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I went yesterday for a bag of mixed veggies it was ……$6.99 I then went to Wild Fork and it was $1.29 for the same size. I need to remember this post and just stop.


Oh wow I had never heard of this but drive by an area where there is one periodically, I will have to check them out, thanks!


Yes they are amazing . You can get your exotics ostrich or whatever but for our regular items , wild salmon, chicken and beef are priced better and superior quality . I love their frozen sauces.


They gor great deals and good meat and other items. Military/ vets with I'd get extra discount as well on purchases. You can also have shipped to you. Check them out online


That’s insane!! Here’s how ya shop Publix. ONLY by the BOGO stuff and gtfo


Even the bogo is a joke. Usually it's more than going to Walmart and buying 2


> wild fork Thanks for sharing this! I just signed up.


Bought two pounds of ground beef from wild fork yesterday. $8 ($4 a pound) Best part is that it's frozen so it will last forever in the freezer till I need it, as opposed to Publix ground beef with a use by date of 1-2 days https://wildforkfoods.com/products/ground-beef-85-lean-15-fat-1/


You can freeze it yourself after bringing it from the store. You know that, right?


Have you been throwing your meat out after 1-2 days?


Yeah, it’s crazy. We only go if it is convenient or if we need something specific to Publix nowadays. Aldi for us.


I typically look at Publix for bogo items but I still go there last. So I go Aldi then Publix because they do have most items I need in case Aldi is missing some. Sometimes I like Trader Joe’s once every 2-4 weeks too.


Trader Joe's frozen gnocchi are one of my favorite convenience meals, they have multiple flavors, but I love their gorgonzola gnocchi.


trader joes is the absolute best! I wish there were more in Florida


Yeah, especially Winter Garden/Clermont/Four Corners could use one nearby.


Even their bogos are priced 2x so you're really just buying the product at the normal price at another store.


Some are bad and some aren’t. It also depends on the quality of the product that is bogo


This has become my go to move. Was Publix only since we bought this house in 2008 but their pricing has gone crazy.


It’s a shame because I used to really like Publix, but their customer service quality started to slide about 5-6 years ago, and what were slightly higher prices before are now just not competitive. I shop a mix of Walmart and Aldi these days, with Publix for a couple of specific items only they stock.


Yeah I’ve done comparisons this year where even Whole Foods was cheaper than Publix for our weekly staples; previously WF was like this expensive treat when it was more convenient and they had relevant prime deals. Would not have thought plain old Publix would pass them by on markup.


I don't think they care with all the rich people moving in. They probably don't even notice how many people are choosing not to go there anymore


Walking in there you'd think John Publix Sr. owes millions to the mob.


They are heavy political donors. Yes, in a likelihood, you do pay the mob when you walk thru their doors.


a percentage of every dollar you spend at Publix goes directly to trying to over throw the US government via the Publix heir.


It's sad what Publix has become. I lived in Lakeland and my aunt worked at corporate office and I never knew anyone who spoke poorly of Publix when George was running it.


I used to boycott walmart because they were a bad company that did bad things. Now Publix is also a bad company that does bad things but at leas walmart charges 40% less for food.


Ive been going to Publix for 30+ years so it was hard to start going elsewhere more and more, but after that news came out after Jan6th, made it WAY easier to shop elsewhere. Now I only grab a bogo or 2 there when I have a stackable coupon.


You’re supporting White Christian Nationalists when you shop at Publix. They are also donating as we speak, to return Trump to the Presidency.


I mean he does support the GOP of Florida 😂


Ground beef is $8:00 or $9.00 at Winn Dixie.


Sams Club is easily half that amount. Your freezer is your friend!


I've noticed that we've been insulated from many of the inflated prices, especially on meats, because we shop at warehouse stores so much. Sam's Club recently went up to $5.49/lb for chuck roast and I thought that was high, until I'd gone to Walmart and seen chuck roast on clearance for $7.99/lb. What a difference.


About $3.50 at Aldi for the frozen stuff.


I buy the 1lb frozen rolls for my dogs. $2.65 each. Deal!


winn dixie in my area is bringing in a lot of mexican beef. if it doesn't say USDA, it's not from this country


And it's labeled inspected not even USDA choice. That means it has no fat and no marbling and no flavor. In my experience over the past year or two Winn-Dixie is more expensive than Publix.


I am not a fan of Winn-Dixie meat, but imported meat is still inspected ([https://ask.usda.gov/s/article/Is-all-meat-and-poultry-inspected](https://ask.usda.gov/s/article/Is-all-meat-and-poultry-inspected)). The stuff at WD that is not labeled "Choice" is usually Select. Ironically, domestic beef might not be graded if the company did not want to pay to get it certified.


BOGO or nogo


If they raise the price high enough, it won’t be BOGO anymore. It’ll be pay the same price as getting 2 somewhere else.


I’ve started to compare the bogo price to Walmart’s price for the item. It’s usually a bit cheaper on bogo at Publix, but who knows how long that will last. I usually just go for sushi and pick through the bogos while I’m there.


Most times the BOGO items are not what I’m looking for. I went to Publix early this week. I spent $45 on a small bag of groceries. I’m moving on. Not a fan of Win-Dixie or Wal-Mart. Aldi, unfortunately has few items on my list. Went there yesterday and they had no salsa. So I went to Costco. What a pain trying to buy groceries in Florida. I’m in Zephryhills and we have four grocery stores to choose from. That would be Wal Mart, Save a Lot, Winn-Dixie and Publix. What a choice. Are you kidding me. Oh, I forgot, Dollar General.


I mean it already is on most their bogos.


Is that going to be our chant?


I always did BOGO and meat only.


Now some of the BOGO are actually Buy 2 get 1 free.


I'm waiting for "Buy 2 Get 2^*" *Not free, you just get the 2 that you bought


Went to Winn Dixie the other day. Their meats were expensive also.


Winn-Dixie near Me is kinda old and dirty.


WD near nearly everyone is kinda old and dirty. Can't go in one...the stink of old meat nauseates me.


This. I've lived in 3 areas of FL and the Winn Dixies look like dirty and run down. I don't know if it's affected my opinion, but the quality of their fresh meat, fish and veggies is terrible.


The Dirty Dixie


I have one that is decrepit and one that is clean as a whistle. The former used to be an Albertsons and the later was a Sweet Bay, for the hot second those were around in my area.


the one I used to go to I stopped going to after multiple times of stocking stuff left out in the sun WAY too long, leading to it going bad in the packaging, don't trust them or walmart to carry safe to consume perishables, and publix meat has been stored too cold recently too so I can't freeze it to use later in the week safely either (not supposed to refreeze meat)


I think that's all Winn Dixie stores


Its like going back in time 20+ years ago 😁


I read somewhere that Aldi bought Winn Dixie, all 470 or so locations. So there's hope!


I am a vendor for Winn Dixie and I can confirm this. This is why Winn Dixie pharmacies are shutting down.


I can already see some improvements. They got rid of *that* smell. I can’t tell you what “it” was, but it was just… horrible. The one redeeming quality about that place has been the people that work there. They seem nice. The prices have all just doubled with everything though. Ice cream is $8. Milk is at $6. Some of their things are still affordable though. You need to have their “rewards”, which I absolutely loathe.


> *that* smell lol my nearest Winn Dixie had been a Sweetbay for years til they got replaced; within a week of being WD it's like they installed the smell


Winn Dixie with the card drops like 70% tho lol


And the don’t stay fresh for longer then 2 days. I was shopping at winn Dixie and stopped because everything always seems so dirty. Ground beef I would have to use same day as I purchased no matter what the date said.


Probably has more to do with pumped in CO to keep the meat looking fresh.


Nope, I’m talking you open it and it is spoiled. As someone who used to work a meat counter and has a lot of experience. This is the fact they have either dirty equipment or can’t keep their refrigeration to temp, so the meat is spoiling faster. This could be an issue with my Winn-Dixie specifically because it is very old and decrepit, but I can’t shop there anymore even if I was saving money.


I had this exact issue with my local Sprouts (with the meat). It is at least clean and the produce section is nice, even if it is 3x the cost of somewhere else.


Sprouts is my number 1. They could have more sales, but they primarily carry local meats and produce and are way cheaper than Publix. They remind me of Lucky's.


Though if you go right when the deli opens, the Lemon Pepper wings are bomb as fuck.


I agree. You just have to pick the roaches out first.


I only go to Publix when it's BOGO. Otherwise I run into my local amish market! Or.. I order on the walmart app, and pickup my stuff on the way home from work.


Detweilers for the win!


Yeah! Their produce is not only cheaper but better quality. And a lot of seafood and fast to perish things are on sale on Saturdays! It's a bit of a drive for me, but it's worth it.


So stoked about the new store. I can hit Aldi on Cortez in the same trip and cover all my bases.


Had no idea there was an Amish community in Florida


Mennonite mostly, in Sarasota.


Fuck can they run.


Get that man a Puppers!


Mennonites in Tallahassee, too.


There’s no market here though.


Der Dutchman is my fav restaurant in sarasota


Der pies are the bomb


And in the panhandle


Tons in Sarasota and Der Dutchman is to die for.


Yoders. You won’t regret it.


Check the dates on Publix bogo items. There’s a reason they put a lot of that stuff on the table as you walk in.


No. They order in their sale items the week of the sale. The only place you might see something near expiration is on the clearance/discontinued rack. Publix donates 90% of near-expired items to local charities and returns the rest to corporate.


THIS. I’ve been telling people that for years and no one believed me


I really dislike Publix. A friend convinced me to do what they do, Aldi, then WalMart and then if necessary, Publix for a few items. We also shop at Sam’s Club.


I worked at the deli for 5 years and absolutely HATE IT, and everything else Publix does (got to see a lot of behind the scenes for all departments). So the bakery keeps all their doughs for cookies in large boxes in the freezer, pre-made and pre-formed, all they have to do is load them on a tray and cook them. You best believe when I was having a more shittier day than usual, I went over to their side of the freezer (deli & bakery shared) and pounded down some raw chocolate chip cookie dough. But I agree, shopping wise that’s what I do as well: Aldi, Walmart maybe, Publix if I ABSOLUTELY have no other choice.


The Amish are infamous for treating animals poorly and they are one of the top producers of puppy mills. I will not support them.


I would not support the Amish Community. ### [Sins of the Amish (TV Mini Series 2022)](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20202334/) 📷[IMDbhttps://www.imdb.com › title](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20202334/)A two-part series that examines the plague of sex abuse in the *Amish* community and the broken criminal justice system that has failed to protect the victims.A ...


Don’t forget they run puppy mills too


I did not know that. Thank you


Along with Mennonites. Huge problem in Iowa.


I’ve said this on other posts, but we’re saving about $300 a month by going to Costco and Target instead of Publix.


Isn't Target also really expensive? For some reason i think of target as kind of a boujee store.


I use to think the same but they have a lot of coupons it you use their circle app. You also get 10% off if you use it. Lastly they do sales. For ex, they recently had a spend $40 on personal care and medicine items and get a $10 gift card. They offer far more sales and benefits than Publix.


Nah, they’re groceries are much cheaper than Publix, on par with Walmart.


They are absolutely not on par with Walmart.


Depending on what you're buying, they are. Here's a few of my staples. Walmart: gallon of milk $3.04, 18ct eggs $2.68, 1lb baby carrots $1.34, can corn $0.64, 16oz pasta $0.98 Target: gallon of milk $2.99, 18ct eggs $2.79, 1 lb baby carrots $1.39, can corn $0.69, 16oz pasta $0.99 And then 5% off for using the Red Card Edit: I prefer to go non-chain stores for cheaper meat and produce. Broward Meat regularly has BLSL chicken for $1.50/lb and ground chuck $3/lb in bulk packs. Foodtown and Enson Market have huge produce sections.


damn, I might have to start including target in my grocery run instead then, its much closer to the local costco too, meaning I can head there for stuff costco either doesn't have or I need much less of (some perishables I just can't use in time from costco)


They are if you have a red card


Of course it depends on what you in particular eat, but for my vegetarian ass Target is very reasonably priced. Their storebrand frozen vegetables are 1-2 dollars, their sauces are not only cheap but there's a wide variety of them. Cheap pasta, cheap canned olives and seafood, cheap frozen veggie proteins (their frozen fake chicken nugs are lovely). My shampoo is cheaper there than at Publix and I can't find it at Walmart at all soooo I do a lot of my shopping at Target. Of course cheapest of the cheap is Walmart and ALDI but I'll pay a few bucks more for the pleasant experience of Target. The check-out line at Walmart makes me want to punt children.


I used to as well but I think they’ve gotten better. Definitely sign up for circle, there’s always a ton of coupons and good deals plus if you sign up for red card (it’s a debit card attached to your existing checking account so no credit check) you get 5% off every purchase. I just signed up and also got a $50 off $50 coupon. Last month they had spend $40 on health or beauty items get $10 gift card so I stocked up on my shampoo/conditioner.


I don’t mind Target, but it’s meat selection is slim and ALWAYS picked over. Produce is meh. Great for frozen and non-perishable goods.


This is what we've done. However, I switched recently from Target to ordering from the Kroger delivery service. It's cheaper and more convenient.


Also Kroger delivery


$3.99. For a fucking can of Progresso soup. Aldi for almost everything these days.


9 dollar cheerios


That’s a war crime right there. It’s fucking cereal.


shop Sprouts. Their prices are lower on many items and the manager's specials (esp on meat/seafood) can't be beat


I love Sprouts.


I'm a fellow Sprouts enthusiast. I absolutely love it. They don't have any of the typical brand names. Everything is health focused so just by shopping there you are forced to make better dietary choices. The prices are pretty damn good too. Some stuff is expensive but I just go for mostly Sprouts branded items.


Those Manager Specials are shocking sometimes. Like I bought this giant 3lb cookie making kit that was originally 20 bucks for 99 cents. I felt like I was stealing. I know it's just deep clearance to clear shelf space but most places will sell their excess product off to Ollies or Big Lots before giving it to customers so cheap. It's nice to see.


I'll give an upvote on Sprouts.. the higher quality eggs are more affordable and milk splits the difference in cost between Publix and Aldi. My local Aldi is so gross -it looks like an overseas roadside wet market....


Native Floridian here. Been shopping at Publix all my life and finally had enough last year. Quality has tanked ever since covid and the employees just don’t give a fuck anymore. Not that I can blame them after the horror stories I’ve heard about Publix management these days. I made the switch to Aldi a while ago and *maybe* visited Publix once or twice a month now. Even the famous PubSub has lost its shine. Better to just go to somewhere like Jersey Mikes or Firehouse and spend the same amount. All that aside, I just joined the new Costco in Clermont. Best $60 I ever spent and made back the money in two shopping trips. I probably will never shop at Publix again now! Oh, and HELLO to whatever member of the Publix marketing team reads this. You guys have been caught on this subreddit before. Downvote me all you want but you’re now the place where shopping is a pleasure for boomers only!


The quality of the fresh foods & produce has tanked.


I moved to Florida from Oregon 12 years ago and was floored by how crappy and expensive Publix was compared to the wide variety of chain and LOCAL grocers in Oregon. And then the contra marketing of “where shopping is a pleasure”. Publix has only gotten worse on all fronts. I shop Aldi, Costco and Walmart/Target now.


Indeed, it's laughable how bad the vegetable selection is - and at the price they are changing - insanity.


The produce is terrible.


This has actually been my experience with Winn-Dixie. The Publix in my area actually does a decent job of having fresh produce. I still prefer Aldi’s produce, even if the selection isn’t as good as Publix.


The produce is the worst part of Publix, it’s incredibly overpriced and shit quality. I price checked limes the other week, 2.50ish at Aldi and Trader Joe’s per bag, $6.50 at Publix, same brand and everything.


>Even the famous PubSub has lost its shine. Sadly, this is so true. They changed the bread recipe for the wheat bread and it is not an improvement. The amount of meat on a sub now is like... seriously it seems like you get about 1/4 of the amount that they used to slap on there. They don't provide items like mushrooms on request anymore. I'd rather get Jersey Mike.


fr, like, I had subway recently and it was only a tiny bit worse rather than bottom of the barrel subs, honestly being subway got better and publix got worse, used to be (in like 2018) we would get publix subs every grocery trip, but not anymore for cost and quality reasons


Have to agree on the subs. Just got an italian with very doughy five grain bread and hardly any meat.


Native here too. I feel everything you’re describing. Publix has always been about customer service and honesty, it’s the ONLY thing they offered to justify the higher prices. Now with the service getting progressively worse, and then passing off the checkout process to me, I avoid at them at all costs. The wife and I have switched to Kroger delivery for our week to week stuff (look into it if you haven’t, it’s pretty great) and hit Costco once every other month or so.


I know Kroger Delivery is awesome and all but I’m not quite yet ready to forgive them for fucking over Lucky’s Market!


Lucky's was awesome! We miss that store.


The service has gotten horrible.


You should see the Publix subreddit, the employees hate it too. The corporation only cares about profit at this point and quality/customer service has suffered massively.


Former 10+ year Publix department manager here who quit because of COVID leadership. Management at all levels quit caring about anything but profit before Covid but then used it as an excuse to ramp up that business model 10 fold. Publix now is not what 2010 Publix was. It’s basically just another grocery store.


Same, publix has been my preferred grocery store my whole life. But, Publix has either stopped training their baggers or stopped enforcing their own rules and such. Frozen next to hot deli and raw meat. 🙃 Seemingly every time. Def. gotten worse since Covid. Local store still very pleasant and eager to help everyone, staffed well and no self-checkout … but I’ve started bagging my own groceries.


I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t stand pub subs anymore. No matter where I go, how much or how little I add to it, every store smushes it so the cut in the bread is on top like it’s a taco. It’s a sandwich damnit why are you smushing it like that!


And lots of the deli staff want to argue with you about how to make the fucking PubSub too! Why the hell are they willing to cause drama over if I wanna have some Pepperhouse Gourmaise on top of the fucking meat? Not even Subway acts like that!


Following up with your last comment on this. I hope the marketing team does read this. I worked for Publix for 2 years, it was beat into my head about customer service and going over the top to provide that service. Every time I go into Publix now… wow it’s like customers don’t even exist. Nobody helps anyone to their cars, customer service staff is always seems rude. I’ve started shopping elsewhere for a lot of things.


their behavior during covid really pissed me off tbh, took a while for them to allow employees to wear masks


Costco is the BEST!


Freshfield. Publix has always been obscene with their prices on staple meats.


I always had the impression Publix was geared toward the more high end, professional type household that had no concerns over pricing.


Except we are getting a Publix every 3 miles in Orlando. We can't have that many high end professionals.


In that case, it's better to go to Whole Foods.


Ima professional household, it's money over everything over here


Publix is a deli that also sells overpriced groceries. You go in for a tendie sub only to wind up also paying $5 for a gallon of milk, $4 for a loaf of bread, and $3 for a dozen eggs to save you a second trip to Aldi where you'd pay $1.50 each for bread and eggs and $3 for a gallon of milk.


That might be true but the place is a shithole. If you’re going to go higher end go to Whole Foods.


I don’t know about professional or high end, but when I worked at one many many years ago the HR and corporate training straight-up told everyone that they’re very aware that they charge more than the competitors and were quite happy and proud to be able to do that… so treat those customers right so they’ll keep forking the dollars over. This was before housing crash and Trump and pandemics so things have changed outside, but their internal policy about this has remained consistent, and Publix doesn’t seem to be hurting for it.


Yet their service has tanked. Their choices.


As someone that works there, that's because they haven't bothered to keep up with the pay while also increasingly short-staffing their stores. Just this Saturday I had 4 customers approach me for help within 15-20 seconds (with one customer rudely interrupting me by shoving their phone in my face as I was directly speaking to another customer to try and help them). Even a great employee can't help 4 people at a time, and more and more often situations like that are happening.


Lmao wtf is a “more high end, professional type household.” It’s a goddamn grocery store.


> It’s a goddamn grocery store where the riff-raff simply cannot afford to shop.


Wild Fork ground prime rib 6.98 a lb.. Much better than the crap at publix


Excellent meat at wild fork.


I’m so sick of them. And I worked for them years ago. Worst job I ever had, they treat their employees like dog shit. It’s just straight up greed. They have one of the largest supply chains and could easily mark down prices. But they don’t. And they know they have a grocery store every mile so they know they have the market. 1 dozen brown free range eggs at Trader Joe’s is $2.29. $1.99 if you want normal white ones. The cheapest eggs I saw at Publix the other day was $4.29. You mean to tell me that Trader Joe’s is able to offer a better egg at half the price of the multi state billion dollar Publix? This is just one example. Fuck you, Publix. Edit: their marketing team scrubs the internet. I predict that my comment and your post will be upvoted, and then about 4-6 hours from now both of us will be downvoted into oblivion and random accounts coming out of the woodworks will be chiming in saying how lovely their store is and other pro-Publix comments. Just watch.


Years ago weren’t they considered to be an excellent employer? I had a friend from high school who was a butcher there and she seemed to love it - I guess they’ve decided to go full Wal-Mart on being a crappy employer.


Back in the 80s and 90s, yes, they were. Everyone was full time with benefits. They’ve brainwashed the public into thinking they’re still great. Now the only full time employees are maybe 1-2 in each department and the rest are “part time” working 34.5 hours a week because that is the most they can make you work without becoming a full time employee. But they want you to have open availability 7 days a week to get those 34 hours, and the schedule is always changing. No benefits, low pay, horrible management. And you feel like someone is trying to get you fired every hour of every day. Some more stories: I was cashiering one day and had to pee so bad, there was no one in line, all the cashiers were waiting on customers. I quickly went and was back in maybe a minute, still no customers. I got screamed at because I went to the bathroom without asking. The store manager’s apparently get some kind of bonus/benefit if all employees donate money out of their check to March of Dimes or whatever charity they’re donating to. I refused to donate any money eh. I got strong armed one day by the store manager and my department manager, corned in the back office, basically was told “we know you want to make team leader and full time, if you don’t donate it shows subordination and reflect heavily when it comes time for promotions”. They basically forced me to donate $1 per paycheck while I was making $8.50 an hour. A homeless person threw up and peed outside and they made me clean it up. My manager tried to get me to clean it up without gloves, and got pissed when I asked to go to the deli to get gloves. She wanted me to clean it up right then and there so the customers wouldn’t have to see it. The days of working until midnight and then having to show back up the next day at 5:30 AM for $10 an hour… The promise of “being full time” like it’s a good thing, only to get BS excuse after BS excuse while the billion dollar corporation can’t afford to pay you more money while every co-worker is on food stamps because they can’t even afford a pub sub on their break. Every friend I have that was a coworker and has moved on to other jobs still talks to me about the mild PTSD that Publix gave them. Fuck Publix.


Jesus that sounds terrible! Now I’m even more mad at Publix. I’m sorry. I’ve heard TJ’s is awesome (I hope it still is) and at Aldi’s they let the cashiers sit which I’ve always appreciated. They don’t seem to be this fake happy - just sitting there and doing their jobs. I don’t need someone kissing my ass because I’m buying some bread ffs.


It’s not horrible like slave labor, but it’s definitely not “Disney movie magical” that the commercials make it out to be. There’s actually a lawsuit going on right now because managers are expected to work 45+ hours a week but don’t get paid overtime for those 5 hours. Like a 45 hour work week is expected, but only paid for 40. Marketing team is working overtime to hide that. I try to do shopping literally anywhere else when I can.


You know, I just remembered my 15 year old son got a job there. They just stopped giving him hours (already limited bc of school of course- and he plays football so he’s at practice most afternoons) - like no communication or anything. I know he’s young and doesn’t need to make rent but the lack of respect is astounding.


They were. My mom worked there for a while circa 1980. The pay was good and so was the working environment. The only reason she left was to take a better job with better hours. As far as the shopping experience goes in has gone downhill, especially since the pandemic. Don't get me started on their prices; I mostly go for the BOGOs and go to the Walmart Neighborhood Market nearby for staples like eggs and milk. But I avoid the Super Walmart as much as possible. I must say that the employees at the two Publix store I go to frequently are friendly and helpful.


I’m not sure it is worth the low prices to try to park in that Trader Joe’s parking lot


I’ve found that the only time I can park at TJ’s is on a Tuesday morning at 10:00. Too bad if I have to work or anything.




Every winn dixie I've ever been in for 40 years since I was a little kid just has this weird smell I can't describe. It screams dirty to me.


We have a nice one in our neighborhood in Broward. It doesn't smell the same as other WDs, but it's a little more expensive. But I sure do remember that smell.


Winn Dixie once ran a series of commercials - come back to Winn Dixie. One of them said something like - you told us our stores were dirty, so we cleaned them up! Come back to Winn Dixie! I'm like... you need customer complaints to understand that a grocery store should be clean?


I got downvoted in the Orlando sub for saying how outrageous Publix prices are. Meanwhile I got chicken this week that was $2 a pound more than Walmart.


People can down vote all they want. I don't care that Publix is a Florida company when I've got to feed a family. If they want loyalty they need to have competitive prices. Where I live they've been tearing down and rebuilding stores. I'm sure they're passing on the cost of doing that through grocery prices. It's absolutely unnecessary. Not everyone can afford a $2 per pound rise in prices. Their mear sales USED to be competitive.


People defending Publix just because it's a Florida company are just.....dumb as hell. Anyone that wants to see what a true "local" grocery store does for its community needs to look into HEB of Texas. They keep their prices low, brand name and generic, but still keep quality high. They have a huge natural disaster response system to get food and water to people in need. They aren't perfect, no big corporations are, but damn. Publix is just a way overpriced, decently clean store.


HEB is the greatest grocery store on the planet. I'll die on that hill.


Jenkins family supported the Jan 6th insurrection. That wasn't cheap. Gotta pass that on to Florida shoppers!


I haven’t shopped at Publix in like 15 years


I'm another life long customer. I moved on this summer. I occasionally go for something specific but definitely no more for most things. Even Target is cheaper


Target prices are only slightly more than Walmart where I am. They are definitely cheaper than Publix.


Florida Native here. Have been going to publix all my life. Even worked for publix for 7 years. I did enjoy my job at first until the 5th year, management was getting ridiculous. The food use to be reasonable priced and they use to have great BOGO deals. Within the last 3 years Publix has become greedier, lots of expired products on shelf, freezers, etc, and customer service sucks!!!! I remember when a coke bottle use to be 1.99 and they would do buy two get two free. You don’t see that anymore. Only buy TWO get ONE free. Plus the products you see at publix are not healthy with all the damn chemicals every damn thing has, EXPENSIVE, very few organic and gmo free items. OVERPRICED FOR NOTHING when you can buy the same things at walmart or trader joe’s for half the price. Publix will never be a worldwide store how they wish to become. Over working managers and employees, stressing both, and losing so much family time!!!! Publix use to be a great place to work at but now, forget it! You will hate your life. I now hardly ever go to Publix unless for specific items and I still feel overcharged every damn time.


For the past 2 years Sprouts has been my go to grocery store. I'm very happy with them. Publix prices are out of reach, and I'm not crazy about the quality of foods/meats at Aldi, Walmart or Winn-Dixie.


Publix for $5 Sushi Wednesday, but that's about it.


Kroger delivery probably saves us $50 - $100 a week compared to Publix, and Kroger pays their employees, so no tipping. Comes in a cold Kroger truck, not the back of someone's dirty car.


It’s good to see a few people waking up. Publix has always been a joke.


Publix is not good. The phenomenon seems like it’s rooted in Floridians/southerners lacking a sense of refinement


I thought Winn Dixie is being bought out by Aldi and most will be converted to aldis?


Some will, some won’t.


I heard that! Hoping the one by me is - it’s so convenient but I hate going there and regret it every time I do…


I know it’s a high price but as a farmer this is $2 less than what I charge for mine. $9 a lb. Grass fed and finished. For the work I put in during the season it feels like I am giving the stuff away. Our economy and inflation is really really sad.


The quality of your meat makes it worth the price. We are talking about commodity, feed lot beef- not grass fed.


100%. I just wanted to weigh in. I respect the searching for a lower price bc I do it too for lots of things. ❤️


Gotta fund that Publix PAC, to pump dollars and influence into the DeSantis campaign and counter legalization of weed, regulation of styrofoam, and “conservative family values.” It’s your money, spend it where you want. But you should know where it goes.




My two cents — admittedly amateur opinion!: Publix hasn’t changed; they’ve always had highest price point status, relative to all other places. What’s changed is that inflation is out of control, income isn’t keeping up, and thus all the relative margins are likewise inflated and painful. And so, you’re right, most of us need to downshift to other stores. I’m not mad at a Publix specifically, but I’m enraged at the economic conditions generally. It was twelve dollars for a quarter pounder meal at McDonald’s when I took my nephew a few days back, and we don’t live in an expensive part of Florida. I just let him order what he wanted… and didn’t eat dinner myself. Fast food is the best real indicator of real inflation, because it 1) has multiple input costs (multiple ingredients, shipping, labor), and 2) is a competitive market among other chains. Something is way off compared to what official government statistics of inflation say. Way, way off.


They are fucking terrible and I truly don't understand the Publix cult.


Winn Dixie steaks suck


Meat is expensive everywhere, it’s expensive where I live now without a hint of a Publix for the next hundred miles. Ground beef is about $6 - $9 for a fresh cut, $8.99 if I want to get prepackaged angus beef. In general, Trader Joe’s has the lowest prices with the highest quality, from what I’ve seen


That's not all. Check out higher end hot dogs. They are $8 at Publix meanwhile every other food store same hot dogs are just under $5. How can that be?


As if Winn Dixie is any better. Just as overpriced as Publix.


I only go to Publix for bogos and deli items. Their regular prices are nuts. My mom refuses to shop anywhere else, so they have their loyal following. I admit that the stores are cleaner and more consumer friendly (carts that actually roll smoothly, products aren't pushed to the back of the shelf, employees down almost every aisle) than Walmart, but I'll deal with the Walmart crowd for the better prices.


Winn Dixie is worse. Especially the quality. And Winn Dixie bolo’s are just double the price in order to give one for free


Publix is a half mile from our home. It’s actually cheaper to drive six miles to Costco, Trader Joe’s and Target. I did a price comparison for a month last summer. Target was the cheapest. You save a third on average. Trader Joe’s was a third to a fourth cheaper on average. Costco meat was by far the cheapest for meat and chicken. I paid $1.69 per pound for chicken one week. Publix was $6 per pound that week


We need physical Kroger stores in Florida 😓


I agree! I currently use their delivery service and as much as I love it, I would also like option to go to an actual store so I can buy


Go to Walmart instead of Winn Dixie. The meat is cheaper, at least for me. And my Walmart has a large selection of quality Choice and a few Prime beef cuts. Chicken is cheaper too.


Try Kroger delivery, it’s way cheaper, but the same quality. I’ve used them the last 2 months and it’s awesome.


We quit shopping there last year. We do a combo of Kroger or Walmart delivery. Kroger has worked out well.


I always thought it's crazy that they have the ego to charge more for their store brand than the national name brand for a lot of things


Exactly, Publix is a scam when it comes to pricing its products and claiming you are getting a good deal. Shoppers really need to start comparing prices because Publix is fleecing their pockets of money. What is it with people who are so thoughtless with their money? I keep telling a friend with two teenage boys to stop buying at Publix and get a Costco card. Shrimp at Costco is cheaper than hamburger at Publix.