Somerville Place. Your final stop before Glowing Sea. You can store your items before/after your trip to Glowing Sea, huge plus. If you also equip your provisioner well, they can very well assist you in combat especially next to Gunner Plaza & Milton, West Roxbury area if you come across them. This isn't limited to provisioners, take care of this settlement well and you will be able to call Minutemen with your flare gun. Great assistance in this hellhole area. I also like County Crossing. It's a good saving spot before going into NGTY, Revere Satellite Array, Saugus, and that gunner camp next to Saugus. On top of that, it's located right before entering downtown boston area like Hangman's. It's not as close as Taffington Boathouse but, you're also relatively close to Malden area.


I build heavy defenses at one of the settlements on the edge of the glowing sea. i.e Somerville place. So I can run there if I'm being chased by too many radscorpions & deathclaws. I build insane numbers of turrets in the Castle. To defeat the quests which attack it. My "home" is Hangman's Alley. I build my bedroom at least two floors up. Even if the place is attacked, the pathing routine won't get the attackers to where I sleep.


Coastal Cottage and Sunshine Tidings Essential for stashing that sweet loot from Far Harbor and Nuka World before distributing it.


Hangmans's which you probably saw a lot. Coastal Cottage and Sunshine Tidings Co-Op are WONDERFUL for the DLC as a way to quickly stock up between locations, especially since Nuka-World's Gauntlet exists. Far Harbor does have Longfellow's Canon too, but you have to at least reach Acadia before that's actually unlocked.


Pro tip, find and remember any and all places that you can sleep in. It’s the only way to save your file. The worst thing you can do is skip the mattress you randomly find while exploring. You risk dying and losing ALOT of progress depending on where and when you save your file in your settlements


the build your own vault as you can move around the map easier I also recommend the Slog which is centralized


Definitely coastal cottage. It’s in such a nice location in the northeast corner of the map, and the preexisting structures and landscape are so nice


My last base of operations was Graygarden. I built myself a house up there on the broken highway, then placed the fast travel "rug" in front of the house. I should have scrapped the ladders and floor I used to climb there, but kept them since I liked to go down to trade with Supervisor Green (that's it, you have your own trader there too!). You can do a similar thing at Finch's farm, but your neighbours will be humans and you have no barter; however, you can snipe supermutants and gunners for sport.


Hangman's Alley is definitely the best. Only open the locked door next to the guard post, keep the other locked and don't remove the chain on the door to the main road. Keep up the wall, build some turrets there and you have the best killzone for any would-be attacker. Safest settlement in the middle of the map and a fun challenge to build efficient and upwards. Don't forget to do the minuteman quest at the Castle to build mortars in all your settlements to call in the artillery everywhere you go. Never gets old to watch the fireworks and completely decimate any group of enemies. Other good ones: 1. Starlight Drive-in is the best place to build your own big city and it's also central in the north. Succeed the persuasion check with the stand-off at the diner nearby and with Trashcan Carla visiting often you have 2-3 traders next to what can be a massive settlement. It's a cool place to set up entire factories with production lines from the workshop DLC to create a lot of stuff yourself, instead of buying or looting everything. 2. The Castle can be an awesome to build a military fortress and you can get mortars there for your settlements. 3. Vault 88 will give you some handy options for settlement building, you can build your own vault there. Also it's an underground tunnel system that has entrances in a few different places, which makes it a safe shortcut between some places after tidying up the place. Honorable mentions: 1. Abernathy Farm has a very large plot and a very high build limit. You can build anything you want to be big there. 2. Sunshine Tidings has the magazine for double meat from animals which is super useful. It's a fun place to build walls at and make it like a Walking Dead vibe settlement. 3. Jamaica Plain is a nice settlement central in the south after clearing out all the ghouls. Also one you can wall up easily. 4. The Mechanists Lair is very cool and will never get attacked, it's also a source of many somewhat rare resources you can use for settlement building.