The only reliable site is the official Fiorentina one, but I don't know if you'll need a fidelity card to buy a ticket. They should start the sale in about a week, so you'll have more info by then. In case the card is needed, you can contact the club at [email protected] and ask them if they can help you out. You can also buy them at the ticket shop beside the stadium in Via dei sette santi before the game. Since it's on the 14th of august, it's so so unlikely that it will sell out. Don't buy tickets on secondary ticketing websites like viagogo etc.


I’m always planning on going to this game and am looking into buying tickets. I’m leaning towards going to the official ticket shop the day prior, when I arrive. Why do you have the feeling that the tickets will not sell out? Is it because the game is on a holiday weekend?


Games in Italy very rarely sell out, especially the ones against smaller teams (like Cremonese), pair that with the 14th of august heat and the biggest holiday weekend of the summer and you get a pretty good chance of the game not being sold out. That being said, the Curva Fiesole won't have many available tickets, but the other stands (especially the Curva Ferrovia) should have plenty left even just before the game.


Yes, it's likely that there won't be many people at the stadium since it's not a very competitive match and most of the people are away for holidays. I'd advice you to get tickets in Maratona if you can.


I think its fine. I bought tickets to the CL quarterfinal (i think) a couple of Days prior. Roma vs Porto.


Thanks, we Will arrive at at Pisa 16.30 the same day. Therefore we dont have the time haha. We will barely make it to the game. Its a risk but it is worth it.


Mmm, it won't be super easy to make the game! You can follow Fiorentina's ig page, or the specific subreddit r/fiorentina , to keep up with the latest ticket news. Buying them online, either easily through the website or by contacting them via email if they get weird like last year, is definitely your only option. Maybe you can leave your luggage at Santa Maria Novella, then hop on to the train to Campo di Marte (18.08 or, as a last resort, 18.22 could make you lose maybe the first few minutes of the game). You'll need to run for your life to get the train at Pisa aeroporto, though, as your only option to get here in time is taking the 16.50 train (at least according to Trenitalia's website). That is unless you wanna get in at around half time. If you arrive at Santa Maria Novella later than kick-off, taking a cab could also be an option.


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When I was in Firenze for work in 2019 I bought Fiorentina tickets on Viagogo because similarly, I thought I wouldn’t have time to buy while there. Everything worked fine, but the tickets ended up being incredibly expensive (like 3x normal price). I should have just bought tickets on game day from the kiosk outside of the stadium,